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$803.99 $729.99. A-MAX through the RPR for groups and managed to put down a 1.754 MOA and 1.737 MOA group respectively. A gun that handles well in a caliber that translates to dead right there terminal ballistics is a friend of mine. If you wish to lap out rough spots in a barrel after it has been cut and chambered, theres really only one way to do it that thats fire-lapping. When I finish moving back to North Carolina from California, its getting surpassed. WBT offers California & other state compliant rifles from any brand you want. I can hit the target (not the bullseye) about half the time. In the 29 barrel of the M96, the bullet might be 50 fps faster. Thank you! ? This level of customization is only going to get better as this rifle gains market traction. Item Number: 22662. I will admit, I cant shoot that well all the time. Ill just turn up the wick a bit and Ill have this Ruger singing a sub moa song every time it thumps dinner. It is sweet, but why bother when .308 covers most of what is needed, and over all is the most common and smartest cartridge to own. Not a bad analogy. The .308 version ships with a very handy 20-inch barrel tipped off with the Ruger Hybrid Muzzle Brake. Damn kids. Brass in the M38 lasts forever. I wont doubt that, and Im sure their (insert hunting rifle here) is a fine rifle. So far, so good. WebRuger Precision Rifle .308 Winchester Optics not included StockFolding, Adjustable Length of Pull and Comb Height Barrel Length20" BarrelCold Hammer-Forged, 5R Rifling HandguardRuger Precision Rifle Short-Action Twist1:10" RH Grooves5 Weight9.8 lb. so check Salt N Pepa Jacket which is a most selling outfit in our store, Shop now and get amazing discounts and offers. I consider myself an average or novice shooter. And because it is a box fed semi-auto in AR guise, it could be brutally efficient in the field. Its very difficult to convince a detective, a prosecutor, a jury, and a judge, that the man you shot at 680 meters was a direct and immediate threat to you. Surely not! I still dont understand why this is better/worth ~$300 more than a ~$900 DPMS AR-10 that can shoot ~1 moa. The only exception is the buttstock and Id rate that 90% of the way to being perfect. I own both rifles. Who knows for sure. In the world of practical accuracy, sub-2 MOA at 500 yards is still pretty good, it just isnt great. Our local deluxe range is a 50 mile drive one way so I rarely use the place nowadays. WebBuy Magpul PMAG AR-10 MAG GEN M3 308 Win/7.62 NATO M110 LR/SR 20 rd: GunBroker is the largest seller of Rifle Magazines & Rifle Clips Rifle Parts Gun Parts All: 983023781 the PMAG 20 LR/SR GEN M3 is a lightweight, cost effective, highly reliable magazine for SR25/M110 pattern rifles. Have a look over at they have done velocity vs barrel length for 223/556, 308, and 300winmag I believe. This is the part where Im going to immediately contradict myself it doesnt matter. Sub-2 MOA accuracy at 500 yards is still fitting five bullets inside the vital zone of anything on four legs that can feed a family of four, and well within the confines of a 10-inch diameter circle. You whippersnappers, who still have good, capable vision, should be using iron sights, but Im going to guess that you slapped a scope (the details of which you didnt specify in the review) onto this rifle. I get it: each person can use their guns for whatever application they want. I use 45.0 gr. Every single part of this gun is modular from the stock all the way to the barrel. The evaluation gun provided by But if you take that perfectly serviceable barreled action out of the stock its in, drop it in a nice chassis that accepts AICS Mags ($400-$700), put a 20 MOA rail ($50-$100) on it, and give it an oversized bolt handle knob for better bolt manipulation ($150), youll be in the $1,300-$1,650 range excluding shipping, and various other gunsmith-labor-related charges that might crop up. Cant even hit a 4 x 6 target at 1000 yds. I have a RPR in 308 Win and its accuracy amazes me everytime I shoot it. SST was the real stand out though, showing very consistent sub-MOA groups. At 100 yards, no. Backing way up to the start of this whole process, we have the issue of how the barrels were treated on break-in. I have seen plenty of reviews (in AR) where they may have tried to downplay bad results but they still printed the numbers. Specs: Good shooting 6.555 Swedish Mausers can still be found at a reasonable price, and I would prefer the well proven in battle Mauser actions to the more refined and accurate modern sporting actions and barrels. Weight is your friend with target rifles. So either way buying the .308 would probably save a few hundred dollars. I thoroughly enjoyed your review and agree. One of the main attractions on the RPR is the folding stock, that is also adjustable for length of pull and comb height. A sniper rifle is a rifle used by a sniper it is not a specific type or caliber. You could get an F-class Savage for about the same price. Longer barrels arent so much inherently more or less accurate than long barrels, but the reduction in sight radius is a for-real issue when youre using iron sights. Match ammo might be competitively priced in the Creedmore but if someone new is getting into long range shooting theyd be better served with .308. If anybody has experimented with the Swede loaded with the new bullets out there for the 6.5 Creedmore, Id love to see their results. Overall Length43.25" - 46.75". Hmmm, your comment about having sell your 300 win mag when newly married, struck a cord with me, as I did the same thing. Davidsons version utilizes the proven American action, but it adds a 22-inch heavy barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Winchester. Not all rifles within this range have aluminum bolt shrouds. Not sure what the tells you but getting sighted in was 2 shots and I was in business. You are right, brakes suck. Theres a lot to like about the RPR, and there is about a page and a half of specs on this, but Ill only cover \a few key specs. This gun never seemed to be a laser in my hands. Real World Pricing: ~$1,250. For most game and most hunters the performance of either round is just fine. Before anyone complains this isnt a hunting rifle I want to set the record straight Every rifle in the collection has to earn its keep the first year by dropping an elk or two. The Creedmoor is a very nice package, and the available ammunition from Hornady is impressive with advertised ballistic coefficients approaching an amazing .7 However, if they offered it in .260 Remington, which I doubt they will, the top speeds would be greater, 50 to 100 fps faster at a lower pressures that may improve barrel life. The fact that they also will feed from the same magazine is a major bonus. The rest of the gun is identical down to the trigger, and the slight rattle from the safety selector. COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. Why didnt they just make them ALL 26 and be done with it? I think most of these folks have not shot a variety of full-powered rifles extensively. Ive tested all sorts of handloads and factory loads. The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times. First of all, this is a bolt-action rifle that is is not designed to be a hunting rifle. I got a Remington 700 LTR, which also has a 20 barrel, but Im guessing it will probably be a better 800 yrd. I am anticipating 4 or less at 350 yards. Cant really believe it doesnt come with a bipod spud, which wouldnt have cost much, because I cant really believe people are going to put vertical grips, flashlights and other such nonsense on a rifle like this. They fixed it, told me what parts they replaced, but wouldnt take the time to tell me what the problem was, even when I called service dept. The Swede barrel that can match Creedmoor velocities is the long M96 barrel with a 1:7.8 twist that can handle most of the heavy 6.5 bullets the Creedmoor typically can with it s 24 1:8 twist barrels. From Black Hills, I had their .308 Winchester 168-gr Match Hollow Point load, and their 175 grain Match Hollow point. It is not 100% stock. I am an average shooter and I have never shot worse than .75 with the 6.5 RPR. But given the choice of those two rifles, Id be facing a really tough decision. Width: 3.30". Only for men. I will be interested to see what results are obtained with decent barrels. There is also a muzzle brake supplied, on the factory threaded barrel. Dont know for sure, but the Amax make large holes for exit wounds. Shooting a thousand rounds would do the same thing. On the same scale on the same day, the 6.5 weighed in at 10.824 lbs. You can read the balance of the specs on the Ruger web site, however, needless to say, the rifle offers a lot of goodies for what it is. If to used as a precision rifle, add weight by adding a bipod, and bore a deep hole or two behind the butt plate, install lead shot to 3/4s depth, and reattach the butt plate. It weighs a mere 6.2 pounds and has an overall length of 38 inches. Accuracy was so bad after I bought it I sent it back to Ruger. I already have a great 155 grain load for my AR. Best group at 100 yards was .2 inches measuring from center of each hole. The barrel is capped with My Winchester 52B has a barrel length of 28 inches. I can get $1000rounds of 308 for about $480-550 any day. Otherwise, thanks for taking the time to do two write-ups showing that a similar product in a similar box isnt necessarily similar in the important aspects. Sigh. But from what I can tell, the authors ~0.9 MOA seems to be fairly consistent among reviewers. Had to go buy a large expensive gun case to return to ruger couldnt fold stock to get it back in factory box. Lapping would help, but it would shorten the life of the barrel. If youre in the business of learning how to call the wind, .308 is going to make you do your homework, and Id argue that anyone who can shoot a .308 at any meaningful distance is going to be better at shooting a higher performance chambering like 6.5 Creedmoor if ever called to do so. The 6.5 got a well-deserved five stars. I fully expect that someone in the comments section is going to tell me about their (insert hunting rifle here) will shoot circles around this gun with 150 gr. If a 308 wont shoot those to sub MOA, there is something bad wrong and should go back to the mfr. Have topped it with a Vortex Viper PST 4-1650 on a LaRue mount. Few people are going to compete in F target class with a deer rifle. God speed and happy shooting SIr. Its all about the ammo. The .308 is so far the most famous sniping round and for a good cause. As Ive mentioned in several of my rifle tests, I have a nice shaded spot at the 465-yard line thats a great place to spend a day testing long-range shooting accuracy. I use IMR 4895 exclusively in my ARs and intend to stick with it for simplicity and because I have 10lbs. When the bullet hits the rifling grooves it rings the barrel like a tuning fork. BTW, we didnt know we couldnt hit the steel with the old .308 round because the hot .264s (6.5CM, .260 Rem, etc) hadnt been invented yet. The military flash hider on the M14/M1A is superb if you can arrange it. That shorter handguard never seemed to affect my shooting from bags, the bench, or off a bipod. If thats so, the thickness of the barrel walls are about 0.3055 for the Creedmore and about 0.2835 for the .308 at the muzzles. while the .308 measured 9.886 lbs. I just think he deserves more credit for what he did to influence the industry. But the big deal with .260 Remington is that is uses necked down .308 cases. Capacity10 Height7.30" Overall Length39.25" - 42.75" Length of Pull12" - 15.50" Folded Length31.60" Blindfolded, I could still pick out the difference between the 6.5 and the .308 based purely off heft. Ive had my RPR in 308 for about a year now. 800 yds. The Ruger buttstock, despite its flaws, does include a very generous rubber buttpad that soaks up some recoil. The Win 52B/C/D was the target .22 for decades in the US, with some of the heaviest variants running upwards of 12.5 lbs. The Ruger preferred the 168-gr Match Hollow Point load over the 175-gr Match Hollow Point load not by much, but it was enough to make a difference in the small groups. .75 groups at 200 yards on a regular basis. Weight and length dont matter so much when youre going to tote it to the firing line in a cart. I hope to get this kind of accuracy myself. A One-Time Donation (You choose the amount): A $5 Dollar bill, a 5 Euro bill, a few Pre-1965 silver dimes, or a booklet of Forever U.S. postage stamps sent in the mail also works! Even though I did my best, I have to remember that my trigger finger is all deformed, and doesnt have much feeling in it both due to osteoarthritis. Was hoping to hear good things about this rifle as it has so many features I like, but it looks as though a heavy barreled Savage or Weatherby will out shine what is otherwise an impressive rifle. That shouldnt be a surprise at all since theyre functionally the exact same rifle from the chamber backwards. WebBuy Ruger Precision Rifle .308 Win. Well, its not my rifle, but I sure as heck dont treat new barrels like that. This new Ruger RPR will pair very nicely with my 20 inch .308 AR. and Smithing. Lapping: The fact that youre seeing the barrel snag bits of the patch on the way down the bore is not good. Cold hammer-forged 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel with 5R Rifling at minimum bore and groove Without that weight and padding, the A2-equipped RPR was a less pleasant to shoot. But an F-class Savage doesnt look as tacticool, so it cant be as good. Tunnel Rabbit, Ive always wanted a 6.555 Swede because it looked so efficient. Thanks for the laughit was needed! I handload the 143 grain eld-x hornady bullet and the rifle likes them a bit fast. It all about taking the time to do some quite deliberate tests. Many parts changed. I have built this combo, with the ESS chassis and was still able to throw a nice 4-16 Vortex scope on it and come in at about $1700 CAD (about $1300 USD). My 20 inch AR10 pushes my 155 grain hornaday OTM load at 2811 FPS and consistently holds 1.5 MOA. Its more suited for what I want to do. Averages around 2-2.5 with the same loads that do .5-.7 in my Savage 10BA. Notify Me When Available. With in 5 shots I was zeroed ( out of the box ). No matter what I did, it just always seemed to shoot roughly .9 to 1.3 MOA at the 100 yard line. The results of my testing at the 100-yard line are below. as an accessory then anything from intermediate to long eye relief scout scopes could be mounted. I wanted to make sure I was giving it my best effort. These are the base models, not the newer enhanced models Rugers also offering now, which are about $300 more. In the meantime, I decided to get another gun in case this one doesnt work out. More to follow. From prone off the ground with a bipod (Atlas) the RPR shot roughly moa for me with Factory 168g SMK and slightly worse with some Hornady 165g Interlok handloads with Varget that are designed to mimic 165 SGK loads. If carrying a 15 pound rifle to the range is not an issue it would make sense to have a 26 barrel. Ive found that with their match loads, Black Hills produces some of the most consistently accurate ammo in the world. Plenty of choices. WebRuger Precision Rifle .308 Win Gen.3 - Jetzt mitbieten bzw. Two nearly completely in the same hole. Apparently, today this makes me guilty of several micro-aggressions which cause various feminists to erupt in paroxysms of mortal cranial flatulence, but I wont delve into the rathole of intellectual onanism surrounding trans vs. cis women just now. This problem is of course only amplified when you screw a silencer to the end of the barrel. However, the Black Hills match grade .308 Win ammo thats another story. Later in the day I shot 3 rounds of 168gr SMK hand loads (thats all I had with me ) that are meant for my 308 ruger American, and it was about 1/8 off from putting two of the rounds in the exact same hole. It is plenty for those ranges, and it will be flatter as a result. Hopefully is it just as reliable. Further than that the higher BC of the 6.5 gives it more velocity, flatter trajectory, lower TOF, and less drift. My Rock River LAR-8 shoots the same bullet .75 MOA. (5) Ruger AR-556 16.1" Black w/Adjustable B5 Bravo Stock 223 Remington/5.56 NATO AR15 Semi Auto Rifle. For example the newer 6.5mm 150 grain Serria BTHP can be run out a .260 Remingtion at 2,697 fps. First we had people whinging about the recoil on .223s/5.56s and seeking out muzzle brakes to tame this recoil. The very notion still makes my brain ponder WTF are they talking about? Now we have more whinging about recoil on a rifle where most of us old guys usually ask what recoil? when said rifle weighs more than 7 lbs. I recall that some posters had custom heavy barrels installed and found .5 MOA or better. Box 303 seems they are Hornady 150 grain SP The other weakness, and the one that no gun can really overcome is that the 6.5 just bucks the wind better. Targets were set-up at 100 yards, and I did a lot of walking back and forth to check my targets no spotting scope. of Varget powder and 175 SMKs, seat the bullet for a COL right at SAAMI spec. More from The Truth About Guns: Hornady ELD-X, 2016 TTAG Readers Choice Best New Ammunition: Hornady ELD-X.

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