so player local channels not working

One of the main reasons for this error is your network problem, so try resetting your network services. I am going to give you a few SO Player IPTVs and some other alternative IPTVs to look at. I now have no idea what is on each channel. You can continue reading this message to find another IPTV/Streaming TV service. If you are facing any other issues then do let me know by dropping a comment below. If you know the name of your IPTV, go to the website to request support. I have the So Player App on my Fire cube, and I love the service. this app is a new and friendly video player fully customizable for your needs! You will find another video posted at the top to see everything in action. Want to renew my account by paying my subscription. then dont worry we are here with our guide to teach you the easiest and simplest way to install Now TV on firestick or fire tv. You can hit us up in the chat box to leave a message. Now, put your network on 4G e.g. Do Not go elsewhere online to try to find support for the TV app such as SO Player support. About: SOPlayer is a new and friendly video player fully customizable for your needs! Or, you can close this message to read whats on our website. See if the IPTV service allows it. SO PLAYER CURRENT USERS, SUBSCRIPTION RENEWALS, AND THOSE WHO WANT TO USE SO PLAYER TO WATCH TV ONLINE. This section covers individuals who never downloaded/installed any app before. And speaking of local channels, I am not certain all USA cities are included. after installing update it says app not installed because package conflicts with existing package. Message says its conflicting with an existing package with the same name I have this player and the provider went out of business and now it is hell trying to have all of my devices removed from the previous provider being they went out of business. Inside View of SO Player App (SOPlayer Channels) with Local, Premium, and Global Channels, Guide & List Whether you know it or not the free SOPlayer appdoes not deliver live SO Player channelsand VODs by itself. IPTV services do come and go sometimes and you wont be notified. So just start over and find the IPTV service to resume watching your favorites online. Its like youre locked in and if you want to go elsewhere you have to rely on a provider to remove your devices. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. If you can no longer get support, the IPTV website is no longer online, cannot renew your subscription, dont know the name of your IPTV while having a SOPlay app issue, you need to start over. Want to know what is needed and how to start watching TV online? In other words, the IPTV service to which you already have a subscription. You can update So Player directly from the settings of your app or you can uninstall the current version of So Player and download the latest version of So Player from here. ask the team member to reprovision your streaming device . The app has been unusable since you started down this rabbit hole. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Please contact ASAP. Are you having issues? Mac: 2000dd3a0672 By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Cutting edge technology in codecs playback and security implementation! Grant SOPlayer the necessary permissions How to Fix SO Player Errors on Firestick and Roku 2022 4) Once the app is installed, open the IPTV Player app. Im trying to retrieve my username and password from NS Hosting but the website is gone. Available across all platforms and devices to suit your needs. When clicking the link above to visit the SO Player IPTV service, see Errors & Fixes at the top of their website. Where to Get IPTV Subscription/Activation for Your App/Apk Scroll down to the bottom. Another way of looking at this is using extra devices to help troubleshoot the issue. Before I begin to tell you the solutions for fixing SO Player not working issue, well, lets first discuss why is it not working and what are the causes. If theres a SO Player not working issue on one device, try connecting another device or two and see what happens. If you cannot pay right then and there, try later. Can you explain what the problem is and if there is a fix? Then a Bad Credential error message appears (you cant activate the app). The IPTV service in the video above was used for educational purposes. Get started today. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Never anywhere else, nor with anyone else. Tried all the fixes.still just crash when I start the app, I am not able to go to the site to pay my bill, it shows a picture of a cloud then states too many cookies, which was removed. Unlimited Player users can continue using that app but IPTVs that use to support Lenox or Unlimited have switched to the Thorium Player for better performance. But still, there are some methods that you can use to fix this error. NEED AN IPTV SUBSCRIPTION FOR AN APP/APK? Upon reloading, it is denying us access. But it wont open after the refresh, Your email address will not be published. I tried the website,, but to no avail. Thank you! Any support message you send us will be ignored. I don't want to lose my subsctiption, can anyone help me with this issue? It opens in your web browser to watch the fully loaded streaming TV/VOD content that comes from a top IPTV service provider. 2. Its not a easy way to go in and have your profile up and just pay with your card. It keep saying "Device is disabled and the serial I see this issue has happened before to others, but none say how they resolved the issue. I tested and reviewed many SO Player IPTV services over the years so you are in good hands when it comes to getting a good understanding. The activation/login credentials consist of the Username, Password, Device Pin Codes, and Provider ID. Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by Andrew White In this guide, I will be teaching you how to APKTime on firestick. Close the video player by pulling down to minimize it and swiping to the right. It's relatively easy to download and sideload the SO Player APK file on Firestick with Downloader, and the steps below will walk you through the process. You would need access from your service provider that will also provide you with the Provider ID and login information. See if their servers are down. I need this matter to be fixed please, I can't get my soplayer back updated and it come back on. 0:00 / 13:30 How to fix IPTV channels not playing/ Perfect Player not so perfect? Bad Wolf 42 subscribers Subscribe 18K views 4 years ago Many people assume that when they have issues with. Watch the video above to see everything. I cant always open this app and it works, some days it buffers endlessly or have no available channels. call 800-Comcast, select tech support for cable TV. What you should try to do to resolve the issue is follow the instructions below first, There is a workaround to get the app to activate when switching from one IPTV to another IPTV. Select the issue you are having below and provide feedback to SoPlayer. My soplayer keeps logging off on it's own. The picture quality of live TV is pretty good. I have 4 televisions and have only used these 4 televisions at home. Very annoying Unfortunately, all SO Player users are confronted with having to get either the IPTV service to do a reset on their end or a, Avoid making mistakes and getting confused, Find the ideal streaming TV/VOD service (IPTV). Again, got SoPlayer "Mobile Data" "Allow Background Data Usage". Don't Share Your Account Credentials with Anyone How To Fix SO Player Errors On Roku and Firestick What is SO Player? Tell us whats wrong with this website or how we can improve it. Otherwise, you can continue to surf the web. I rebooted my internet and it still will not work correctly. My e fire tv is saying updating servers, but its still not working. When do you plan on updating to support this TV model LG 65" Class 4K UHD 2160P webOS Smart TV 65UQ7070ZUE (2022 Model), I have been using SoPlayer for a long time but now I cannot access the payment sites. Scroll down from that video and you will find video tutorial links How to Signup, How to Install, etc. Reinstall the SO Player App 4. Step 5: Uninstall the app and reinstall it. Some IPTV services will tell you that less is required. Who can help me with this issue. PLEASE give up this new version and go back to the original, or at least give us a way to revert ourselves. I wish SP customer service would reset my only device so that I could login with other devices. LENOX PLAYER USERS & UNLIMITED PLAYER USERS: YOU NOW NEED TO INSTALL THORIUM PLAYER APP W/ RECOMMENDED IPTV SERVICE SUPPORTING THORIUM. Sign up to get our Free IPTV Setup Guide that covers all the basics and more. You may also lose the money you paid for the previous month(s) as the IPTV service can no longer to contacted (gone permanently). Are you using an old device or connected to a WIFI area via smartphone? The ISG GO IPTV service will email you the same type of activation/login credentials (different Provider ID, Pin Codes, Username/Password). There is recently a new error introduced in the SO Player streaming app but there is also a viable solution to it, which is supposed to work for most every user. Get SO Player IPTV Subscription Instead, Smarters Player Lite App/Apk Subscription, Lenox Player Now Thorium Player App/Apk Subscription As for the SO Player Channel guide, this can be referred to as the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) or TV Guide. Step 5: After a few . Hopefully, this post helped you in some way or helped resolve the SOPlayer-SO Player not working issue. Final verdict The problem occurs on some devices, yet that's why no official solution is provided yet. One of my firesticks died and I had to get a new one. I have paid for my subscription now received error message stating that I need to make a payment.. Available across all platforms and devices to suit your needs. The TV app is activated by the IPTV service and they provide all the support for the app and streaming content you watch online. what is user ID? Thank you. MAX devices wrong. Or I can get live. How to Install Sportz TV IPTV on FireStick. You can also unplug the Roku device from the power source, wait a few moments, and then reconnect it. If you were searching for something specific from the web that landed you here, you can close this popup window to read/watch what you came for. SOPlayer (SO Player) not working solution. If you cant wait, then pay the subscription or enter into the trial at IPTV 4 above. I suggest you CLICK HERE to Learn More or Signup for Trial/Subscription HERE. YouTube TV is tied to your physical location (billing address), as the local channels you receive through the services are specifically for that area. NOTE: Best to use a computer or tablet when reading the Comparison Chart, SO Player App Information and Issues: Search Here and Here, IBO Player App Information: Search Here and Here, Thorium Player App (New Replacement App for Lenox & Ultimate Players) Info: Search Here Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My channels are freezing up and I want to know is something wrong. My soplayer keeps logging off on it's own. That's it. You still get the Service ID, Username, and Password. Step 1: Press the Home button five times. Please give me new login information and resume my service. NOTE: If you dont want to remain on our email subscription list after getting the Free Guide, you can click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of our email. Many individuals focus too much on the app instead of the SO Player IPTV service. Try this. All links below come with an associated IPTV service subscription to activate the app and watch TV online. Go to your device's app store and see if there's an update or newer version available for download. I am having issues with my account as it gives me an error message EC11, subscription has expired. The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is an American commercial broadcast television network that is a flagship property of Walt Disney Television. IOS.180F1EDB-E313-48D0-8915-228CD664AF14. I was clearing my applications (cache, force stop, data). We only have 2 devices set up. It does not deliver any streaming TV/VOD content by itself. On your device, goto "Settings" click "Apps" select "SoPlayer app" click "Storage" click "Clear Data" option. I had to do this only twice in the past after testing many SOPlayer IPTV services. When you pay the IPTV service subscription to activate and use SO Player, your IPTV service provides all the support when needed. I do have a couple of bugs that I am hoping I can get fixed. Only then can you get support from them. Theres also an IPTV service that provides a good IPTV Buffering Solution Guide on their website. Can you please let me know the issue? There is no official solution provided by the SO Player and also no reasons are mentioned for this type of error code as the problem of Error Connecting to Server has only occurred in some devices.

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