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According to EquiStat, Little Lena finished his performance career with $743,374 on his record from just eight shows. As a sire, Smart Little Lena was outstanding, with money-earning foals in every performance discipline. I didnt expect to get him I thought hed make $250,000, Mr Bull said. Last year, Hinrichs transferred a total of 11 cloned embryos, resulting in four pregnancies, of which two reached term. I purchased Salute to breed Smart Little Lena daughters, he said. Today, Smart Little Lena is the unassailable #1 all-time leading broodmare sire with $66,709,305 in earnings, followed by Freckles Playboy with $45,602,640, and High Brow Cat with $38,236,973. However, until now cloning has remained a relatively inefficient procedure. This was the first offspring of a cloned horse, but there have been several others since. Smart Little Lenas progeny have traversed disciples to show their sires versatility. His influence in the cutting pen is immense. An industry icon who needs no introduction, Smart Little Lena was the first horse to capture the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Triple Crown and remains a genetic staple to this day across the Western performance industry. In 1983, Smart Little Lena won the NCHA Super Stakes and NCHA Derby [Summer Spectacular], securing the NCHA Triple Crown Title with Bill Freeman. One cloned polo pony mount from Argentina sold for a whopping $800,000 in 2010. Mistys Little Lena; Febcatpgs65-87.Pdf; Genetic Structure Analysis of American Quarter Horses* Febcat2013pages73-108.Pdf; LITTLE DULCES REY Sorrel,2005-AQHA4775462; JG Rowdy Wrede Smart Lil Frederick (P) Freckled; Poco Lena Voted "Best Horse Ever to Perform in the Cutting Pen" Update on Antitrust and the Legal Issues Surrounding Cloning in . He watched the cow naturally, even stopping and drawing from the beginning.. Smart Little Lena Clones Submitted by Roanman on Sat, 10/23/2010 - 13:34 We eulogized Smart Little Lena a month or so ago here. Instead of starving the donor cells, Hinrichs has been using a chemical called roscovitine. They offer a different approach that might be useful to people working on other species.. Hinrichs says her changes are clearly compatible with efficient production of cloned foals. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date. Bred by Richard Bull in Tamworth. 2016 Stallion by Metallic Cat X Smart Little Alison $17,738 (by Smart Little Lena) This is a super stylish colt that is on track for the futurities, lots of cow and stop. He estimates that each of the five colts could be worth up to $1 million. Terms & Conditions, Clay Volmer & Ricato Suave Win NRHCA Eastern Derby, Debbie Crafton Rides Ultimate Teammate to NRCHA Eastern Derby Win. We were fortunate enough to come away smelling like a rose, says Freeman. Below are the baby pictures of his five cloned offspring. Chatham co-managed the syndicate with his trainer Bill Freeman. I got the idea that if I could find a full sister to Royal Santana and breed her to Doc OLena, and if those genes stacked up anywhere like the sire and the dam, I might get a triple crown-caliber horse. [11], Hanes Chatham syndicated Smart Little Lena in 1982 prior to the horse being shown. Smart Chic Olena also is a National Reining Horse Association Seven Million Dollar Sire whose . Silver dapp, Summer is almost over but it's not too late, Who's that amazing racehorse? He was sired by NCHA Futurity Champion Doc O'Lena and out of the mare Smart Peppy by Peppy San, who was the first NCHA World Champion to sire an NCHA World Champion. I recall reading about the Smart Little Lena clones at Texas A&M University, one of which has matured to 16.1hh, the smallest being 14.2hh with precisely the same genetics, but very. In 2006, 51 shareholders owning a total of 80 shares comprised the syndicate. After earning $577,652 in just eight shows, Smart Little Lena was retired to the breeding shed. Salute was purchased by Richard Bull of the Tamarang stud in Tamworth, New South Wales, from a cutting horse futurity sale in Fort Worth, Texas in December, 2010. Enter your email address and receive notifications of new posts by email. I believe that ultimately did cause her problems. Is it like silver dapple? . 2013 Chestnut Stallion, 13.3 HH Genetic Replica of High Brow CatHigh Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty by Smart Little Lena, 5 PANELHERDA N/H all other 4 genetic panel tests negativeHERDA and Live Foal Guarantee, SUBSCRIBEDBREEDERS INVITATIONALNCHA SUPER STAKES PCCHA. Meet Secretariat's half-brother! However, several performance horse organizations have opened the door to allow for cloned animals in competition. .hs-main-font-element{color: #29353d} Registration is available through the American DNA Registry which shows proof of ownership and ownership history, as well as age and genetic verification. [12], In 2004, Bill Freeman's former wife, Karen, filed a lawsuit in the 181st District Court in Amarillo, TX against Bill Freeman, the Smart Little Lena Syndicate and its co-managers, and Jill Freeman, who was Bill's wife at the time. At the time, the largest shareholder with 10 shares was L. Leedy of Duncan Investments in Oklahoma. Biography updated as of March 2015. .hs-email{max-width: 100% !important; width: 100%; display: inline-block; vertical-align: bottom;} Little Lena was euthanized in 2010 at 31 years old after suffering a stroke. [6] Smart Little Lena was the first cutting horse stallion to be syndicated prior to ever being shown. I got the idea that if I could find a full sister to Royal Santana and breed her to Doc OLena, and if those genes stacked up anywhere like the sire and the dam, I might get a triple crown-caliber horse. At the same time, Chatham admired the horse Royal Santana for his low, smooth movement in the cutting pen. More from Agribusiness Thank you Paige, as one who cannot attend these big dos, I'm grateful for your pictures and stories. Smart Look Classic, a clone of the late great producer The Smart Look, has a produce record of four earners who have won more than $67,455. These are good lookin horses, Bankson said. He was No. The tiny stallions fighting legacy lives on. This page was last edited on 26 July 2022, at 12:18. He was inducted into both the AQHA Hall of Fame and NCHA Horse Hall of Fame. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Smart Little Lena was euthanized in 2010, but that wasnt the end. [2] The stallion sired 17 world champions, 11 reserve world champions, and 110 register of merit world champions. We eulogized Smart Little Lena a month or so ago here. Make me laugh! As stated in that eulogy, he was among the greatest equine athletes of all time. In NRHA competition, they earned $1.8 million; in NRCHA competition, they earned $2.56 million; and in NCHA, they earned $50 million. But losing two foals at birth is worrying, he says, since it had seemed as if cloned horses dont suffer the fetal abnormalities still plaguing cloning efforts in other species. It offers some conversation about genetics vs. environment that's not very tough reading. Stick around for a while and you will get to witness a Paige-aster in the making. In National Reining Horse Association competition, his get have earned $1.8 million. This means an offspring of a Smart Little Lena clone carries the exact same genetic material as an offspring of the original Smart Little Lena. He has also sired hundreds of foals, which together have won more than $36 million. Venom gives thought provoking thoughts to the whole idea of cloning in her first paragraph.Horse Student says---you have been 'teaching' me a horse is a 'pet' and therefore displays 'human qualities"----so-------time will tell.enjoy the weekend----carol. His sons sired 5,697 money-earning foals that have so far won $67 million, a list topped by Chiquita Pistol ($552,591), Im Countin Checks ($514,757), Our Little Dyno ($422,199) and Smart Spook ($374,025). will take you to a very easy to read article which explains why these babies' white markings are all different. He has also sired. | Privacy Policy | Site by. ANNE KRUGER, PRESENTER: Australia's quarter horse fraternity is about to take a giant leap into the unknown with some controversial new breeding technology. With a total of $57 million of foal earnings, he is first place as the leading maternal grandsire. But thanks to modern technology as well as sons and daughters, Little Lenas impact is continuing to be felt. He later won first in both the NCHA Super Stakes and Derby as well. ABC | Privacy Policy. [7][5][8] However, he still sires foals through artificial insemination.[9]. #TBT Before I had kids, I had an art business pain, Hmm, what's that color? #Palomino? At the 2014 NCHA Futurity, 23 of the 25 open finalists including the winner carried the fighting blood of Smart Little Lena with them into the pen for their own duels in the dirt. I personally like #4, Dave .. seriously, Dave. The mare is flushed of oocytes (eggs) which are then in vitro-matured, and fertilized by direct injection of sperm into the oocyte. Mr Bull paid just $US27,000 for the clone of the first horse to ever win cuttings prestigious Triple Crown in the US, which had lifetime earnings of $743,275, and whose progeny have earned $US39.3 million and grand progeny have earned more than $US80 million. Other clones with money-earning progeny include Royal Blue Two, a clone of the great Royal Blue Boon, who has five earners totaling $64,000. Smart Little Lenas low, flowing snaky cutting style won the 1982 NCHA Futurity. Jan 28, 2014. It is also probably immaterial because the Jockey Club allows registration only of foals born from natural cover, and the Storm . Just really an alert, low-moving, quick gritty colt, Chatham told QHN. Given the human capacity for deceit, manipulation, and profiteering, I am not so sure cloning of anything living is at all a good idea. Smart Little Lena Clone D Gelding - YouTube Smart Little Lena Clone D Gelding Robert Frewin 2 subscribers Subscribe 0 141 views 3 years ago Show more Show more 2:04 4:37 67 views. After 60 days, Chatham offered Bill Freeman half interest in Little Lena. They are being sold because differences of opinion regarding the ethics of the cloning and subsequent use of the cloned colts broke out within the syndicate that owned him, and landed everybody in court. Smooth Talkin Style 2011 sorrel (Smooth As A Cat-Stylish Play Lena by Docs Stylish Oak) Offspring Earnings: $1,324,912 VIEW ON QSTALLIONS.COM 7. Katrin Hinrichs, Professor and Patsy Link Chair in Mare Reproductive Studies at Texas A&M, cloned Copy Cat from genetic material harvested from High Brow Cat to create an exact reproductive replica. .hs-submit{display: inline-block; color: white;} region: "na1", He fathered approximately 2,300 registered foals (Quarter Horse and Paint and half earned money. Clones in Competition: Because of the high costs involved with producing a clone (roughly $150,000 per horse) it is unlikely that very many will enter competition. In the National Reined Cow Horse Association, they earned $973,136.95. Breedings available ICSI procedure Only. The syndicate members were awarded $447,500.00 ($310,000 going to attorney's fees). At the 2014 NCHA Futurity, 23 of the 25 open finalists including the winner carried the fighting blood of Smart Little Lena with them into the pen for their own duels in the dirt. The balance of $137,500 was paid to Manion in exchange for him dropping the libel and slander claims against the Freeman parties. But Smart Little Lenas foals were primarily destined for the cutting pen and NCHA, where they earned $34.9 million. [5], Chatham created the Smart Little Lena syndicate in 1982, co-managed the syndicate with Freeman, and sold the initial shares for $5,000.00 each. As a maternal grandsire, his grandget earned 14,979.5 points in AQHA competition and $567,224. In AQHA competition, his offspring earned 9,744.5 points and 22 world championships, along with $216,387. There is not much I like more than the adrenaline of a good sale. Im more than a little frustrated that these clones will sell the week before I get to Ft Worth--I cannot justify taking more time off of work just to see it. As of 2010, he still held the record for most money earned as a 3- and 4-year-old cutter at $643,275. Thats exactly what researchers at Texas A&M University have done with Smart Little Lena, a stallion (despite the name) famed for its cow herding skills. Whats really interesting is that in this case, the mare that carried the pregnancy was also the mare they took the genetic material from she gave birth to her own clone! One clone, of Docs Serendipity, sold at a futurity sale a few years ago, as a yearling if I recall correctly. [2] He was a small horse, standing only 13.3hands (55inches, 140cm). links to an article about a cloned daughter of Docs Serendipity, another great champion cutting horse. Psychedelics may increase entropy in the brain's vision centre, Brain activity of dying people shows signs of near-death experiences, Why we must inspire people with the magic of condensed matter physics, How ultra-processed food harms your health and how to fix the problem, Underwater writing technique lets you draw patterns in liquids, What was the universe's first second like? straws, and require special preparation of the mare which involves follicle aspiration and ovary dissection. smart little lena sor. The initial shares were sold for $5,000.00 each, but with each leg of the NCHA Triple Crown that was won by Smart Little Lena, the value of the shares increased exponentially; some of which sold for as much as $75,000. [13] A different settlement was reached during a meeting of shareholders and an agreement was signed on Thursday, October 16, 2008 as part of the overall settlement for the ongoing litigation. Lena won the Triple Crown in 1982 and 1983. Smart Chic Olena also is a National Reining Horse Association Seven Million Dollar Sire whose daughters also turned out to be great reining producers, with his daughters foaling the winners of more than $3 million in the sport of reining alone. The worlds first cloned horse was born in Italy way back in 2003 a Haflinger mare that was named Prometea. Copyright 2023 Quarter Horse News Smart Little Lenas low, flowing snaky cutting style won the 1982 NCHA Futurity. Smart Little Lena: 79S (Doc O'Lena x Smart Peppy x Peppy San) $267,085: 3: Rockin W: 06S (Dual Rey x Boon San Kitty x High Brow Cat) $265,496: 4: Docs Okie Quixote: 80S (Doc Quixote x Jimmette Too x Johnny Tivio: $263,483: 5: Oh Cay Felix: 03G (High Brow Cat x Oh Cay Shorty x Shorty Lena) $263,157: 6T: High Brow CD: 04S (High Brow Cat x Sweet . Dr. Khris Crowe, resident veterinarian at the Babcock Ranch, regards her 15-hand charge as one of the most unique equine personalities she's ever come in contact with. Hes kind of the proof in the pudding. Smart Little Lena's low, flowing snaky cutting style won the 1982 NCHA Futurity. Richard Bull, of Tamarang stud, Tamworth, bought Salute at the Western Bloodstock Annual National Cutting Horse Assoc-iation (NCHA) Futurity Sale in Fort Worth, Texas, last December. Smart Little Lena (June 29, 1979-August 30, 2010) was an AQHA registered Quarter Horse, an NCHA Triple Crown Champion cutting horse, and sire of champion cutting horses. The tiny stallions fighting legacy lives on. This is Straight, The oldest and one of the most famous quadrigas in, It's been a snowy 2022! TAMWORTH is the new home for Australias first cloned horse. While not identical in appearance to Smart Little Lena, Salutes genetic material is exactly the same and his offspring will therefore be equivalent. It's the legendary P, Occasionally I'll discover a breed I've never seen, Is it wrong to have a crush on a horse? After earning $577,652 in just eight shows, Smart Little Lena was retired to the breeding shed. Horses in art, history, and pop culture: All four other clones, he added, are healthy and produce viable semen.Indeed, its this ability to pass on Smart Little Lenas genes that buyers might find attractive about these horses. The stallion Salute (above photo) is one of five clones of the legendary cutting horse sire Smart Little Lena (below), who died last September at the age of 31. Weatherford Equine Breeding Center, TEXAS. .actions{margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 0px;} Five-year-old Salute, currently unbroken, will be sent for breaking following his appearance at the NCHA Tamarang Futurity in Tamworth from June 2 to 12. The Smart Little Lena Syndicate was created in 1982 by Chatham with Freeman as co-manager. Would suit a intermediate rider. That same year the worlds first commercially cloned horses were born in Oklahoma copies of top Quarter Horse cutting mares Royal Blue Boon, Tap O Lena, and Playboys Ruby. However, any foals by the Smart Little Lena clones cannot be registered with the American Quarter Horse Association.As for why the clones are being sold, Bankston explained that the group of clone owners was "not operating as a cohesive unit," and that selling the horses will enable each one of them to receive individual attention and be promoted.Thats what they deserve because they are very special horses, Bankston said. What is a mushroom gene? smart little kid sor 2000: smart little baggins sor 1990: smart little lena sor 1979: missy bar freckles sor 1984: pennys dandy kid 1986: the gunsmoke kid ch 1974: tuckers dandy bay 1979: high brow lil peppy 2003: high brow hickory red dun 1983: docs hickory bay 1973: grulla san grul 1970: lil peppys feathers 1998: lil robyns pep sor 1981: luz . Another setback for takeover target United Malt as beer sales go flat, Silicon start-up with a difference turns wine bottles into fertiliser, Why 'old school' soil bugs are ag's carbon-friendly new frontier, Agribusiness buzz in brief: Rex, Pace Farms and Feed Central news, SunRice picks US food boss as new managing director, Food inflation peak passes, but prices still well above average, Terms and Conditions - Digital Subscription, Terms and Conditions - Newspaper Subscription. Description Salute (smart little Lena clone) x Dual Rey biscuit. Sons Smart Chic Olena and Very Smart Remedy are forces in the cow horse industry siring more than $3 million and $2 million in that discipline respectively. On the maternal side, Smart Little Lenas daughters have thus far produced 1,805 money-earning babies that have put $45 on the books. Smart Little Lena was a one-of-a-kind stallion, both as a performer and as a sire, and these clones have the ability to pass on those legendary genetics. Tell me how your day has gone as crazy as mine has, or tell me to cowboy up, or tell me to shut up--your call! Character and personality, at least to some degree, are shaped by experience, opportunity, and training. In the National Reining Horse Association competition, his foals earned $686,470. Smart Little Lena (June 29, 1979August 30, 2010) was an AQHA registered Quarter Horse, an NCHA Triple Crown Champion cutting horse, and sire of champion cutting horses. As stated in that eulogy, he was among the greatest equine athletes of all time. High Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty by Smart Little Lena 2023 FEE: $2,000+ $650 chute fee Breeding incentive: $15,000 to any 2018, 2019, and 2020 foal crops that make the open finals at the NCHA futurity and NRCHA snaffle bit futurity. The stallion and Freeman won the 1982 NCHA Futurity and then went on to top the 1983 NCHA Super Stakes and NCHA Derby, along with the 1984 The Masters Cutting. His best maternal grandfoals are: Dual Rey Me (785,558), Redneck Yachtclub ($506,627), Third Cutting ($415,819) and Pappion Cat ($379,815). He followed that win with first-place finishes in the NCHA Super Stakes and Derby. But Smart Little Lenas foals were primarily destined for the cutting pen and NCHA, where they earned $34.9 million. Below are the baby pictures of his five cloned offspring. DIAGNOSTIC h, quarter horse, 1979 smart little lena* sor 13.3 1979 quarter horse #1565822. doc olena* b 1967 quarter horse #0493297. doc bar* ch 14.2 1956 quarter horse #0076136. lightning bar* sor 1951 quarter horse #0037566. three bars* ch 15.3 1940: percentage: ch 1923: myrtle dee* blk 1923: della p* ch 1934 . According to Equi-Stat, there are 1,312 money-earning offspring that have posted $39 million (this figure does not include weekend money earned in 2010). An oocyte harvested from a maternal relative of High Brow Cats dam, Smart Little Kitty, is what sets the process apart from other cloned horses and raises such genetic integrity to a higher level. This is fascinating to me. Expecting similar odds, she and her colleagues transferred 13 embryos cloned with DNA from Smart Little Lena into surrogate mares. The sorrel stallion never let his size stop him, though, as he won the 1982 National Cutting Horse Association Futurity and. [5][4] Smart Little Lena has lifetime earnings of $743,275 in US dollars in just eight shows. I went looking around for a coherent discussion regarding the ethics of all of this .. never found it. These particles can tell us, My Everest review: A horseback journey to the world's highest mountain, Pathogenesis review: How infectious diseases have moulded civilisation, The shocking decline of Earths microbiome and how to save it, JWST has spotted the most distant galaxy cluster ever seen. Privacy Policy Equine fine art: Take one prize-winning stallion thats getting on in years and produce a herd of identical clones to carry on his legacy to the next generation. Lil Miss Smarty Chex was inducted into the NRCHA Hall of Fame in 2012. For the surviving clones, their owners have yet to decide what to do with them, although three of them may be sold abroad. Hopefully, I will be able to watch the sale online, but that is a poor substitute for being there and feeling the energy of the crowd. If Freeman has his way, the others will not compete but spend their lives as studs, passing on Smart Little Lenas unique set of genes to future generations. Theres no way to duplicate what Smart Little Lena did, he says. Clones have the genetics of superstars, so from a business and breeding standpoint, they have nothing to gain from competition, and everything to lose. Lastly, as of 2010, he was still the second-leading sire in the NCHA. I knew the original Smart Little Lena pretty well, and this horse is so much like him with his temperament and movement.. The beauti, You might have tears in your eyes when you see "Do. As owner of Smart Aristocrat, a $3.2 million sire, and High Brow Cat, a $49.5 million sire, Waggoner is already heavily invested in the business of breeding. Follow us - we follow back!, The Great Mystery of the Horse-Human Connection, Farriers, Hoof Care & Your Horse: Q&A with Bryan Farcus. In the National Reined Cow Horse Association they have earned $2.56 million. According to the experts, genetics material contributed by a clone of a male horses is identical to the original, as the mitochondrial DNA is not passed on in the breeding process. Was Beautiful Jim Key the world's smartest horse? Four clones of Smart Little Lena have been consigned to the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity sale, according to Smart Little Lena Clone Co-Manager Jimmy Bankston. This makes it easier to reset the chromosomes when the nucleus from the donor cell is transferred into the nucleus-free waiting egg. 2020 BREEDING FEE $2,500 FROZEN SEMEN ICSI ONLY. TAMWORTH is the new home for Australia's first cloned horse. Smart Little Lena's progeny have traversed disciples to show their sires' versatility. Examples include show jumping greats ET, Gem Twist, Calvaro V, and Sapphire, dressage stars Jazz and Rusty, international event horses Che Mr. Wiseguy and Tamarillo, barrel racer superstar Scamper, and several other well known cutters including Docs Serendipity and Jae Bar Fletch. Equine Fine Art You Cant Find Anywhere Else! portalId: "5002023", Copy Cat, foaled in 2013, has been labeled by scientists as being the purest of equine clones due to the unique process of his cloning. Smart Little Lena was foaled June 29, 1979. On the other hand, they may be treated and trained and treasured as the rareties that they are and go on to greatness. Chestnut/roan. He retired with more than $700,000 earned in eight shows and maneuvered his way into the hearts of those close to him with his small stature and giant heart. The syndicate who owned the stallion indicated that he would be cremated and then his remains placed into a box in a trophy case at the ranch. This is an archive of the previous Landline site. The term is from the Spanish phr, I really enjoy this picture of the great Man O War, In honor of his passing this month and to give tha, What is tlting? The horses being cloned are all from the top ranks of their disciplines, so it would be difficult for the clones to perform as well as the original, let alone surpass or improve on their achievements. In just nine events, he won nearly $750,000. But this year, there is a clone showing that is right on track, so some history is going to be made. He is still standing at stud via ICSI with his 2021 fee advertised at $2,000. Currier & Ives produced so, I love this story :) These two geldings were born, Need a way to wind down at the end of the day? As hes a stallion, we just want to get him broken to make him easier to manage, Mr Bull said. These three events compose what is now known as the NCHA Triple Crown. The legendary Smart Little Lena died last year but the super . He also ranks #3 among all-time leading sires, with offspring earnings of $37,198,683; #6 among all time paternal sires with $62,201,483; and his gelded son Red White And Boon is the #2 all-time leading . [3][4] The late Bill Freeman of Rosston, Texas trained and showed Smart Little Lena throughout his career. Smart Little Lena was home on Manion Ranch in Aubrey, Texas, on Monday, August 30, 2010, when this occurred. Two Smart Little Lena's sons, Smart Chic Olena and Very Smart Remedy are also NRCHA $1 Million Sires. "Sally Harrison's Blog Blog Archive Smart Little Lena's legacy", "Smart Little Lena - $1 Million Dollar Sire", "Legendary cutting horse Smart Little Lena dies at 31 | - International horse news", "SMART LITTLE LENA SETTLEMENT DOCUMENTS SIGNED",, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. 1998-2023 Kristin Berkery | Created by Kristin Berkery Design, This site uses cookies to provide you with a better browsing experience. If the SLL-lite versions are not brought up well and trained expertly with attention to all detail, the end result could be paler imposters not worth having. Shares of $5,000 each were sold prior to Little Lenas first show the NCHA Futurity. They offered to back her research on the understanding that should a clone emerge it would be theirs to keep. Horses dont need to be registered for cutting so its not a huge issue for us.. He followed that win with first-place finishes in the NCHA Super Stakes and Derby. @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { Hes been such a great sire, and there is only one mare in Australia by him. REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, 2013 Chestnut Stallion, 13.3 HH Genetic Replica of High Brow Cat, HERDA N/H all other 4 genetic panel tests negative. Possibly the, What is a jennet? In 2005, Italy did it again, producing a clone of the famous endurance Arabian stallion Pierez. 88S (High Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty x Smart Little Lena) Breeder: Hanes Chatham & Stewart Sewell, Aubrey, TX Owner: Colt Ventures, Dallas, TX Lifetime Performance Earnings: $110,784 (1991-1995) Five-Year Cutting Sire Earnings: $23,469,331 Lifetime Cutting Sire Earnings: $79,279,171 Posted in Cutting Tagged cutting, sires It offers some conversation about genetics vs. environment that's not very tough reading. The stallion, Salute, is an exact genetic copy of the worlds most influential performance horse sire, Smart Little Lena, and arrived three weeks ago. | Privacy Policy | Site by Brainwrap Web Design, We eulogized Smart Little Lena a month or so ago here. [15] Veterinarian Whitt Byers provided a 2008 report that contained an inventory of Smart Little Lena's frozen semen, and consisted of 163 conventional doses and 3,473 ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) doses.

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