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All Rights Reserved. I haven't thought about these cookies in a long time, but I awoke this morning having dremped that I was telling someone about these opera creme cookies. Released in 2011, the Savannah Smiles cookies were created to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Girls Scouts organization, which was founded in you guessed it Savannah, Georgia. PLEASE BRING BACK THE CHOCOLATE FUDGE SANDWICH COOKIES, THEY WAS SO GOOD. Keebler is a classic American brand, founded in 1853 and widely credited as the first confectioner to fortify their treats with real elf meat. Only Keebler could pack this much magic into a cookie. Me, my mom & sisters were all addicted to them. We took a crispy mint cookie and dunked it in delicious fudge to make our famed Grasshopper cookies. Wish some small bakery would buy these recipes and start selling both of these brands! He liked the chocolate cookies with lemon creme centers and I liked the vanilla cookies with the lemon creme centers. I promise you, they taste exactly like the Keebler vanilla opera cookies. My next sister and I often talk about how good these Opera Cremes were and still wish for them and still wondered for year what happen to our favorite cookie. Please bring them back, I haven't eaten them since I was a kid and loved them. var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); They were discontinued in 1985 and. These were the only store bought cookies she would eat. Fresh from the Hollow Tree, these light, crispy vanilla wafers boast a sweet burst of yummy crme filling. We know that it will be hard to find a replacement, but we are always developing new products so we are sure that you will soon find another favorite! I understand that they won't bring them back, but with so many wanting them back you would think they would at least consider it. Murray lemon cookies are the closest thing I have found to them. It would be foolish on Keebler"s part to not bring them back. } else { Please, please start making them again. The chocalate and the vanilla cookies with the strong tart lemon creme in the middle. 2023 Minute Media - All Rights Reserved, havent hurt the Girl Scouts sales though. I really hope someone from Kebler reads these posts. I love love love them. Oh, those childhood memories and how much they mean today. Buckets and his Fudge stripes-meh, Sam and his peanutbutter cookies-#2 cookie, and the rest of those elves running around the tree factorythey can't crank out a couple bags of opera cremes? Baby Boomers were fortunate to have tasted Opera Cremes and having done so formed a loyalty to a product. There have been plenty of petitions to bring the Magic back, but none have succeeded yet. come on elves- don't you have a say so? If the stores start to discontinue an item, we find we cannot produce the smaller volumes the business demands. We dunked airy, crispy wafers into Keebler fudge to create a cookie that could only be crafted in the Hollow Tree. you hear every one BEGGING,AND PLEADING,and I am doing the same.Please, Please, Please,Bring them BACK. LOL! I wish they would bring them back!!! The mega-sized Oreo Big Stuf cookie isn't on shelves anymore, though you can still get oversized Oreo cookies in products like the Klondike Oreo ice cream sandwich. I don't half believe that stores didn't order them cause they seemed to fly off the shelf when they were available. Keebler. They will not disappoint. Nothing can replace them. Please bring them back again. Milk Packaging. The Fudge cookies were great also. these were the best cookies! And the rest is history! OMG!!! Please, Please bring back the opera cream cookies. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. Do you and us a favor , bring it back. I thought I was the only one. And that is the exact kind of bag they use to come in. I loved dunking them in a cup of coffee or hot chocolate! They were my all time favorite sandwich cookie. Those were my all time favorite cookies. These decorate-your-own-cookie kits came with two cookies and sweet, spreadable icing you could smear on yourself. Not only will you regain your fan base again but you will have a newer generation to followBRING BACK THOSE COOKIES!!! Please bring them back to Cincinnati. Bring them back, Keebler! He was soon followed by a singing, golfing elf named Ollie. No other cookie comes close! The most delicious cookie ever. Come on Keebler! for a while i thought i was imagining that I had these delicious cookies, I was in the military and left the country for 6 yrs and when I came back i could not find them. As a kid, both my sister and I were willing to incur the wrath of "DAD" by eating his favorite cookie. They were my favorites. THE PROCEEDS CAN GO TO BREST CANCER PREVENTION AND PREMOTION. I have never forgotten how much I loved those cookies many times searching for them in every city I've visited. I contacted Keebler a year or so ago regarding making Opera Creme cookies again. I doubt they would taste the same, but I can try. I would eat them at her house and savor them. I have never had them, but I can assure you that if you bring them back, they WILL be purchased. Today the company makes 50 billion cookies and crackers each year; among them are the popular Pecan Sandies, first sold in 1955. They did make a brief return in 2022, but, These bars, which featured cheesy goodness on top of a crunchy cookie, topped with strawberry or other fillings, had enough loyal fans that over, 43 thousand of them have signed a petition, These soft shortbread cookies were stuffed with chewy gooey fudge or peanut butter fillings. I agree with the other post -- the fans of these cookies are now the largest population group. Today's cookies taste so artificial in comparison. More of a cookie than a cracker, these treats were discontinued in 2016. The answer is apparently not. Blech! I miss my ol' fattening treats! Who makes the decisions to stop making something. Sometimes we use to slowly twist them apart and lick the creme and then eat the cookie. Popular in Keebler Keebler Collection. Why don't you just bring them back for a limited time just to see how many customers and support you will have. These were delicious and enjoyed with a cold glass of milk. We craft every irresistibly soft and chewy homemade-style Soft Batchcookie right here in the Hollow Treewith loads of sweet chocolatey chips. We appreciate your interest and loyalty to our brands and trust we will continue to meet your needs for many years to come. I had to google 1980's cookies and I found this page. Personally I have been looking everywhere for them, I thought maybe it may have been a regional thing. My aunt would buy them because she only had one kids. It 3:42 in the morning and guess what I am thinking about among other things it's Opera Creams. THERE IS NO OTHER COOKIE IN THE WORLD LIKE THE OPERA CREAM!!!!!!!! I remember pushing the Creme thru the holes with my tongue and no other cookie would take as long to eat as these. I could not agree more, i have craved these cookies for years and by habit still look for them in the cookie aisle of the store. Now you don't have to choose. It's like a bad dream. Our Fudge Stripes are the pride of the Hollow Tree because theyre made with Keebler fudge. My favorite cookie EVER!! It's unclear why Keebler quietly discontinued these cookies, and the company has been pretty mum on the topic. Would like to introduce m grandkids. I am really craving these cookies now!!!! My craving was so bad I kept a bag with me most of the time and would share only the chocolate cookies with my friends. But the Nabisco Giggles also had a gimmick: Each cookie had a (slightly creepy) smiley face cut into them. Do it for all of us. But alas, Fudgetown is not a real place. Please rethink not bringing them back. . I've never heard of these, or can't place them to the name anyway. I get mine at big/odd lots and at the grocery, and those bread thrift stores. I admit, the lemon filling was excellent! Surprised when I saw all these comments about the cookie my wife and I were discussing today. We understand that you enjoyed this product but unfortunately stores only want to stock the fastest moving products. Stacked with individual sleeves of nine varieties, the assortment holds 42 cookies and includes golden Milanos, chocolate-dipped Genevas, velvety Chessmen, crispy curled Pirouettes, and more.. BY FAR my favorite was Opera Cream cookies sitting there on her countertop in that pink bag! I think it would be worth a try.'POST', '', true); You can start with a seasonal promotion in NC. Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies Multi-Pack Tub, 20 ct., 15 oz. They did have a primo price BUT WELL WORTH IT! I miss em!!!!! We really loved those cookies. There is no cookie on the market right now like them. My grandma would keep them in a glass jar with a metal lid. They need to drop some of those yucky new concoctions they keep trying to force on everyone. Each has their own role: Flo is the bakerys accountant, Buckets covers the cookies in fudge, and Zack is the trees foreman. The best sandwich cookie by far..Please bring them back! I think I even pleaded with them! please bring them back even if it is a trial run to see how many customers would buy them. Keebler has shut me down as well. You can't fault them for trying, since experimentation is a crucial part of the innovation process, after all. best cookie ever. I can't agree more with the previously posted comments. I even e-mailed the company asking where I could find them. Maybe buy a mess of regular Oreos and Lemon Oreos and carefully scrape out the white from the regulars, splice on the lemon, and maybe we can Frankencookie a little of that old goodness back. Please they were soon delicious you can't just eat 2 and have a Cold glass of milk . And perhaps our world would be just a tiny bit happier if they were to come back. BTW.Does ANYONE remember a delicious cookie made by either Keebler or Nabisco, soft malty dough (like a chocolate chip dough without chips), raisins, with soft white glaze? Theyve been baked to perfection for a big strawberry taste in every bite. Undoubtedly the best cookie ever made. The next time you stock up on Samoas and Tagalongs from the local Girl Scouts, know that those delicious treats are connected to Keebler. Biscuits Packaging. With all the response, you would think Keebler would at least consider our plea to bring thme back! Opera Cream Opera Cream Opera Cream. A review from 2010 reveals that the Moon Pie Crunch came in both peanut butter and mint flavors (but not just chocolate, oddly enough). I have been craving opera cremes for years now. Buy them, unscrew it and add a chocolate cookie without the side with the cream, try an oreo original, or other brand of chocolate sandwich cookie. Why can't they be brought back?? Sometimes I'd get really lucky and choose the bag with 2 columns of vanilla and 1 column of chocolate. We all need great days to look forward to! Let's bring 'em back for real!!! Lunchables are pretty much an iconic lunch box meal from the '90s, and the cookies and frosting packs enjoyed the same success. All we want is a classic and some of our past back. I go to grocery and cookie isle is shrinking. They were my favorites and couldn't stop once I started eating them. Sandies Classic Shortbread Rich, crispy shortbread cookies that'll melt in your mouth with every bite. Ernest J. Keebler (known as Ernie) appeared not long after and remains the companys primary mascot today. Please bring them back. Then imwould lick the icing off the other side. Here's the best substitute I've found: DARE (a cookie company out of Canada, but avail. Missed them for years now!!! My pleas have always been answered with an emphatic no way when Ive inquired about whether these will ever make a comeback. It was my favorite packaged cookie and I hope they bring it back COME ON KEEBLER DO THE RIGHT THING. Each package of Van'Chos contained one sleeve of vanilla cookies and one sleeve of chocolate cookies, both filled with vanilla cream centers. Keebler Opera Cream were my very favorite. Kim Kardashian herself even made a plea to Nabisco on Twitterto bring the Oreo Big Stuf back. I just want the opera creams again. These came in a pink bag. Get the best food tips and diet I would buy all that my money would allow!!! Only the Keebler Elves could bake this combination, with chocolate in Every Bite! Likely named for the Girl Scouts founderJuliette Gordon Low, whose nickname was "Daisy," the first iteration of the Juliettes lasted from 1984 to 1985. They are vanilla with lemon creme. Here's my vote to bring back the Opera Cremes. I read most of these postings, but no one ever mentioned eating the most wonderful cookie in the whole world with a good ole cup of coffeeand no one mentioned eating them on the Blue Ridge Parkway in either Virginia or North Carolina. I am 56yrs old and still want those cookies! No other cookie even comes close to the taste of Opera Cremes. Please atleast put them in the stores at twice a year. Only the Keebler Elves could bake this combination, with chocolate in Every Bite!. Mother's Circus Animal Cookie Caddy, 30 ct. $13.99. No harm in company making a trial run to check market demand. We suggest trying Austin Lemon OHs! cookies. WHY WANT THEY BRING THEM BACK.. Please bring back my favorite cookies. SINCE THE PACKAGING WAS PINK THEY COULD BRING THESE COOKIES BACK AS A SPECIAL PROMATION FOR BREAST CARCER AWARENESS MONTH. And as the commercial from the early '90s points out, they were "a work of genius." Everyday after school I ate one each. These Girl Scout crackers didn't last long. It's the smile only a Brownie Girl Scout girl can have, according to the iconic "Brownie Smile Song." They have worst cookies they could have got rid of. What's not to love about that? We sure wish they would bring them back as a retro type cookiethey can even call it a blast from the past ! There are no other cookies like them. RELATED:You Can Now Get Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies Delivered. The cookies are made in two bakeries, one of which is Little Brownie Bakers, a subsidiary of Keebler. bring them back!Best cookie ever. I tell the new generation that these were THE BEST COOKIES "IN THE WORLD!" These delicate, lemony cookies were discontinued when Sunshine merged with Keebler and people have been seeking the perfect copycat version ever since. Dare's chocolate cookie is almost exactly like the opera cream chocolate cookie was. Makes my mouth water just thinking of them. Way back in the year 2000, a couple of mad scientists (aka cookie developers) at Nabisco had a brilliant idea: What if they could make dunking Oreos in milk even more fun for kids? Please please please bring these cookies back I loved these cookies, the lemon taste cookies were the best ever made I would be a happy camper for the rest of my life. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. The Keebler Elves craft every delicious, crumbly melt-in-your-mouth batch of Chips Deluxe Fudgy cookies in the Hollow Tree with loads of sweet chocolatey chips and fudge chunks. The fudge one was delicious toogreat shape, thick and both the vanilla and fudge had gret flavor. You are so right, Carrie. So they brilliantly found a way to make the experience even more enticing. Keebler Magic Middles Courtesy of Instacart These soft shortbread cookies were stuffed with chewy gooey fudge or peanut butter fillings. SHE TELL HER FOUR CHILDREN ABOUT THEM BUT IT HARD TO DESCRIBE TO THEM HOW GOOD THEY WERE. MADE WITH KEEBLER MAGIC: Packaged for great taste and lasting freshness, Keebler Holiday Cookie Tin contains . I would buy them, even if it was for a limited time. Dip these mini fudge striped cookies into the marshmallow frosting and enjoy!! Best Cookies Ever . Instead of the soft baked middle of the original Moon Pie. Indulge today. The cookies have a suggested retail of $3.99 for a 9.7 oz pack. This cookie was part of my childhood. Only available from 1979 to 1981, these cookies, baked by Little Brownie Bakers, were marketed as an "old-fashioned" oatmeal raisin cookie that also contained granola. I defy anyone to eat just one, not one bag, one cookie. BRING BACK THE OPERA CREME COOKIES. For example, their Grasshopper cookies are a version of Thin Mints, and the Coconut Dreams cookies that are drizzled with caramel and fudge? I thought I was just moving around the world too much! Please consider bringing them back or for a limited time at least. The best cookie EVER!!! I thought I was the only insane person craving and wondering why they went away. I am 64 years old, and I remember my first opera cookie. Crispy, yummy Keebler Vanilla Wafers cookies deliciously mixed with banana slices and pudding for big festive taste you can share with the family. Remembering these cookies from my childhood in the 80's. Chips Deluxe Dipped DUOS Keebler Fudge cookies are the best of both worlds. PLEASE RECONSIDER. I would eat one chocolate and then one vanilla ( I could eat the whole bag in one sitting). This is a fanmade page, i dont have anything to do with keebler. Me & my twin brother took these cookies to school, when our mother would pack out lunch boxes..many moons ago. As result there is no longer the passion for GS cookies. Not even close. Once you place your order, Instacart will connect you with a personal shopper in your area to shop and deliver your order. I have been searching everywhere for them!!! And if nothing else, remember to hug your favorite cookies a little closer today. I loved them:-). My 38 year son grew up on them as well. I am serious! Opera Creme Cookies are the best cookies of all time! Especially the chocolate ones! Bummer! Keep reading to discover which cookies broke our hearts by loving us and leaving us wanting more. More of a cookie than a cracker, these treats were, . Please bring them back! Sign the Petition Keebler should rerun these in a test market if they feel this wont sell! GET BUSY AND START MAKING THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!! We often tell stories to our kids & friends who never had a chance to try them about how great they were. These were my favorite cookies as a kid. Lunchables might have been an iconic DIY schoolyard meal from the '90s, but theLunchables Cookies 'n Frosting packs have remained popular up until recently. But then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Juliettes made a shocking comeback in 1993 as a completely reimagined cookie. I agree no other cookie can come close. PLease bring them back. Please bring them back. I can't find any cookie that compares to my favorite OPERA CREAM. Bring 'em back! Dont know why Keebler quit making them. Please bring the Opera Cookies back the cookies in the store today cannot compare. I really loved the opera creme cookies when I was growing up and would love to have them again please bring them back. navigator.sendBeacon('', payload); Please, Please, Please. Ernie . Your sales would go up tremendously. it could totally work. Please Keebler bring this cookie back. Voice your opinions! if( navigator.sendBeacon ) { I have never found a cookie that could win my heart like the opera cream!!! Maybe if they see all of us "fans" out there they will bring them back! I even tried to contact keebler to buy the rights and recipe and they will not sell. PLEASE!!!!! 3. Please please bring back the opera crime cookies. A good 3 inches in diameter, the Oreo Big Stuf was a giant, individually wrapped Oreo cookie. Bring them BACK!! At least for a trial period. No other cookie can compare with any of the 3 flavors Keebler produced. I quit buying Keebler products because I e-maled the company and ask why they didnt bring the opera cremes back and they said stores only wanted fast selling products !! Chocolate Biscuits. Hey, the new Lemon Oreos taste exactly like the classic vanilla/lemon Opera Cremes. Back the we could only afford to get one bag at a time. } ); Looks like the Girl Scouts owe the elves a few baking badges. Keebler Sandies Classic Shortbread Cookies, 11.2 oz pack of 2. If we are lucky enough to have them brought back, please let them taste the same. These were my favorite cookie to. Please bring them back!!!! Rich, crispy shortbread cookies thatll melt in your mouth with every bite. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Larry /North Carolina. Hey its worth a try!!! They were hearty and delicious! While it's important for any company to keep innovating, especially after 100 years, it seems Moon Pie missed the mark with these cookies, as they are no longer available. Each package contained two types of daisy-shaped shortbread cookies: One sleeve of cookies had a lemon icing on the bottom and the other sleeve featured a pecan praline coating. I have to listen to my husband harp about Opera Creme cookies every time we go to the grocery store together. 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