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https://media2.giphy.com/media/oFPiPgqwof4Pe/giphy.gif. Now comes word that Steve is selling off assets in preparation for a divorce. He was also detained for selling drugs, and he is still behind bars. You are out of prison, find you somebody and live your life Two of them. may make you look cute (das it) . Why did the Marjorie kids changed their names to Harvey? His face always look like he smelling something awful. Im a Libra with a Scorp moon. Damn. And I am sure that she will have the best divorce lawyers that HIS money can buy. But on Thursday, Marjorie responded to the reports with a video on Instagram.com. However, she was never arrested or charged. I know she has some knowledge to share. But a designer purse, even pimps buy their hoes designer stuff from time to time. So Im gonna change your life, young man.. so hes cold ? Steve Harvey and Majorie Harvey got married in 2007. Marjorie apparently split from Jim less than five years into his sentence, around the time that Lori was born. Five years into his sentence, however, Marjorie left him and got involved with another drug lord,Donnell Woods, who is Loris father. As quiet as its kept, Steve Harvey is a serial adulterer. She didnt want to be outnumbered by his biological kids, so now its 4 against 4. She still a crock smh Just cause you clean yourself up dont make you less of a crock, right? Donnell Woods is her biological father. Drug boy is out and came to collect on all the cash he spent in her as his bottom bitch, I definitely will be reading the book. Thats what got him life. Why is she and her daughter on both sides of steve and not his biological kids? Ima email this to all my think like a man single mom friends. fuk him! I think Steve Harvey is in awe of his wife but cant afford her and her children anymore. Steve acts like she is a super model. You needed to know. Omg. Some men have a hard time getting off from head. _____________________ I suspect its real. I wrote two-thirds of the book in prison, Townsend told RadarOnline.com. How the hell did he secure that pardon? Steve shared a story of his own regarding Marjories youngest son, Jason, who at 13 years old told the comedian, You aint my daddy., Related: Steve Harvey Gifts Wife Marjorie a Written Love Letter Before Their Wedding Anniversary, Adding his comedic flare to the response, Steve said he told Jason, Well, where his punk a at? He adopted her children which makes them legitimate heirs along with his bio children. The famous American comedian, Steve Harvey is her step-father and Marjorie Harvey is her mother. That old ride or die chick had him Poosey WhippedT.. The stuff women go through, we are disrespected and played most of the time. 11. Who is Lori Harvey's biological father? It is air conditioning time for us. And she running behind lil R & B singers or whatever, she needs to stay away from that kind because she isnt built fine enough to keep their attention because she looks like everyone else. Im glad he wrote the book. They do not have children together the POWER MOVE was her convincing Steve to allow her children to take on HIS last name. I will be reading this information. I mean baaaaad!!!! My comment pretty much indicated that she did played him. Girl, you know hes silly. She need to post the course. Yaaaassss, tell it! I cant stand him either. both of these people are some hardhearted individuals. Lori's biological father is Donnell Woods. I wonder if the price is right if she paid him enough money to keep quiet. Townsend, who was serving a life sentence for conspiracy to possess and distribute an illegal substance at the time, didnt take too kindly to that comment. P3ople make mistakes.I think it is ignorant and rude to b3 putting past business out there.Like rubbing salt in old wounds.Its more Mr.Townsend is jealous of what his ex now has and he cant let go.whats to be will be.If Steve and Marjorie are happy Let them be.He stepped up when Marjories two exes did not Please leave them Alone.Yes I like Steve Harvey. He now claims to be born again Christian. But nobody forced him to do anything. All of it! In the video, Marjorie, 54, is seen in her new $350K Ferrari, about to take her pampered pooch for a spin. That is too damn much of family. A dope dealer went to prison. I cant stand him either. Whoever her father really is, Lori clearly doesn't have a . Lori Harvey is an American model and famous internet personality. She became accustomed to living an ultra high-net worth lifestyle. Not the pink sponge rollers!!! Better tell your daughter the REAL deal before she finds out from one of her friends??? Im guessing Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio or Leo. Does anyone knows what these men look like? My mom was praising Steves relationship advice the other day and I had to stop her in her tracks. Some publications site Donnell as Lori's father, but that claim is yet to be proven. To literally not walk around with a raggedy dirty pocket book. !, @marjorie_harvey love your clap back!! 1) This woman makes good black wimen stay loosing. Chile please. I said that women keep saying this woman is not all that but their opinions are irrelevant because her men think that she IS all that and thats all that matter????? Church my azz Steve looking great too. And we think Wendy gon get messy chile . Townsend revealed that Marjorie used to check men with fuller lips who tried to approach her. Knowing what I know about this game, when dudes find themselves in a set of Fd up circumstances, they be desperate to give the feds anything to keep from going to prison and they really dont want to tell on the homeboys or they real plug. Lori Harvey's rumored relationship with Trey Songz . Who is Lori Harvey's Mom? Townsends illegal and criminal activities caught up to him, and he was sentenced to serve life in 1992 but only served roughly 27 years. I would have never thought she was a church girl. She helped Steve manage his money to get out of debt with IRS. Marjories ex-husband, former drug kingpin Jim L. Townsend exclusively tells Radar Online he is penning a book and he is willing to tell all for the right price. So that if Steve dies, the wife and the kids can take everything. Most of the Aries women I know are leaders who out hustle Aries men. Whether its legal or illegal. in Memphis, Tennessee, the United States to mother Marjorie Elaine Harvey and father Donnell Woods, but after her mother married Steve Harvey in June 2007, Steve has adopted all of Marjorie's . Its obvious she is about the money. Steve knew about about her past and yet he married her inspite of it. . I remember either in a interview or on his show, Steve said she was dating his homeboy or associate and used to come to his comedy shows, and thats when he started courting her. She has played a big role in the state of our community. She is the youngest step-child of Steve Harvey; Early Life of Lori Harvey. With cosmetic surgery be now being affordable for the average working chick, the game has changed. . He wanted arm Candy. I remember reading how bernie mac daughter said her day and steve were not on speaking teams when bernie passed, because steve heard and knew about bernie being sick and reach out to the director of oceans 7 and asked if he could replace bernie. ?? Say hi to the Mister for me. Seems like a good thing to me. she really the hbic at all of this. Jim Townsend?! Fans were moved to tears by the heartbreaking message from Tammy Slatons mother! Yall all know marjorie is the real city girl. Most Libra women like refined men. Her third child, daughter Lori Harvey, was fathered by Donnell in 1997. Thats been her meal ticket. ? That speaks volumes about how bad he may have treated them. Hail Queen Marjorie for letting Steve gives all her children his last/sir name her son pass down that name his wife. She is 26 years old and is a Capricorn. Right! Be a father or grandfather. This guy I know from Memphis says Marjorie is a church girl its plenty of women that look like her in the church. I havent seen you around in a while. I have to commend Mr. Harvey for allowing her children to bear his last name. Her and 3 other girls are in her non profit outreach program she has, and shes been wonderful, the girls adore her. How embarrassing for Steve if this is true. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). They love some steve harvey. So the three oldest kids are by whom?! he owned millions in federal taxes and other money and court drama but she stayed anyway. Lori first came to the spotlight in 2015 when a modeling agency signed her. The identity . It makes me wonder if she overstepped her boundaries and introduced him to a plug that turned out to be informant of some sort. It didnt dawn on me how rich than a muddafudguh they is. She a snake oil salesman. I aint mad at her. She got my daughter into a prep program to get her up to par to attend Emory University. Fuc think like a man how about think like a Marjorie Harvey. The way her kids and grandkids are front and center for everything is weird. You dont go from drug dealer to drug dealer and be call a business woman. She has been programmed to illegal deals and no honest living all her life. He wasnt the only star kissing and telling, either. He was also arrested . He said say the word and he will pack it on up for you on dry ice. I hope that all is well. @marjorie_harvey ..U did a MARVELOUS job..But when your BEAUTIFUL taken over tha world and a CAPRICORN I swear they try U everytime but shes a G.O.A.T for a reason!! Quick question: When a man adopts his wifes children, can the biological father contest? #curluptoagoodbook. Karmas a beyotch!! Hes looking for a way out with the least amount of financial damage. I am rotflmao when Steve said yall need 2 b the kind of woman that u can bring around your family. Required fields are marked *. After getting injured in 2017, she turned to modeling. What kinda life skills she teaching lol? And, I will read it. Marjorie Harveys Rumored Past Comes Back to Bite Her When She Steps In to Defend Daughter Lori. I think they called her Lady Herion bc of her involvment with drug kingpins. lOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! However, she has the right traits for simp nig**s. Tan complexion, curly hair, and light eyes. IJS. Steve adopted Lori Harvey, although its thought that her biological father was a convicted heroin dealer in Memphis. By Ny MaGee. Atlanta Black Star is a narrative company. Every good black woman should loathe this vermin of a woman with utmost passion. Thats real funny considering her mother, Marjorie, has a really nasty past is known to be Reckless with other peoples husband., The hoes of all hoes has some nerve , Marjorie Ima need you to sit this one out sis. Thats the type of shit you admire? Especially since she was part of the operation. You KNOW it is warm in my neck of the woods. And I dont understand what kind of Capricorns Mary J. Blige & Steve are, because I dont play about my money. Lori's biological father is Donnell Woods, who parted ways from her family after his split from wife Marjorie Harvey. She and MH know it takes more than looks to get what they want out of these dudes. That is not just made up names by the Roses. I believe shes just the best women, Steve Harvey, has had in his bed! All I can say is that Steve and Marjorie deserve each other. We have already had a couple of 90 degree days. Then the kids would be orphans. Sign up to receive The Atlanta Black Star Newsletter in your inbox. Harvey-Hawthorne. Those two are more important to him than the rest of his children. Goofy teeth head butt. both of these people are some hardhearted individuals. If its truthful. Now if she wouldve bought her some school books, I mightve been a little impressed. Why not!?! He left his first wife high and dry with four kids and NO money after their divorce. She reportedly spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on her high end wardrobe, bags, shoes, cars, exotic vacations, and her staff. Marjorie was later involved with another drug kingpin Donnell Woods. Designer bag as a gift for mentees isnt a smart money move! Or he cant because theyre married? You have to care about the people saying stuff in order to feel an explanation or defense is needed. Article continues below advertisement. Just like that phrase seat at the table. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I remember clearly i96 when he stood on the stage, held up a wallet and stated, when he got with her he gad $3 and slept in his car, and she helped him. Does anyone know of one I can take? Jim was given the life sentence in 1992, and Lori was born in 1997, meaning it's not very likely that he could be her biological father. Since she got yall, I love yall like I love her. Steve said out of his own mouth that he pursed her for years but she told him he wasnt ready yet! Biography Zoom: Lori Harvey (Source: Google) He was released in January 2017 after serving 26 years and receiving a pardon from then-President Barack Obama. Maybe Tyler Perry or 50 Cent. Steve dont want to have to go through another divorcenot a good look financially with sponsors, I know people around that circle. Its ok to listen to the advice of a thrice married man. A tell-all about Lady Heroin, karma after all. I hope my daughter doesnt see all of this drama surrounding Marjorie right now. Ill read tf out this book, People used to think I used my looks to get n keep my man.. which I did at first but so did he! Dont take any advice from a thrice married man. Im not mad at her either. Steve deserves whatever is coming to him after the way he treated and discarded his second wife Mary. steve wasnt even invited to the funeral. Lori Harvey was born on the 13th of January 1997. Woods was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he met Lori's mother, Marjorie Bridges. I would def buy his book, Im here for all of that tea baby! Well he married a woman that was married 2 drug dealers. Winnie Harlow, Jordyn Woods, and Teyana Taylor are Harvey's A-listers known to hang around. Steve Harvey blind like Stevie if he didnt see this coming. Jimmy L. Townsend said hes going to tell it all during a promo clip of his interview with blogger Tasha K, which airs Friday night. Right..Leo women are VERY independent. Right! Look into the soul. Why do you think ministers manage to CHEAT on their wives so much? That is How much I cannot stand Steve or his wife. She helped him get his pardon but I think it backfired on her smh. Instead she would rather sleep with men that are related, just to have money. Be mindful all this time we talking even while she was dating. https://media1.giphy.com/media/gRHpI3WwY6rsmcEQSC/giphy.gif. Vanna Bo Bannaaaaa?? The identity of Lori's biological father remains unclear. But the emails (the ones that I read at least) were far from sexy. Her youngest, Lori Harvey, born on 13 January 1997, is a model and businesswoman. Thats a very admirable thing to do in my book. I heard Steve had been pursuing her for years. That is the very reason why this story sort of shocked me! https://media2.giphy.com/media/4TpI13BW3VMCSnOnOx/giphy.gif, Ima email this to all my think like a man single mom friends. I agree and said the same thing. When Steve got with his second wife Mary, he was still married to his first wife.? You ducked too late. Im not mad at her, hey it was fun while it lasted with the ex but his money dried up so it was time for her to move on, like Ariana Grande said.. As a matter of fact, he got turf. I use to say if I saw him in the streets, I would punch him in his neck. In this game he knew buying 40 of them thangs especially from somebody he dont know like that could either have ended him up dead or in jail. that aint a lesson or a skill thats a preference . Some opt for men with money. Ole skool gold digging at its finest? Also, the divorce between Mary & Steve was so contentious, I KNOW yall remember when Mary leaked those sex-emails that Steve wrote to Marjorie, talking about how much he loved the fact that she let him perform anal sex on her, and going on and on about her juices, etc. etc for etcetera It has been warm since about mid-March. In the same clip, Townsend claimed that he and Marjorie spoke just three days before she said I do to Steve. But her style and grace gives me earth or water vibes. Lori Harvey's mother, Marjorie Harvey, was linked to several drug dealers in the past. Pictured (L-R) are Jason Harvey, his wife Amanda Harvey, Broderick Harvey Jr., Brandi Harvey, Marjorie Harvey, Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey, Karli Harvey, Wynton Harvey, Morgan Hawthorne, and her husband Kareem Hawthorne in a photo dated May 3, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. She didnt seem this way how the media is portraying her to me, I think people have to understand the difference between the individual and the public persona. Steve let her light eyes make a fool of him. I missed you. Obviously you didnt read the post, why would he need bail money when he was pardoned by then president Obama?? I said man, oh, you got a winner. Marjorie married cousins. Her mother, fashion designer Marjorie Elaine Harvey, is currently the third . Jason founded the luxury women's footwear company, Yevrah. She got him to adopt Grown Ass children That nigga aint going NO Where! Similarly, Steve Harvey had been in two marriages before marrying Marjorie. Previously however she was indeed Harvey. This shows she as no problems with leaving of the oroceedings of vile human beings who destroy our communities by pumping drugs to their own people. Nope they had moved on long ago. He sold two properties for $2 million while Marjorie and Lori were reportedly out of the country on a three-month excursion. Marjorie is amazing. He did his time and he needs money. They love some steve harvey. If the EX needs bail money, hes a dolla too late. January 4, 2022 by Mary. Who the Hello Kitty would put that in an E-MAIL??? The 21-year-old eagerly shared her excitement over her upcoming birthday on Instagram Jan. 2 writing, Capricorn Seasonnn ., Several fans shared Loris eagerness. That bish is a savage tho! them thots breeding for these community d rappers need to take notes from her. I cant wait. Marjorie's second husband is Donnell Woods, the father of her daughter Lori Harvey. If he felt betrayed and see how she is living well while he was behind bars all of that time, I can see the rationale. I dont have no problem with vagina management, or good pussay pension, is the way she went about it especially towards another woman, stepping on the ex neck and to the point of stealing her kid. But I read those leaked emails myself, like this ?? We publish narratives intentionally and specifically to enlighten and transform the world. Her mother is a fashion designer, blogger, stylist, and also an internet personality. But it will change his status because Hella people will buy that book. Smdh. She ran through his money like it was WIC in the hood. Atlanta Black Star is a narrative company. This dudes a simp!! But its so wrong because its her?!? She wouldnt give him the time of day. LOL yall killing me with these names lawd! I think that Mr Steve Harvey have a very nice looking wife and a nice looking family am also from Cleveland and went to Glennvill high school I though Id just mention that, This man needs to go on about his business. Marjorie is not goals and I dont want any of her advice. Marjorie is nothing more than a Babylonian whore! And Imma read it too! I dont believe he would be interested. There is NOTHING HOTTER than Sister Delores taking off that CHURCH HAT to put on her CFM HOE SHOES. ? Besides his thick mustache, the Family Feud host is also known for having full lips. I cant. Plus she loves wearing high-end fashion but it looks odd because shes really short. I cant imagine some of the filthy things shes had to do. Now that would be an educational read. I dont know why people always love to throw stones at people after they accomplish so much in life. Now her daughters are beauties! Her instagram page annoys me but I suspect some of this is jealousy cause she living the life. Ill spend yours but you wont be spending mine ? Marjorie and Marlo Hampton went to the same school of fleecing and scamming, People are multifaceted. Lori takes pride in being the daughter of her mom and a stepdaughter of her dad, Harvey. chile do you know how many of dem shyts I have and my daughter have ran through and continue to do.. Is a purse that serious out here for folks that its a life skill Chile anything material aint gone help a soul now thats a facts now . He has twin daughters, Brandi and Karli, and a son, Broderick, with his first wife, Marcia Harvey. When Steve goes up to those pearly gates best believe that Marjorie and her kids are coming for everything and anythingthat will and testament better be specific and iron clad!!! Its all public record. Marjorie is a hustler and a street b*^ch. Allegedly. Steves dirty dealing with his wife Mary and Marjories dalliance with her drug dealing men (2 brothers!!) I know Steve Harvey is liquidating many of his properties. That is what he gets for putting trash on a pedestal. He is so sprung you could never tell him anything about this woman. It would have the girls right, shiny and no frizz. If youd have said a dm or text okay, but email??? Social media personality Lori Harvey is the oldest daughter of Marjorie Harvey and her stepfather is comedian and television host Steve Harvey. He was so pressed to have a dime on his side, that he was willing to be left with just that, a dime. The internet is a dangerous place where the truth gets terraformed and spread like wildfire. ? He wasnt in the game like that before her. Couldnt have been; youre a multimillionaire. Steve Harvey adopted her children. The oldest daughter hasnt. THIIIISSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! It was like it was full fledged winter. Ooh my. Sean Combs, Lori Harvey. Id much rather read a how to book from her than him. I know that people like what they like, but given this Womens past, why was she seen a such a catch? She has since moved on now its time for him to move on and travel and meet another women. Heroin? _______________________ Hmmmm? Oh this is gonna be oh so good. Lori's biological father is reportedly a drug lord named Donnell Woods. Marjorie and Townsend were married in the 90s and they two share two adult children, Morgan and Jason. Steve married himself a gangsta. he the swiftly with all his money and clout took custody of their son Winston and left her dead broke with nothing. The woman Jeff Bezos is dealing with isnt all that young and isnt really pretty Lauren Sanchez but she has a track record of bagging ballers. When Majorie writes a book call me. Madam? Wut wut, in da butt..wut wut.. okay lemme stop.? I aint nobody. She set Steve straight. Hail the Queen Marjorie shes very skillful and manipulative the Art of Seduction. She first pretended to befriend Mary and talk her into just leaving steve. Im going to judge her by my own personal experience not by the words of people who dont know her, spreading rumors they read on the bathroom stall. That bish is a savage tho! He is already married to Amanda Harvey, and are blessed with three children namely, Noah, Rose, and Ezra. Marjorie is going to clean him out if the divorce rumors are true. Damn you got me wanted to see those emails. We all know Marjorie a throwback hoe., I remember when steve was daing 17yr old at paizza hut in agoura hills, calif, Your email address will not be published. Copyright 2022 Sandra Rose. So he gets no sympathy, Im not even mad at her. Marjorie is an OG when it comes to hustling. Thats sad smh. By any means necessary, shes going to get hers. Hollywood must laugh their ass off at her calling herself a fashionesta she has no clue what looks good on her just as long as its expensive . No one knows what happened but me and Marjorie.. Yass Ms. thang said you gotta pay to play in her puss! He was released in January 2017 after serving 26 years and receiving a pardon from then-President Barack Obama. But I doubt it, bc Steve tried so hard to paint a picture like Mary was an unstable liar. Oh okay thanks! Just Google United States of America, Plaintiff-appelle, v. Hazel Little, Jim L. Townsend, Juices https://media2.giphy.com/media/GMis6cqBU1L7W/giphy.gif. she has something else that really turns him on like no other one else has. I got called out for saying she is goals but I was talking about her wardrobe. I hope its as juicy as Superheads book was. Lol Her second husband is the cousin of her first husband. We all are sinners saved by the grace of God. She b.s.d me on that.. Marjories second husband is Donnell Woods, the father of her daughter Lori Harvey. I hope not cause I want to hear what dirt he have on her. Well she said initially she did not find Steve attractive looking. Hes getting played period..I aint made at her..find a fool bump his head..as the sayin goes.. His twins dont mess with steve like before the evil step mother kick them out the picture and that simp steve is following her u will c steve karma hit home, She masterd steve body and mind and made steve push his own blood away she wants her blood to inherit all that money and steve to dumb and blind in love to see. Trump may be the king. She was married to drug lord Jim L. Townsend and went on to have a relationship with another drug dealer, Donnell Woods. What is this a metaphor for?! But wait.. she has kids by brothers or was it cousins?! Marjorie dont care and he shouldnt either. He is too bull headed and is a womanizer. Hmmmm. her mom snagged Steve I believe in the 90s she had the look men wanted back then, Hori is one of many in the industry today. He comes off as a jealous snake. Lori Harvey was born on 13 January 1997. Black love?? He should shop the book to Wendy Williams, I heard her claim the other day she has her own publishing company.? You delusional smh she aint budget sh*t. And she been getting plastic surgery since the early 2000s. She was dealing with famous men who probably were into crazy stuff. Marjorie severed ties with him shortly after and divorced him five years into his sentence. Lori Harvey's biological father is Donnell Woods who parted ways from her family after his split from wife Marjorie Harvey. https://media1.giphy.com/media/82IKB3BDY6PJ7o25b0/giphy.gif. I was like DAMN!!!. Marjorie should write a book. Ms. Lori's biological father is Donnell Woods, but she was adopted by her stepdad Steve Harvey when he married Ms. Marjorie, Lori's mother. I was just answering your question (be I see now it was rhetorical).. hell idk you now how old folks say do as I say, not as I do IM NOT HER LAWYER, just a shocked parent, DAS IT. But some Libras can be runners and opportunists and will benefit off the tears and backs of others .Chile, But, dont you want your spouse to see you that way? He had reservations about sharing this information because of his kids. Shes linked to too many men and it looks bad. Marjorie Woods and Steve Harvey married in 2007 after their first meeting in 1990. He looks miserable in every pic with her. My type of lady. It isn't known who Lori's biological dad is as she hasn't mentioned him before but certain sources have alleged that Donnell Woods, whom they claim to be a drug dealer, could possibly be Lori's real dad. Sign up to receive The Atlanta Black Star Newsletter in your inbox. LMAOOOO When SHE was readyshe came in and took oversmh, And the plot thickens.this drug Kingpin finna spill the beans on Lady Herionits somn about Marjorie that just doesnt sit right with me. He was going to turn states evidence but she talked him out of it. Marjorie sees the world through material stuff eyes, thats what drug dealers do. RIGHT. I googled but received comflicting information. Looks like I have some fierce competition, come check me out tonight at Laughing Skull Lounge @10:30p, 21+ , and laugh at my jokes or me STRUGGLING to make jokes, kind of an unforgiving crowd so well see! Totally agree with Alextra. The game has changed since the 90s hun everybody looks like her so she will just be a pass around probably will snag a basketball player that cheats on her with white chicks. Marjorie isnt ugly. So, in a nutshell, Marjorie threw that drug dealing husband under the bus and ran to filthy rich Steve Harvey?

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