how many years did jacob work for rachel

Later still, the moved to Ephrath (Gen 35:16). For husbands: Does your wife continually sense your love for her? All rights reserved, National Geographic explores notable biblical figures in our ongoing series People in the Bible, as part of our coverage of the. He went straight to Laban and started asking him so many questions. You might find out by asking her. She was envious, selfish, peevish, fretful, discontented, and demanding. How do the interferometers on the drag-free satellite LISA receive power without altering their geodesic trajectory? She was killed at age 39 in the 2015 Philadelphia train STDs are at a shocking high. 2 Jacob flew into a rage. He was made to work for seven years for Rachel and another seven years for Leah. Why the obscure but specific description of Jane Doe II in the original complaint for Westenbroek v. Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity? Soon after his arrival in Harran, Jacob fell in love with the beautiful and lovely Rachel, daughter of his cousin Laban (Genesis 29:17). Jacob worked for his uncle Laban 7 years, then married Leah & Rachel He worked another 7 years for Rachel Now they've been married 7 years. When Laban heard that his nephew had come, he ran out to meet Jacob. The Scripture says that Jacob loved Rachel and offered to serve Laban seven years for her hand in marriage (Gen. 29:18). Now imagine having to work 7 years before being able to be with them. New International Version (NIV). Joseph at this point must have been at least 8 years old. Jacob, as he had already lain with Leah, was stuck. The history of book bansand their changing targetsin the U.S. Should you get tested for a BRCA gene mutation? What is this brick with a round back and a stud on the side used for? Episode about a group who book passage on a space ship controlled by an AI, who turns out to be a human who can't leave his ship? How many years Jacob lived in Egypt? This lovely little Rachel seems to have been a shrew! No matter what. Jacob called the name of the place Bethel, meaning house of God.. Jacob soon fell in love with Labans younger daughter, Rachel, and agreed to work for Laban seven years in exchange for marriage to her ( Genesis 29:1620 ). Access 50+ premium resources. As a result, he had to work for another 7 years (v30) for the second wife as well. Song of Solomon 8:6,7 Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame. Who were Jacob and Rachel, and what can we learn from their story? Jacob tore his clothes and refused to be consoled and said, Judah did not approve of his brothers' dealings with Joseph, and lying to their father letting him think Joseph was dead. He loves us so much He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). 7. Just as Jacob reminded Laban that it was time to take his wife (29:21), so he must seek his release so that he might return to his homeland and family. Some commentators insist that he should have rejected Leah since he did not take her willingly. So Laban gave his daughter to Jacob and they got married. Could he have been showing off just a little? NIV Reverse Interlinear Bible: English to Hebrew and English to Greek. Site design / logo 2023 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA. 8. If the null hypothesis is never really true, is there a point to using a statistical test without a priori power analysis? Jacob was so upset. All rights reserved, history of the Bible and the search for sacred texts, Who's Who in the Bible: Unforgettable People and Timeless Stories from Genesis to Revelation, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The miracle of Gods guidance and care, the thrill of meeting his pretty cousin, the prospect of what the future would holdall of it filled his heart so full that he wept for joy. Required fields are marked *. Image of minimal degree representation of quasisimple group unique up to conjugacy, Two MacBook Pro with same model number (A1286) but different year. (N), 28And Jacob did so. Laban was somewhat avarice and bargained. At the end of this, Joseph is 6 years old. At 147 years of age he called his sons together in Egypt to bless them, and he was still thinking about her. He had just worked 7 years for Rachel, who he loved so much and then he wakes up to realize that he married Leah instead! But when a man is enamored of a woman, he does not want to hear those things. Glen : It is a very good answer +1, Seven years wages and most likely a 12 hour day, the then wages amounted to 50 shekels of silver. He worked the His twin Esau is a man of the land, a hunter, and the favorite of their father, while Jacob, who preferred to remain at home, was the favorite of their mother. Laban explained that according to tribal custom, the oldest daughter should be married first (Genesis 29:26). 29 Laban also gave his woman servant Bilhah to his daughter Laban told Jacob that in their family customs, the older daughter gets married before the younger daughter. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. 18 Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, Ill work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.. He continued, Do you know Laban the son of Nahor? We know him, they said. But they buried Rachel by the side of the road leading from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. Some of these things are important and need to be talked out. 24 Laban also gave his servant woman Zilpah to Leah to be her maidservant. Have your kids tell God how much they love Him for all that He is! Whatever the "value" was for those years of work, it was acceptable to Laban. Am I God? he flared. I am not suggesting that we totally ignore them and suffer in silence. If God set the maximum age to 120, then how could Jacob be 130 years old? What were the most popular text editors for MS-DOS in the 1980s? But what good did it do her? To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Rachel was never completely happy with what she had. 18:18; 1 Tim. Again his heart must have leaped within him at the realization of Gods faithful direction. Webster's Bible Translation And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and 9. It could be a parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, anyone. Discuss some of the values of a lengthy and close acquaintance before marriage. At Jacobs request, they buried him next to Leah in the cave of Machpelah in Hebron beside Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebekah (Gen. 49:29-31; 50:13). Unauthorized use is prohibited. It was at the end of the second seven year period that Joseph was born (Gen 30:25ff) and that Jacob wanted to leave but was persuaded to stay longer. So Jacob served seven years for Rachel and they seemed to him but a few days because of his love for her (Gen. 29:20). Why Does God Compare Our Relationship with Him to That of a Bride and Groom? Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, why the elaborate ruse? Benjamin was born, but Rachel didn't survive. It was so late at the wedding that Jacob was too tired to know what was going on. By this time, these women had borne him 11 sons and a daughter. scholars like william skinner and adam clarke have proposed 40 years for this span of time instead of 20. and Biblical Chronogical studies has provided evidence from Esau's chronology. Perhaps you can research and find todays values for a worker. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Inside South Africas skeleton trade. What is the story of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel? Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professors, theologians, and those interested in exegetical analysis of biblical texts. The answer may be simply that the seven years totaled up to a reasonable value of Jacob's labor which he was willing to "pay" eventually for Rachel and ultimately for Leah. God always keeps His promises no matter what. What is Wario dropping at the end of Super Mario Land 2 and why? But the shepherds had some sort of agreement that they would not roll the stone back from the mouth of the well until everybodys flocks were gathered (Gen. 29:7, 8). I don't know why I didn't think of running through the chronology myself! He told Rachel that he was a relative of her father, Laban. To approach a question 400 million years in the making, researchers turned to mudskippers, blinking fish that live partially out of water. Genesis 29:15-30. Time travel in this animation through the history of the Bible. Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc. Used by permission. They can make their marriage succeed, but it will take a little extra effort, and they will need to make their relationship grow far beyond the physical magnetism that got it started. His death is recorded in Genesis 49roughly half of the Book of Genesis. Why does the narrative change back and forth between "Isabella" and "Mrs. John Knightley" to refer to Emma's sister? (F) 23But when evening came, he took his daughter Leah(G) and brought her to Jacob, and Jacob made love to her. What is Wario dropping at the end of Super Mario Land 2 and why? Jacob worked a total of 20 years for Laban (Gen 31:38). At the end of this, Joseph is 6 years old. At the end of 20 years, Jacob had to deceive Laban (Gen 31:20) and flee for his life and left to return to Beersheba but actually settled in Shechem (Gen 33:18). She was saying essentially, if I cant have my own way, Id rather be dead. Here was a woman who had almost everything in lifegreat physical beauty, all the material things she needed, and the adoring devotion of a loving husband. More insights from your Bible study - Get Started with Logos Bible Software for Free! How this animal can survive is a mystery. This is what happened with Jacob, he had to work 7 years before being with the love of his life but then found out he had to work another 7 years before his deal was up with Laban. Thank you for your contribution. 25 The next morning, Jacob realized that it was Leah! Seven years?! This marriage was to see hard times, but had it not been for this long engagement and Jacobs deepening and maturing love, it probably would not have survived at all. Jacob may have been a homebody, but he was no weakling. Hollywood has given us some good evidence for that thesis. For some long COVID patients, exercise is bad medicine, Radioactive dogs? One of these men kept their promise and the other didnt. 19 Its better that I give her to you than to another man, Laban replied, so stay with me. 20 Jacob served seven years for Rachel, but it seemed like only a few days because of his love for her. The Cross And Separation From The World (1 Peter 4:1-6), 7. Jacob is tricked by Laban into marrying Leah, his oldest daughter, instead of Rachel. Complete the bridal week of this one, and we will give you the other also for the service which you shall serve with me for another seven years (Gen. 29:27). For various reasons, I've always wondered how long Jacob and Rachel were married before her death. This newfound behavior may offer a clue to how these reptiles will respond to a warming planet. So she peddled Jacobs affections to Leah for the night for a couple of those love apples (Gen. 30:14, 15). At one point a decade passes between 2 verses (Genesis 33:17-18), then the narration continues forward without mentioning Joseph being sold by his brothers. Rachels discontentment led her to the same kind of fleshly scheme Sarah tried. Laben got Jacob snockered at the wedding feast and pulled a switcheroo, giving his older daughter, Leah, instead. If Rachel died just (say) two years before Joseph was 17, that is at the age of (say) 15, then Jacob and Rachel would have been married for 13 years in Paddan-aram plus another 9 years, a total of no more than 22 years. Homemakers want to be working wives, and working wives want to be full-time homemakers. Jacob waited, and his romantic love at first sight grew to become a deep bond of spirit and a total commitment of soul. What characteristics in your mate bring you the greatest contentment? The sin of discontentment has ruined countless relationships since Jacobs day. If you feel that certain things should be changed, what should you do? Did Jacob acquire all his wealth in Paddan Aram in the last 6 years of working for Laban? WebJacob agreed to work seven years for Rachel. Read over Genesis 29 to familiarize yourself with the story of Jacob and Rachel. God allowed Rachel to have her one last request. He is going to have her, and nothing else matters. He loved her to the end of his life. And being the shrewd operator that he was, he got down to business immediately. Through his son, Jesus, God gave us a path to redemption. Lets talk about what your wages should be., 16 Now Laban happened to have two daughters. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Axolotls and capybaras are TikTok famousis that a problem? Jacob worked a total of 20 years for Laban (Gen 31:38). An unknown time later, he moved to Bethel (Gen 35:1). So now they've been married 24 years. 4. Isnt that so crazy??? The Cross And Our Response to Trials (1 Peter 4:12-19), 8. Jacob couldnt believe what had happened. God told Jacob that it was time to leave Uncle Laban and go back home to Canaan. Rachel proved that. Jacob agreed, and Bilhah went on to have two sons, Dan and Naphtali. All rights reserved. Web30 Rachel, realizing she was barren, became envious of her sister. But Laban told Jacob hed give Rachel, too, as his wife if Jacob agree to seven more years of labor. (L) 27Finish this daughters bridal week;(M) then we will give you the younger one also, in return for another seven years of work. To Jacob, however, the seven years seemed but "a few days, because he loved Rachel." (Note: This is the case still with the Bedouins, the Druses, and other Eastern tribes (Burckhardt, Voleny, Layard, and Lane). God made one woman for one man (Gen. 2:24, cf. But the end is not yet. All this means that Jacob was married to Rachel for some time between about 15 years and 22 years. Review Activity BibleWise has a great activity to do with your kids to help them retain the Bible Story. So we have the first of the God-fearing patriarchs entering into a bigamous relationship. Richard, was a 1954 graduate of Wheaton College, and received his Th.M. In fact, Jesus said, There will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent (Luke 15:7). But that is a guess. seventeen years But he prevented Rachel from conceiving. All rights reserved worldwide. How is it possible Jacob didnt see Leahs face or hear her voice? It seems as though this romance was off to a blazing start. Why did you deceive me?, 26 But Laban responded, Its not the practice of our place to give the younger one in marriage before the firstborn. Copyright 2002-2023 Got Questions Ministries. Laban agreed on the deal again and gave Rachel to be Jacobs wife. But we get another glimpse into Rachels selfish nature when Bilhahs second son is born. How many of you guys are 7 years old??? So Jacob went in to Those 12 sons went on to become the 12 tribes of Israel. 6. We first meet Jacob in Genesis 25, when he is born as the second of twin boys who comes from the womb grasping his older brothers heel. Get our Question of the Week delivered right to your inbox! Tricking someone into marriage is dangerous business, but it is still being done today. FINALLY, Jacob decides to work ANOTHER 7 YEARS for the woman that he loves so much, Rachel. In spite of their complicated courtship and marriage, Jacob and Rachel had a deep and passionate love for each other. They whine and scold because the men dont pay enough attention to them, dont spend enough time with the children, wont do little jobs around the house, stay out too late, or think more of their jobs, their cars, their hobbies, television, or sports than they think of them. He served Laban another full seven years work for Rachel. Pray with your kids and have them thank God for His love for them. But he had to work seven more years without pay after marrying her. 18 "Now Jacob loved Rachel, so he said, I will serve you seven years How does God want you to handle those feelings? Even the range of 15-22 years is pretty precise, all things given, and pins it down much more than I would have thought possible. Was Jacob so Sexually driven that He mistook Leah for Rachel? Did Jacob placing branches in front of his flock really result in the offspring being speckled and spotted? When the seven years were fulfilled at last, Jacob spent his wedding night only to discover at dawn that it wasnt Rachel, but her elder sister Leah whom Laban had delivered to Jacobs tent. (D), 21Then Jacob said to Laban, Give me my wife. But Rachel was pregnant with another son, and as they journeyed south from Bethel and were a short distance from Bethlehem, Rachel went into labor. When you get a chance, please take the, from your pastor, priest, or other trustworthy counselor, New blog post from our CEO Prashanth: Community is the future of AI, Improving the copy in the close modal and post notices - 2023 edition. Then a few chapters later (Genesis 37) it goes back to that point (at the end of the fast-forwarded decade) and picks up the narrative from a Joseph's perspective and shows the events that led to Jacob abandoning his house in Succoth. But she named him Joseph, which means may he add. And she said, May the Lord give me another son (Gen. 30:24). What have you done to me? he demanded of Laban. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Ultimately, Jacob makes peace with his older brother, Esau. She gave her handmaid Bilhah to Jacob so that he could have a son by her, and she did it twice (30:3-8). Genesis 24:67 And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah's tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her: and Isaac was comforted after his mother's death. No, it wasnt, not for Rachel. Didnt I serve you for seven years in order to marry Rachel? Laban asked Jacob what amount he wanted to be paid for his work. But it only seemed like a few days, he loved her so much. With a heavy veil over her face and long flowing garments covering her body, she got through the ceremony undetected. He finished the week with Leah, and then Laban gave him his daughter Rachel to be his wife. If we had a video livestream of a clock being sent to Mars, what would we see? After these 11 sons and a daughter, Jacob took his family and returned to his homelandafter still more trickery, deception, and conflict with his cousin and father-in-law, Laban. What are the teraphim (household gods) Rachel stole from Laban? Browse other questions tagged, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site. Finally, the Bible tells us God remembered Rachel (Genesis 30:22) and allowed her to conceive. Jacob loved Rachel so much that he requested to work ANOTHER 7 YEARS in order to have Rachel to be his wife. Jacob was impressedprobably too impressed. It only takes a minute to sign up. See. But Rachel took something that did not belong to any of them; she took her fathers idols, the household gods called terephim (Gen. 31:19). En route to resettle with his father, Isaac, Rachel died giving birth to Jacobs 12th son, Benjamin. Why did God wrestle with Jacob and why did this appearance not become a "big deal"? Stay here with me. 20So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel,(C) but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her. But a spirit of discontent that causes us to fuss, nag, bicker, quarrel, and complain is a great hindrance to happy marital relationships. Jacob's flocks grazed as far south as Hebron, because. We can, however, follow the chronology and the geography to know within about a year how long Jacob and Rachel were married. Eventually, his mother helps him steal Esaus birthright and blessing, and Jacob flees his brothers wrath. After stealing his older brother's inheritance, Jacob feared his brother's wrath and fled to Harran. rev2023.5.1.43405. Now as for me, when I came from Paddan, Rachel died, to my sorrow, in the land of Canaan on the journey, when there was still some distance to go to Ephrath; and I buried her there on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem) (Gen. 48:7). God loves you so much that He would do anything to help you. He reminded the shepherds that grazing time was being lost and that they should water their flocks and get them back out to pasture while it was still light, probably a ploy to get rid of them so he could talk to Rachel alone. God, as a consolation to the unloved Leah, enabled Leah to become pregnant with four sons in quick successionReuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah. When Jacob confronted Laban, Laban was resolutein their culture, the younger daughter never marries before the older daughter. But godliness actually is a means of great gain, when accompanied by contentment (1 Tim. Now Rachel was the most beautiful woman Jacob had ever seen. One night, he dreamed of a ladder going up into heaven. He is the one who satisfies the thirsty soul and fills the hungry soul with good things (Ps. That's great, thanks! Article Images Copyright , How Jacob and Rachels Bible Story Show's us God's Love in Action. She had to have everything she wanted or life was not worth living. Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers, Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament. The median wage for a laborer is $14.47/hr. As our knowledge of Him increases through the study of His Word and through prayerful periods in His presence, we shall find a settled peace and contentment growing within us. This is to be understood, as C. a Lapide observes, "not affective, but appretiative," i.e., in comparison with the reward to be obtained for his service. Jacob's proposal may be explained, partly on the ground that he was not then in a condition to give the customary dowry, or the usual presents to relations, and partly also from the fact that his situation with regard to Esau compelled him to remain some time with Laban. How could Jacob not notice he married Leah instead of Rachel? Her jealous malcontent was seen again a short time later. Now Jacob had two wives, Leah and Rachel, both sisters, one he loved and one he did not. This isn't such a straightforward task, though, since the chronology of Genesis is confusing. And that will depend largely on the attitude her husband projects by things as little as the look on his face and the tone of his voice, especially when she is moody and disagreeable. And if he does not measure up to our mental image, then our so-called love turns to disillusionment and resentment, and sometimes to hatred. 30 For it was little indeed you had before I came, Laban promised to give Rachel to Jacob for the work he did. michigan state fraternity hazing, dc parking ticket admit with explanation,

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