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Hand Thing is definitely one of those Things Everyone Should See At Least Once. One page has a paragraph of Shaye talking about herself above a large number of links and disturbing gifs, while another page has Shaye talk about some of the things that she is scared of. She was allegedly in a car accident that disfigured her, prompting her to reconstruct her body with old mannequin parts. A full-scale investigation was unable to determine who was behind this network hack, or what their motive had even been. One tip in particular pointed to an individual who worked for a company that owned a large warehouse, which may have fit the bill. I might end up opting for simpler ways forward, but Id like to stubbornly explore the more challenging path for a bit longer. Privacy Policy. A certain website (as shown by Web Pages That Suck owner Vincent Flanders in the linked video) is this because of one really bad choice in background sound effects. I need new age nutcases, I want to feel like I am in a cult." The Captain Midnight hacker managed to broadcast his colorful message for nearly five minutes before HBO regained control of the signal. While much newer then most of the other examples in this page, "Void Memes", which practically thrive on the, The two most popular videos made of this meme really exemplify the, Fukouna Shoujo 03 is a GIF of an anime girl getting, Many transformation and mind control stories can be this, even more so with a little, The "New Found Form" series involves a series of artifacts that turns people into and gives them the power to transform others into hypersexed furries, usually hermaphrodites. Allegedly, they let Eric take the lead on the whole thing, and he ended up recording the Max Headroom video and orchestrating the hijacking. A celebration of oddities, outrageousness and counterculture. Then the planet starts launching rockets. That is, when Eric Fournier wasn't acting as Shaye himself; as she was always dressed in wigs and dress, in addition to a series of bizarre masks. On the Ask Ms. Fortune blog from Tumblr, when, All of Crazygogg's contain massive helpings of. ( submitted 5 years ago by MichaelMikey320 to r/AbandonedWebsites. She uses mannequin parts on her hands and face so that no one can see what she actually looks like. But one day, she got into a car crash that horribly disfigured her. However, they knew that playing their own music video would put a target on their backs and incriminate them, so they decided to do something weird with it instead: something truly punk rock and bizarre. Eric grew up in the Bloomington-region of Indiana, just a few hours south of Chicago. It was not about ego or desire for attention, another friend recalls. To this day, the Max Headroom incident remains one of the most intriguing harmless mysteries, and it is considered funny by many. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The website has a lot of pages, all of which have creepy images and/or strange audio. involving the blogger as a four-year-old child and the cake her mother made for a relative's birthday party. What a weekend, dude. Its been 16 years away so obvs this is really great. First, in myth, supermodel Shaye Saint John is disfigured in a freak accident and subjected to a series of horrific mind-control experiments by the CIA. And make the most of the storm. Fans of Fourniers Shaye Saint John point to artistic similarities between his bizarre, campy videos and the hackers surreal and disconcerting footage, notably the use of masks and unconvincing prosthetics. ** cal, Hi, cal. Shay More "experimental" jewelry, just in time for Halloween. Others say she was a CIA experiment gone wrong. Many believe that if Fournier wasn't involved in the Max Headroom incident, then he was most likely inspired by it. From what I hear, they may or may not be USED dentures (thoroughly cleaned, of course.). The video cuts into the individual dressed as Max Headroom sitting in front of the screen. I would like to inform anybody involved in this kinda thing, that theres a maximum penalty of $100,000, one year in jail, or both, Phil Bradford, an FCC spokesman, told a reporter the following day. Welcome to Today's FYB Post featuring MISS SHAYE SAINT JOHN - TRIGGER 28 MY MOUSY Saint John is a Fictional Character and Art Project Who Appears in a Series of Surrealist, Creepy Short Films, and is Brain Child of Creator Eric Fournier.In the 90's, Fournier was a Member of the Punk Bands The Blood Farmers and Skelegore when He began working on the First Miss Shaye St. John Video. I hope your storm is intense only in the dreamy, atmospheric way. Remember, even a description of what's behind the link is still scary on its own. Who he sexually assaulted. Shayes like a hot dog, Claire says. and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I know he often gets his photo taken by fans in the local supermarket. Any new bites? see a man on what looks like an old 90's computer scrolling through YOUR facebook page. ON SHAYE SAINT JOHN, SUPERMODEL OF MANNEQUINS Like WGN's 9:00 news, this broadcast was going by without issue, when - suddenly - the broadcast signal for WTTW was interrupted by this strange, mysterious individual. In fact, everything disappeared from the screen as it flickered into darkness. But a few themes repeat in the videos: obsession with beauty/perfection, obsession with celebrity, obsession with connecting with others (but an inability to ever really do it). This case has been discussed at-length on multiple forums there, and Poag became perhaps the most active driver of that. The Max Headroom remains one of the most bizarre media mysteries of all-time, and is one of the last major commercial hijackings of the airwaves. Fricking liberal.". ** Okay. Later, they had also mocked the title of "world's greatest newspaper" - the once-upon-a-time ago tagline of WGN's sister newspaper, the Chicago Tribune. He then opens the door to find a bunny taking a bath in the sink. Steve, hope youre comfortably recovering and staying dry. When you click on said item, An example of this is "Find the ghost of Elvis in this picture", in which you have to try and spot the ghost of deceased rock icon, I will sing the sng tha ends the earth. He wh Wis Beind The Wll., For those who are looking for actual information, Zalgo is a meme based around a fictional, The other creepy thing is that Zalgo's influence on people is generally rendered as, Related to this phenomenon are the yukkuris blobby, deformed heads of. Shaye Saint John is a fictional character and art project who appears in a series of surreal ist, campy comedy horror short films. (You know Im officially? This, on the other hand, had been an amateur managing to overpower and smother the signal of a TV network. I never had the impression he was at all comfortable being a singer in a band. as goth chick Germain, decked out in a maid's uniform, starts giving you head. A villain who seeks to refine evil as an artform abducts her, physically and mentally breaks her, and then presents her as his masterpiece to the rest of the cast. First, in myth, supermodel Shaye Saint John is disfigured in a freak accident and subjected to a series of horrific mind-control experiments by the CIA. And theres so much of it! Another Reddit example: if you miss the old High Octane Nightmare Fuel Real Life page. Even the gray background behind the figure was reminiscent of the simulated background that appeared behind Headroom. Not only did this accident disfigure her appearance, but it also messed her up mentally. After failing to learn who the culprit was - or where they had broadcast their signal from - the FBI began focusing on the one piece of evidence they had: the actual recorded broadcast, which held clues of its own. MB himself is a humble guy who is well paid but lives above a sweet shop in Wetherby where he probably just pores over tactical analyses all day long. Regarding this background, Dr. Marcus stated: "The background looked to be about eight-feet wide, industrial type metal, maybe a roll-down warehouse door.". and our Eric & Shaye: Directed by Larry Wessel. "This is ridiculous bullshit. p.s. Other than seeming to have a grudge against WGN-TV, their message had been so bizarre that it was hard for investigators to narrow down a true motivation. The FCC began to investigate immediately and was inundated with 200 confessions from eager hacking enthusiasts hoping to take credit for Captain Midnights work. He sang your love is fading, lyrics to (I Know) Im Losing You by the Temptations. It was his usual spot during Channel 9s Nine OClock News segment, one he had been doing for years, always the same. The Life And Death Of Shaye Saint John - YouTube Shaye Saint John is a fictional character created by Eric Fournier. Some say she was a famous supermodel who was caught in a terrible train accident, causing her to lose most of her body. With Sean Breeding, Goddess Bunny, Jay Creepy, Carl Crew. What follows is 20 or so seconds of almost unintelligible noise, with the individual saying something along the lines of - "I still see the X" - as well as something about "my files!". I Shazamd the first song but can not get the second song playing in the video. I need new age nutcases, I want to feel like Bangle bracelets and combs handmade from real dentures. Meaning, of course, that it is a non-for-profit broadcasting entity that broadcasts a variety of free programming - including several programs from the BBC. I just find it bizarre.". In the TV show, Headroom waged information wars against evil corporate entities - so it was possible that the individual involved wanted to do something similar against corporations they viewed as "evil" (such as the Tribune Company or, more specifically, WGN-TV). In particular, there was a large piece of sheet metal that seemed to be rotating back-and-forth. "By the time our people began looking into what was going on, it was over. Youre a living archive and inspiration as always. ", "Was it a disgruntled former employee of WGN-TV? Fournier arranged a showing of the Shaye Saint John short Turkey Day, which, according to Shayes website, premiered at the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles on Feb 1, 2002. Shes on the internet 24/7, interacting with her fans and sharing autographs, shes seeking miracle cures, shes seeking riches. We have another day or maybe two of loveliness here before the temperatures skyrocket into hell again for a few days. Been on a bit of an XTC binge lately and starting to explore some of the less bright corners of their discography. After years of absurd humor, X-Entertainment served up some horror for the 2007 edition of its Advent Calendar feature. She goes on doing this for several hours, until she passes out from blood loss despite the regeneration. have some dark as fuck french coffee this morning and enjoy your morning . He was 42 years old. If you recall, she had only shown up for the last few seconds, and had been spanking the man with a fly-swatter. And it made me think how this LA metal band Seven Sisters of Sleep made a video that uses footage from The Color of Pomegranates. The movie is called Shjo Tsubaki . It was a YouTube channel that was based on this character called Shay Saint John. Shaye Saint John is a physically and mentally crippled actress and model. That would bring an end to the Coke campaign, and spell the end of Max Headroom's adventures for the time. Shaye Saint John @ Twitter. She also stated that the investigation would be joined by the FBI, who wanted to ensure that this method of hijacking could not be utilized by others - such as domestic terrorists. Fournier created the character of Shaye Saint John in the. Its awesome, but dont ask whats inside.. tim petrovic career earnings shaye saint john before accident. The camera then cut to a shot of a mans torso and partially exposed buttocks. When you see her masked face in front of the palm trees and twinkling Hollywood horizon, and her strange figure slouching in front of the pink stucco houses, she simultaneously fits the scene and repulses the viewer. Is the plan still for you and Zac to devise a play within the play or some such to augment the existing text? although the shock value for the child would probably be lessened after the fifty people masturbating they just sifted through. Shaye is a woman of excess. James M. seems rather confusing. The surprise at the end of's "Lost VGV Jack Golf" was simply pure evil. im sure u can still read it, but if not ill just stay mysterious for today. The character of Max Headroom was created by Rocky Morton - a music video director that would later become infamous for co-directing the disastrous "Super Mario Brothers" film, released in 1993. NOTE: Weblinks Are Not Examples. Looks very strangein an interesting way. Shaye Saint John is a fictional character and art project who appears in a series of surrealist, campy comedy horror short films. Bend over, bitch, a female voice responded. In May 2014, a Vine became popular featuring a man wondering humorously who was running the water in his bathroom if he was alone. Standing behind him is a masked woman, dressed in an outfit that is equal parts Annie Oakley and French maid. Chuck Swinsky was a sports pundit for WGN, who was most well-known for commentating local basketball games. Sports anchor Dan Roan was in the middle of showing highlights for the Bears and Lions football game, which had played out earlier that afternoon, when all of a sudden, the station experienced an odd incident. Shaye I didn't think today would be the day you're done. Excited to spend some time with them later today. Nobody was killed or hurt, but the risk this incident posed - at the time - was considered significant by federal officials, who worried that others could utilize this method to hijack the airwaves. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. But over the years, a few names have reappeared in forums and reddit threads. Her face is shielded from the camera, but she is holding a fly swatter. Shaye Saint John was once very successful, being a supermodel. This claims blossom from the belief that the band had borrowed equipment from a local TV station to record a music video, and planned to play it over the airwaves - a la Max Headroom. He held up a glove, like the one popularized by Michael Jackson, and exclaimed, My brother is wearing the other one. He then pulled it on, saying, But its dirty! When the internet was still in its infancy, a series of videos were published, which showed a female character named Shaye St. John living in Los Angeles. Many liken the style of the Shaye St. John videos to the Max Headroom incident, as both share the same kind of chaotic humor, often paired with frenetic editing. To investigators, these seemed to be solid leads - cementing the idea that the Max Headroom hijacker was a local who had a grudge against WGN-TV or their parent company, the Tribune Company (which owned both WGN and the Chicago Tribune). For more information, please see our He was a heroic artificial intelligence that broadcast news in this bizarre fictional world, which melded cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic dystopia. Theres def. despite a supposed accident that left her quadriplegic and disfigured by burns. They were also able to pinpoint a location where the video might have been shot. I think almost all of his books are o.o.p., so probably the Collected is the only easy way to go. Basically, imagining loading a new tab, then having the sound of someone firing a barrage of gun shots from absolutely nowhere. The culprit's audio is overdubbed with so much distortion that it makes it hard to differentiate their syllables from one another. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Residency in remote mountains of Georgia had an unexpected opening starting next week and going there for 2 weeks to dive back into the new novel. Plus, the sound that plays during that part sounds like it came straight from an old recording, only making it scarier. Among the most popular contenders isEric Fournier, the creator of Shaye Saint John, a fictional model who was disfigured in a car accident and recreated her body from mannequin parts. Whenever I'm not looking at weird stuff on the internet, I enjoy hiking, gardening, fly fishing and lying about my hobbies. The defuncted Shaye Saint John's website is a truly disturbing website in spite of its crude design. "For a few precious seconds, life imitated art for a change. Saint John, created by Eric Fournier, [1] was described with a backstory claiming she was a supermodel disfigured in a train accident, who rebuilt her body with a collection of mannequin parts. For example, she can still walk, dance, and operate a telephone and a cash register. He had said nothing - at least, nothing the feed picked up - but had left viewers of the 9:00 news feeling confused and alienated. This does, as you imagine, have some drawbacks. This is a long shot but does anyone know the name of the song playing in Starchild Project: Funfetti Cake? The consequences remain severe and the hackers are usually caught. WGN became nationally syndicated in 1978, with the station's signal being up-linked to satellite at that time. Then he looks up your location on google maps. Then, later that evening, they had targeted WTTW; and in that 90-second interruption, they had made reference to WGN sportscaster Chuck Swinsky, calling him a "fricking liberal" and implying that they were "better" than him. When she realizes she is male again, she snaps, and tries repeatedly tries to hack off her male genitals, which regenerate in a few minutes each time. Eric Fournier, shy and genius. Perhaps an engineer or someone with the technical knowledge and equipment to allow them to pull this off?". He bobbed his head intermittently, while the corrugated metal background behind him rotated back-and-forth, clockwise and then counter-clockwise. See you tomorrow. WTTW is channel 11 in the Chicago area, and is known as Chicago's primary Public Broadcasting Service. Japanese claymation artist takena's videos are both this and a work of art, for showing a bunch of graphic content and grotesque imagery. The Shaye Saint John films were terrifying, funny, absurdist glimpses into the character's upside-down Lynchian cabinet. They wouldnt even have needed expensive equipment, just good timing and positioning. It was believed that whoever was responsible had likely transmitted their own signal from the rooftop of an adjacent building. Before he started playing Minecraft, Japanese male surreal artist nana825763's works were this, for containing lots of grotesque and disturbing imagery and content. 35 grams of butter to tablespoons; alexa and katie house. Unable to determine any features from the man in the Max Headroom mask, analysts began focusing in on his female accomplice, who had been wearing a French maid's costume. A shocking video from the dvd "Shaye Saint John - The Triggers Compilation". It was a totally bizarre online creation, which began to attract a cult following over the next several years. I just moved out of my apartment yesterday so now im staying w family which is nice ig my bf lives in another town now tho I love Parajanovs imagery very magickall how are you? Maybe by the law of averages, but its the same with the American lit prizes. ** Steve Erickson, Thanks for straining your eye(s) for a moment. ', And thats the thingshes clearly not a puppet, clearly not a robot. If anyone knows please tell me! After the brief interruption, Roan continued his previously scheduled broadcast. Summary: Meet Shaye Saint John, a former super-model who now has no arms or legs and her special friend Kiki. It's like you got bloodstains on it!". These videos began appearing online in the early 2000's, which were paired with a Livejournal blog - which was apparently kept up by the fictional Shaye St. John. After all, whoever had done this had figured out how to smother WTTW's signal from atop the Sears Tower - which was more than 1400 feet in the air. The audio is hard to understand, I know, but I'll walk you through it afterwards. This individual then bends over to the side, where they seem to have props waiting for them. The Meet Shaye page, peppered with GIFs and an autoplaying MIDI, declares: LONG STORY SHORTI AM AN ENTERTAINER, I AM A MODEL, I AM A SINGER, I AM A MAGICIAN, I AM AN ACTOR. By placing his or her own dish antenna between the transmitter tower, the hacker could have effectively interrupted the original signal. I originally found his poetry in the great, super great anthology Anthology of New York Poets edited by Ron Padgett and David Shapiro. FCC spokeswoman Maureen Peratino made it clear that they were taking the incident seriously, and stated that the perpetrator was facing not only a possible fine of $10,000, but up to a year in federal prison (if not both). We just started getting visible (and audible) rain here so Im anxiously looking out the window. Then, read about the shocking live deaths that occurred while cameras were rolling. WTTW - the station broadcasting the Doctor Who special and the second, 90-second incident - had been unable to stop the hijacker immediately. Today is Beyond Weird and quite timely what with masks and all. This is a view shared by Rick Klein, a native Chicagoan who is the founder and curator of the Museum Classic Chicago Television. In total, the bizarre man who had taken over WGN's broadcast feed had been on-screen for less than 20 seconds. In the middle of the sports report, viewers were treated to approximately 15 seconds of dead air, before being greeted again. The infection can be spread through nearly anything, including dairy products and, An author with the online handle WyldBlue has some conjoinment horror stories, such as "Tongue-Tied," in which a woman woke up in a tiny room, The author of that story remarked that he had no good ending for it. It is believed that those responsible had ties to the broadcasting community in some way; if not legitimate work experience in the Chicago broadcasting sphere. However, one person has remained on the forefront of online discussions regarding the Max Headroom incident, and that is a man named Eric Fournier. Everything good re: you and yours? Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected]. More average estimates put the cost of necessary equipment anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000, putting it well beyond the expense of a couple of teenagers in a garage. And Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors is very worth seeing too. Sadly, Fournier died in 2010 from internal bleeding the result of a long battle with alcoholism and cant confirm or deny the gossip. 1. So it's possible that the statute of limitations expired back in 1992, but skeptics remain concerned that the responsible parties - if ever publicly identified - could still be charged under the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which has been cited in similar cases. Though shamefully these days I read little print fiction or non fiction in book form. Already a week behind, but I loved the Parajanov day. ", Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan, ROZKOL - "If Men Were Kind and Wise"ROZKOL - "Busy Busy Busy"Mystery Mammal - "Aggressive Phenomenon"Mystery Mammal - "Xanadont"Graham Bole - "Opus Ape"Other music created and composed by Ailsa Traves, Wikipedia - Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion, Motherboard (Vice) - The Mystery of the Creepiest Television Hack, The Philly Inquirer (Archive) - Bogus Max Headroom Interrupts Broadcasts On 2 Chicago Stations, Damn Interesting (Archive) - Remember, Remember The 22nd Of November, The Chicago Tribune - From the archives: The Max Headroom incident, Reddit - Do you believe Eric Fournier was behind the Max Headroom incident?, Kimberly Riley & Jeremy Britt-Bayinthavong, Paul Skiba, Sarah Skiba, and Lorenzo Chivers, June & Jennifer Gibbons (The Silent Twins). Appreciate you including that in the links on the post. The Max Headroom mask had been removed and was being held up to the camera. However, unlike the 9:15 recording, this one had audio. The masked figure from the Max Headroom incident. What you are hearing is the opening theme to the Max Headroom show - a creative, obscure television program that ran for a little over a year in the late 1980's. "The Triggers Compilation" is a terribly wonderful and totally fun set of shorts from Shaye and . "Eric would have thought this rumor is hilarious. However, while viewers found the Max Headroom hack funny, the government didnt. Funfetti! The bunny then. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Contents 1 The start 2 YouTube years 3 His death 4 Termination The start The first known video he made is called "Strange Dolly" created in 1999. We never made music videos apart from someone maybe videotaping one of our shows. "All in all, there are some who may view this as comical. How precious is that? Oh never heard about this artistwill investigate more later this week. Shaye Saint John's story is that she was a hot model that had gotten into a severe car crash, and now wears a mask and has Prosthetic arms and legs. They do, however, acknowledge that he would have been amused to be the subject of such rumors. It is one of the only Chicago-based stations located outside of the city's downtown business district, a distinction it has held for decades now. This time, instead of sportscaster Dan Road, they were looking at an individual wearing a weird Max Headroom mask and sunglasses. 10 czerwca 2022 Federal officials were worried that this could lead to criminal organizations or domestic terror groups figuring out the same thing, and orchestrating similar incidents in the near-future. After that, the Max Headroom hack got creepier. And he rarely failed to deliver.. 17. Hidden links led to cryptic clues, unnerving videos, and alarming images. It starts up with a. So hes got a very good champion in them. ", This seems to be a direct nod to WGN, whose sister newspaper - the Chicago Tribune - went by the nickname "World's Greatest Newspaper.". After all, it seems to be a couple of young individuals that managed to get on TV for a minute or so and made a mockery of network television. Take care. That Documentary can be seen here: Fournier died in 2010 at the age of 43 and since then the character of Shaye Saint John has become a beloved relic of the past.SOCIAL MEDIATwitter - - Channel - Podcast - - - - #ShayeSaintJohnGif #ShayeSaintJohnHandThingOur channel specializes in creating documentary-style videos that puts a spotlight on the strange, forgotten stories of the world.The diverse stories we focus on could inspire, educate, or even terrify our audiences. That seems a good way into her. Or maybe your friend's nautical-theme Do you ever log into Facebook, sigh, and say "I love Facebook, but I need more excitement. Your email address will not be published. Its oddly effective Both you and your car. Have fun with it. ** Misanthrope, Good. There was hardly any sound, but the image was still frightening. Blood is dripping from your clothes. This is subreddit for videos that are similar to content that could be found on the Tim and Eric show. Inside the bizarre cyberpunk-themed, post-apocalyptic, dystopic universe that Max Headroom existed in, he was an artificial intelligence that acted as a TV host, who was often responsible for saving the world with his news broadcasts. I hope everything is wonderful with you! Seems like its a huge improvement and hopefully shell be excited.

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