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For more of the Turtledogs check out Boykins are easily trained and eager to work. However, if your Boykin perceives a threat, they will make you aware, barking and fiercely defending the family they love. The male breed is 16-18 in tall and the female is 14-17 in tall. Even if you are, its worth taking the time to research and consider other similar breeds. The Boykin Spaniel Poodle mix is a designer dog that combines the working qualities, intelligence, and loving personality of two historical sporting dogs. The Boykin Spaniel will do okay in an apartment if it is adequately exercised. Just enter your email address and click submit! Originally, the Boykin Spaniel breed started with a small spaniel type dog. There is even a day dedicated to them! If the dog is allowed to lead the walk, they will likely believe themselves to be in charge. As a hunting dog, this miniature hound packs a serious punch of fun, grit, and rabbit-ready action. Their eyes are engaging and bright. They may need to be groomed or treated for fleas if they havent been already. The jaws are long and strong. With the right training, they can retrieve any bird, from doves to larger geese. According to the Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Association of America, the health problems you should be most aware of include: Like most dogs, Boykins do their best on a high-quality, high-protein diet. We understand caring for a new puppy of any breed can be overwhelming. Faults - The foregoing description is that of the ideal Boykin Spaniel . Puppies may not show much variation from adult breed members. In addition to their quartering and flushing capabilities on land, the Boykin is an exceptional swimmer. 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The Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized spaniel that originated in the United States and is sometimes affectionately referred to as a Swamp Poodle. Brown. "name": "Are Boykin spaniels hyper? Puppies will have milky bluish-gold to amber eyes until a few months old. She also managed online communications for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers for nearly two years, and she spent six years prior in Corporate sales. Skin and coat problems do occur and may be linked to thyroid and endocrine disorders. Looking to train your Boykin? } This dog became the foundation stock for the Boykin spaniel. To find your next companion, check out these resources for Boykin Spaniel rescues and AKC breeders: Perfect companion for active families and hunters, Requires excessive mental and physical stimulation. However, most skin and coat issues for this breed are from mites. This breed stands from 14 to 17 inches and weighs around 25 to 40 pounds. Personality: The typical Boykin spaniel is friendly and eager to please. They typically do well with other dogs and pets like cats (especially when socialized from a young age). Sign up to receive GearJunkie content direct to your inbox. Bathe a Boykin and clip its nails each month. If youre looking to have a fruitful training session with your furry friend, you might consider keeping training sessions relatively short. But, they can adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise. "acceptedAnswer": { This breed requires a lot of exercise so keep this in mind before adopting. They do require a consistent and firm pack leader, but will train relatively easily. A small, brown stray dog accompanied a fella to church, and it turned out to be a lights-out bird dog for quail, wild turkeys, and waterfowl. Because of its background in hunting, this breed is best suited for owners that can spend plenty of time with their dog and bring it along for outdoor activities.A loyal companion with an affectionate temperament, Boykin Spaniels are a great choice for active families with children. But, if your heart is set on the Boykin Spaniel, be prepared to groom them often to keep on top of shedding fur, and to start a strict cleaning regime. Coat colors for this dog are liver or chocolate. But, theres so much more to these dogs than just faithful companions. Being the smallest member of the American Kennel Club's sporting group, the Share your thoughts on this breed with us! The Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized sporting breed that loves water and retrieving. The Boykin Spaniel has developed into a breed of superb hunting instincts and mild temperament. And have an obvious strong bond with their owner. They love children and are extremely patient, making them an ideal choice for large families or pawrents with multiple pets. Now her home belongs to her first official dog, Macho, . This breed gets along with children if they are brought up around them. },{ Their small size makes them easy to carry in a canoe or other small boat, and they are described as "the dog that doesn't rock the boat. GearJunkie Copyright 2013 2023. The Boykin Spaniel was a gundog with an upbeat personality, eagerness to work, versatility, and more. Thanks to their easily trainable nature, Boykin Spaniels can become great family dogs that learn the rules of the house quickly. As with all dog breeds, there are some health conditions to watch out for when you are looking for a Boykin Spaniel puppy. 2. "name": "Is a Boykin spaniel a good family dog? As long as your Boykin is next to you enjoying an activity . Prone to ear infections. White markings other than a mark on the chest, or a white mark on the chest that is more than 60% of the width of the chest, disqualify puppies from being registered with the Boykin Spaniel Society,[2] although the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club do not allow denial of registration for conformation reasons. "text": "Yes, your Boykin is likely to shed due to their thick double-coat. By signing up for email newsletters, you agree to GearJunkie's, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window). And its important to pay attention to these issues before purchase, as there are great breeders with sound pups available. Clipping the coat regularly is recommended especially if the dog is in the field, as the soft coat collects foxtails and briars. It is also possible to adopt one for $50 to $500. We would love to hear from you in the comments below! Boykin Spaniels move with the effortless and balanced gait typical of durable gundogs. We expect every breeder to comply with all state laws and follow strict guidelines that we have put in place. This dog became the foundation stock for the Boykin spaniel. In the 1980s, the Boykin spaniel was named the official dog of South Carolina and in 2009, the breed was named one of the American Kennel Club's, "All . All rights reserved. With medium-length fur that's not prone to matting or tangles, grooming your Boykin Spaniel is relatively simple. They can advise you based on your dogs specific nutritional profile and needs. You can accomplish this by giving them treats. Easy Training: The Boykin Spaniel has a very obedient nature and are very intelligent, which makes them quite easy to train. This option allows you to save before a need comes up, keeping you as prepared as possible in the event of an emergency. A relatively recent and rare breed, the Boykin Spaniels ancestors include the Chesapeake Bay Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel and American Water Spaniel. Seek breed-specific rescues and visit your local shelter to adopt a Boykin Spaniel in need of a forever home. The Boykin spaniel is considered to be a domestic breed, with origins beginning in the early 1900s along the Wateree River Swamp. In addition to their moderate to high exercise needs, Boykin spaniels also enjoy being the center of attention. Golden Retrievers. However, they can be genetically predisposed to certain health problems. Boykins have often been described as "the dog that doesn't rock the boat." Weekly brushing and the occasional bath will keep your Boykins coat in good shape. Laura Mueller is a well-regarded animal rescue expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience in animal advocacy. Boykin Spaniels have a knack for learning. The intensity of the breed lends itself to hunting more than couch potato life. They enjoy long walks anywhere with you and love to play. If you arent a very active person you may need to consider a different breed. This breed will always be waiting for their next command. Her mother loved Collies, and so Kailyn grew up with three of them throughout her childhood - including a blonde one who was half-blind! Boykins are intelligent and learn quickly with positive reward treatment. In January 2006 the breed became eligible to compete in AKC Spaniel Hunt tests for official American Kennel Club titles. The Boykin Spaniel tends to live around twelve to sixteen years. "text": "These special spaniels arent usually hyper. This breed is very social and playful. "@type": "Answer", According to statistics developed and maintained by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals since 1985, adult Boykin Spaniels suffer from an alarmingly high rate if hip dysplasia. However, they can live even longer with appropriate diet and exercise. They do best in larger homes with a fenced-in yard where they can run. All images are the property of their respective owners. In 2013, the Boykin Spaniel Foundation and Cornell Universitys Optigen laboratory did a random sampling of one hundred-eighty adult Boykin Spaniels for Collie Eye Anomaly. They love to be in water and have an inherent instinct to retrieve, making them fairly easy to train. Sometimes, they have white patches on their chests, adding a dash of panache to this sturdy companion's confident bearing. Boykin Spaniels have adorably floppy, feathery, long, flat ears. The Boykin spaniel male should weigh 30-40 pounds; the female should weigh 25-35 pounds. Remember to gently comb through your dog's fur and check for ticks after outdoor romps. People regularly take their Boykin Spaniel running, hiking, swimming, or biking. After several generations and successful crosses, we have todays Boykin Spaniel. Average weight is between 25 to 40 pounds (11 to 18 kilograms). If you're interested in adopting a Boykin Spaniel, you may love these similar breeds: There are plenty of different dog breeds that can become your new best friend. This will ensure that you get your puppy the right nutrients they need to grow big and healthy. Eyes. Those who have small children or other animals as a part of their pack will appreciate the kind-hearted and affectionate nature of Boykin spaniels. What you may not know about this adorable small dog. Thankfully, the Boykin Spaniel Society has done a lot of work to genetically protect the breed. Your email address will not be published. This is a medium sized dog, so you may not want them on your bed. The large, feathery ears hang close to the cheeks, setting off an expression of soulful intelligence. They love attention and get along well with children and other dogs. "@type": "Question", History, Care Tips, and Helpful Information for Pet Owners. Bred for their ability to flush out game animals and retrieve them, the Boykin spaniel has an excellent nose, swimming ability, and is an easy breed to train. Boykin Spaniels. Exercise-Induced Collapse Syndrome: Somewhat common in sporting breeds, exercised-induced collapse is a condition that makes your dog lose full control of its muscles and become weak, eventually collapsing, after short periods of exercise. Thats why many Boykin owners find success with a once-monthly bathing routine that keeps their dogs clean without stripping the fur of any moisturizing surface oils. "@type": "Question", This mellow housedog and tenacious bird dog was once South Carolinas best-kept secret. Once you bring your furry friend home, youll want to set up an appointment for your first trip to the vet, and schedule your dogs vaccinations. Lastly, watch out for fleas, hair, and skin issues. Yes, your Boykin is likely to shed due to their thick double-coat. Here are a few medical problems you should watch out for in your Boykin. All trademarks are owned by Socit des Produits Nestl S.A., or used with permission. 1 September, 1984 is Boykin Spaniel Day in South Carolina.[1]. But this will disqualify them from being registered to the Boykin Spaniel Society. They fit in seamlessly with the lives of their owners and are a source of love and companionship for family members of all ages. This breed is smart with a great capacity for picking up new tricks and skills. Today well look at the pros and cons of adopting or buying a Boykin Spaniel puppy. The Boykin Spaniel dog is a very beautiful and medium-sized dog. Field types are often shaved down and should not be penalized as long as it is of appropriate length to protect the skin. These dogs should eat two meals per day. Here are a few more things you should know about your Boykin spaniel puppy. [4] Their stamina in hot weather and eagerness make them good for dove hunts, but also for pheasant and other upland game. Bayside Boykin Spaniel's is a small scale breeding program owned and operated by future Veterinarian Megan Midkiff, who breeds versatile Spaniels that are driven in the field and obedient in the home. A hunting trainer named Whit Boykin took the dog on and created a foundational hunting line through cross-breeding Chesapeake Bay retrievers, English cocker spaniels, and Irish water spaniels. Improper shaving will result in some coats growing back in with excessive discoloration, fading or graying. One prominent goal is to reproduce the Poodle's hypoallergenic coat. Most puppies can be found between $700 and $1,200. Their weight varies from 25 to 40 pounds, with males being on the bigger side. Boykin spaniels are considered to be pretty quiet, and only alert to potential threats. Having food, toys, and a crate will be useful when adopting. They respond very well to reward based training. Leaving this dog alone for too long can lead to destructive behaviors, such as barking, digging, and more. They are also well behaved around other dogs. They are extremely friendly and can usually discern a threat from a friendly stranger. Ongoing training and socialization is a good idea to reaffirm and refine this skill in your Boykin. Based in Montana, Nicole is an avid hunter and angler. They even have the capacity to perform in formal showings and competitions! In the 1990s a group of fanciers formed the Boykin Spaniel Club And Breeders Association of America in order to achieve AKC recognition of the breed and to gain access to the AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests held throughout the nation. The Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized dog built to flush and retrieve over all types of ground conditions with agility and reasonable speed. These loving dogs form strong bonds with their owners from the moment they come home. In 2013, the Boykin Spaniel Foundation in conjunction with Cornell University's Optigen laboratory did a random sampling of 180+ adult Boykin spaniels for Collie Eye Anomaly, an inherited disease of the eye which causes malformation of eye components and impaired vision, including partial-to-full blindness. Getting on the right path to raising your puppy can be difficult and tricky, but it doesnt have to be. In Boykins care, the spaniel became a wonderful turkey dog and waterfowl retriever. The Boykin Spaniel has an energetic personality and lots of love to give. Boykins will be happiest if they can spend all of their time with you, whether this is going out for a hike and some exercise, or whether its just lounging around the house. The breed first originated in South Carolina, where it is still commonly used as a hunting dog. Hunters along the South Carolina coastline began to experiment with breeding a range of different dogs to get their ideal breed of hunter, including American Water Spaniels, the cocker spaniel, and the springer spaniel. Boykin Spaniels look very similar to English Cocker Spaniels with long ears, a generous muzzle and droopy ears. Brush Boykins once a week and increase during shedding seasons. Temperament - The Boykin Spaniel is friendly, a willing worker, intelligent and easy to train. The jaws are long and strong. Alexander L. White liked the dog and took it home. The Boykin Spaniel is a working dog and needs a lot of daily exercise, including a long, brisk daily walk, where the dog is heeling beside or behind you; never in front, as in a dogs mind, pack leader goes first. Taking an extra hour or so a day to give your Boykin uninterrupted together time can go a long way toward their socialization and bonding. From that mix arose a tough, funny, happy little creature they called the Boykin spaniel. In Boykin's hands the little stray developed into a superb turkey dog and waterfowl retriever. "acceptedAnswer": { Boykin Spaniels have medium-to-high-shedding coats, and they require regular brushing to keep stray fur under control. Characteristics, care tips, and other helpful information for Boykin spaniel owners, Written by Due to unethical breeding practices we recommend staying away from puppy mills. Additionally, she served a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer in Bridgewater, MA, coordinating volunteers for a therapeutic recreational facility. Our Dogs undergo all of the Boykin Spaniel Society's recommended Genetic testing to ensure our puppies are healthy and thriving when . It is the state dog of South Carolina, where it was discovered and further developed by hunters in the 1900s. Boykins remain fairly middle of the road when it comes to their eating and nutritional needs, with many consuming approximately two cups per day. Due to the textured nature of Boykin fur, these pups can pick up quite a bit of dirt and grime. In those days wagons, wooden boats and trains afforded hunters access to the game rich corridors along the river. Learn more about how the modern-day playful pets came to be. Adult Boykin spaniels stand 14-18 inches tall and usually tip the scales between 30-40 pounds, placing them between the English cocker and English springer spaniels in terms of size. Colors. The Boykin spaniel is a breed of domestic dog that specializes as a hunting companion. Breed group Sporting group (American Kennel Club) Height 13-19 inches. But, the coat can vary in texture from full and curly to a sleek, shorter coat with feathered ears and legs. When it comes to temperament, Boykins are typical bird dogs in energy and enthusiasm for life. The Boykin Spaniel is a true "all-American" dog breed. Characteristics, care tips, and other helpful information for Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever owners, Sign up for the best pet advice you can get, Boykin Spaniels' eyes shine in different hues of brown, amber or yellow and are oval or almond in shape. They have a high drive and are very willing. The typical heavyweight retriever was a drawback in a craft already loaded with men, guns, provisions and other gear. "Whit" Boykin (18611932) experimented with crossbreeding different breeds, and the resulting dog is named after him. Medium length, straight to moderately curly. Boykin Spaniels also require standard grooming to maintain their soft, medium-length coats. The female is 14 to 16 inches and the male is 15 to 18 inches. The Boykin Spaniel became fully recognized and registrable with the American Kennel Club in December 2009. Boykin, Swamp Poodle, LBD (Little Brown Dog). Boykin was so impressed that he started a cross-breeding program with Dumpy and a range of other Spaniels, including Cocker Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels, and American Water Spaniels. If youre in the market for a more flexible option, however, we recommend a pet savings account. The same goes for pet stores because they likely adopt from puppy mills. These highly trainable dogs are eager to learn, making excellent hunting partners and favorable pets for those who can provide the proper care. From 2014-2017, Nicole worked for ZPZ Productions. Whit Boykin experimented with crossbreeding other breeds. As you already know, theyre incredibly smart almost humanlike in their ability to perceive others and the world around them. The Boykin is not going to cover a field at long distances like a pointer. They are extremely adaptable to different environments as long as they are given ample opportunity for social interaction and plenty of time to burn off excess energy reserves. Height:16 to 18 inches (males); 14 to 16 inches (females) Weight: 30 to 40 pounds (males); 25 to 35 pounds (females) Coat: Waterproof double coat with wavy topcoat, Coat Color: Solid liver brown Life Span: 14 to 16 years, Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, bright, active, loyal. Your email address will not be published. Females will usually be smaller and lighter than males. Screening for the presence of the gene which causes EIC is done by simple DNA sample collection and analysis. The Boykin Spaniel has an energetic personality and lots of love to give. In December, 2021, Boykin Spaniel Outfitters became the official partner with BSS for Boykin Spaniel merchandise. Boykins are solid-colored, appearing in chocolate, liver, and brown shades, occasionally with a splash of white on their chests. Whats your favorite thing about the Boykin Spaniel? Puppy Prices. They are best paired with an active family that can give them the exercise they need. Although smaller in size than your average retriever, Boykins are tough and tenacious. If you want, you can have a professional groomer clip the coat as needed for neatness. This means they are at risk of suffering from separation anxiety. 1 September, 1984 is Boykin Spaniel Day in . We have a puppy search guide to better help you on your mission to find the right puppy. Need a way to make wash day less of a to-do? The Boykin spaniel is generally a healthy breed. The coat has a medium length outer coat that can range from flat to slightly wavy, which . "@type": "Question", If you notice excessive hyperness in your Boykin spaniel, they may be bored." You can train your Boykin from the time theyre a puppy to be happy alone, but even with this training, theyll be happiest when theyre with you. This is an excerpt from Animal Planet's Dogs 101 featuring John Rucker and his Turtledogs. This dog, said to be a male, was the forerunner of all Boykin Spaniels in existence today. These dogs will need grooming a few times a week, and potentially more if they are a working dog that regularly gets quite dirty. Beagles are one of the world's most popular dogs. In 1977, the Boykin Spaniel Society was formed by the Boykin family and began maintaining a studbook in 1979. Teeth brushing is a little more of a frequent chore, however, and should be done at least once every other day to keep plaque and decay away. As always, please consider consulting your vet for personalized diet recommendations and quantity amounts for your Boykin. The Boykin Spaniel makes a great family dog for active families. The Boykin Spaniels are medium-sized dogs with good hunting abilities. Alexander L. White (18601942) liked the little dog and took it home. Required fields are marked *. You might even be interested in signing up for an online puppy training class. All of these are attributed with the end development of the Boykin spaniel breed, now affectionately known as the little dogs who dont rock the boat.. Females are smaller, 1416.5in (3642cm) and 2535lb (1116kg). The Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized breed of dog, a Spaniel bred for hunting wild turkeys and ducks in the Wateree River Swamp of South Carolina, in the United States. You can use it to reduce out of pocket expenses and you might even hit a few bonuses for signing up early on. Skin and coat problems do exist and may be linked to allergic, thyroid or endocrine disorders. [11] UKC does not close its studbooks so dogs from the BSS or the AKC may be registered into the UKC studbook at any time. Crate training also needs to begin early. In January2006 the breed became eligible to compete in AKC Spaniel Hunt tests for official AKC titles. Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet. This little pooch befriended a banker walking from his home to the First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina around 1900. The breeds hallmark is a beautiful solid-brown coat. As a hunting dog, they are a flusher but lean toward what hunters might call a hesitant flush, which can almost resemble a point on a finely tuned dog. Choose a high quality dog food to keep your Boykin healthy. In addition to this, they also transmit messages by marking territories and secreting pheromones. The lowest Boykin Spaniel price, depending on the breeder, is around $800. Read more, The American Kennel Club's most popular dog is also the top sporting breed in the country. Meet the Boykin spaniel. Originally bred in South Carolina to hunt and retrieve waterfowl among the state's many swamps and lakes, Boykin Spaniels have recently found themselves out of the swamp and in suburban backyards, edging ever closer to the ubiquity of their Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel peers. When you click on our chosen products, we may receive a commission. Hunters on South Carolina's Wateree River needed a small rugged dog compactly built for boat travel and able to retrieve on land and water. The Boykin Spaniel is the state dog of South Carolina. This page was last edited on 9 March 2023, at 18:12. In fact, this breed is the State Dog of South Carolina! Boykin Spaniel flushing. They respond best to training that is focused on positive methods and is kept fun and interesting. They will find ways to entertain themselves if not provided by their owner and can be very destructive when bored or when their primal instinct to walk has not been fulfilled. Boykins also love water, so if you live near lakes or the beach, you can bet that your dog will have a great time splashing around. The Boykin spaniel is a sturdy but agile dog of medium build. [5] This breed is only one of two US-made breeds named for the family responsible for their creation. } "@type": "FAQPage", Good Boykin Spaniel breeders health test both parents for genetic conditions they might be prone too. The dog apparently displayed some hunting aptitude so Mr. White sent the dog to be trained by his hunting partner, Mr. L. Whitaker Boykin of the Boykin community just outside of Camden, South Carolina. Their coat is always a shade of chocolate brown, ranging from a brighter liver to a very dark brown. The male Boykin Spaniels are a little taller and heavier as compared to the female Boykin Spaniel. The first Boykin spaniel, or the precursor of today's breed, was reportedly a small, stray spaniel type dog that befriended a banker walking from his home to the First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina around 1905-1910. The Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized breed, standing anywhere from 14 to 20 inches at the shoulder. Coat color Dark brown, light brown, chestnut, red-brown, liver, and sable. Height at the withers for males ranges from 15.517in (3943cm) and weight 3040lb (1418kg). While not overly fond of strangers, your Boykin spaniel may appear to be friendlier than your average pup. It is only slightly larger than the English Cocker Spaniel, but much heavier through the body width. Boykin included other notable bird dogs in the breeding program with Dumpy like the Springer, Cocker, and American Water spaniels as well as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. DNA testing of these three autosomal recessive diseases can absolutely identify genetic carriers (one copy of the gene) and at-risk (two copies of the gene) individuals. [3] White on the toes or chest is purely a cosmetic trait and will not affect the ability or health of the dog.

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