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Kevin O'Sullivan. Quite frankly, they couldn't seem to care less. "I imagine he'll wear his medals but quite where he fits within the procession and where he comes, I think will be probably reasonably similar to where he was at the funeral as well.". Sunday 4-7pm. I don't recall meeting many people who wanted a war. This entry was posted on January 1, 2021 at 3:23 pm and is filed under Africa, Arabs, Democracy, Denmark, Economics, Education, England, Ethiopia, History, Islam, LIterature, Music, Persecution, Politics, Poverty, Radio, Rome, Singapore, Slavery, Socialism, Sport, Television, The Press, Turkey, Uganda. Trivia (3) He was the television columnist for the Sunday Mirror newspaper. His last column appeared on February 21st, 2016. White Rabbit | This is the year I finally *woke* to who is really running the country (and likely every other one), and it's not "Tories" or even politicians of any allegiance, it's *the media* (of whom all the politicians and most other people are terrified of being attacked by, hence their near absolute power), and I am beginning to wonder how far back we have to go to locate a time when it wasn't. They should be wound up and education renationalised. However, it was confirmed earlier in April that Harry would leave Meghan and their children behind in California and attend the historical day by himself. Both countries are equally impoverished and despotic. The bizarre moment came as Mr Whale was adamant in finding out whether Mr O'Sullivan has been vaccinated at all against Coronavirus following questions to a caller earlier on in his show as to her own jab status. The presenter, 54, is said to have been terminated with "immediate effect", according to MailOnlin. Categories: Abolition of Britain Research into the historic slave trade has been linked with the campaign for Black liberation since the time of W.E.B. Express. Concentration on Western Slave Trade Product of Black Rights Movement. In that same article you are right in my opinion when you say that all ideas must be argued on their merits, and that all attempts to establish guilt by association should be regarded with suspicion. That is why we should be worried in the current social climate of intransigence to any disagreement to the whole raft of measures to combat a virus. Another issue in the news - Mark Borkowski and Kevin O'Sullivan banter about the underbelly of spin. They told me that I shouldnt tell this person about their possible connection to the slave trade, because they were very anti-racist themselves and the information would only upset them. Toby Young: Youd think the police would have better things to do than investigate Harry Miller., Harry Miller is a former police officer and co-founder of Fair Cop. The pair had a back on forth over medical status before Mr OSullivan slammed how he was exposing the fact Mr Whale has no right to ask about personal medical issues. And wasn't irreversible. This is based on a fallacy, which falls apart if you pick at it. Martin | Instead, the desperate monarch posts appeasing pictures of Meghan and Harry in the bosom of the Windsor clan before they bolted to California. Kevin O'Sullivan hosted his Friday night GB News show What Just Happened and slammed King Charles III for not standing up against Meghan Markle. He argued it created a two-tier system of MPs of those who did not require expenses because of their wealth already and those who may have less money. driven us collectively mad. Liddle goes on to claim that universities are implanting in peoples minds the notion that it was only the British, who were slavers and had this wickedness. Mr. Hitchens, I have found your comments ever so interesting indeed. Nanny stating the under 25s. Prof Flinders added that people would be scared of entering politics because of people like Mr OSullivan who would constantly pull them down for following procedures. It was being wound up by Norman Fowler before Blair took the idea out of the Tory dustbin, dusted it off and then made it official Labour policy. Its a tiny, tiny minority, who are obsessing. Steve balmforth | Theres already been considerable research on the subject. Its backed by everyone, isnt it? two blokes on a bench discuss porn and plod. OSullivan agrees with him that the obsession with slavery and the Woke thing is that of a tiny, tiny minority, who are vocal and noisy. . He asks why the country is obsessing about the actions of slave traders who lived three centuries ago. However, I might add that lockdowns have also put many businesses out of business, it has created a heap of unemployment, increased suicides, a massive waiting list for critical illnesses that will cause huge long term deaths non covid related, incalculable economic fallout and rising inflation, with a national debt thats going to hurt all normal people for many years, but not the rich ones, and a population that is now afraid and suspicious of its fellow citizens. Menu. He is a regular contributor to Radio 5's Afternoon Edition Television Club. Listen to my new show on LoveSport radio. Have you been jabbed? After ten years in Hollywood, Kevin returned to London to work for the Daily Mirror in a number of executive roles, including showbusiness editor and features editor. And theyve been partly able to get away with it because of the Coronavirus. . Senior judge, Dame Victoria Sharp, said The volume of non-crime hate speech is enormous and then police do not have the resources or capacity to investigate all the complaints made. Liddle Promoting Privatisation of State Education with Comments. Kevin O'Sullivan and his mate Mark Borkowski talk . "He received an email telling him not to come in as of today, with Kevin and Kait stepping in to fill his regular slot. The world is changing and we'll get you talking! (Covid/climate change clowns etc), Solution to the Irish border problem? For better or worse Mike Graham and Kevin O'Sullivan will be your consciences. Tuesday, 2nd May 2023See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. 25 August 2021 at 03:08 AM. [2] TalkRadio employs a number of presenters described as shock jocks. Liddle goes on about how we also invented television, the printing press, democracy, but we invented slavery, sin and mosquitoes. On Twitter, they describe themselves as: "Presenter on TalkTV: Saturday 7-10pm. Kevin O'Sullivan has been married to Henrietta Knight since 14 February 2001. What next? Great, very instructive radio interview. And how Joe Biden's visit to Ireland finished off the 'Special Relationship'. Hence the rant about footballers taking the knee for Black Lives Matter. The German SPD have remarkably imoroved recently in the polls and are neck and neck with the greens just behind the CDU. And even if we go back hundreds of years, I think the issue of *who really holds the power* in any country has been lost in the mists of time, as it looks like no king or even emperor was ever safe when "public opinion" was somehow turned against them, which has been generally a process of manipulation by *key influencers. This occurred not just at Liddles club, Millwall, but also at Colchester and Dallas in the US. Matthew Wright has vowed to tell all after reportedly been sacked from his TalkRadio show. Climate change, whether you are a believer or not, probably spawns so many related businesses and technologies that it is now surely the single biggest driver of wealth in the developed world? Liddle again agrees with him, says hes sure his daughter was, and that they got her out of it not just because they were teaching that rubbish, but because most of the time they werent teaching at all. @TVKev. GB News isn't perfect but it's an improvement on what I've grown used to in the MSM. talkRADIO (@talkRADIOuk). Kevin tears his way through the morning newspapers, and brings a much needed dose of common sense to the day's big stories. Defiant Fulham fan. Cancel anytime. Were all grown ups. [16] He was suspended for a week and his show returned on 13 August. The horses were amazing - very capable for the terrain and responsive. As a less than one percent minority of the planet, the British and even less the English, and one percent of CO2, makes that amount of difference, and taxed to marginally offset continuing to burn down or cut down the world's forests.. Again. Clearly angered by the question Mr OSullivan immediately slammed back saying that is none of your business is it. Need to Teach Extra-European, Islamic and Asian Slavery and Slave Trade. An ex-police officer has won a legal challenge against a national policy for forces to record gender-critical views as non-crime hate incidents. He states that its fine if adults want to learn this nonsense, but really dangerous to teach it to children in schools. Which is false. You can move the pieces around a chess board all you want and different personnel will come and go but nothing will change. The argument then descended into utter chaos as Mr OSullivan lashed back questioning when the last time Mr Whale had sex in an attempt to highlight the ludicrousness of asking personal questions. A familiar face on telly, Kevin is also a seasoned broadcaster. This has allowed footballers to take the knee in support of an organisation that wishes to abolish the family and capitalism. Liddle, who is introduced as writing for the Sun, the Spectator and the Sun on Sunday, agrees, calling it self-flagellating imbecilic obsessiveness. Real Danger of Innocent People Demonised for Ancestors Involvement. Plus 100,000 AM/FM radio stations featuring music, news, and local sports talk. Listen to 3AW online. All my opinions are someone else's.". Because what we do on this tiny island is totally insignificant vs countries like China, India, Bangladesh, USA, Russia and several other massive polluters. We quickly remove flagged content that violate our community guidelines, including Covid-19 content that explicitly contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization. What Just Happened with Kevin O'Sullivan airs Friday's from 9pm on TalkTV. Off The Fence: Harry and Megan. Posted by: [19] Ofcom fined TalkRadio 75,000 relating to Galloway's breaches of code. [20], In September 2020, presenter Mark Dolan cut up a disposable mask during a Talkradio broadcast, while claiming that wearing masks did not have a significant impact on COVID-19. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Mr. Hitchens has long stated that the only solution was to destroy the Conservative Party and the Labour Party which in itself is an admission that we live in a one party state. But real, Black chattel slavery has re-emerged in Libya and in sub-Saharan African countries like Uganda. [12] On 9 June 2020, Talkradio moved from DAB to DAB+ and the DAB signal ceased transmission on 26 June. ", Don't miss Carol Vorderman's appearance leaves I'm A Celebrity viewers distracted [LATEST] GB News' Eamonn Holmes launches fresh attack on Meghan Markle [INSIGHT ] Emmerdale's Tom King star explains return as fans fear for Belle [WATCH], @FatknackersC disagreed: "Not entirely sure the King would risk of turning the House of Windsor into a trailer park soap. 09 August 2021 at 11:45 PM. I also think that behind some of outrage from OSullivan and Liddle, but which goes unspoken, is the fear that it will be used by activists to demand reparations for slavery. He then told Mr Whale to shove your two hundred pounds after his co-host upped his offer to two hundred bob. I know you are short of a few bob! BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT: The X Factor's little cousin is back. In a statement YouTube said "TalkRadio's YouTube channel was briefly suspended, but upon further review, has now been reinstated. Have a listen to Mike Graham and Kevin O'Sullivan to find out what Dogma is all about.. BookBeat: Listen to audiobooks 2 months for free. Mr Whale asked: Have you had one or two jabs then? Scared Alex Belfield Mockingly Rants about Diane Abbott Leading the LabourParty. Dont get me wrong I dont mind a swear word but this feels a little bit forced and unnecessary. The day before yesterday, 30th December 2020, Talk Radio posted this video on YouTube of one of their presenters, Kevin OSullivan, talking about the compilation of a Dictionary of British Slave Traders by a group of British universities with that fixture of the right-wing press, Rod Liddle. There are books published on non-European slavery. Because the cause has not been addressed. Apr 26. It was then pointed out by political website Guido Fawkes that the Labour deputy leader had not been wearing them for many of her online calls - despite her insisting they were necessary for them. While the government is busy boasting about recruiting 20,000 new police officers, it should try to ensure that, like too many other coppers, they don't waste time investigating tweets and stupid hate crimes. And unfortunately the wretched schemes been going ever since. But, I dont understand the constant swearing. Will Stanley Johnson and his hystetical mob of "save the whale" fanatics have us all fenced off in chicken coops to save us from metling ice or the fear that we might infect one of his favourite llamas with a nasty strain of a cold virus? Email Address:(Not displayed with comment. Posted by: Im not sure how much this will affect ordinary people, though. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. We are Premier League! Singapore, on the other hand, was colonised for 200 years, and is the most affluent country in the world. TV Shows. Kevin is a Presenter at Love Sport Radio. If that happens, you can expect the story to be all over the Heil, Depress and the rest of the press like a rash. Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, audiobooks, and podcasts. Two established talkRADIO broadcasters with big . Boris admits incoming Covid 'storm' could ruin Christmas again, Javid slammed as care worker shortage overlooked, The chaotic argument erupted on talkRADIO between the presenters, The pair seethed at one another in a bizarre row over vaccine status, 46 million Britons have been double jabbed against the virus, Former UK border chief blasts French amid Channel migrant chaos, Rishi will make himself available to be PM amid sleaze crisis - expert, 'Get your jabs!' Do you have a story to sell? Until the launch of TalkTV in 2022, Sky News Radio provided hourly news bulletins for the network via Independent Radio News. James Walvin includes maps of the African and Indian slave trade and routes alongside transatlantic slavery in his Atlas of Slavery. Military Historian Dr Peter Johnston told True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat: "I imagine Harry won't wear uniform [at the coronation]. Copyright 2016 TV Kev. , Cameron, David It's a great shaggy dog story! Reparations for slavery are a different issue, but this has its dangers too. I was recently told that I had to seek amd pay for private treatment for something which is no longer available on the NHS. WestWorld is confusing, Britain's Best Home Cook wins no points for originality, Paul O'Grady: For The Love Of Animals - India. Dame Kathleen Simon, a determined foe of slavery, actually praised Mussolini and the Italian Fascists in her book on it for their invasion of Abyssinia, which she felt would at least extinguish slavery there. 3.5K views, 65 likes, 11 loves, 65 comments, 6 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from TalkTVUK: Don't miss Mike Graham and Kevin O'Sullivan every Saturday at 7pm on TalkTV. A freedom of information request has found that between 2014 and 2019 police forces in England and Wales have recorded 119,134 non-crime hate incidents. He acts as TV reviewer for The Wright Stuff (2000) and enjoys a long-running sparring partnership with host Matthew Wright, who always comes up with ingenious jokes about his supposedly advanced age. The radio host then listed expensive headphones, keyboards and office chairs as things that have been claimed by MPs on expenses. Why? We are told to stay away from our doctors and that local health services can now only deal with urgent matters. @adrianmahon8 sarcastically wrote: "Is the King in the room with us now, Kevin?". As you say to Kevin O'Sullivan --good interviewer by the way-- the powers that be have even suppressed the dissenting voices of other prestigious British scientists which is, there's no other word for it, shameful. Prof Flinders pointed out Mr OSullivan did not pay for his chair and insisted he pays for his since it was part of his job. Shocking @guardian antisemitic cartoon. I had to think very carefully about telling them, and was eventually advised against it by one of their close friends. Stream Kevin O'Sullivan free online. Explore Victoria Police's latest media releases, news, podcasts, community information, public notices and social media. OSullivan claims that this is a device for finding out whether a perfectly respectable living person had an ancestor 350 years ago, who invested 5 in a plantation, and then make their blameless descendant into a pariah and get them sacked. Harry is allegedly set to face another set as he won't be wearing a uniform during the procession. My appearance on Talk Radio this week, with Kevin O' Sullivan sitting in for Mike Graham. Movies. He states that the Dictionary isnt about anyone, but specifically the White English. 10 August 2021 at 11:45 PM. Wake up | Angela Rayner shamed as she miserably defends expense, Angela Rayner called out for Labour manifesto NHS pay U-turn, Kevin O'Sullivan clashed with a guest who defended MP expenses, Professor Flinders told Kevin O'Sullivan to get off his chair since he did not pay for it, Angela Rayner was criticised after she claimed for thousand of pounds worth of Apple products, Boris warned army and aid cuts do not send 'global Britain message', John Curtice says 'crucial' question will shatter SNP independence, Piers Morgan's son Spencer claims Alex Beresford used GMB argument, Charlie Stayt and Rayner row branded 'car crash' interview, Kate Garraway defends Piers quitting GMB 'He's supported me', Angela Rayner humiliation as Sunak's Budget tipped to secure Red Wall, Jonathan Van-Tam uses box of paracetamol to shame EU's vaccine attack, ITV's Robert Peston makes Priti Patel squirm with PM sexist remark, 'Shout at your wife for once!'

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