shoji white vs white duck

Aesthetic White might look like a simple off-white, but its actually a beige paint colour that leans slightly into gray. Thanks! This combination looks great in the curated jungle of her yard. I picked some random light off-white colour, tried to change it to another colour, then found and read your blog a billion times only to learn that I chose the Dulux equivalent of Eider White! Shoji White is the perfect foundation for any style! Shoji White almost never looks yellow, which I think makes it easier to use. Christy, I totally feel your frustration! This shade pairs especially well with traditional spaces thanks to its approachable quality that feels timeless. We are painting our entire first floor after remodeling our kitchen. This will probably seem so off base today because everything leans the opposite, but are there any off-white neutral colors that you have used that have green undertones that you would recommend? Maybe I should choose pure white? But they both are great on walls, cabinets, and exteriors. Painting sample boards this week to take and view in the rooms. The ceiling is alabaster and trim is creamy in the entire house- it appears white I do not currently see any yellow. Then maybe use Mindful Gray on the walls in one or two corner rooms like the dining room and/or office. I need help with paint option for open concept. Would you suggest chatilly lace, oxford white or decorators white. We werent told the paint brand. Repose Gray SW 7015 Id appreciate any ideas! We have a finished basement (almoststill a work in progress) and I am trying to freshen it up. The color review today is Sherwin Williams Shoji White, as your room dcor color expert I'm going tell you what you need to know about this beautiful white paint color, and the next steps you. Hall leading to bedrooms kind of dim. I think Ive tried just about every color you mentioned above (other than Eider White) so I think I need to swing into green undertones. WhT would be a nice cream color for my cabinets and also what would be a good trim color . Want to know which off-whites are best for YOUR room? Help! It has an LRV of 70, putting it on the very LOW/dark end of the off-white range, dipping more into the light depth colours. Let me take you to a kitchen by our friends from @oakstorydesign. It also goes well in a traditional style home. Shoji White looks beautiful with that muted brick and herringbone floor. Here is the link to sign up: Any comments about that color? Click the following link to get started. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance! I LOVE White Duckas its the perfect blend of cream with a tan/gray base to calm it down. Shoji White has maybe a bit more gray in it. in the same color. With subtle beige undertones, Alabaster is the perfect mix of warm and cool for a result that makes this hue a go-to favorite for just about anywhere. What trim do you recommend ? Shoji White is a paint color by Sherwin-Williams. This means that Shoji White is a light paint color, that will reflect a lot of light into a room. Any suggestion that you may have will be great. Here I have collected several examples of different exteriors in this creamy color. So they have maybe a griege tan, cream and blue gray. Then, peel the sheet right off your wall and reapply it somewhere else if you like! Shoji White SW 7042 Taj Mahal Quartzite Countertops/Backsplash Greige is a blend of warm and cool - beige and gray, whereas cream is a yellow-based paint color. Shoji White looks really great with Tricorn Black if you are going for a modern farmhouse color scheme. With all those different colors, it'll be hard to give you a good suggestion without seeing a picture. Any good alternative options to White Duck for the wall color with this combo? Hi! Splashes of blue touches of violet, hints of green or even PINK off-whites are DAMN hard to choose. And yes, painting the ceiling Alabaster SW 7008 will make your space bigger and brighter and taller. Shoji White is such a chameleon! Well, pat on the back for me. It's significantly brighter than Shoji White, with a LRV of 82 to Shoji White's 74. The Benjamin Moore Equivalent of Shoji White is Fossil. Moderate White has muted undertones that suit a WIDE range of interior finishes. Hmmmm, is there any way you can ask him to NOT use Snowbound? Hi Linda, check out these white/light greiges. I had agreeable gray lightened 6%-now an LRV of 66- should I just look for a whole new color.? But yet something still light & fresh. Not stark, but also dont want it to look like a dirty white. Thank you for all of your posts, they are so helpful! Its fairly easy to see the difference between Shoji White and Alabaster. Its an off-white (heavy off-white) thats a greige, but rather than having the subtle purple of Classic Gray, it has a wink more warmth with a touch of cream/yellow. If youre looking for a hue that feels a little cooler, look no further than Eider White. Order some free sample chips from our website to determine which color will work best for you and thanks again. For the wall, we are considering City Loft or Eider White, would either of that go with Alabaster? What that tells us is Shoji is more colorful. And if this is your first time to my blog the Ginger likes to hear herself talk (or type). For example, Sherwin Williams pairs Shoji White with a few really awesome paint colors. Here is what we will call the great room, because I meanits pretty great! Shoji White is a creamy very pale shade of beige. If you have a very cool tone room, Shoji White might be your better bet, because it has a bit less green in its mix to come out. I found it useful to scroll so the trim is cut off, and you can picture how Shoji would look as the only white, vs how it looks with the brighter trim. So Shoji White is still pretty light in comparison. Shoji White vs. Alabaster. I have ordered 40 samples from samplize so far (insert face palm here) I cant seem to find a color where Im like yes, that is it!. DO BEIGE & GRAY GO TOGETHER? If youre interested in Chantilly Lace, click on the link. Hi Peggy! Its a modern Victorian. Thank you. Honestly, I discovered through SW paint samples, that the more Raw Umber the paint formula has, the more I have issues with those undertones I dislike. This will make Shoji White look like a soft tan or beige color though, and not cream or white. For a more subtle version, try Sherwin Williams Wishful Blue. Are there a few options I can start with. If you love it anyways, then thats cool! If. Looking it up online I see that its from Kelly Moore. Hi Karen! And, in fact, they are very similar paint colors. )This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder. Going for modern rustic ish. Hi, I have been having a hard time picking a white to use as a transition from the colors in my living room into my family room. These whites would really make sure the weight stand out, as the clean crisp look of these white paints would highlight the warm tones of Shoji White. Check out my Amazon Shop, where you can get everything you need to start painting, including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint color decks! Simply place them on your walls next to your trim, furnishings or fixed elements, and easily see whether the paint colors work in your space and with your lighting. I am reading and rereading all your info about colors. Shoji White SW 7042, which is a very light greige, would be the best complement to Shiitake SW 9173 for your cabinetry. Alabaster SW 7008, which has a subtle warm undertone, would be the best choice to complement and unify the different colors/finishes in your space. Hi Kylie, I love your blog! North, East, South, West: Which Paint Colour is the Best? Has a natural limestone facade in front. curious what your thoughts were on those colors for exterior I will have stained wood doors and posts with stone on the house as well, with clay colored windows. Perfect. Creamy is definitely one of my favourite warm off-white paint colours thats NOT beige or gray! Hi Dorene, Agreeable Gray has an LRV of 66 doing a lighter custom version of it at 6% (which will not be noticeable to the human eye) does not change the LRV at all. We definitely dont want yellow or cool gray undertones. I have off-white kitchen cabinets in our home (they are not antique looking, they are just off-white and it pulls yellow, which I loathe looks super close to the color Monterey White by Benjamin Moore). Im asking for those of us that have major dislike of pink, purple and/or red undertones, and have major issues with those undertones coming through due to the natural lighting, etc. For a bit of a compromise, Snowbound could be a good option. Will shoji white go with it? It has an LRV of 83. What light/white color do you recommend for the walls? Light reflectance value is a scale designed to measure how bright a color is, and ranges from absolute black at 0 to sheer white at 100. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualified purchases. Sherwin Williams Creamy is a little bit lighter than Shoji White, with an LRV of 81. In comparison, Shoji White paint has a lot more color to it. My floors are in the honey family and everything that I have tried reads either blue or yellow. By using black handles and pulls, Oak Story Design kept the contrast as high as possible. They are not too cool, yet not too warm. Thoughts on this? You can post a pic on my Facebook group if you want to show it off :). Hi Angela! Want to see all your paint options in one convenient place? It IS light and may appear white but it just never really looked clean and freshit reminded me of trim and doors that needed to be freshly painted despite them being newly painted. Do you have a preference at all for what color family you want the walls to be? I hate to say it, but I have seen it looking a little pinkish or peach on occasion, so you will definitely want to vet it thoroughly in your home, and in your lighting. Off-white colors typically range from about 73 to 82, with numbers above 82 being true whites. Im painting the interior walls with city loft, satin finish, emerald paint. This is a great question to ask in my Facebook group! But the truly best way to determine this is to pick up a can of paint or a Samplize square. Thanks, your posts are fabulous! 2023The Sherwin-Williams Company, 101 W. 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