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When buying out of state properties that you cannot see, make sure to have a third party inspect them! We have a dedicated team working with these lenders to bring those rates to our clients. He has also been accused of scamming hundreds of investors by selling properties that were not rehabbed or even built in some cases. The Morrises have largely gotten out of the real estate business in Indianapolis. One downside to turnkey rentals is they are often sold at full market value, which eliminates one of the biggest advantages of real estate: being able to get a great deal. Watching him endure this has felt like what I would imagine it is like to watch him endure chemotherapy, she wrote. No. We decided to compile a list of our most frequently asked questions in no particular order. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for our clients. Here are some things that could have been done to protect the investors: Yes, the victims could have avoided this mess if they would have done their due diligence. Mark started Blue Steel Real Estate, a real estate brokerage in 2018. The couple, who have three young children, said they were frustrated with all the anger directed at them. Beth Stern, Steve Doocy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Mr. Morris on "Fox and Friends" in 2014. Legal Name Morris Invest LLC. RentecDirect FREE Property Management software. Your Rental Property Insurance is #RealEstateInvestingMadeEasy Many investors who live in very expensive markets or do not have time to shop for investment properties themselves will consider turnkey properties. In addition to launching a podcast aimed at counseling listeners toward healthier and more lucrative money habits, Morris eponymous Delaware-based corporation began soliciting investor clients for an easy-money, get-rich-quick scheme involving decrepit housing units in the Indiana capital. Getting a feel for your situation is important because, even though we have a proven system, we take you through a customized path within that system. He was stating that it was not his fault, he was a victim, everyone was out to get him, and called me a few names along the way. No one is compelled to buy but when things are misrepresented that is a huge problem. Notice that one of them is a vacant lot. The investor starts receiving checks for the rent. Mr. Morriss sales pitch did not lean heavily on his career in broadcast journalism. He is a man who is a multi-talented ex American television show host and a real estate investor; notable for being the anchor of the podcast called Investing in Real Estate. He has made a name for himself on YouTube as a real estate educator, but he has also been in the news for his company Morris Invest, which has been accused of fraud and had multiple lawsuits filed against it. BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. - Landlords From Hell 2 (Trailer) - This Is #HoltonWiseTV Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris a Fraud? This also allows us to offer more services and benefits to our clients without charging additional fees to have access to our team and products. We felt comfortable representing that arrangement. Clayton said that when he learned all of this was happening, he fired Ocean Pointe Property management and started his own property management company. They know the contractors. Take the First Step. The abrupt ocean hop comes more than two years after Clayton Morris left a gig co-hosting the weekend edition of Fox & Friends to pursue a new career peddling real estate investments and amateur financial literacy advice. One of Mr. Morriss employees, who is also Ms. Morriss sister, told Mr. Gomes that she would be his point of contact for the rehab process, according to an email provided to The New York Times. He has convinced other online and on-air personalities that he did nothing wrong. I also have been speaking or will speak withRoofstock, Home Union, Rent to Retirement, and Marshall Reddick. The 8th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show explains how the Clayton Morris vs. Holton-Wise lawsuit shook out now that the case is over. START INVESTSING NOW MENTIONED ON THE SHOW BUY THE TOILET PAPER T-SHIRT HERE\u0026page=1\u0026pid=2\u0026tsmac=store\u0026tsmic=holton-wiseFox News Anchor Clayton Morris A FRAUD? Renovation work was done on 60 percent of the 700 homes sold in Indianapolis, Mr. Morris estimated. But he did not keep it a secret, either. We always focus on landlord friendly states with the highest job growth and lowest vacancy rates. Clayton can be very convincing when playing the victim. Morris invest received $6,500 referral fees on close to 1,000 properties, which is more than $5,000,000, Almost every investor reports the houses were marketed as Morris Invest properties, Almost every investor says Clayton Morris was in contact with them before, during and after the sale, Clayton claims he learned of the problems in later 2017 or 2018 depending on the story. On top of that, the rehab costs were added on, which could be $5,000 or $20,000. Inside the Tim Wilson 'wreathgate' scandal. Not only did I take down his podcast episode, but Bigger Pockets also took down the show he did with them. He is now facing a half-dozen lawsuits filed by disgruntled buyers. Clayton posts on his own site how he found out about the problems in 2017 (contradicting himself), turned in the company to the authorities, and his own family was taken advantage of, even his own mother who had to take a loan out to pay $10,000 in back taxes. If the turnkey company wont allow you to talk to the property management company, that is a bad sign. He comes across as this nice, likable family guy, said Brian Freeman, a California lawyer who plunked down about $40,000 for a ramshackle home that was in such bad shape he was issued fines. Used to be a "progressive," touting Bernie Sanders and American left-wing policies. This comment is small, but you can click on it to enlarge it. Morris and Morris Invest are engaged in the business of recruiting real estate inves-tors from outside the State of Indiana to purchase real estate within Indiana. However, that does not make fraud okay. Rob Kim. 24 talking about this. Lease Purchase, Lease Options, Tax Liens, Notes, Paper, and Cash Flow Discussions, Private Lending & Conventional Mortgage Advice, Real Estate Guru, Book & Course Reviews & Discussions. A state regulator determined that he had failed to disclose convictions for operating a car and motorboat while intoxicated and, on at least one occasion, had not turned over rent money he had collected for a property owner. Just saw a recent youtube program of his where he now is pushing not just gold but the company he says is the best. This guy ran a real estate Ponzi scheme with Bert Whalen (Oceanpointe investments owner) in Indianapolis and stole millions of dollars in peoples money. He says that he was scammed tooas well as his family. The unfolding affair demonstrates the allure that real estate speculation still holds for individual investors roughly a decade after one of the worst housing crises in United States history. The pictures above are of homes that Morris Invest had told clients were already rehabbed and rented out. These properties looked like hell from the outside. We select a property for you from one of our great rental markets as soon . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In a separate, public note about the familys hop across the Atlantic, Morris described how hard the whole thing has been on the two of them. Im fixing to get 2 more and do at least 1 a year. You dont have to go out and search for a house. We find, fix, fill and manage great properties while you see amazing returns on your investment. Join hundreds of investors earning thousands in passive income each month. I have also done a lot of research into the allegations since I had a lot of feedback from my listeners and audience after these interactions with Clayton. If he ignored those problems, he is the worst investor in the history of the world. We are truly sorry if the complainant finds this hilarious. That is from $4.5 to $6.5 million dollars Clayton received for just referring people to these properties. The truth is he knew very early on there were problems since he publicly responded to them on a post on Bigger Pockets in 2016, yet he did not stop referring people to Ocean Pointe until the middle of 2018. Morris didnt just describe the barebones version of the investment schemes hed been touting in web videos and a book. Lucie Morris-Marr is a freelance investigative journalist and author. We build new homes in the best rental markets and help you finance, fill, and manage them. Nothing happens and the investor realizes there are some big problems. I have talked to Clayton on Instagram and was not impressed with how he explains what happened. But at least 25 investors havent waited for the public prosecutor. By 2016, Mr. Morris was referring one or two investors a week to Mr. Whalens firm. Thank you! The site describes a conversation that Mr. Morris said transformed his life: He was seated next to real estate investor on a trip to New Zealand several years ago, and learned the man and his wife were on a two-month vacation after making money acquiring homes, fixing them up and renting them out. Morris Invest helped sell at least 1,000 properties over the past two years, reaping more than $5 million in referral fees and profits from the sales, according to resale prices and interviews with investors and a lawyer for a former business partner. BBB reports on known marketplace practices. Clayton has pushed turnkey rentals as the easy way to invest in real estate without having to do any of the work. Clayton Morris has been sued by nearly two dozen customers who say they were sold ramshackle homes as investment properties. I flip houses, and we have rehabbed more than 20 properties a year, which was really tough. He visited the company monthly to consult on any inefficiencies with investor communication and walk properties in progress. Mr. Morris said it was not until spring 2018 that he became fully aware of the problems his customers were having with Oceanpointe. Long-term investment for industry flagged for budget. Robinhood has settled a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a 20-year-old trader who died by suicide after seeing a negative account balance of $730,000. Public education on self-direction is lacking but our team is committed to changing that awareness. Below is a comment he left on my video accusing me of having a learning disability,. That was if he is telling the truth, but I think we can all see from the evidence the chances of that are pretty slim. Thats not a problem. Morris Invest, though, is no longer their top priority. They have put their own home up for sale, in part out of concern for their safety. Morris Invest is the best. Clayton Morris - From TV Host to Real Estate Scammer. From what I can tell, he is not just buying houses that need work but building new houses as well in Texas. I also made a video about Morris Invest, and Clayton responded on one of his videos when people kept asking questions (note that Clayton deletes most bad comments left on his social media). If one or more of our properties meet your needs, well walk you through the entire process from pre-purchase and beyond. )They will also send you a copy of the tenant lease agreement. Maybe, but why did people who worked for him continue to communicate with investors and Clayton himself communicate with investors well after the sale of the properties if he was only getting a referral fee? We can connect you with one of our lenders. ON THE EVENING OF AUG. 22, PRESIDENTIAL adviser Dick Morris was in his $440-a-night suite at Washington's small but elegant Jefferson Hotel. Was he okay renting out properties that looked like this and referring other investors to buy properties that looked like this? I own a turnkey property in Cleveland that I bought from a different turnkey company. In fact, he is pushing the envelope even farther! That is amazing, right? Atlas retained some of his documentation and a link to his scanner. The "LLCInvest" companies also hold dozens of other valuable properties and businesses. The property manager. The Morrises said they were not aware of the extent of the problems. If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile. They offer a number of educational products such as blogs, YouTube videos, and podcasts.. He said he would private message me anything I wanted to know. By Angelique Jackson. The suit on behalf of the Georgia man specifically claims that Morris appear[s] to have targeted inexperienced investors, many of whom ultimately lost large proportions of their savings or retirement funds in the scheme.. If anyone has any advice or tips that would be great, I'm new to real estate investing and live in an expensive area, and wanted to invest out of state. The Morrises are now selling an online financial advice and planning program: Financial Freedom Academy. While this complainant may not have understood this, it was not something we tried to hide. After I released the video of Morris Invest, I was asked if I had given Clayton a chance to tell his story. He was there looking at them with his own eyes. You as the borrower are not liable which therefore lowers the risk. Depending on the property and location we have banks lined up that already have an understanding of the properties and strength of the market. Invested between $15,000 and $50,000 in the asset-backed security on December 27, 2022 Roblox Corporation Class A (RBLX) The Roblox Logo. We were a referral agent on this property, per his closing documents. Morriss wife told the Star by email that her husband was innocent of any wrongdoing and pledged the pair would continue to take responsibility for all of our legal challenges that came from our relationship with [Whelans firm].. In a research working paper financed partly by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Garboden wrote that amateur investors were vulnerable to exploitation by those who evangelize the process and tend to play down the risks of investing in low-end urban real estate. Mr. Gomes at his home in California. Clayton sold them on buying a turnkey rental property that cost from $40,000 to $50,000 (sometimes higher for a duplex). The answer is yes. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Hi BP community! Here is one excerpt from an article in the NY Times on March 25th, 2019: Nearly two dozen customers are now suing Mr. Morris and his company. (Am. Well guide you through the process. Here is the basic premise for what people say happened: Many of these stories came out around 2016, and then the articles in the papers came out and lawsuits followed in 2019. Whether youre struggling to find cash-flowing deals, low interest loans, or the cash you need to close, Pace Morby's brilliant creative finance strategies will empower you to close more with less and supercharge your portfolio in 2023. The house is now boarded up, its back half all but gone. Would that not set warning signs off in his head that every property that was reported to him as having a problem had new tenants with the same shades up? Someone mentioned how great Clayton was on my Instagram page, and I cautioned them to be very careful because of all the lawsuits and fraud allegations. In this episode of The Landlords From Hell Show we go over newly discovered evidence in an update on the allegations that former Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris and his company Morris Invest worked with Bert Whalen and his company Oceanpointe Investments to defraud investors in what has been called a real estate Ponzi scheme. Im fixing to get 2 more and do at least 1 a year. Bert hid all of this from him, and he had no idea anything was wrong until either 2017 or 2018, depending on what day you talk to Clayton.

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