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It is expected there will be a significant substitute bill which will change a number of the provisions, most particularly an entire set of provisions about subdivision improvements standards, and about bonding for landscaping. When I made the comment that were getting more and more provisions in LUDMA now that I dare say no planner, planning commissioner or councilmemeber, let alone many other attorneys, can understand, my colleague said rather tongue-in-cheek, well, were apparently trying to make the land use codes more like the water codes something only specialized attorneys can understand! Amen! As a developer told us in a forum last week, he said, theres also a concern that as-of-right zoning could have so many restrictions that it ends up being infeasible. Even well-meaning rules, such as affordability requirements or environmental standards, can put a chokehold on new supply. "eventCategory": "Listen", So. Please preserve the character of the neighborhood dozens and dozens of families have invested in financially and personally.. From Owens: It is important to remember the purpose of evidentiary zoning hearings. The bill was amended on the House floor (to) require cities with populations between 25,000 and 75,000 to allow duplexes in all residential areas. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. Hmmm. And just to put another cherry on top of the ice cream pile of national zoning reform flavors, the American Planning Associations President-Elect, Angela Brooks, just put out a statement calling for planners nationwide to take the lead in zoning reform efforts in their communities. You have multi-family housing, which is cheaper, and rentals, then you have starter homes and middle income homes and higher income homes all in the same neighborhood, Cox said. We live in a beautiful neighborhood that has been planned and well-thought out, said Ben Oveson, a homeowner in the 15th and 15th neighborhood. He also points out that in resort communities, STRs are generally high-end housing, not affordable ones. Most recently from his newsletterReal Clear Energy When the decision was made to close the existing state prison and build a new one at a new location, the question arose of what to do with the approximately 700-acre old prison site. About 18% of respondents oppose more affordable housing options, while 22% are neutral. That says something about the expanding nature of this issue. As Salt Lake County leads Utah in high-risk wildfire lands, does this placeSalt Lake Countyas one of the highest in the nation for wildfire danger? Spencer Cox signed a raft of growth, housing and Not all of the bills passed were created this way, however witness the food truck bill! In the March 26 release of President Bidens budget proposal for the next fiscal year, included was an item: for creating a $10 billion state and local grant program meant to encourage and support zoning changes that would allow more kinds of housing to go up in what are often largely white and wealthier neighborhoods. Something more than advisories and recommendations? Clarifies that the 50 EDU/acre requirement applies to the portion of the HTRZ that is dedicated to residential development (not to the entire HTRZ area). Part of his speech in particular caught my attention, as he talked about The Wave. What? I think credit for our good fortune goes to how well the Land Use Task Force has gotten to working again (though its still not perfect), the back-and-forth that has taken place in meetings of the Commission on Housing Affordability and the Unified Economic Opportunity Commission, and the strenuous efforts of Cam Diehl and his co-conspirators and staff at the Utah League. I think this is maybe a sign of latent demand in the profession for zoning reform. confirmation Chris then talked about building on last sessions bill which would require local incentives for retail development to also plan and provide for affordable housing, be extended to all economic development incentive programs. Hmmmm. considers whether to approve a 6-month moratorium on nightly rental licenses in response to growing concerns across the community. Somethings got to give and there is a role for the Legislature to play in Utahs housing crisis. Read Lemars article. M`Cu8,1"HS$|lQF_NGy0L"xl-. 3RZVQ)+z9lTF&@jd;,U+ As the Governor chairs the Unified Economic Opportunity Commission, which includes the Speaker and Senate President, this appears to be the lead entity talking about state growth issues, where we will likely see more actions coming from in the future. Most cities have said the state standard is too high and not based on the realities of more current use patterns, but the state has refused to budge. In other words, Food truck events can have more variety and be more fun :). Ive been in the land use game long enough to have seen communities that will not go along with or see the benefit of some regional or state-level goals. Only this time, the land use control involved not just government-owned property, but substantial privately owned property as well. On May 5, commissioners in Crawford County, Ohiovoted 2-1 in favor of a measure that prohibits the construction of wind projects in the county. And not just deeply affordable or low-income housing although we certainly need that, too but more of everything. In addition to these interim study items, there will be the activity generated by the funding provided for the statewide conversation about growth to be conducted by the Governors Office of Planning and Budget (through state planning coordinator Laura Hansons office), and the funding for two non-profit-led initiatives on land use law and on housing affordability (these efforts will be fleshed out in the coming months through RFP processes by the Dept. How about for housing affordability? We need development. Wasatch Front, its due to the unsustainable increase in housing prices. He also sees a role in bringing local jurisdictions into the mix, as hes quoted in the DesNews story: Although the budget also includes $228 million to address affordable housing and homelessness, Wilson said that the issue is more related to supply and demand. Nothing much else to report at this point. This increase, however, occurred predominantly for rental units affordable to households with higher-than-middle-incomes over the short- and medium-term following reform passage; effects for units affordable to those with extremely low incomes and very low incomes were positive but not significant, perhaps due to the small number of such units at baseline in each city. Story in this mornings DesNews about the major land use bills, and the housing affordability funding thats moving through (I havent written much about this others are following that closely). It says: Micro-education entity means a person or association of persons that, for compensation, provides education services to 150 students or fewer. They ask us to not turn our faucets on or shut them off when were brushing our teeth, but theyre just flat out wasting water here.. The suite of legislative proposals includes several changes to how the development approval process currently works. HB364 Housing Affordability Amendments talked about this above, the substitute bill was adopted in committee today and then passed out favorably by the committee. Its appalling. Housing costs are complex because nearly half the cost comes from local rules and preferences rather than just materials and labor. The smaller communities particularly have a hard time with this because they have no staff or very limited staff who just dont have the time to get to making all the changes that seem to come down from the legislature every year. In Maine, a similar effort to legalize denser housing types waswatered downafter opposition from municipal leaders. No question, short-term rentals are a significant part of the housing stock in tourism communities, but how much of an impact are they really having, both in those communities, and around the state? After all the talk over the last several years about how our metropolitan urban centers are growing so steadily, driven by younger and tech-oriented workers, it seems that the pandemic may have altered that trajectory a bit. City councils and mayors, among other critics, say that if the bill passes, voter-approvedgeneral planscould be ignored by developers. Give it a read, its worth it. Maybe the problem is how we make land use decisions, or at least how we obtain public input and what we do with it. 1215(6) A municipality may not include subterranean improvements in any determination or Other transmitters included two Doherty 250kW units, designated ORF 2A and 2B (both originally at Crowborough), whose outputs could be combined to give 500kW on a single frequency.[16]. A new generation of young entry-level planners and progressive mid-career planners are taking over. Encouraging density rather than sprawl would avoid letting the affordability and housing crisis further our climate woes, says Lauren Sanchez, a climate adviser to Californias governor. Chris then wrapped up his report by noting ideas to look at ways to speed up the review and approval of development applications, and to develop uniform requirements for development engineering standards for public facilities like streets, sewer and water lines, etc. This is noted as being a first step, with others sure to follow. Keeping an eye on this one. According toMarisa Nicholson, Outdoor Retailer Senior Vice President & Show Director, OR has a strong relationship with Salt Lake City and a committed partner in Mayor Erin Mendenhall, whose values align with ours.. And right now, affordable housing is a difficult problem. Duplexes on all residential lots in cities with populations of at least 10,000. House Speaker Joe Shekarchi this week unveiled a legislative package he argues would help bolster much-needed housing development across the state without circumventing local control over zoning and planning. The PC members just recommend, they dont decide. Oh, well, here goes, heres another hint.. HB406 LUDMA Modifications has a second substitute bill released yesterday, which was then passed out favorably by committee. And now with the recent explosion in the crisis of housing affordability in general around the country, more states are looking to it as well. April 19, 2023. But the towns existed for decades without any real sense of place at all. However, the pattern has reversed in areas dominated by industries amenable to remote work, such as finance. How appropriate!). If a plat is required, typically communities treat it like a subdivision and require all the same steps for a subdivision. The website cannot function properly without these files, they can only be disabled by changing your browser settings or by using our website in "Incognito" mode. He does not rely exclusively on traditional public meetings, which, he explicitly recognizes, preference the perspectives of wealthy homeowners. There is no reason to preference the neighbors, and participation ought to be solicited broadly. It was launched in 1964 by Ronan ORahilly as an alternative to mainstream radio stations and a protest against the monopoly of record companies who controlled all popular radio stations. Instead, Spokane stagnated. But they are highly unlikely to support the NIMBY agenda. Summit County was not happy about all this, as you can imagine. It is a voluntary partnership created by all those entities, and has achieved some modest successes. Public input here is of limited value because of its technical nature, and is usually carried out by qualified staff. Okay, Ive gone on long enough with this post, I think you get the idea. First, heres a white paper (draft! Along the. On SB174, which includes the newly proposed subdivision process, I had said in my notice about it that this would apply to all cities and counties. Interesting story in the Trib over the weekend about the bill that would create a new Utah Lake Authority. Thats been borne out again in the Commissions meeting last week. We recommend to enable all cookies to guarantee the website properly work. And I will say, that in the meetings and discussions Ive attended in the past year, League and local officials do very much express concerns about water availability and conservation. DIDs are created without municipal/county approval. Currently, many proposed developments are subject to votes by elected city and county officials in public meetings regardless of whether they conform with adopted land use goals, a dynamic Lynch said injects unnecessary uncertainty into the development process. Im sure there will be substantial opposition to the passage of this bill because of all the things in it but whether the opposition can be mustered quickly enough as things move so rapidly on the last day well, we shall see. Were bringing people into our community. Im not sure that the drafters of the bill understand that a LUA is a administrative body, not a policy or legislative one. You can read the entire ruling here, More signs of the growing pressure to do something about housing affordability, this time from right in our own backyard Utah Foundations just released 2022 Community Quality of Life Index The monopoly of billboard companies for such advertising would essentially be gone. However, there is a provision in the state constitution that says: The legal voters of the State of Utah, in the numbers, under the conditions, in the manner, and within the time provided by statute, mayrequire any law passed by the Legislature, except those laws passed by a two-thirds vote of the members elected to each house of the Legislature, to be submitted to the voters of the State, as provided by statute, before the law may take effect. On uniform residential development public facilities standards, Cam pointed out that a working group comprised of local government and private engineers and public works builders was on-going and it appeared that some type of agreement looked likely to be reached soon. Theres still plenty of other things going on, like water issues, short-term rental issues, etc. The compacts steering committee consists of, . If Montana can do this, certainly we can at least take a closer look as well. What I want to write about in this first posting for this new blog is all the attention that is being paid again to growth and planning in Utah, mainly as a result of our rapid growth (fastest in the nation over the last 10 years!) There are, of course, some who just plain dont want any state meddling in local affairs, but that is not a realistic outcome, either. But planners and elected officials need to be aware of the burden, or maybe thats not the right word, the responsibility it places on communities to comply with this requirement. My good friend and colleague, the former property rights ombudsman Brent Bateman, and I have been brainstorming things that seriously need to be reworked in our state annexation code section. "eventAction": "491 - Radio Caroline", Ive posted on this approach previously (see January 25), supporting such an approach (which is advocated by Rep. Waldrip and League Exec Director Cam Diehl) as the best way to actually make it work. This I think is a disservice because its becoming more difficult and incomprehensible to the average planning commissioner, local elected official and even planners. Stay tuned! 42(3) Notwithstanding Subsection (2), a legislative body may adopt and enforce land use She writes about what I feel to be one of the main issues of the day, zoning reform as a solution to housing affordability. Nothing in this package forces communities to build more affordable housing and none of this legislation circumvents local decision-making authority, Shekarchi told reporters during a briefing on the legislative package. A recent report places Utah at the top of several western states forhomes at risk of wildfires. Its hitting everywhere else. The explanation for this underwhelming performance is in part due to the push from neighborhoods to impose substantial restrictions on the characteristics of now-allowed apartments. WebThe coverage pattern for each FM station is calculated using the effective radiated power (ERP) of the station and the antenna height above average terrain (HAAT). Last Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of our very own Reagan Outdoor Advertising trying to be able to convert their non-conforming billboards to electronic in Austin, Texas. Now of course, no one really seems to be able to control what other bills on land use get introduced, and there are some real humdingers that come forward. And theres a lot more lines after that!). Toward the end of the legislative session, a few seemingly innocuous sentences were slipped into a bill that would have essentially given Prince carte blanche to demolish the two houses and build his new home as large as he wants and as tall as he wants without the citys approval. I reluctantly agreed recently to allow myself to be appointed to the Davis County Local Boundary Commission, a mechanism provided for in state code to try to resolve formal protests to proposed annexations. Ofcom adds: There is an affinity between the existing and extended coverage area as the sea path from the existing transmitter at Orford means that the service is already receivable in parts of the extended coverage area, although existing reception is currently poor. Because the bill is not yet finalized) by Karson Eilers of the League staff. The citizens themselves are a distorting influence because they are specialists, just like traffic engineers are specialists. Well, in the real world, its not very possible to stop growth, unless of course theres no place for these new wanna-be Utah residents to live So no build, no growth! HB364 Housing Affordability Amendments was in the group released for this mornings Senate floor session. Probably Not, but HCD Denial Is Not Nothing, opinion piece by David Broockman and Robert Fruchtman, HB372 Short-Term Property Rental Amendments, HB407 Short-Term Rental Enforcement Amendments, Vested Critical Infrastructure Materials Operations, bill during this years legislative session, opinion piece in Greater Greater Washington by Tom Coale, not made up of exclusively wealthy families, doubled the duties on Canadian softwood lumber, piece in yesterdays Trib by Robert Gehrke, Constitutional Law for NIMBYs: A Review of Principles of Home Rule for the 21st Century, The New State Zoning: Land Use Preemption Amid a Housing Crisis, strip Utahs capital city of voting power on the board, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and the City Council supported the bill, HB462 Utah Housing Affordability Amendments, HB438 Point of the Mountain State Land Authority Amendments, SB140 Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Amendments, How Cities are Resisting State Efforts to Increase Density, HB462 Utah Housing Affordability Amendments, 1st substitute. Although some justices appeared to agree with the 5th Circuit, other justices were clearly concerned that upholding the 5th Circuits decision could have repercussions far beyond the ordinance that they were considering. Marketing cookies help us and our partners to fit the adverts and content you see during and after visiting our site to your interests. Salt Lake County officials and area residents are pretty ticked off about this bill. In addition, the reporting requirement for the MIH element, which has its own part in Section 4 (Part 408), with this years bill will go from 25 lines of code to 150. 229runoff of water used for irrigation; The main difference in this version from the currently adopted version is that all the language regarding a local non-historic lot has been removed. In fact, its worth a listen to overall just to get a sense of the role this body is playing in state-level policy towards growth, housing and economic development. As much as Ive been calling this the Year of the Planner because of all the land use and planning requirements that were put in place this year by the state legislature, it could also be called the Year We Had to Figure Out Our Water Situation. (iii) extracurricular lessons. Not always perfect, but some are very extensive and detailed, others not so much. Besides the local regulations that are in place that limit housing, Thompson then pays particular attention to the processes local governments have for getting new projects approved or the rules changed, which allow or call for public input. The high court ruled that the distinction between on-site and off-site digital billboards was content neutral under the First Amendment and not subject to strict scrutiny. HB406 LUDMA Modifications this is one of the Land Use Task Force bills. The proposal would require the property be used for housing, subject to a density requirement, and protects against development of expensive second homes. At the same time, prices for single-family homes on lots affected by the zoning change increased. There is also a back-up omni-directional mast radiatorfor 648kHz, erected in 1983, which can only handle transmitter powers of up to 250kW and was used when maintenance work was being carried out on the directional antenna. This mast is now used to transmit Radio Caroline on 648kHz. But no, people keep bulldozing the beautiful farms and houses to make way for greedy developers. al.) It will be interesting to see what comes of this, how useful it will be, and what role our own fair Utah mayor will play in the process. 650(iii) hours of operation; Such changes are a small part of a wider transformation needed to improve communities land-use regulations to support housing production. In the case ofDavis, the state accused the city of not doing enough to promote fair housing in its proposed housing element. SB174 Local Land Use and Development Revisions. Now why he is calling this out just in Salt Lake County, while he is from about as far away and as un-urban an area as can be (Blanding), is an interesting sidenote. Oh, and lest you think that this all has little to do with our land use policies, the column also makes this observation: Economists cared less about land in the 20th century. A bunch of other bills on planning and land-use related topics: Municipal Incorporation Amendments Sen. Vickers, Utah Inland Port Authority Amendments Sen. Stevenson, Utah Lake Authority Amendments Rep. Brammer, Statewide Comprehensive Transit Plan -Sen. Anderegg, Local Billboard Requirements Sen. Anderegg.

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