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Hes a dumb character and Parker and Stone directly acknowledge that with the fake Towelie merch commercial that aired with this episode. With Bebe gone, the boys are left to do everything themselves. The Top Ten. Theres nothing like it. Stan then asks Yamal where Kyle is, who informs him that he is at the school putting it into the brink of ignition. Wendy admits to Stan that she has enjoyed his company and feels that he has changed a lot since their breakup. But theyre just 10 years old, and South Park consistently reminds us of that, whether its through their love of World of Warcraft, or Stan getting his heart broken for the first time, or their inability to understand words best suited for the bedroom. Real Special Little Guy. Then, he decapitates the towns statue, which only reminds residents of Bart lopping off Jebediah Springfields head. Arriving just in time, Stan and Wendy tell Kyle the list was forged. The joke goes viral, with every late-night host repeating it on their respective shows. There could be another way. The episode has been compared to Shakespeares Titus Andronicus. David Lara. The homeless are out of sight and out of mind, and the town can get back to business as usual, but that ignorance-is-bliss approach may be one of the shows most damning indictments of all. "The List" is the fourteenth and final episode of Season Eleven, and the 167th overall episode of South Park. There was a corrupted list, and the true list was hidden. Wendy then kicks Lola in her crotch and runs off with Stan. . 20 20. James, Theres nothing like a good diss track. I couldnt laugh or speak, let alone process the depravity. Kyle, in an act of depression, starts hanging out with the ugly kids, and gets the idea from a boy named Jamal to burn the school down. Eric Cartman is racist and xenophobic to his core, and while his ignorance is supposed to be the butt of the joke in many cases, writers dating back to David Margolis in 1999 have argued the popular character has helped normalize anti-Semitism. Human interactions become commoditized and digital personae become inextricably linked with IRL selves. These are just some of the words that you used to describe the city of Cebu in the Philippines, which came in at 10 th place on our list. Clyde, meanwhile is in his bedroom, and after his mother leaves the room telling him to go to bed, he poses, trying to look attractive. Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio aren't the only hot models to come out of Brazil. STD Cases: 527. [6], IGN gave the episode a rating of 8.9, citing it "an excellent episode and a fine way to end the season".[7]. It first aired on November 14, 2007. 1. Its hard to explain this episode in a sensical and non-litigious way. Gallagher. It proved the show remained in a class of its own when making light of a given moment; more than that, it offered striking commentary on the 2016 presidential election, online trolls, and the dangers of nostalgia. Nevins. Sayles, Im sorry, I thought this was America? The girls in the fourth grade class have made a secret list that rates every boy's looks from cutest to ugliest. Years Active: 2012-present. Watch Episode. Like most of South Parks best episodes, Margaritaville takes a culturally relevant subject and presents it in a digestible way using its trademark humor. 01:00. However, the real magic of this episode occurs within the last few moments, when its revealed that Cartmans hand was never another Jennifer Lopez, but instead a drifter named Mitch Conner. 4. Effectively removing Kyle from the last spot and from the list entirely (since we're not sure of his real position, he's taken off for now) and also leaving spot 16 blank at this point: 2) Lola (The girl in the green sweater) said, "Unfortunately, the members voted Clyde in the bottom five of the list. All thats gold in South Park doesnt always glitter. Worst South Park Moments. The ever-aggrieved Cartman uses that to his advantage and creates the Ginger Separatist movement, which aims to abolish all non-redheads. Also, she often appears in public with no makeup. The girls have a secret list ranking the boys' looks from cutest to ugliest. The boys find out that one of their friends has a very serious illness. Nevins, This episode hits close to home because I was so much like Stan and Kyle. Thirst level: 1.5/10. "Dirty." "Noisy." "Polluted.". Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Cartman. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Donald J Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of . . When the boys steal the list, they are completely unprepared to deal with the results. Unfortunately for Wendy, Stan has not quite lost his habit of throwing up out of nervousness and her attempt to kiss him is interrupted when he vomits in her face. Thats just putting on a nice sweater, Kyle says, rebuffing Cartmans efforts to ingratiate himself to Kyle. The girls in the fourth grade class have made a secret list that rates every boy's looks from cutest to ugliest. Thats the episode. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The fake list shown in the episode. Wendy Testaburger: [shocked] No not Bebe! But this episode is a truly off-the-rails yuletide story involving the Antichrist, a bunny sacrifice, a kidnapped Kyle, and mountain lion cubs performing an abortion. The handsome prince got a degree from Forsberg School of Graphic Design in 2006 . Season 11 features the incredible Imaginationland trilogy, with the boys caught up in the terrorists' attack on our imaginations. Fantastic Easter . After Hilton arrives in South Park, she watches her dog die by suicide, tries to buy Butters for $200 million, and challenges Mr. Slave to a whore-off in the middle of town. Wendy Testaburger. At its end, he reveals that he turned the pony plot into a way to have Tenormans parents killed by the horses owner and then he used their remains to make his chili, which he then fed to Scott. Wendy tells him Rebecca could have made a mistake when tallying the votes onto the final list. This is merely a fan based list dealing with simple hints which occurred throughout the episode. There are posters of Corbin Bleu, Orlando Bloom , Zack Efron and two of Joe Jonas, In an extended/alternate ending, Kyle declares that no one will ever know who was really on the bottom of the list (which was burned by Wendy at Kyle's request), and Wendy comments that it was Cartman. 5. air force epr rating scale brian steele bristol bateman skips def jam fight for ny blazin' moves list velocette factory records. South Park as a whole has never been adept at addressing racial issuesthe fictional towns lone Black student is named Token Black, and thats just one of the shows many offenses. The girls in the fourth grade class have made a secret list that rates every boy's looks from cutest to ugliest. Stan says he wants to ask her about the list, saying it has messed Kyle up and questions how she could vote Kyle ugliest. Jason up, Jimmy down. Wendy Testaburger: [has found out why the list was forged] So that you could justify dating Clyde and get shoes? It first aired on November 14, 2007 in the United States on Comedy Central. Nobody is impressed, including the viewer. Fast-forward a few weeks and Ringer editor Justin Sayles asks me to write about South Park episodes, including this onea super-aware meta-commentary about the show itself, society, and TV culture, that right before it gets too smart dives deep into the dumb endwhich is about Earth being a reality TV show for aliens. And its as funny as it is because its so egregiously stupid. Can Cartman successfully betray every single one of his friends in the garden of his angry old neighbor? Now on to the more homely areas: Oklahoma City, OK, and Mississippi were rated as having the least attractive women; Sunnyvale, CA, and Rhode Island the worst-looking men. Cartman dresses his hand up as Jennifer Lopez for a cultural diversity day presentation, and performs what is essentially an offensive ventriloquist act, much to the chagrin of Kyle, who has spent weeks preparing for his own, more appropriate presentation on Latinx culture. In order from cuttiest to ugliest, in what order is the boys from South Park Elementary School listed in the list by the girls from South Park Elementary School. Full Ep. She is a Brazilian actress and model.In August 2019, she became the first openly transgender model for Victoria's Secret, and in 2020, she made history as the first transgender model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So they devised a proper sendoff for the orange-hooded character. Its one of Cartmans most ridiculous pranks, and while it might not have been the most successful, it did give us Puppy Love, a movie where Adam Sandler falls in love with a girl but the girl is actually a golden retriever. Ultimately, however, the episode concludes on a strange note for Cartman: a song about unity. 21:59. Bebe is arrested, and the list is burned after Kyle refuses to take a look at the real list, fearing an inflated ego that Abraham Lincoln's ghost warned him about. 1. south park real list of hottest to ugliest. south park real list of hottest to ugliest June 25, 2022 June 25, 2022 By ; polyurea vs lithium grease; mark benton net worth . By Chris E. Hayner on August 4, 2019 at 11:30AM PDT. This ranked list of the most physically attractive zodiac signs given below explains how. The Return of the Fellowship lets the kids play make-believe, but it doesnt turn up the visual style like Parker and Stone did in later episodes like Good Times With Weapons. Even though I cant entirely relate to the story of returning a cursed porn tape, this episode also serves as a special kind of nostalgia point for someone like me, who as a nerdy, LOTR-obsessed kid, would scour the park near the river with my neighborhood friends for the best-looking stick that could be my own Andril, or some short stubbies to best imitate Legolass double blades (nobody ever wanted to be Gimli), to arm myself in imaginary battles. . What a show. Glicksman, When I was in the fourth grade we went to Genesee Country Village, a re-creation of 19th-century life, full of adults pretending to be people from that time. The girls at school have made a list that ranks all the boys' looks from cutest to ugliest. Kyle sits with The Ugly Kids at lunch, all of which are incredibly hideous with odd traits, which makes him stand out even more than before. South Park Character Tier List!Make sure to stay connected!Twitch - - - htt. When the girls create a list ranking the hottest boys in school, Kyle gets depressed when he discovers hes been voted the ugliest. This comes after one of the episodes highlights, when Randy explains the reasoning of South Parks economic downturn to Stan, casting blame on materialism and people whove taken out loans to spend on nonessential items, all the while using his Margaritaville-branded blender to fix himself a drink. Stan tells Kyle he can finally see his true position on the list. Marlon Teixeira was also born in the South American country, and, thanks to his athletic build, stylish stubble, smouldering eyes, and laid-back curls, is now known around the world. The girls in the fourth grade class have made a secret list that rates every boy's looks from cutest to ugliest. 1 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Before long, the residents are unable to do anything, frozen by guilt and unable to maneuver through the hordes of people who have overrun the streets and public places. So there might be a higher chance that the girls would try to date Tolkien rather than Craig. The three-part episode . I can remember my entire extended family, crowded in a living room on Christmas Eve, keeling over as we watched a poop bounce around a room (leaving a trail behind him) and sing about festive buns and levels of, um, corniness. South Park. ) 14.11.2007. Her most beautiful moment is any moment where she looks like a normal person. I guess in that regard, South Park is one of the great epics of our time. Click below to join the Official Discord and Wiki Discord! His decision to ban everybody sparks outrageous demand, and when hes forced to open up the park to the public to pay for security and maintenance workers, he generates massive profit. 1) The cop said that Kyle wasn't the ugliest kid in his class. Wendy then says she would tell the other girls, but Jenny Simons questions if the girls will believe her over the heads of the committee and that they will make a new list; biggest liars - and put Wendy right at the top. The idea was simple: dress up as a robot called Awesom-O 4000, befriend Butters, and trick him into revealing his deepest secrets. NFTs Simplified > Uncategorized > south park real list of hottest to ugliest. S11 E5. Then he shits it all out at the end of the episode. 5) Since the cop said Kyle wasn't the ugliest boy in the class (removing Kyle from the list), and there is no where else to put him other than position 5 after every other boy moved up to their respective spots, it makes Kyle's official spot number 5: Reviewed "Real List": 1. Lola informs Wendy that Clyde's father owns a shoe shop and that now the list has been altered and he is popular, girls can date him and get free shoes. 9. She has served as a Kerry County Councillor for Tralee since August 2003. Prince Carl Philip is second in line to the throne of Sweden, behind his older sis Victoria. The boyswith the possible exception of Kenny, whos muffled by his trademark orange hoodhave no answers. Bergmann, Christmas is a tradition unlike any other on South Park, which had already gifted viewers classics like Mr. Bergmann, This is Parker and Stones opus. Script But beneath the ridiculous, somewhat uncomfortable Hooters gag, theres true emotion in this episodean understanding thats relatable to anyone whos ever experienced the intense emotions that follow a breakup or unrequited love. 1. Jenna: Phoebus isn't a bad guy, and if he had different hair and no chin . costa rica apartments for rent long term. Crystal: NOT A FAN OF CHIN BEARDS. He soon changes his mind after attempting to makeover a girl with huge glasses and a huge nose. Sometimes, shit just works. Operation Cannot Possibly Fail In this epic trilogy, the boys are playing Game of Thrones and the town is preparing for a violent winter because Black Friday is coming. Stan cries out to Wendy who removes her hand from her breast, but there is no wound. Stan states it was not unanimous and that maybe she could change the list which she refuses as it is not just fun, there's protocol. The List. More unbelievable than their commitment to the bit however, is how close the parody is to its source material. Peter: Russia has all the hottest and ugliest women in the world. It starts with Cartman ripping into kids with red hair (called ginger kids) in an attempt to annoy Kyle, then transitions into Kyle getting revenge by turning Cartman into an actual ginger kid. That it all comes from Cartmans sick mind doesnt make it any less festive. The meta-joke of immediately trying to monetize such a cheaply crafted character seemed to give them the green light for all the low-hanging fruit that is Towelie humor. Due to his sweet, naive, and endearing personality, he is a favorite character among some fans . The boys eventually visit the neighboring town of Evergreenwhich, it turns out, successfully ended its homeless problem by convincing its beggars to move to South Park. I feel like I've seen people that look like this. South Park began experimenting with episode-to-episode continuity in Season 18, but Season 20 was when that approach coalesced. Cartman decides to hide the treasure by swallowing it all. Afterwards, Cartman is seen sitting miserably with the ugly kids. June 5, 2022 Posted by: Category: Uncategorized 10. The only things certain about the real list is that Clyde might be at #12 (the girls made a LOT of lists), and that Kyle is not the ugliest boy in it (Wendy: "I looked and it was Cartman"). Travel; Destinations; Europe; Nationalities These are the 50 best-looking nationalities, according to a new survey. A fan on Facebook attempted to calculate the real list and came to this conclusion (the end result has been revised, concluded and explained): 1) The cop said that Kyle wasn't the ugliest kid in his class. Erics dad couldve been Chief Running Water, or maybe Chef, but also maybe the 1989 Denver Broncos. Suddenly, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln appears and takes him on a journey around town. Sometimes I almost forget that detail amid all the wildness and social criticismand also because Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny have been in fourth grade for about 20 years. Season 1. Two simple ingredients often make for the perfect episode: a story centered on the eternal conflict between Kyle and Cartman, and one that positions the boys as elementary school kids who like to do elementary-school-kid things. Seolhyun (AOA) Born: January 3rd, 1995. Home Uncategorized south park real list of hottest to ugliest. South Park is at its best not when its relying on elaborate plot points or ripped-from-the-headline story lines. . years ago. Andrew Gruttadaro, Not long after bands like Metallica were getting roasted for complaining about music piracy, a local garage band in South Park named Moop was going through some creative differences. Stream South Park on HBO Max. (Though Parker and Stone would later atone for this in a pair of Season 22 episodes, aptly titled Time to Get Cereal and Nobody Got Cereal?) Elsewhere in ManBearPig, in classic Cartman fashion, he thinks he finds some gold in a cave that the boys believe to be housing ManBearPig. Full Episodes. Gnomes as an episode is about a group of underpants-stealing gnomes who infiltrate Tweeks bedroomwhile Tweeks dad, a monologue-happy proprietor of a small coffee shop, goes to war with Harbucks, a corporate coffee company that has his balls in a vise grip and a salad shredder. Its about big business and capitalism and underpants. The List (. IllerAsta 1 yr. ago. He tries to convince everyone that it doesn't matter and it's what is on the inside that countsbut he then remembers who that is and gets even more depressed. : 2021222 : Fearful this could get out, Cartman begins spending every waking minute with Butters, who really believes Awesom-O is an actual robot. Its also one of the shows dumbest episodes ever while simultaneously being a near-perfect ode to the world of MMORPGs. But real life isn't . In the case of Casa Bonita, it means getting excited about Kyles birthday party at a beloved Mexican restaurant chain (a real-life reference from creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who frequented the chain growing up in Colorado). In the corridor, Clyde walks along greeting the girls. This episode will be very highly reviewed by fans of South Park who have been watching from the beginning. South Park and all related titles, logos and . Kenny and Geralds cat urine-induced psychedelic journeys into a direct rip-off of the obscure misogynistic animated sci-fi film Heavy Metal is supremely weird. Kim Seol-hyun is the visual member of the K-Pop group AOA and is famous for her beautiful looks. At Wendy's house, Wendy discovers some of the girls gave Clyde a rating of one sparkle, which Stan adds he has no idea what she is talking about.

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