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And I could navigate Jeffrey when he was saner. My sense of why this is rests on Pierces deep familiarity with many musical forms, not least the blues. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. Their most straight-ahead blues album, the direction taken still evokes scorn from Mori: I think Jeffrey wanted to be Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan. He played a London gig on January 17, 1985, as 'Astro-Unicorn Experimental Jazz Ensemble', before recruiting Murray Mitchell, John McKenzie and Andy Anderson to record tracks which became the album Wildweed, the first on which Pierce played the majority of guitar parts,[14][15] and material released later in the year as the "Flamingo" E.P. I was just sat there having coffee waiting for him to come back from scoring and it just wasnt right any more. Reviews of Fire of Love usually cite Son House and Robert Johnson as touchpoints, which is understandable given their choice of covers/thefts, but I believe Jeffreys true musical soul mate (blues mate?) His interest in reggae overlapped with the emergence of punk rock and he became involved in the Hollywood scene as a contributor to Slash, writing on contemporary punk, 1930s blues, 1950s rockabilly, and on reggae under the name "Ranking Jeffrey Lea", including an interview with Bob Marley. 13 October 2015. stated in. Hes also in the select group of music journalists to have actually got on with Lou Reed. Kid Congo Powers chuckles when asked what hes proudest of: Many things. Jeffrey Lee Pierce, the leader of Los Angeles punk band The Gun Club, is the subject of a new documentary, as Deadline reports. Perhaps not their fever-dream best, but neither do I wish to damn it with faint praise any other band and wed probably be talking minor classic. He died in 1996, succumbed to cirrhosis at age 37. And for sure, when you get to the part where we can fuck forever but youll never get my soul, you either embrace such electrifying defiance or refuse the abandon unconditionally, absolutely. [30], Pierce is honored by Thstrm in a 2005 song recording. It was too painful. Physically, however, he was as unlikely a candidate to don the mantle of rock and roll clich as anyone; he was just a childs drawing of abject gloom, a stocky fireplug frame, dark, insomniac eyes skittering beneath the damp straw tangle of his anime-angular hair, an upside-down sorrow-mouth. nm1838020. May 18, 1961 Jacqui Pierce, Jeffrey's . Signup for Breaking News Alerts & Newsletters. When I told Jeffrey that Id been asked to join The Cramps, he said, Do it, but get us gigs! With Powers joining The Cramps to record their second album, Psychedelic Jungle, The Gun Club recruited slide guitarist Ward Dotson and set about making their debut album, Fire Of Love. And move! Other family and friends of Pierce provided additional material; Phast Phreddie Patterson submitted a copy of a homemade cassette recording of Pierce performing "My Cadillac" and "St. Mark's Place", which were pre-Gun Club recordings, and Cypress Grove obtained the two-inch master tapes of some song ideas they had recorded at the end of the Ramblin' Jeffrey Lee sessions. Pierce fronted the Gun Club from 1979 through to his death in 1996 . I think that was very much part of his character. Garnering much critical acclaim, it would prove to be an influential album, not least on the UKs nascent psychobilly scene and the 80s garage band revivalists that followed. [43], In 2010, The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project launched We Are Only Riders, the first of a series of four albums featuring Pierce's previously unreleased "works-in-progress". Guitarist, bass player and photographer Romi Mori was Pierce's longest romantic partner and a member of the second incarnation of The Gun Club. With the band ready to board a connecting flight bound for Australia, Duckworth and Graham quit thanks to Pierces unreasonable demands. Arun Starkey. Come back, Sid Vicious. His Anglo father worked as a union organizer. This was to be the last gasp of a career which had patently lost its direction. It was about making good music and that became our means of survival. Julian Marszalek is the former Reviews Editor of The Blues Magazine. He was very unusual and a very unique guy. And now, because frankly its weird talking to dead people, Im casting around awkwardly for the right words, so maybe just some facts for now. At his suggestion, their next album, Mother Juno, was recorded at Hansa studios. To this day, I still havent heard either Pastoral Hide & Seek (1990) or Divinity (1991), and only listened to 1987s Mother Juno relatively recently, which in itself is almost unforgivably neglectful since it was produced by another of my 80s musical touchstones, the Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie. Jeffreys idea was to be as antagonistic as possible. I couldnt do it any more; we had too many arguments and disagreements.. Certainly the two bands share an intertwined history, not least thanks to Kid Congo Powers, the scrawny primitive-intuitive guitarist who initially joined Pierce after getting drunk together at a Pere Ubu concert before defecting to his idols once they summoned him (with Jeffreys magnanimous blessings). is trying to be like The Byrds, but just arent as good. Elvis From Hell is due out in 2020. . He had to pretend being wild; he had to pretend being Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Jeffrey Lee Pierce is a name known more by association, I guess, than in his own right, popping up in the alongside others plowing the same vein. Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. By subscribing, I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pierce was also a keen supporter of the No Wave movement in New York City. The confluence of tragedy and a type of bleak, resigned comedy. I learned 30 songs and I had one 10-minute rehearsal where Jeffrey was completely pissed, and then I played the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in front of 5,000 people. We need you now. And while punk, on the surface, at least, eschewed and discarded what had come before it, The Gun Club tapped into a lineage that took them through the decades via punk, primal rocknroll and eventually the blues. Find a Grave. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. We were record collectors and fans and at a super young age had dedicated our lives to that, recalls Powers. He took what was left of the band to Holland to record their final album, Lucky Jim. Sexual rage. As excellent as it is in isolation, its nonetheless a little sad in context. Here, the latter was almost out. Pierce stated that he preferred Miami, and dismissed Fire of Love: "I can't even remember making it. But it wasnt to last. Bath [48], Jeffrey's Blues was a documentary filmed in 1989, directed by Bram van Splunteren for VPRO's Onrust and re-edited with unseen footage in 2016. "[34] At live performances, Morris has introduced "Jeffrey Lee Pierce" with a tribute to Pierce and their close friendship, describing the song as a "eulogy".[35][36][37]. Biography [ edit] Early life [ edit] Pierce was born on June 27, 1958, in Montebello, California. His obsessions crawled all over him. Says Powers: The concert was great and at the end of the night, in a fit of inspiration, I suppose, Jeffrey said, Why dont we have a band together? So I said, Well, okay, but I dont play any instrument or do anything. So he said, Well you can be the singer and Ill play the guitar, and Im like, Im not going to be the singer. And hes like, I could show you how to play guitar. Marszalek taught music journalism at Middlesex University and co-ran the genre-fluid Stow Festival in Walthamstow for six years. I See a Rainbow: An Interview with Award-Winning Songwriter Brenda Russell, Working on Not Feeling Alone: An Interview With Josh Ritter, Living Colours Vivid Turns 35: An Interview with Vernon Reid, Satirical Miniseries White House Plumbers Is an Uneven Glimpse into Proximity to Power, PopMatters Seeks Film Critics and Essayists, PopMatters Seeks Television Critics and Essayists. The propulsive downstruck open-E chords: F, A, E, G. The echo-twang of the rockabilly substratum, the trebly punk veneer, cockroach legs skittering on pockmarked concrete. Death Party: 8:29: 3-6: Stranger In Our Town: 5:14: 3-7: Gila Monster New Mexico / Preachin' The Blues: 9:40: 3-8: My . In 1987 Pierce reformed Gun Club, recording with Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins as producer. The band upped sticks to New Yorks Blank Tape studios to record the follow-up album, Miami. In addition to directing the documentary, Andree and Lange will serve as producers alongside Scott Crary , Anahita Nazemi, Katrin Sandman and Alexander von Sturmfeder. He couldnt perform any more and he felt such an idiot having to do it sober. Right up until Jeffrey died we were talking about doing something again, sighs Congo Powers. It was difficult to do anything because he was using. His Latina mother was a homemaker, taking care of Pierce and his sister, Jacqui. Hed play the songs to me and Id learn the bass parts. Ive waited 13 years to say goodbye to Jeffrey Lee Pierce. "[14] Pierce toured Europe as The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet, and from August 1985 he toured the United States and Canada. was Leadbelly. From his days as a peroxided, Debbie Harry-fixated Los Angeles teen-punk, through a lengthy era when he seemed convinced he could channel the spirit of Robert Johnson, to a more recent probe of the seedier side of continental balladry, Pierce who died of a cerebral blood clot in Utah at the end of March 1996 always . We were all very relaxed and all good friends and we all really wanted to do it. It kind of sounds like a Christmas song but Jeffrey always described it as a love song.. Dissonance on the former (Black Train) becomes plain ugliness on the latter (Day Turn To Night), while Fires haunted and unhealthy lyricism (Ghost On The Highway) is tempered by Lucky Jims sonorous melancholy (Idiot Waltz). After punk and post-punk, the next logical step was for us to have a band.. Music was the same thing: if he liked something then hed listen to it to death. Louder is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. By coincidence, Robin and Liz were walking towards us, remembers Mori. I was already living in New York and I got as far as asking people, because there was a great music community in New York. It can be trashy, even cheap trash, but never worthless trash. As a teenager, he moved from El Monte, a working-class industrial suburb east of Los Angeles, to Granada Hills, at the time a white working- and middle-class suburb in the San Fernando Valley. Jeffrey Lee Pierce (June 27, 1958 March 31, 1996) was an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and author. [citation needed], The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project is a tribute initiative launched after Cypress Grove, one of Pierce's musical collaborators, cleaned out his loft following Pierce's death. At the center of this storm was Pierces voice. Nick Cave based his whole universe on Jeffrey. Originally released on the LA-based Ruby Label, Fire of Love attracted much interest in Europe and was picked up by the Beggars Banquet label for the UK while France's New Rose acquired the rights for that territory. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Rock Musician, 37 New York Times", "Obituary: Jeffrey Lee Pierce People News", "in exile: the rootless cosmopolitanism of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the Gun Club", "Preaching The Blues: Remembering The Gun Club's Jeffrey Lee Pierce", "Returning to the supposedly troublesome 'Miami', "Rockbrat Remembers: When Spencer Jones played with The Gun Club", "NEW YORK NIGHT TRAIN issue 1: Kid Congo Powers Oral History Pt. Indeed it was. The album is dedicated to Debbie Harry, "for her love, help, and encouragement".[12]. Hardtimes Killing Floor Blues, filmed in 1992 and released in 2008, documents Pierce's time living in Knightsbridge, London. A call was made from Australia to Kid Congo Powers. Toward the end of his life, Jeffrey Lee Pierce increasingly embraced a more traditional blues, as if hed lost interest in the future altogether. The former couplet is from Fire of Love and the latter The Gun Clubs 1993 curtain call, Lucky Jim. [44], The Journey is Long, the second album from the project, was released in April 2012 and features The Jim Jones Revue, Barry Adamson, Warren Ellis of The Dirty Three, Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate, as well as artists from the first album. Jeffrey's mother Margie Pierce is a stay-at-home mom; Jeffrey's father Robert Pierce is employed as a union organizer and arbitrator (Local 1710 Electrical Workers Union). Deadline is a part of Penske Media Corporation. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. From reinventing the blues for a punk crowd to the demise of frontman Jeffrey Lee Pierce, The Gun Club were magnets for chaos, but they influenced the generation that followed. Morrison and Powers remained in London, forming Fur Bible, while Pierce visited Egypt with guitarist and new girlfriend Romi Mori, who he had met at a London show. He slithered away in Salt Lake City, Utah, on. In fact, as ragged a fit as it is, the closest they came to a scene in the UK was probably goth (which, again, couldnt have exactly helped), especially as they werent really a goth band either, outward appearances notwithstanding. Hed have a few drinks at lunchtime first and then do a few rounds at the Holland Park running track. Pierce is mentioned in the Gallows song, "Everybody Loves You (When You're Dead)", from their 2012 self-titled album. . Its August bank holiday 2002, and The White Stripes, hot on the back of their third album, White Blood Cells, are introducing a whole new generation to the blues at the annual Reading Festival. 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He'd come almost every day and just sit on the couch and then he'd come out to dinner with us and just mumble away. Pierce attended Granada Hills High School, where he participated in the drama program, acting in plays and writing several short experimental theater pieces. This is what The Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce at their best managed: they showed us that all the loneliness of the world can be if for only a song length, for a propulsive drum beat, for the wail of a slide guitar, for the few precious seconds it takes for a defiant and fleeting shriek to disperse into the night all that apparent abandonment by the world can be momentarily defeated by spirit, by the fire spirit, by Jack on Fire, by the Indian wind along the telegraph lines. (Shes Like Heroin To Me.). WERE WE ALL BRAINWASHED BY THE CIA WITH SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK & ROLL? He was being deported and he needed somebody to take him to the airport. Their problem was that they bamboozled everyone, including themselves in all likelihood. Death Party is an EP by American rock band The Gun Club, released in 1983. (LA WEEKLY), GARY LACHMAN (NEE VALENTINE): A NEW YORK ROCKER SAILS INTO THE MYSTIC, FACE IT: DEBBIE HARRY HAS HAD A HAPPY AND LUCKY LIFE, Please Kill Me Remembers Jeffrey Lee Pierce | Death Or Glory. . This stuff goes beyond appraisals of coolness or even value its like attempting to evaluate the worth of a tornado and suddenly, were asking the wrong questions. According to Jones, the note was "written out in beautiful handwriting and 'with love, Debbie' at the bottom" and was Pierce's "most prized possession". On top of Pierces fascination with Tom Verlaine, elements of be-bop and beat literature found their way on to the album. The multi- talented Pierce wrote for Slash magazine as a Reggae reviewer and even lived in Jamaica for a bit. I could feel that he was so lonely. At the time of his death, he was 38 years old. Of course, we can play the influence game forever we have to mention Howlin Wolf as well as a 1959 album by Marty Robbins called Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, particularly the song The Masters Call., But its important to remember it goes both ways. By fusing the fetishistic old, weird roots music of the mythical American West (and South) with the raw punk modishness of the late 70s, music fans in Europe and later Japan took to them far more easily. Im an important man! I realize Im straying toward an authenticity-rockism I dont even believe in here, but I ought to note that however much I admire and even love Jeffrey Lee Pierce as a musician/artist, that by no means extends to any equivalent esteem for the train wreck of his personal life. retrieved. Hed go for a run every lunchtime, says Mori. In 2014, Sergio Rotman of the Argentinian band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs edited a special edition of 500CDs with versions of 14 Gun Club and Pierce songs. Emptiness and defiance. His attempts at doing a guide guitar were just a disaster. With the first line-up imploding, Pierce and Powers were joined by Rob Ritter (bass) and Terry Graham (drums) from LA band The Bags, whose contribution was instantly felt. "He was the star of the show, and we all just jumped on and off," says Terry Graham. Despite a pick-up replacement, the magic was gone and the tour ended at Dingwalls in Camden Town, London. Recruiting bassist Don Snowden and drummer Brad Dunning, the quartet named themselves The Creeping Ritual before changing their name to The Gun Club at the suggestion of The Circle Jerks Keith Morris. Every generation since the boomers onwards has had a gateway band into the blues, and for those taken by punks brief but seismic blast, that group was The Gun Club. The film will cover Jeffrey Lee Pierce's life and career through his death in 1996 at the age of 37, using original interviews and archive footage. He tragically died of a brain hemorrhage on March 31, 1996. Learn how your comment data is processed. All rights reserved. It was an even trade! laughs Powers. In fact, For the Love of Ivy appropriates a couplet almost immediately (Well, jawbone eat and jawbone talk / Jawbone eat you with a knife and fork). Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Springheel Jack. With the release of the Death Party EP in 1983, more line-up shifts saw the departure and return of Terry Graham and the inclusion of Jim Duckworth, formerly of Tav Falcos Panther Burns, on guitar. That period was a lot of trial and error and luckily more of it was working than not, but that nihilistic streak and antagonism that was coming from him was needed at the time. But, just as Gun Club seemed about to capitalise on this early critical acclaim, the Cramps pinched the guitarist Kid Kongo (ne Brian Tristan) to replace the departing Brian Gregory. [4], Pierce's early musical interests were glam and progressive rock, including bands such as Sparks, Genesis, and Roxy Music. [38] The song ends with the lines: Come back, Dee Dee Ramone. Literally. cause of death. He was always at our gigs selling his autograph. Probably even The Cramps were better known. Glitterhouse Records instead released Axels & Sockets. The blues had provided the kindling, punk the flame. The Gun Club have themselves informed and inspired many artists, including The White Stripes, Screaming Trees, Calla, The Pixies, Henry Rollins, and PJ Harvey. Pierce bildade The Gun Club 1980 och de albumdebuterade ret efter med Fire of Love. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Indeed, in interviews, an increasingly bitter Pierce had begun to refer to his work as being "full of weaknesses". Jeffrey Lee Pierce July 2, 1959 July 28, 1975 But I think it was very difficult for him Jeffrey very often didnt make sense. [citation needed], Pierce's life is the subject of the documentary, Ghost on The Highway: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club, directed by Kurt Voss, and produced by Voss and editor/composer Andrew R. [4], The Gun Club's debut album, Fire of Love featured the songs "Sex Beat" and "She's Like Heroin to Me". Label:Retro Deluxe - RDBX004, Vibrant Records Ltd. - RDBX004: Format: 4 x CD, Compilation. "Jeffrey Lee Pierce" n "I Don't Belong", "OFF! Yes. In late 1993, Pierce spent time with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds during the recording of their album Let Love In. Refused it, I mean. Interestingly, Pierce himself preferred Miami, saying about Fire of Love: I cant even remember making it. Whitechapel Jack. He returned to Los Angeles in 1995. While Jeffrey was slipping into a coma and dying, I lived (totally oblivious) on 16 acres of unfarmed flood plain surrounded by mountains alongside my common law partner, my baby son, two big dogs, a Manx cat, a rooster. Patricia Morrison: So many bands came from us but we never got the recognition. When you were on stage and it was going well, it was fantastic; it was what music should be, enthuses Morrison. During the mid-1970s, after attending a concert by Bob Marley, Pierce became an avid fan of reggae, and subsequently traveled to Jamaica, where he met Winston Rodney and others, but also "got beat up there too", as he later recalled in an interview.[5]. Prior to his departure and the release of the album, Ritter played Miami to former Bags compatriot Patricia Morrison, who quickly fell for the records charms and replaced the bassist. Pierce was also known for his strong admiration for Debbie Harry of Blondie, and was president of the Blondie fan club. Mr. Pierce, a singer and guitarist, began his career in music as a fan and critic. [16] A different line-up including Romi Mori, Dean Dennis and Nick Sanderson also recorded with Pierce, completing the six-track "Flamingo"[16] The EP featured a remix of Wildweed's opening track "Love and Desperation" and two cover tracks. At no point did The Gun Club ever really break into the broader public consciousness. "[7], Primal Scream's 2013 album More Light referenced Pierce and the Gun Club with a reworking of Pierce's "Goodbye Johnny" and use of the title "Walking with the Beast".[40]. Pierces behaviour on and off the stage soon began to be counterproductive: The other guys in the band were very antagonised by him. The cassette tape version of the album also featured an extra track, "Secret Fires", missing from the vinyl L.P. but later available on the C.D. Everybody felt the same and we were there for the music. 5", "THE GUN CLUB The Las Vegas Story Punk Blues Vinyl Album Gallery #vinylrecords", "From The Archives -The Gun Club- Concert Chronology / Gigography", "iTunes Music Wildweed by Jeffrey Lee Pierce", "The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | Kid Congo Powers Interview: From Gun Play To Monkey Business", "Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Setlist at Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht", "Nick Cave on Jeffrey Lee Pierce: 'His Obsessions Crawled All Over Him', "Gun Club Oral History, Part Four (Pastoral Hide and Seek to 1996)", "an interview w/ Keith Morris & Dimitri Coats of OFF! Jeffreys idea was to be as antagonistic as possible. And then it happens. [6] Becoming disillusioned by the evolution of punk rock into what he saw as strict formality, and feeling that reggae was an import, Pierce developed a keen interest in and extensive knowledge of the Delta blues, taking influence and inspiration from his own culture's history. Driven by an obsessive personality from an early age, Pierces love of alcohol, drugs and the romanticism of playing in a band would be both his making and undoing. In a 2012 interview with Gun Club biographer Gene Temesy, Nick Cave, a great admirer of the frontman, said: "With Jeffrey, you pretty much entered his world when you saw him. THE SHOCKING LIVE TELEVISION SUICIDE OF A NEWS ANCHOR! But it was too good to last. With The Cramps on indefinite hiatus due to ongoing legal wrangles with their label, Powers re-joined The Gun Club. One of his best qualities, was encouraging his friends to make music, even insisting that they do. He remained in a coma until his death from a cerebral hemorrhage on March 31 at the University of Utah Hospital. date of death. He was 37 years old. He died on 31 March 1996 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. A lot the bands that I work with owe a debt to The Gun Club, and that includes The Jim Jones Revue.. Jeffrey adored Debbie Harry and carried a signed note in his wallet from her which included hair dye instructions. In November 1994, Pierce was arrested for brandishing a Samurai sword in his local pub in Kensington after an argument. He was very ill. Hed been living on his own in my flat in Shepherds Bush and when I went back there I found that hed drawn all these happy, smiling faces on the wall because hed been so lonely. He was the child of a multi-ethnic marriage. When he formed The Gun Club, he wanted to destroy everything. So enamoured was Pierce of the new name that he wrote Group Sex for them in return. Though the audiences were small at first, Pierce tried to create a scene by adopting different personas. Pierce returned to Los Angeles before relocating to Utah to stay with his father and write. That became the title of their album. He was a record nerd but we were also dreamers and into a lot of rocknroll fantasy. The site covers music, art, culture, fashion, poetry and movies from the 60s through today. Apparently his health had been very bad again but it was a step in the right direction. Gun Club looked like serious contenders but, by 1984's "Las Vegas Story" (which would have formed an apt soundtrack for the Mike Figgis Oscar- nominated Leaving Las Vegas movie) Pierce's boozy and druggy life-style had started to overshadow the music. Born in Texas in 1958, Jeffrey Lee Pierce later moved to the West Coast. It still pains me that I completely missed the next three albums. Pitchfork may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. His demise is another sad reminder that the rock 'n' roll life-style can also lead to oblivion. An obsession for record collecting in his early teens led to him meeting fellow music fan and future Gun Club guitarist and co-founder, Kid Congo Powers (ne Brian Tristan). One minute he'd be talking about the fall of Saigon and the next minute hed be talking about the size of a dinosaur's brain. By this time, Pierce had become obsessed with the ethereal music of the Cocteau Twins via Mori, and a chance encounter with the bands guitarist Robin Guthrie and singer Liz Fraser in the Hollywood Hills would lead to the reformation of The Gun Club with Guthrie in the producers chair. June 27, 1958; Died. And yet, subject matter aside, there is nothing nihilistic about the effect of their music. EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Lee Pierce, frontman singer of seminal LA punk rock band The Gun Club, is the subject of a new feature documentary. That was part of his charm. Wildweed's monochrome cover shot, of Pierce stood in a windswept barren landscape with a shotgun over his shoulder, was photographed on the south coast of England, as Pierce told a Swedish interviewer, but intended to "look like Texas. That was my audition! she laughs. 31 March 1996. "[25], Pierce contacted Powers in early 1996 to work together on a new iteration of the Gun Club, and they began making plans, with Powers looking to recruit musicians in New York. Salt Lake City. And without the fire to shore us against the cold, the sadness can simply be overwhelming. Listen to The Birthday Party before and after Jeffrey. Jeffrey Lee Pierce Death: and Cause of Death On March 31, 1996, Jeffrey Lee Pierce died of non-communicable disease. The scourge, the deep scar tissue, of racism. After six months in Japan, Pierce and Mori returned to London in August 1986, with Pierce intending to reform the Gun Club. Jeffrey Lee Pierce: Age 37 | Cause Of Death: CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE Gun Club (Born:1958, Died 3-31-1996) What can you say about a record that you cut for 2500 bucks in 48 hours, on speed? Jeffrey Lee Pierce's been dead and buried for some years 3 now. Jeffrey Lee Pierce. He said, Leave them! The moment was certainly right for Pierce. Jeffrey Lee Pierce Wikipedia By initially flirting with it, he accidentally ended up inhabiting it. He was digging. Love in a cold climate: Romi Mori and Jeffrey Lee Pierce. The singer lived for a time in London and gigged fitfully around Europe, doing strange versions of jazz standards (John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme", Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit") and releasing disappointing albums of past and recent concerts on many labels (Two Sides of the Beast on Dojo for instance). Outwardly, I might have been a character in a Gun Club song, thankfully absent all the mayhem, betrayal, and sex killing. Fucking, murdering, leaving (I will fuck you til you die / Bury you and kiss this town goodbye). Hed then run back home, only stopping at the pub for a few more drinks, and hed do that every day.. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, rialto police chase today,

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