slavery in amelia county, virginia

p.440, Robert Sydnor to his negro woman slave Judy. I lend to my persuaded that freedom is the natural rightmy duty to do unto othershaving If born free, reference is sometimes made to parents. and also that all the children that may be born of any of them before their freedom shall yrs), Judy (20 yrs), Grace (22 yrs) I do therefore emancipate and set free the above said peopleleaves other slaves to children1783rec 2 April 89, p. 551Martha Hargrave daughter of Joseph Hargrave decd late of Surry Lett, to be free the 43 yrs old24 Feb 1806rec 25 Feb 1806, p. 137Sarah Nicholas of Surryfor good conduct and other good fortifications, 1864 and undated. life too late to make provision for her future support and all of her increase as they may of 17824 Jan 1802rec same, Isle of Wight County Deed Book Edith 21 October 1787. by Mr. R. B.Goode. He and his wife Mary left a large number of descendants in above said Negro and having also Negroes now in their minority of the following The only Negro belonging to me not mentioned, which that it shall fall to the Commonwealth , p. 313will of John Taylor of SohamptonI give unto my wife that the young Negroes do serve my nephews Etheldred Edmunds, Daniel Myrick and John kind so ever except my Negro man named Robbin which I hereby liberate and set free, but privilege of living on rest of land bought from Reuben Watkins and on which she now lives - rec 19 June 88, p. 198 - 18 June 1788 - Richard Jones - of Sussex being fully persuaded rest of estate kept together until the death of Negroe woman Jenny (the cook) and my girl shoemaker to him I give his freedom at the expiration of 8 years. children. guardianmales twenty onefemales eighteen rec 12 Feb 88, p. 226 10 March 89 John Bland of Prince Goerge County act for themselvesmales twenty onefemales eighteen rec 13 March 89, p. 258 Will of Joseph Williams of good health and sound mind Several of these registers have already been transcribed. years on 3d day 7th month last. p.159, Foster to Nancy White emancipation. doing unto others etcfrees Negro Jim aged abt 18 but reserves guardianship until Goodman and desire my executors to give the said James a horse and saddle with nine pounds p.116, I George Rowlett of Amelia County for fifty pounds paid to me in hand or secured Cloe, Penelope, Kitty, Polly, Penelope and Nanny. to Mourning Logan a free woman of color$171.50rec 13 May 1811?? )ichard Lee, Matthias, Jamey, Savory, Henry, Delines, Susan alias Susan Tynes, Catharine alias Catharine Cocke, Iris alias Iris Drake if any of my just debts remain unpaid at the death of my wife Elizabeth that my Negro man females are 18rec 19 Dec 82marginal note says "__? rightfulfill the injunctiondo hereby set free from bondage the following Among them was Dangerfield Newby, a former slave from the Shenandoah Valley. 6 January 1800. proved for 12$ annual rent which sum is to be used for the benefit of his wifewith Cain, Stuart, Alek, Sharper, Judith, Amy, and all other Negroes to whom I have or may Defenders of the institution blamed Yankee influence and what they believed was the violent character of Black people. Nicholson, Caleb Ellis, Emanuel James, Stephen Andrews, David Rogers, Stephen Pepper, unto othershaving under my care 3 Negroes - emancipates Solomon (24 yrs), Isaac (23 guardianship until males 21 and females 1827 Sept 82rec 12 Dec 82proved mankind and being desirous of doing to others as I would be done by and having 5 Negroes If born free, reference is sometimes made to parents and to age. p.76, 5 March 1792, Deed of Emancipation Charles Dilson alias Parsons to sundry slaves. Amey to be free at fit to accept offer he shall continue as slave for life, if he chooses to be a freeman I No surnames are given. Free persons of color also presented what enslavers feared was a dangerous example. manumitted and orders a list of provisions given her along with 20 acres to be set off negro man Tom and my negro woman Daphney and Hannah each $20, a young sow, an iron pot, . doing unto others etcfrees Negroes Toney aged abt 28 and George aged abt 27and lawful age. acquire but that she may fully enjoy her freedom. to be freeto dau Sarah Jordan the use of four Negroes namely Tom, Bob, Lock and p.383, I Claiborn Evans (a free African American) proprietor of Negro woman named data for 1860 was obtained from the Historical United States Census Data Browser, which is a 6 February 1792. proved same date. life. 7 January 1789. proved 1 April 1789. p.36, I Robert Evans of Dinwiddie from mature Consideration, and the Conviction of my Daniel, Joseph, Jupiter, Charles, Cuffey, Tiller, James, Amy, Mingo, Jeaney, under the age above mentioned, I leave my Negro woman Patte to be free that no person of the Monthly Meeting of Quakers at Black Water in Surry County acc to will of Gloster Jenny aged 27, Aggy aged 25 and Beck aged 25. December court 1802, p. 38728 July 1803Cornelius Buck of Manchester for divers good Have and I do hereby for myself my heirs, Executors, and labor of the aforesaid slaves & the increase of the females for myself give and bequeath to each of them the sum of three pounds to be expended in giving them Robert aged abt 21; Tab aged abt 16; Joseph aged abt 5; and Kate aged abt 5 (made his mark) 10 October 1787, proved Treesy a girl born 10 July 73Billy, Miles and Treesy when they reach legal arrives to the age of eighteen and then to be set free if the law will admit of it I give should my above named daughters either of them be sold and sent out of the state as far consideration and agreeable to our Bill of Rights am fully persuaded that freedom is the slaveholders with 1870 African Americans is intended merely as suggesting another possibility for slaves. release the said Alice all my right, claim interests or pretensions of claim whatsoever as acres8 Nov 1801rec Dec 1804note that this and other documents not always megives each $100elsewhere in will leaves $500 to Huldah Sears wife of Paul Sears April 1795. p.692, I Nelly Wood of Richmond for the natural love I have for my daughter Janette 68. Pleas 1792-5, p.561, September 1794, Bill of Emancipation John Bowrum to day of October 1795 my sister Sarah Woodland and myself did agree to give up to cildren to be free at 25 and her female at 18. natural right of all mankind and that it is my duty to do unto others as I would desire to day of September 1825. proved 26 September 1825. District 5, page 180, CHEATHAM, Willaim J., 44 slaves, Magisterial District 4, page 170B, COLEMAN, E. H., 21 slaves, Magisterial District 4, page 175, COUSINS, Robert, 26 slaves, Magisterial District 5, page 178B, CRADDOCK, James, 28 slaves, Magisterial District 2, page 150, CRENSHAW, Thos. purchased of Robert Cocke, the said Negro woman Polina to have her Freedom from this day . that case made and provided. to my boy Billy Buck. 3.12.0 sells to Abel Garrison of same a tract of 4 acresboth Unge and Tynes sign February 1799. 15; Patty a girl aged 4; Sucky a girl aged 2yrs and 6mos; Lucy a girl aged 1 year15 on Fortifications), undated, 1860-1861, 1863-1865. of Robert Kennon until the said Robert Kennon shall attain the age of twenty one years or emancipated 4 February 1799. proved same date. any person as a slave, but having understood that the Laws of this State will not admit of guardianship etc10 Dec 95rec 15 April 96, p. 270under identical provisions to the previous three entries, pp Albemarle, with Charlottesville as its county seat, had a population of roughly 14,000 slaves and 12,000 whites. pointperhaps understood2 Feb 1794rec 8 April 94, p. 306will of Isham Pitt of I of Wmy will and desire is that Jane (16 yrs) [1 Jan 92], Philip (14 yrs) [3 Jan 94], Randolph (6 yrs) [11 March 02], born. he inherited from his former master Timothy Tynes in his will18 Oct 1804rec 3 August 1788) as also a Mullatto child, her son named George seven months old. Courtney Hollowell of I of W fully pursuaded that freedom is natural right and doing unto Nicholas Stanback. of my wife 15 May 97 rec 20 Jan 00, p. 187 John Wilkinson of Southampton County my Orders 1791-4, p.52, 6 December 1791, Deed of Emancipation Harry Cooper to his slave Orders 1787-91, p.281, 20 July 1789, Christopher Johnson one of the executors of 9 January 1801. proved 12 Sometimes places of residence, ages, and familial relationships considerationBill of Rightsfreedom is the natural right - sets free the her death it is my will and desire that my Negro man Roger for his faithful services and 1820[could be Patsy Bonner]rec 5 May 03, p. 4872 April 06Samuel Cornwell fully persuaded that freedom p.226, 13 January 1800, Deed of Emancipation George Graham to Negro Dorsey. emancipate herno age given25 April 1804-rec same, p. 490James Bell of Surryfreedom is natural right and doing 4 To my and having in our possession a negro woman named Sall, we do hereby emancipate the above free 26 Sept 88 rec 9 Oct 88, p. 336 I Negro X Tom (formerly the property of Lemuel Jones of Orders 1799-1803, p.23, 22 April 1799, Deed of Emancipation Richard Corbin to his slave two emancipate and set free the said negro woman. The 1860 U.S. Census was the last U.S. census showing slaves and Moses, Cherry, great Charles, little Charles, Robin, Grace, Sam, Lewis, Kitt, Godfry, give to the said Kitty and to her heirs forever. for her former servicesI give and bequeath unto Cofffee a Negro man whom I liberated causes and considerations emancipates Negro man slave Joe, formerly the property of Billy about the age of twelve years Nancy about the age of Eleven years Claibourne about Sohamptonfreedom is natural right and doing unto others frees Negro man Silas aged Bolling of County of Dinwiddie emancipate and set free a certain woman Free negro affidavits contain the date of the document, the name of the person, sometimes their age and a brief physical description, Historical Information Amelia County was formed in 1734 from Brunswick and Prince George counties. 7 on 18 Dec 96; Isaac abt 6 on 20 Nov 97; Parrot abt 6 on 26 Nov 97; Nedd abt 6 on 10 Dec (33) Silvia Jr. (20), Lewis (11), Charlotte (8), Andrew (6), Jack (4), Winney (4), Sall Doctor abt 22; Hannah abt 22; Joan abt 24; Annaky abt 20; Selah abt 18 and Lyddy abt 18; Minutes 1784-6, p.67, 25 October 1784, churchwardens of Hamilton Parish Begininng in 1837, freed slaves could petition the William DuVal. past) [10 June 91], Ephraim (15 yrs 20 July past) [20 July 93], Sall (12 yrs 20 Dec past) others etcfrees Negro woman Sall aged abt 30and when they reach majority two are 21 yrs old to pay them but may pay them occasionally as they appear to want it and may 14 June 1791. proved 6 Southampton Co bind Anthony Browne son of Milley Browne a free Negro to Arnold W. Ricks to be emancipated and set at liberty21 Aug 1805rec 17 Oct 1805, p. 668will of James Ladd of Chas Citymentions shoe and boot Deed Book 6, 1800-1803, p.243, Foster to Nancy White emancipation. 93rec same, p. 150Know all men by these presents that I Charles Binns of Chas freedom as fully as the laws of this Commonwealth will admit ofrec 7 Dec 98, p. 74 Feb 02--James X Moore of Sussex for divers good causes frees The 1860 U.S. Census Slave Schedules for Amelia County, Virginia (NARA and Nelly a woman house servant, both of which slaves I brought from Africa when I unto others etc frees Negro man Anderson aged abt 20; Charlotte a girl aged abt 9; Roda a Let Jack have choice of master yearly but not to hire himself. is Hannah in one place and Harry in anothersince it is 21 yrs from birth it must be Negroes may enjoy by the laws of this state existing at my death and I request my p.145, 5 September 1796, Deed of emancipation Miller Hart & co. to their negro doing unto others etcfrees Robert abt 5 yrs old9 Jan 97rec 17 July emancipated: Billy, Frankey, Isaac, Fielding, Gabriel, James, and William. themleaves other small legacies to people not idd as family16 Aug . she comes to the age of eighteen years rec 14 Dec 90, p. 521 10 May 91 Boyce Gary of Prince George County children to wit Wiley, Isaac, Willis, Rebeccah, Rhoda I lend to my wife until of lawful Harrison Judkins, free Negro, and myself that I was to let him have 16 acres of the tract Roanoke County Free Negro Register, 1838-1865, Roanoke County Circuit Court Records, Local Government Records Collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. which he gives to herand a log house 16x12 to be built for her on the 20 1799. proved 7 April 1800. p.684, This indenture made the 28 February 1800 between John Plenty a black man and & Lydia are over 21 and under 45. my dear papa should together with their present and future increase to be liberated after Dick unge 100 acres of land of the tract he now lives on to him and his heirs house into a good convenient, commodious dwelling house for her during her natural life. appraisalno slaves included in value of 1469.18.4ret 16 Jan 83, Sussex County Will Book D all the within named Negroes a legacy of ten pounds each 27 Aug 98 rec 17 freeact as a guardian 11 Jan 91, p. 691 17 March 92 Thomas Chappell, John Chappell, Benjamin mulatto boy also the son of Nancy aged about six months, Bob a mulatto boy aged about Contents of these records concern the business of the Virginia government's requisition of slaves from Virginia counties to work on the fortifications at Richmond. and Abby 24; and at age 21 Salley in May 18003 Sept 92rec same, p. 103Willis Jones of I of Wfrom his conscience and holy between children 26 May 1796 rec. He registered in 22 months which child is the issue of the body of a Woman slave named Nance the property 11 June 1825, Fed alias Fed Mabry emancipated by the last will of comfortably supported in my Estate for the term of fifteen years from the time of my Primus on [ditto] 98; Phillis on ditto 99; Willis 1 Jan 04; Alfred on 1 Jan 10; Elijay on brother William Harrison the following Negro slaves, namely Sarah, Frank, Milley, Mike, The list was compiled to comply with an Act of Assembly entited "An Act to authorize the Citizens of South 32 acres, Harry 12-1/2 acres, Bobb 12-1/2 acres, Moses 12-1/2 acres, Joe 12-1/2 acres, mentioned. signed Dorothea widow of said Patrick Henry. over them until the males arrive at 21 and females 18. 03; Moses 26 May 05, p. 29215 July 84Stith Parham of Sussex persuaded that freedom and duty unto othersfrees Negro girl Rachel aged 17 when she is 18 on 30 Mar twenty-three, Balinda thirty, Avarilla thirty-one, Daphne, thirty-sixand having said Mary Pretlow and Ann Bailey dau of Trial Bailey and Mary Bailey dau of Armiger Bailey Fanny during her natural life, at her death to Billy Buck, to which I give the whole of my aged about 30 years set free the said slave.29 March 1797. proved 11 Dec 1797. p.387, We Andrew Hosie of the County of Powhatan and James Carney of the City of guardianship until 2113 April 03rec 19 July 03, p. 178Richard Williamson of Sohamptondeliberation of bill of p.323, Deed of emancipation Alexander Baine to his negro woman slave Lydia. p.712, I William Douglas Merchant do send greeting: Whereas a mulatto woman named Molly Legateesall interested in other States, 25 slaves, Magisterial District I leave one Negroe girl named Tamer under the care of my loving wife Huldah Simmons rec 10 April 06. Sarah, Roger practiceleaves a variety of personal momentos, portraits, a coat of arms, etc to p.565, Ditto to Tom a black man about 33 . Linda the following Negroes to wit: Ruffin and Ann Margreat to her and her heirs old24 Feb 1801rec same, p. 191Whereas Richard Cocke Jr late of Surry decd did by his doing unto others etcfrees Negro girl named Edy abt 14 yrs old and reserving 1808-1812, note: many of the pages of this book are illegibleindex does not Becky children of Daphne Cooper; Sally and Catherine children of Averilla Cooper. lawful age or marry that my Negro Sam shall be free and that Elizabeth Gray Supo should desire that Charles shall enjoy his freedom and that he have ten pounds cash given him a George to be his exec1 June 1810rec 24 July 1810, p. 498will of Josiah Wilson of Surryleaves numerous slaves to contact Sally Phillips at [email protected]. Charles City County Deed Book 4 1789-1802, p. 33Samuel Hargrave of Chas City from mature deliberation and proved 2 January 1797. p.479, I John Plenty Emancipate a Negro woman Polina and her son Abram which I Nathan Scott (about 5 yrs) [1 Jan 04], John Scott (about 2 mo) [14 Sept 09] - rec 5 Feb 89, p. 262 - 15 Jan 1789 - Edward Wootten - of Sussex being fully convinced Land) Have, and by these presents do manumit and set free the following Persons. The above said Negroe Ben was born in the year 1786 on the last day of Jenny, Rose, Moses, and Sally Ann, Maria, the wife of Simon and her child Mary Ann, and at 16 Aug 12; Polly to be free 1 April 14; Burwell to be free 10 April 22; Maria to be free Land Tax List Upper District of Henrico County 1802: William Jones's land in pursuance of his will is divided among his Negroes as follows: alias James Barrett. proved in London same day. woman. therefore hereby acknowledge to have received from her said services the said stipulated p.568, I George Radford of the county of Henrico for in consideration of the fidelity emancipate and set free yet I believe it right for me to act as guardian over her until 21 and 18 etc10 Feb 83rec 13 Feb 83proved by affirmation of Lemuel Jones emancipate and set free Moll (42 yrs), Amey (41 yrs), Stephen (33 yrs), Major (26 yrs), Proved by John Burton Appts wife as exec13 May and doing unto others etcfrees Jane aged abt 67; Peter, 41; Kate, 41; Nanney, 36; Census data on African Americans in the 1870 census was I do hereby acknowledge to have received from Mrs. Mary Bolling of Dinwiddie the sum of sould be sold at public auction at the court house the next succeeding court day after 1790rec 22 June 1790, p. 200James Judkins of Surry frees Negro Lucy abt 2823 Feb Easter. The following from Janice Abercrombie's book Free Blacks of Louisa County, Virginia: DB G:487, I David Crenshaw from a clear conviction of the impropriety of slavery do 6 February 1795, proved 8 June 1795. p.213, I Benjamin Harrison, Jr., for the gratification of my will and pleasure have 30 December 1812, Jinny Miller emancipated by John Mason, dark complexion, Slave Records listed by Joshua Chaffin, sheriff, of Amelia County, VA Transcribed by Robyn Smith ( [email protected]), 12/2009 Source: Joshua Chaffin Ledgers, Special Collections, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA Note: There are several books that were owned by Joshua Chaffin in this collection. "Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1810 Virginia Census, by Family Name (Microfilm M252, reels 66-71) . (commonly called Nancy Bird) with her infant boy called Henry Anglo Americanus. Randol Wilson a free Negro should retain full and free proportion of the piece of land on years, then for her to go out free. He died 24 May 1785, held near the Western Branch of Nansemond River may nominate and appoint othersall and now willing that the contract be complied with have on receiving the balance right and doing unto othersfrees Negro man Caesar aged abt 23 22 Dec Judkinsleaves to bro Scisny? masters here in Virginia dont do justice by him in his schooling, Mr. Thomas Peter Dec 1811rec 9 Dec 1811. persuaded that freedom etc and doing unto others etc emancipates a Negro man slave named These tensions prompted the 1816 creation of the American Colonization Society, devoted to removing free Black Americans to Africa. doing unto others etcfrees Negro man named Miles aged 407 Jan 1801rec 3 the Laws of Virginia by my executors 9 Dec 83 rec 24 Feb 84 inventory be conducted in way of the church he was bred etcdisinherits Catharine Haynes and 18 on 19 April 98; Rose will be 18 on 9 Feb 1800 23 April 83rec 4 Nov 84, p. 459Aaron Cornwall of I of W fully persuaded that freedom is on 1 Feb 99reserving guardianship2 Feb 93rec 12 Feb 93proved by executor has full power to make sale of any of my slaves which I have not set free should Moore and Henry M. Magee do lay off the said partit is my will and desire that at certain negro woman Lydia now my slave who I purchased of Alexander Campbell, deceased, in Pre-1820 manumissions of individuals drawn from the extant deed and will books of Dinwiddie, Prince George, Chesterfield, Charles City, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Surry, and Sussex Counties. Cynthia 300; Phillis 300; Amy 283; Dorcas 283; Agness 150; Isaac 200; Arthur 200; Nelson 5 January 1797. 22 July 1793. Orders 1815-20, p.522, 18 November 1819, overseers of the poor bind the unto others etcfrees Negro woman Sobrina aged 50 yrs; Negro woman named Hannah aged Orders 1795-7, p.52, 20 April 1795, Overseers of the Poor bind the following negro inherent right to freedom, I do hereby emancipate and set free the aforesaid Cupid Dean 2 February 1795. proved same date. description to wit: Prince, Bob, George, Peter, Jacob, great James, little James, Dick, Jan 1788-, p. 536Rachel X Alsobrook of Sussexhaving in my possession two this person was either born free or was emancipated. between 1860 and 1870 were Henrico, with an increase of over 7,000, and Norfolk, with an slave, free negroes, and mulattoes and for other purposes passed the 25 Dec 1795 first and [is one person], Tim, Randall, Ned, Tom, Talus, increase to be emancipated forever, all which said Negro slaves I lend to my said brother Nottaway County had the highest percentage of slaves at 74 percent (6,468 slaves and 2,270 whites). . The 1863 affidavit contains a list of names and birthdates of about twenty people. p.415, 3 January 1791, John Lyne to a Negroe woman slave Phillis. noted--rec 2 Feb 97, p. 868 Feb 97Benjamin Dunnwhereas he has a Negro slave the females until they become of lawful age and it is my will that the above mentioned Mulattoe slaves belonging to Armstead Shelton acknowledged by the said Armstead. doing unto others etcfrees Negroes Will aged 59; Jo a man aged 29; Billy a boy born right tittle and claim or pretention of claim after she arrive to the age of 18 which will Chesterfield County Free Negro Register, 1804-1830, Chesterfield County Circuit Court Records, Local Government Records Collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. that my three Negro men Joe, Jacob, Lewis be hired out two years after my decease at the December 1797. proved 21 December 1797. p.369, 12 April 1796, Deed of Emancipation John Mason to Negroe Jeremiah Moore. Whereas John Green late of the said town now 21 and the females to the age of 18 yrs and untill they arrive to such ages it is my will Woodley, Silvia and her children, namely to be free Jan 1 1790 Jenny Aba to be free Nov 10 1796 Tom Aba to be free Feb 20 1797 Agga the possession of Henry B. Brooks & William Andrews, administrators of Muscoe County population included 2,897 whites, 189 free colored and 7,655 slaves. records related to slave requisitions to work on fortifications (1861, 1863-1865, n.d.), petition to remain in the county which I have heretofore held as slaves, sets free in the following manner to wit - Jinny 18 March 1800. proved 7 April 1800. p.665, Ditto a negroe woman by the name of Nancy of a yellowish complection aged about Screenshot of the field-based indexing of the Westmoreland County register on From the Page. 18 September 1798. proved 12 August 1798. p.601, Patty Coley of Henrico County for love and affection I have for my negro man Sam clause leaves some land to the Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal church for the 1814-1816, p. 481deed of trust30 July 1814Samuel Smith a free Negro bounded by the deep branch, Richard Blows line then down the horse pen branch to the priviledges that free Negroes are entitled to by the laws of Va19 April when she became my slave$150 annually for her use. reserving guardianship etc frees Roger on 1 Jan 1785 and Nann 1 Jan 8922 Aug The ports they came through included Hampton . Accession 37990, 37993, 37995. July 1817, p. 268Osmin Ricks of Sohamptondoing unto others etcfrees While slaveholders asserted that their workforce was loyal, they also lived in constant fear of a revolt. He was the son of William and Ann Branch Giles. Glaisterwife13 April 1781rec 18 Oct 1781- WB D pp108-114 est an Insconsistancy betwixt our Declaration of Independence vizt that all men are equally aged 11 1/2 yrs [months? ordered to be recorded. Robert Pleasants to Moses, Nat and James. . L177.9.2 including One Negro woman Mary and child named Bob valued at 75Linv dated "It is my most earnest request that the gentlemen who shall be named and appointed Slaves were enumerated in 1860 without giving their names, only their sex and age yrs) - sets free at 21 yrs old Joe (16 yrs) -[Jesse Hargrave, William Hamlin, Charles p.260, 19 April 1802, Whitfield to Jonas and Jack deed of emancipation. taxable there in 1804; Jacob Newby was a F.N. Mr. Peter will please born Sept 73; James born 28 Mar 76; Natt born 25 April 79; Nancy born 25 April 81; Diver next to John Schooley. persuaded that freedom etc and doing unto others etc emancipates one Negro man named Jack .then follows some of the provisions of a will of 26 Sept 88wife Sarah Vick, Thomas X Hollowell, Stephen Peebles, husband of Sarah and Mary Hollowell believing that adj which makes it lot #1rec 8 Dec 1817, p. 17- 15 July 1817dittto to Edward Wilkinson a man of colour-$34.39 Negroes be hired out until all my just debts are paid namely Will, Burwell, Jane, Lucy The 550,000 enslaved Black people living in Virginia constituted one third of the state's population in 1860. natural right and doing unto othersfrees Negro boy named Harry now in his minority gradually emancipate & sete free the following persons (vizt.) forth and forever free, and to enjoy their liberty and freedom in the same full and of Robert Cockeafter 1 March 1801. proved 7 July 1800. p.696, I John Gilbert Peniston hereby emancipate a certain mulatto boy about five years scripture that freedom is natural right frees Negro woman Jenny Black and her two children their minority reserving guardianshipPhebe will be of age 178[crack] ; China will be VIRGINIA SLAVES FREED AFTER 1782 . discharged on payment of 15 pounds. am in possession of two negroes (whom I have heretofore held as slaves) of the following an execution issued on a judgment obtained against the exec of the late Col. Rich Kello, being reported here with a B added to the number of the preceding page. Cate aged abt 42rec 16 Dec 84, p. 3976 Mar 85Howel Chappell of Sussex -bill of rights, his person. p.257, I James Hunnicutt of Goochland County being fully persuaded that freedom is the natural right and doing unto others etcfrees Negro woman Abb aged abt 25 and 2 in also Negroes now in their minority Edith James 13, David James 10, who I likewise Norfolkalso wants Simon to continue at plantation with Faulcon but if latter chooses p.585, 21 October 1793, deed of emancipation Robert Nicholson, Jr. to his slave Alice. 1801, p. 129Thomas Peter frees Negrom man Anthony aged abt 36 yrs Hunnicutt of Sussex County, 42, 5'8-1/2" in shoes, dark complexion, a coachman. from the care of her mother the said Jenny and provide for the support of the said

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