pathfinder: kingmaker troll lair floor puzzle

You can try the Dexterity check but ringing the bell has the same effect with no chance of failure. The Greater Trollhound drops an Amulet of Natural Armor +2. Next to the painting is a hidden wall switch (DC20) which reveals a secret room to the right. Backtrack to the previous room and unlock the door to reveal a balcony. The northwest area features three Giant Slugs guarding Shard of Knight's Bracers. This will summon an Ancient Will-o'-Wisp and two War Wisps. Go. Wall Switch (Perception DC 20). The Lonely Warrior drops a Frost Greatsword +1 and a suit of full plate armour. If you brought a rope, this should be an easy check. Enter your settlement in the South Narlmarches (which I assume is called Narlkeep) and start building Dragn's Armor Shop. As it turns out, he's the child, and he's been possessed (or something like it). Do so. r/Pathfinder_Kingmaker . jcpenney comforters; ogo fun olorun hallelujah mp3 download; pokemon card organizer box; Carnival cruise ship webcams. Bring rope if possible and keep Ekundayo with you at least for the time being. Across the road, is spot where you can climb up to a small area if you pass an Athletics Check (DC22). Loot the bodies to acquire Bound Thunder, King Vesket's Key, Hide Armor +1, and Amulet of Natural Armor +1. When you reach the crossing point over the Shrike River, continue west. It's physical AC is high (AC34) but its touch AC is pathetic, so touch attacks (e.g., Acid Splash boosted by sneak damage) are quite effective. There are two ways to do this: speak to Aysel and follow the "Let's talk about this hunter" thread to receive a Diplomacy 19 check to have Aysel add Silverstep Grove to your map. Do not worry about it for the time being. Afterwards, you will learn who's behind the mischief: Tartuk. You'll find Amiri and Jaethal here if you want to talk to them. Pick up Nazrielle's Cursed Sword from the ground. When they've finished speaking, How to Build a Kingdom will start and you will have a tutorial for managing your barony. Which direction is north and west then? Ask who they are and, if you don't have any yet, you can ask Tiressia for five feather tokens for Melianse. The jist is trolls are planning to attack your barony, so you must find their lair and stop them before it's too late. Continue west where you'll find a pile of fish. Heal him for a small XP boost. This initiates the Troll Trouble quest. When you've killed it, look for a nearby stash containing a Token of the Dryad and some gems. There is a new curse research project available, Jenna Tannerson. You'll reach the somewhat hard-to-connect-the-dots conclusion that this dwarven outpost might just be the lair of the trolls that are menacing your barony. G2. There are four Dire Boars just to the south and past them is a house, a garden with a scarecrow in it and a gate. There are two Lizardfolk Sentinels just past your starting point. The biggest threat is a level 7 Transmuter who will Haste his allies and then Slow you. Ask her what happened and she will tell you about some men trying to carry a scary box ashore. However, similar to claiming the Outskirts, this will cause another 14 days to pass which you don't want to happen right now. Further in the cave is another group of Centipedes, this time with a second Tremendous Centipede. The room is now filled with Dread Skeleton Soldiers and a Nightmare Skeletal Champion Archer. Head east from your capital and continue east. You can speak to him about what's going on in the village for some interesting background info. Buff up and head north. Return to the trail and continue south, heading east at the next junction. Find Lykka and tell her about the Cyclops for 300XP and some gold and gems. As you head down the corridor you will have to fight a Dread Skeleton Elite and three Nightmare Skeletal Champion Archers. A body at the end has a Steel Dwarven Key and a Torag's Pendant. Books. Remove any armour from the party member with the highest Athletics ability, quick save and interact with it for a storybook segment. If you are able to make an Athletics check (DC24 - you can try multiple times but it will fatigue you), you will clear the rubble and create a second exit. If you ask him 6. Also, be sure to unlock the door at the very south center of the map. You should have a number of additions to your kingdom management: Claiming the territory is a good idea if you are able to afford the BP. R. Kobold Bone Shaman (Sorcerer 5), Giant Spider x6 (Vermin 7). Assuming you've annexed the Kamelands, you will want to visit your new settlement there to recruit artisans. You will come across a group of peasants near a tree looking for treasure. Set him to work on something (I had the Enchanted Wind opportunity open at this time). There's an exit to the lower level in this room and you can get to the east of this level from there. Loot the opened chest for a Red Cog-wheel Ring, a Breastplate +2, the Trollreaper greataxe and a Soot Blackened Apron (1/5), the first of another relic set. Grab a Torag's Pendant from a cache and continue along the wall. Return to your capital and find Tristian who tells you that there is no trace of Ruthgert. Kill them and the Dweomercat will promise her assistance at some later date. Send them to wolf heaven and search among the remains of various meals for some minor loot. Now that Troll Trouble has begun, this place has become a lot more interesting. The solution? Wander among the houses grabbing minor loot from the various containers. Head north to find Hargulka's throne. Backtrack and make your way east along the northern bank of the river. On Normal difficulty, Hargulka has 236 hp, 25 AC, Fort +23/Ref +10/Will +5 saves, DR 1/-, and he makes 5 attacks: 3 mace attacks at a +22/+17/+12 to hit for 2d6+21 damage, a claw at +16 to hit for 1d6+9 damage, and a bite at +14 to hit for 1d8+9 damage. Intgration de sites Web Kargadd will turn to stone if he fails a Fort save here. The one in the corner is trapped (DC22) and locked (DC23). They're not very elite, however, and will crumble readily. Either option will add the Thorn River Bank location to your world map. Head southeast from the dead Troll. per group (up to 15) Check availability. including the chest near Star Rattle and the final puzzle in The Secrets of Creation quest. After you've made your decision, you will figure out that Enneo is probably behind this whole charade. Go to the left bank of the river where you will find a hard-to-spot (for you, the player; the DC is 7) cache containing a Shard of Knight's Bracers (2/10). Also, Hideous Laughter on Hargulka can be very effective here; Glitterdust may be as well. Spread your non-melee combatants out so that fewer people take damage. Make a hard save at the entrance in case you get stuck. This is the enemy that would have prevented you from escaping through the main gate earlier. You will now be able to build a Printing House in your capital. These are nothing to worry about but you will probably aggro two Branded Trolls and a regular Troll at the same time. Return to the path and continue south. When they're dead, Jaethal will come up with a jolly wheeze: raise one of the elves as an undead pal. In the center of the map you'll find Candlemere Tower though you'll have to pass a Lore Nature or Athletics check to reach it (be sure to buff with Guidance and Blessing of the Faithful if you have them beforehand, as they're high checks). You have business there, but I suggest leaving it for the time being. Head east from the Silverstep Grove. Cross over the Skunk River. Select "Look around carefully" for a Knowledge (Arcana) check (DC20). Examine the ground nearby to find a Ring of Protection +1. A hidden cache near the stairs contains a Torag's Pendant. The entire horde will attack. Cross the river and interact with the cliff to climb up. Wade into the river to where the cart is stranded. V. Dispel Magic Trap: Caster level check 1d20+7. this unlocks a secret door where the kobold artist is, with some nice loot in it (among it a +1 frost greatsword) Theres 3 secret rooms. The entrance room has a sealed door to the east and a passage to the south. Before you go in, grab provisions from the drying racks and some Masterwork weapons and a Trident +1 from a weapon rack. Before leaving the area, grab a stash of minor loot (locked, DC22) to the right of the exit. [Perception 16] to find floor tiles with gemstones hidden underneath, then collect the Dryad token from the board. Avoid the traps and slip between the Redcaps as they patrol. This will bring you out by one of the exits to the upper level. Head north to Oleg's Trading Post and when you get there, buff Valerie however you please - Shield and Displacement from a friendly Alchemist (or herself if you've built her as a caster) is good, along with Strength and Dexterity buffs. Search the undergrowth nearby for a Taldan Warrior's Dog Tag. Amiri will announce her intention to kill the creature. The tempting thing to do is kill Sinnet - he really asks for it. You will find Varrask the Wildfist standing near your starting location. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. Head northeast from your current position and cut your way through four bears. The ones on the left of the road are melee attackers while there are two archers on the other side of the road. Make sure you have a rope. Troll lair floor puzzle. Since you're in the area, it would be rude to refuse. Hopefully, you can charge them down before he causes you too much trouble. Now that you have some breathing room, note the rune symbols on the sun and moon statues in the center of the Depths map, then head back upstairs and turn the Sun and Moon discs respective to the symbols you saw down below. You are looking for the "[Knowledge (World) check passed]" option which is required for the best outcome for Harrim's personal quest. Head into the passage on the left and pay attention to the sunlight coming in through the ceiling. Picking the flowers is a DC27 check so maybe save scum as well. Assign an advisor to the problem immediately, because ignoring the problem will wreck your barony before it's even properly started. If you have access to something like Hold Monster, it will come in useful. The scorched fragments will get you the Necklace of Double Crosses and unlock the Tale Of The Days Long Gone trophy. Grab a Torag's Pendant from the ground and then continue south to face off against 6 Greater Giant Spiders. Also, it's recommended you bring Ekundayo as he'll point out things you'd otherwise miss, and will have some extra dialogue. In return for saving their lives, Rook will give you a Gold Cog-wheel Ring and some gold. These are 6th to 8th level enemies, although one of them will transform explosively into a rather more powerful Owlbear. Finally, you will have a decision to make about the girl's fate. You may want to claim the nearby Remnants of Dwarven Fortifications. Jazon drops a suit of Hide Armor +3 while the Spark Shaman drops a Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2. Karga (Humanoid 6) and Argadd (Humanoid 6): These two rock troll kids ask why you want to kill their dad, Kargadd. The fighters and archers will target Jaethal preferentially so she may spend a while on the ground. At the top, go left and defeat a pair of Gargoyles. Don't refuse. With Inspire Competence and gear, Octavia can have Trickery +26 or more which is sufficient to remove the DC36 trap, earning you 1440XP. Decide what to do with him (letting him live will displease Valerie and Ekundayo, naturally, though will please Tristian). Have someone equip the Demolisher and put Freedom of Movement on your frontline. Concealment buffs (Blur, Displacement) on your front line, Dispel Magic on him to remove the Haste, and don't bother with movement CC because his weapon makes him immune. Now to track down Ivar. Tristian will break the news that the curse wasn't lifted, merely abated, initiating part 2 of An Ancient Curse. Try camping outside again. The Sentinels and Archers are the same weaksauce creatures you fought earlier. When you reduce his HP to 0, you will unlock the Fire. Head northwest and you will find Remus spouting nonsense to the assembled brainwashed. After you've cleaned their blood off your blades, loot their camp for some tasty loot including a Phylactery of Negative Channeling and an Arcane Protector dagger. The next time Dragn visits your throne room, he will tell you that the armour he is working on has been stolen and tell you that the thief is by the Thorn River. If you brought Jubilost along just to see the ruins, it may be worth a trip back your capital to change to your first-choice companion. a) Hidden Case (Perception DC 16): Scroll of Hold Person, 29 gold, Potion of Aid; b) Locked Chest (Trickery DC 15): Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Clear Quartz, 48 gold. You can attack right away or you can speak to him which leads to a number of options. There's some worthwhile loot there if you want to grab it. Assuming you're 7th level and have someone in your party capable of casting Resist Energy (Communal), you should be able to teach this fool not to attack unsuspecting campers. If you do get the leader to drink the potion, you'll lose his loot which is worth around 1800G all told. Alternatively, you can take the Lawful Evil option if you want a fight; otherwise take the Neutral Good option. You will be attacked by a pair of Will-o'-Wisps. When the enemies are dead, clear the spike trap (DC25). Continue west and kill a group of wolves. March to Thorn Ford to cross the river. Unwanted LegacyQuick save before examining the glowing rune on the back wall. Collegenoob 5 yr. ago Search the back wall for a locked panel (DC21) containing a Frost Greatsword. Click L3 to view the state of the barony and opt to buy some Build Points. He tried to curse you! Continue round the corner and kill a Troll and two Trollhounds. You will find a Taldan Warrior's Dog Tag in a bag next to a hut. He won't be around forever so take the opportunity to buy the Boots of Elvenkind he's selling. Afterwards, head back north to the Murque River. The next time you level up an advisor, make sure it's the Treasurer; otherwise you don't receive bonus BP for your ranks in other areas. Climb down (Athletics DC8) and take out the Ferocious Manticore in the courtyard. Return to the throne room and look for someone named "Storyteller" in the bottom left corner of the room. Check out your Personal Chambers where you will find a Flail +1 on a table next to your Personal Stash. The Boomsayer, as always, is the primary threat. If you followed my Linzi build, she will have a Perception of 21 at this point. Head through the door on the right to reach another balcony. He makes 3 attacks: a bite at +13 to hit for 1d8+13 damage and 2 claws at +14 to hit for 1d6+13 damage (including Rage and Power Attack bonuses and penalties). Backtrack a little and head down the southern corridor. There will be a conversation as you approach. Because there's no rest for the wicked, Jhod will come up next and suggest that you employ Bokken as your court alchemist, initiating The Court Alchemist. Speak to Valerie about it to learn that Valerie's former order is demanding that she return to Shelyn's service, initiating the quest Shelyn's Chosen. If you make a World (Knowledge) check (DC23), you'll gain a few XP. Climb back down from this area and go immediately south. There are a couple more things to pick up while we're here. Open the door and save your game. There are four Worgs and a Ferocious Worg here. Before you pry open the lid, make sure you're at least level 6 (and ideally level 7) and are buffed heavily (ideally with Resistance to Electricity). Buff up mildly. [Retreat towards the exit] , the dwarf will attempt to cast the curse, but that option appears to be bugged and doesnt do anything. No unread notifications! You want Resist Fire (Communal) on your party. Search the pack on the ground for a unique Kama, Talon of the Wise. Assign an advisor to it right away and wait one day for it to complete. I1. Annexing the Kamelands is also required to unlock Tristian's companion quest. Unfortunately, despite what Tartuk has done for the trolls, Hargulka still has a lot of troll left in him and wants to dominate humans before making any deals with them. Make a decision. I've started compiling a list of Notable loot I have discovered. You need to keep those two well back so that Bokken doesn't get attacks of opportunity against them. These are more dangerous than the ones you've been fighting up to now but so long as you are protected against their venom, they're not too much of a threat. You take some unstated amount of damage on failure (~2d6). As you make your way east along the road, you will find the bodies of two bandits. When they're dead, you can loot a chest for a Wand of Fireball and Bracers of Armor +1. However, you should ignore it for the time being. Despite being a named enemy, Nagrundi shouldnt be a particularly difficult opponent for a level 7 party (which you should be by this point). Nip back to Varrask and give him his tools to recruit him as an artisan. The Perception choice is probably the easiest to make unless you have a character with very high Intelligence or Charisma. Fighting them will aggro an Alpha Worg, another Apha Wolf and a Dire Wolf from the right, so position your squishier characters accordingly. Eventually, they will decide to duel. You have business there, so pay it a visit. When the enemies are dead, grab a Ring of Protection +1 and the Wyvern Skin Cloak from the Silky's remains. Use the key on the chest inside Vesket's former hut to receive Shard of Knight's Bracers and various gems. You start off in your new capital, which occupies the former site of the Stag Lord's Fort. Start making your way west along the shoreline. The initial creatures are a Bear-like Treant and a Quick Boar. Besides the XP, there's not a lot of point. There is a hidden panel in the far wall containing a Potion of Heroism. A little east of the entrance you can find. You will see the Swamp Witch's Hut to the south. If you examine it, you will figure that it wasn't killed by the Tatzylwyrms. September 29 2018 1 14pm the lower floor of the fortress centre room is a sun and moon statue that will tell you the . Use a Stinking Cloud on them if you have one to spare. Head west along the Skunk River and you will come to a crossing point. Unfortunately, he'll stand at distance and pelt you with rocks all the day long. Alternatively, you can start following clues from Ivar's house. The trap cramps your style quite badly so make sure you have your ranged attackers take out the Shaman. The final puzzle solution is to change the Sun disc to the "S" rune symbol and the Moon disc to the "fish" rune symbol (the hint for this is in one of the books you pick up in this dungeon), then finding the secret room near the Kobold doing his painting on the first floor. Lots of trolls, typically in packs of four. If you don't have any, go to Verdant Chambers with your whole party. There is a short cut up the slope which requires Lore (Nature) followed by Athletics to negotiate. If you completed the three conversations at. You will pass the Abandoned Laboratory, a future kingdom resource to the northwest. By now the enemies you'll face will be fairly easy. There's a stash of gold up here as well. This house belongs to Brevis who is a trader. A short distance past this is another War Wisp encounter. Theres plenty of threads in here even spoiling the solution to that super easy puzzle. All rights reserved. Leave through the exit in the Troll Lair Depths when you're ready. He drops a unique dagger, Arcane Protector, a Cloak of Resistance +2 and a Headband of Vast Intellect +4. In the next room along is a locked chest (DC30) with the Hand of Magus Dann. Head northeast to a wooden house close to the eastern edge of the map and search a crate for a Frost Scythe +2 and minor loot. When you've killed them, you can open a trapped chest (DC22) by the side of the road which contains 1GP. Open up the compartment that's revealed for a suit of Full Plate +1, a Belt of Physical Perfection +2, the Onion Soup recipe and some gold. You receive a letter from Svetlana expressing her concerns about Bokken. You have various choices for dealing with him. Advance towards the rift as you battle these creatures because when you kill the first Greater Giant Spider, a Silky and a Doomspider will emerge from the rift. Interact with the switch on the floor and more weak undead will emerge from the sarcophagi. Unless you want his loot which is quite nice. Ask Fashor what's wrong (Diplomacy 20), then tell him you just want to leave with the child in peace. Unwanted LegacyQuick save and examine the anvil. Ekun should concentrate on killing the Nereid from a distance that leaves him unaffected by her aura. Fireball is very important as well, if you can use it. Jazon carries a. Back home, browse Hassuf's wares and buy the Onslaught Jambarts which are part of Dragn's armour set. Exhaust his conversation options to learn that a spirit calling itself "Great Ancestor" is manipulating Vesket, the village chief. Deal with it and Delgado will point out the mark on the creature's skin. The Silky spams Hold Person and Hideous Laughter, targeting the character with the lowest will save so kill her as a priority. Allowing either the kobolds or trolls to keep their kingdom used to prevent you from obtaining the Project: Restoration of Bronzeshield Fortress, the Region Upgrade: Bronzeshield Fortress, and the Project: Restoration of the Road of Shields. If you heal him, he will start cursing you and you get additional options that include LN, CN, NG moral choices unless Tristian is in the party. However, since the amount of backtracking is the same (and to make the walkthrough easier), head back to the entrance and go east. If you have a level 7 pure Cleric, you can use Resist Energy, Communal instead. Alternately (or additionally), you can tell the "boy" his mother loves him and misses him, which will weaken the creature enough to save the boy. If Ekun is in your party, you will complete the. Afterwards, search the Sniper's body for the Black Whip. Find Dragn and give him the Onslaught pieces. Initially it takes the form of an illustrated book episode. Head to the tavern and you will find Jenna standing just to the left of the bar. Have at least one ally equip a cold iron weapon. If you fail, curse and reload the save before the battle. There are two groups. Continue north along the Varnhold border. When they're dead, you can grab the other two Gloomberries and search a log to find Shard of Knight's Bracers (6/10) and a Token of the Dryad. Return to your capital and rest. This location is only accessible during the endgame quest The Cursed King/Queen . Thank you, Valerie. When you were last here, you were too low-level to tackle this place but it should be manageable now. He will open up a little more. Speak to the Old Beldame and ask about the lost child (remember him?). You will find Bartholomew being attacked by a Troll, a Branded Troll and Dimwit. The area is littered with traps. Locations outside the areas you've explored so far will be above your level so be careful how far afield you venture. They have four attacks and DR 10/magic but they're manageable. Tartuk has AC 30, 94 hp, Fort +8/Ref +10/Will +7 saves, and he is immune to Magic Missile (1). She will now open up - in more ways than one since she will now buy and sell and you probably have plenty of loot to offload. If you are Chaotic, you can also allow him to stay in the ruins with the kobolds. You have to kite Kargadd into the area with sunlight. The loot container holds a Robe of Water which gives a +2 bonus to the DC of cold spells. Head back to Bartholomew for a chat. A nice town. Unfortunately, none of the merchants in your capital sell them but hopefully you have a couple at least. Two doors have opened in the west wall but the way back to the entrance is now sealed. To the right of the tree is a location where you can climb the wall if you can make the DC22 Athletics check. You're at a reasonable advantage with these guys. Ruthgert will say something along the lines of "you haven't seen the last of me" and vanish. Head south to rescue him. Id otherwise recommend returning to the Capital or stopping by the Verdant Chambers at this time. Note that Hargulka hits like a truck, so buff your main tank as much as possible (that means every spell, scroll, potion, and ability you have) to have a chance at surviving when it starts swinging. Exhaust his conversation options but don't kill him and don't simply dismiss him. You will come across a group of five seriously outclassed bandits (all 3rd level). Keep an eye on it and return to your capital when the time comes. If your main character is Lawful (LG, LN, LE), you'll get the chance to say: All right, take me to your kings , which will cause Jazon to escort you inside the ruins to the, . If you pass the Diplomacy check, he'll tell you about a grove where Ivan can be found. Failure just means you lose eight hours. Some of the items were taken from a guide written through the beta, so it may not be 100% accurate. Continue up the path, but hug the left side so that you don't trigger an ambush from an Ancient Will-o'-Wisp because you can't target it from here. There is a mechanism on the floor that you can interact with to cause it to rotate and reveal different symbols.

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