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Failure to notify us of damage or tampering within 48 hours fromsignatureor delivery date may impact our ability to cover your claim. The mould size of this bar is uniquelylarger than the Wide E above. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] and expect a response within 1 business day. This email address is being protected from spambots. We only ship to U.S. addresses (including P.O. We will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have. This variety demonstrates a larger serial font. Lightning Fast Service: 90%+ of Items Ship Same or Next Business Day, Sleep Soundly: Secure Shipping Methods with Full Insurance Included, Simple and Convenient Payment Options, Including PayPal Payments, 24/7/365 Online Ordering with Live, Up to the Second Market Pricing. Investors treasure Engelhard bars because of the companys unparalleled reputation, as well as the fact that they accurately stamped their products with weight and purity. Serial numbers. Sell Silver to Us. Stippled reverse field. For this reason, we also don't process credit/debit card orders over the phone, as it is the least secure way to process those transactions. The exceptions that 2 varieties that are just numbers, and bars with a 'P' with . rating system isa valuation guide for our community to define collectibility and investment classifications for all Engelhard bars and ingots. Our offering extends across the precious metals value chain and begins with world-class smelting, evaluation, refining and recovery of precious metals that have been responsibly sourced. Thats quite a disparity for a coin with a mintage of 264,000. Order was a day later than expected, but received the following day. Copyright 2023 JM Bullion. You should always consult with a tax adviser for specific advice in your area. Box. Note that buybacks are subject to $1,000 minimums as well as possible maximums depending on inventory positions, and require verbal confirmation via phone. However, the valuation for MS62 condition is in the $15,000 range! Originally issued in Collector case with informational pamphlet and certificate of authenticity, pictured below. Arrives in protective plastic flips! Additional information regarding the Scotiabank counterstamp may be found at this, [Engelhard Canadian Maple Leaf Logo] [ASSAYERS & REFINERS] [1 TROY OUNCE] [FINE SILVER 999+] [Serial Number on Frosted Box w/ Bull Logo Corner Insert], TD Bank Logo, repeated six times diagonally, Specialty Art Bar Produced For Toronto Dominion Bank. Most have serial numbers ending in 5 numbers. Occasionally observed in serial placement error as seen on bar PA83079, also pictured. At least one example, 107752, demonstrates a circular production machine mark between the last two digits of the serial number, pictured below. [Large E in Globe Logo with Australian Bull Logo and ENGELHARD AUSTRALIA around Globe Logo] [1 TROY OZ.] Yes/ * All shipments are fully insured. I am happy with the purchase. You can call us at 888-989-7223, chat with us live online, or email us directly. Our shipping policy, which is based on order size, can be viewed here. Values are often close to Tier 1 though notquite as spectacular. [Italic Boxed Engelhard SheffieldSmelting Logo] [ONE TROY OUNCE] [FINE SILVER] [999]. One examplesold via eBay on October 9, 2018for $335.00. Contains 100 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. No. As a referee, Rand Refinery is globally recognised as: Beneficiating Africas gold and creating value through strategic partnerships, Our reputation for integrity and excellence as well as our longstanding history as one of the worlds leading refiners, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, National Nuclear Regulation (NNR) accreditation, Regulatory Framework and Governance Processes. I have to say the beauty of these bars flowed and the good name of Engelhard was restored. The costs in shipping to these places is extremely prohibitive, so we utilize USPS on all shipments. Note the erratic number 7 in the bar pictured that indicates this was hand stamped. These bars may notappreciate as much as ourLegacy Ingots from a collectibilitystandpoint; however, they are more reasonably priced, and represent an excellentcollectible bullion investment choice that we expect willoutperform most bullionproducts on the market. Apmex makes everything easy. Similar to above example, with 6-digit serial assignment without letter prefix, however the 1 at the beginning of the serial number has a shortened base to the left. Yes! We offer a 4% discount to "cash" paying customers - with paper check, bank wire, and bitcoin payments being defined as cash. The Engelhard 1oz. An exceedingly rare 1oz bar produced by Engelhard Sheffield Smelting. 1983 engelhard prospector silver round KEY DATE. Buy Now. An investment in silver is considered by many to be a safe way of protecting your paper assets, as well as giving your wealth ample room and opportunity to grow. If you pay with a credit/debit card, it depends on your order history. Example 163588 sold privately on August 22, 2015 for $208.00. [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [1 TROY OZ.] These are pedigree Engelhard namesake bars,solid investment bars forcollectors to accumulate and enjoy. Engelhard logo and hallmarks on the obverse. Ending May 3 at 6:10PM PDT 5d 7h. Explore JM Bullion to find Engelhard products to enrich your precious metals collection today. I screwed up my order and they went out of their way to fix it so I received my order. We will notify you by email once your order ships. This rich heritage attracts collectors who see beyond the value of metal itself to the value of the story behind the metal. Product Rating UPS 3-Day Air is the fastest and most reliable method of shipping. Others have the revised logo with the shorter left/right sides and more space between the letters. And certain factors may positively influence value, such as strong and precise stampings, double stampings and other production errors, unique serial numbers, interesting cooling patterns and lines, and natural patina. The bar I got is a stamped bar. Please note that you will receive a Paid email once your payment is received. As low as: $28.67. Later production varieties were near perfectly-machined under precise manufacturing methods, with vibrant hallmark and flawlessstamping, and often a proof-like finish while earlier ingots were poured and stampedby hand in a far more artistic and old-world method. 12/26/22. Boxes ends as soon as the package shows delivered. STL Mint Baby Bull Engelhard Tribute 3 oz Hand Poured Silver Bar w/COA. Produced in 1981. Any questions?! Engelhard Silver Bars were minted for decades up until the 1980s; though no longer minted, they are still very popular in the secondary market. Engelhard bars and ingots werenotall created equal. Happy to have serial numbers. We do this by adding value to the African economy by refining raw materials into valuable products by evaluating and recovering precious metals received. Bought my first gold piece today! Originally issued in Collector case with informational pamphlet and certificate of authenticity, pictured below. 1st seriesAustralian bar, detail not as refined as later 2nd and 3rd series bars. No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Produced in 1981 with serial absent variation. We fully expect this to only amplify as the collector audience grows and awareness of the inherent scarcity of Legacy Ingots intensifies. ENGELHARD .999 Fine SERIALIZED SILVER BULLION BAR. The company demonstrated an interest in helping the environment when, in 1973, they developed the first production catalytic converter and sold the design to Ford Motor Company. Weekly silver buy easy as usual another happy customer. Prices for Engelhard products are notably higher than items of comparable weights from other manufacturers, but the name and reputation often make it worth the additional premiums. Toning of the silver is possible in larger bars such as these. Most have serial numbers beginning with 2 letters (the first being 'F' or 'P'). Produced in 1986. Very easy !! ], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets. Believed to have been produced in 1981. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This is an early stamped bar. 2 bids. Once you contact us, we research the shipment with the carrier and begin the claim process. [ENGELHARD INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LTD.] [REFINERS & ASSAYERS] [1 oz troy SILVER 999 fine] [Serial Number] [Bull Hallmark]. All Rights Reserved. Feel free to exchange the bars that you received for the style that you prefer or place a request for certain bars on your future orders and well do our best to fill that request with what we have available. If the same coin had rim damage and had been cleaned it may be valued at $200. Monday-Friday: 8:30 till 4:00 Weekend/Public Holidays: Closed, RANDBURG COIN ESTABLISHED 1980 INCORPORATING BICKELS ESTABLISHED 1964, PRICES OF GOLD AND SILVER STOCK ON REQUEST, REGRETFULLY WE ARE UNABLE TO RECEIVE OR MAKE PAYMENTS IN CASH FOR GOLD OR PLATINUM OR SILVER KRUGERRANDS -, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------. We look forward to hearing from you.CONTACT US: BUYING AND SELLING - THE FOLLOWING ARE OUR SPECIALITIES, GOLD & DIAMOND JEWELLERY GOLD & SILVER MEDALLIONS PLATINUM COINS WAR MEDALS BANKNOTES & COLLECTABLES. Though today some of their bars are rare and harder to get a hold of, you will often find find them in the following sizes: Engelhard was never concerned with the aesthetic qualities of their bars due to the fact that the real value of most bullion bars are derived from their silver weight and purity. Originally issued in Collector case with informational pamphlet and certificate of authenticity, pictured below. Our serial number registry suggests this serial assignment was shared with other variety and not indicative of full range. $4.25. The ICRrating system isa valuation guide for our community to define collectibility and investment classifications for all Engelhard bars and ingots. Hallmark in elongated octagon repeated diagonally, three full times, with a border. $2,933.99. The bar I recieved was in good condition. The hold periods by payment method are listed in checkout and in your confirmation email. Obverse design elements on these 100 oz Engelhard Cast Poured Silver Bars include all the identifying hallmarks of the bar. 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Engelhard Bar, 1oz .999 Silver, Serial #PH 28406. Notice the 999 fineness designation on the obverse lacks the + symbol. All Orders are fully insured by Silver.com from the time of carrier pickup to the time of finaly delivery, defined as a signature or delivery confirmation from the carrier. To illustrate, a 1916-D Mercury dime in Good condition is valued in the $350 range. Raised rail across width of bar with L stamped on the left side, believed to represent London. Not that bad $129.88. Produced in 1986, a proof-like variation of our example listed above. troy SILVER 999 fine] [Serial Number]. These American-made Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bars are one of the most popular silver bars for collectors as well as investors. Some bars were issued in paperweight form, also pictured. Similar to above example, but with 6-digit serial assignment without letter prefix. Consists of 100 Troy ounces of .999 fine silver. Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new window. Very very easy website to maneuver around. Joel . All ZAR and SA coins are listed from 1874 to date and banknotes from 1921 to date. 1 gram Argor Heraeus Gold Bar .9999 Fine (In Assay) As low as: $78.26. Buy Now. Finally, the data we do retain in our system, including but not limited to name, address, phone number, and order history, is never shared with or sold to any unrelated third-parties. Couldn't find this anywhere else. Silver Bar Sizes. [Canadian Maple Leaf w/ Litton Company Logo and Litton Text Insert] [1960-1985] [25 YEARS] [FINE SILVER 999] [1 TROY OUNCE], Specialty Art Bar Produced for Litton Systems Canada. The bars without serial numbers should be considered art bars. The exceptions are some that have no letter prefixes, and PB (which have 6 digits). We take data security very seriously. Buy Now. Hallmark in Elongated Octagon repeated diagonally, three full times, with a border. It was much easier then expected to purchase. Examples of Tier 2 ingotsinclude most 5oz and 10oz varieties in T.oz variation, and most 20oz class ingots. Looking forward to my next purchase! While this category represents a fargreater production than any of the above categories, it is of significant interest to note that more US Silver Eagles were minted and sold in October of 2014 than ALL Engelhard bars EVER produced. These bars come in a multitude of different designs, different logos, and different text formats. Acting as an agent for our precious metals depositing customers, we also provide 24-hour turnaround assaying and state-of-the-art vault and logistics services. Specifications. Produced in 1981, similar to our above example but in Argentor Dealers, LTD. counterstamp variation. Produced in 1980. This entry features a custom post-production engraving, though all examples in this variety were plain mirror finish. The purpose of the serial number on each Engelhard silver bar is to authenticate the bullion. Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. Toning of the silver is possible in larger bars such as these. Produced in 1980. It's Always the Best Prices Most Engelhard 1-ounce silver bars have serial numbers (two do not, but are otherwise identical to other bars). All ZAR and SA coins are listed from 1874 to date and banknotes from 1921 to date. Due to special requirements set by the postal systems, we are unable to ship outside of U.S. states. Factors such as a weak hallmark stamping, personalized engraving, polished or cleaned finish, scratches, nicks or dents all negatively influence valuations. 2023 1 oz Silver Australian Koala Perth Mint .9999 Fine BU In Cap. As low as: $2,901.00. -------------------------------------------------------------------------R 5MANDELACOINS AREONLYWORTH FIVE RANDKINDLY TAKE NOTE:WE DO NOTBUY ANYMANDELA R 5 COINS VIEW THE IMAGES OF THE COINS WE DONOT BUYCLICK ONTHIS LETTERING TO VIEWALSOKINDLY NOTEWE NEVER REQUESTMONEY IN ADVANCE FOR SERVICE FEESWE DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS TRANSACTIONSVIA WHATSAPP or TIKTOK------------------------------------------------------------------------------We thank you for visiting our site. Free shipping. It is the most fully-refined of all variety and a keen eye will note the letter G is unique as it does not match that of the earlier bars. These leading fillers slipped out of position just enough to leave an impression of the bottom or top half of the letter and number, see our recent article . Tier 3 examples include Engelhard Industries of Canada 1oz bars, P series 5oz bars, W series 10oz ingots and 4th series 20oz ingots. This varietyhas a dot in the center of the bull logo. . I have purchased many times through you because I trust you. The ICR rating system is a valuation guide for our community to define collectibility and investment classifications for all Engelhard bars and ingots. Please review our Privacy Policy for full details on our data security measures. 1987 Engelhard 'The American Prospector' 1 Troy OZ 999 Fine Silver Round Nice BU. . Unfortunately, we cannot gurantee delivery. One example sold on eBay on September 6, 2015 for $185.00. Everything is very smooth throughout the process. All prices are locked in at the time of purchase. Silver bar prices vary depending on the size of the bar purchased. pleased with APMEX. [Commemorative Sports Series] [1869-1st Intercollegiate Football Game Princeton Vs. Rutgers] [Image of Football Players and Background] [Octagonal E Insert Logo], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets. Tracking and insurance included on all orders. When refused, the package(s) will return to JM Bullion for inspection. In the following few sections you will be briefed on Engelhards history, product offering, and any other pertinent information that one might consider to be important to know about their company. Originally issued in a boxed set with proof-like 1986 American Prospector round, pictured below. Obverse: Stamped with the Engelhard name with the weight and purity. All Rights Reserved. The claims process can take 30 or more days to resolve, and many Lost in Transit shipments end up getting delivered late. Formed in 1902, the Engelhard corporation quickly rose to prominence and . The Engelhard 10 oz Silver Bar is a highly sought after bar which makes this a unique opportunity. Boxes and APO addresses). Similar to above example, but with standard 6-digit serial assignment. Many Engelhards are collectibles potentially adding to their bullion valuation. Special production commemorative bar presented to long service employees of Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The folks at APMEX are straight shooters. Custom IMPEXHallmarkrepeated diagonally, three full times, with a border. Please note, the Silver.com website accepts orders 24/7/365, so you can always lock in live product prices and make purchases outside of business hours. Since early in the 20th century, Engelhard has been a name easily recognized by savvy investors and bullion enthusiasts. Each serial number can be verified as to assure you that the bar your purchased is, in fact, authentic. As platinum supplies became steadier, Englehard began researching its other uses, such as its value as a catalyst in the chemical industry. Good customer support. Always recieve top quality. I have been ordering for years No Will Call pickups permitted.Saturday service not included. Note that the Engelhard logo is slightly different than on other varieties. If we determine the package is lost or damaged, we file a claim. [Italic Boxed Engelhard SheffieldSmelting Logo] [ONE TROY OUNCE] [999.+] [FINE SILVER] [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [Serial Number]. Welcome to ALL ENGELHARD 's proprietary Investment and Collectibility Rating [ICR] system. We mask our return address on all packages as to not give away the contents of the package. In the instance of a presale item, we denote that the product is on presale and the estimated shipping date. Customer Service has been contacted in an effort allow you to exchange for bars you'd be happier with. Due to COVID 19, couriers are not always getting the signature. In most cases, it seems that when the numbers reach 99999, the 2nd letter is increased (e.g. User Agreement. Today, Engelhard Silver bars are still considered the standard when buying Precious Metals, and some of their earlier productions can increase in value due to their scarcity. Product Details. Cast, poured silver bars represent the oldest form of precious metal refining known to human civilization. Speedy delivery And as discribed. Established by the Chamber of Mines of South Africa in 1920, Rand Refinery is one of the largest integrated single-site precious metals refining and smelting complex in the world. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); Images shown are examples only. Please note that items will not ship until payments clear as per the below: We accept BTC, BCH, ETH, WBTC, DOGE, LTC, and 5 USD-pegged stable coins. Any issues or problems with a shipment MUST be reported to JM Bullion within two (2) calendar days of recorded delivery, else JM Bullion may deny any claim. There are absolutely no additional charges for handling or upcharging for P.O. We hope you enjoy your visit! I've used them for years. Produced from 1981-1985. SOUTH AFRICAN ASSOCIATION OF NUMISMATICS - FOUNDER MEMBERS SINCE 1981, AMERICAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION - LIFE MEMBERSHIP LM-5785, SOUTH AFRICAN PHILATELIC DEALERS ASSOCIATION, SOUTH AFRICAN MILITARY HISTORY ASSOCIATION. $2,808.00. On this side, you will find the weight, purity, and Engelhard logo at the top, with the serial number stamped into the lower portion of the field. They carry a high probability of enjoying further appreciation from acollectibility standpoint. The highest serial number on standard production bars within our registry is 427998. Please see our entry for the firstvariety of IMPEX 1oz silver art bar that demonstrates a different reverse stamping. We are not miners, we transform and add value to metals and peoples lives. The only change from prior version, [COLONIALHallmark in Rectangle] [1 TROY OZ.] 10 oz Engelhard Silver Bars. Engelhard Commercial Bar | Maple Leaf VarietyC. Produced in 1981 and very similar to above Variety B except that thereverse includes a border. Similar to our 1oz Sheffield example, above, but a newer style of bar. It may be foundsix entries below this variety. Believed to have been produced in 1981. Around the 75000 serial mark, the textabove serial stamp denoting weight, metal and purity changed to a smaller font with more spacing, most evident is the smaller SILVER at center. Copyright 2023 JM Bullion. Also, the edges do not have a very tall border, making it more likely they will be worn prematurely from handling. See also Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions. IRA Eligible! 3rd seriesAustralian bar, demonstrates a proof-like obverse surface finish. The investmentpotential is excellent on these Tier 2 ingotsasthere are more potential buyers in this fieldthan the one above. And to think that a Tier 1 Engelhard ingot has a mintage of less than 500! Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. Unlike the 1996 US Silver Eagle, a meaningful percentage of these 1oz Engelhard bars weremelted during the 1979/1980 silver spike. If your order is lost, damaged or stolen in transit, please reach out to us immediately so we can work with the carrier to recover your package or, failing that, begin the claims process. This means that their silver bars are comprised of 99.9% pure silver. We are one of the few bullion dealers in the industry who only deems products "in stock" when we have them on-hand and ready to ship immediately. Reviews. [ENGELHARD INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LTD.] [REFINERS & ASSAYERS], [1 oz. Though there designs are very straightforward, their simplicity has become greatly appreciated by investors today. Thanks to GOOB for these observations! Most have serial numbers beginning with 2 letters (the first being F or P). These are usually delivered in 1-3 business days once in transit. [Eagle Logo] [Italic Block Hallmark w/ A Triangle] [999 + Fine, SILVER] [1 Troy Ounce] [Serial Number in Frosted Rectangle]. Credit/debit card, PayPal, BitCoin, Ethereum, and Ripple orders are paid at the time of checkout, while paper check and bank wire orders require a credit/debit card on file to lock in your pricing while we await your payment. Opens in a new window or tab. Over 99 years of pure integrity and unquestionable ethics. The only change from prior versionis the inclusion ofserial number assignment. [.999 FINE SILVER]. Additional information regarding the Baseballvariety of this series may be found at this, [Custom Gold Standard Corporation Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [1 TR. [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [1 TROY OZ.] Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. Depending on your payment method, we will hold the order once payment is received and cleared. Thank you. For decades, they crafted some of the most coveted silver bars and rounds on the market, and their American origin made them even more attractive. Australian Hallmark repeated diagonally two full times, frosted, with a border. Valuation is not entirely based on rarity. A few nicks here and there but over all a very nice piece. These ratings aredesignated on our Definitive Pages as Tier 1 through Tier 5, with Tier 1 representingthe most rareexamples and Tier 5 representing the more common examples, per the classification categories found below. SILVER: Hallmarked Bars 99.99 Silver: NUMISMATICS: Offering advanced and younger collectors a WIDE selection of coins and banknotes. Thanks for the great shopping experience! If you have taken possession of a damaged or tampered package, please save all packaging and contact JM Bullion at1-800-276-6508 within 48 hours for further instructions. There are numerous scratched and dings but it is just a bullion bar. Similar to our above example, this bar was produced byEngelhardfor IMPEX. - Free Shipping Offer. Some of these have the original logo, as pictured here. Serial font is different than the 6-digit bars, listed below, notably in the numbers 1, 3 and 5. If you have taken possession of a shipment that is damaged and/or is missing items, you have 2 days (48 hours) from the date of delivery to contact us as stated in our Terms and Conditions. Recovery of low-grade precious metals and concentrates through the smelting processes for primary and secondary depositors through the expertise of sampling a wide variety of materials. Those who buy Engelhard products also value where those products come from. With the newest of Engelhard bars now more than 30years old and regarded as vintage by every definition, Engelhard has becomean essential component of precious metals history and receives immediate respect for its namesake worldwide. 2023 Armenia 1 oz Noah's Ark Silver Coin 500 Dram .999 Fine BU. Engelhard. Please note, per our Terms and Conditions, once a package shows delivered, our responsibility ends. This means that their silver bars are comprised of 99.9% pure silver. We use a live, up-to-the-second spot price feed supplied by Xignite.com, a worldwide leader in the data supply market. Beautifully cut and in awesome condition. Best selection and quality, competitive pricing, never an issue with orders or delays. No, we do not. The example pictured demonstrates a finefrosted reverse. Engelhard no longer produces bullion items, but that does not mean that collectors need to roam the globe in search of them. [.999 FINE SILVER], [Custom L Hallmark in Box] [IMPEX METALS CORPORATION][THE SILVER SPECIALISTS]. Some companies produce intricately designed bars with great attention to detail while others maintain a simplistic design on their bars. All customer orders are packaged under high-definition cameras with great care and accuracy to ensure the correct products arrive in pristine condition. You must contact us within 7 days since last tracking for USPS and 3 days since last tracking for UPS. All packages shipped by JM Bullion are covered by insurance subject to certain conditions. Please feel welcome to call us toll free at 1(888) 989-7223 or use our Live Chat feature during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. CST. It is this charm and character found only in hand-produced ingots that are in such high favor by todays collectors. Product Details. Always enjoy working with APMEX. We can ship to such stores including UPS Stores, various mail and packing stores, freight forwarders, etc. Melt Value: Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bar. The vast majority (99+%) of customer orders ship from our primary vault in Las Vegas, Nevada. troy was removed, and some of the fonts appear to have changed slightly. Believed to be gifts for Engelhard Employees. The bars without serial numbers should be considered art bars. CLASSIC 100 TROY OZ. Act as the Advisory Committee for Assaying and Refining Seminars, Evaluate on Good Delivery list application, Produce certified reference materials and reference components, Participation in proficiency testing and pro-active monitoring.

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