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Remove the sprinkler head and riser.* Any sprinkler that shows signs of any of the following shall be replaced: (2) Corrosion detrimental to sprinkler performance, (4) Loss of fluid in the glass bulb heat-responsive element, (5) Loading detrimental to sprinkler performance, (6) Paint, other than that applied by the sprinkler manufacturer, detrimental to sprinkler performance. With a wide 4-1/2" mouth, SprinklerVac complies with NFPA 25: Standard for Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems by cleaning sprinklers without touching them. Rain Bird MarketingAug 25, 2022. What is the best watering system for your yard? As needed: repair and maintain parts that appear questionable during visual inspections/testing. When we use Cookies, we may use "session" Cookies that last until you close your browser or "persistent" cookies that last until you or your browser delete them. Sprinkler Head and Irrigation Removal and Replacement 4-in-1 Tool, Replace Your Sprinklers Without Digging in Under 2 Minutes, Removes Most Major Brands Rainbird, Toro, Orbit, Hunter, K-Rain, Irritrol. You may change your browser setting to decline the use of Cookies. During monthly inspections, your on-site fire protection person should look at the wet pipe systems gauges, confirm water pressure is maintained and that there are no signs of physical damage. Most individuals would call in a professional to do it for them, and accept as a fact that their yard and home were going to be disrupted as a result. The attachment works for nearly every sprinkler head on the market, past or present. Clean-up is simple, as well. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. AIE is one of the most established WBENC fire protection companies in the country. What is a Backflow Preventer & How do You Know if Its Working? Sometimes, our fire sprinklers activate in non-fire scenarios, and this can be a big problem especially regarding potential water damage. Experts ensure theyre in working order with regular fire sprinkler inspections, as well as follow maintenance and testing timelines. You must stay up to date onfire sprinkler testing and fire sprinkler maintenance. With over 32,000 quality replacement parts, golf course accessories, irrigation, safety, tools and much more, we take pride in superior customer service with 98% of all orders shipped the same . R&R Products, Inc., is the world's leading manufacturer of turf equipment replacement parts for the commercial turf industry. Google may also transmit this information to third parties where required by law or to the extent that third parties process these data on behalf of Google. Its trunk-like end encapsulates the sprinkler head completely, ensuring a safe, efficient cleaning. Works On All Brands of Spray Heads Rotor Heads & Jar Top Valves, PANOVOS (8pcs) Pipe Screw Extractor Set,Damaged Screw Broken Bolt Water Pipe Remover Set, RainBird Sprinkler Tools Rotor Tool & Spray Head Tool, La Farah 150pcs 90/180/360 Degree Micro Sprayer Refraction Automizing Sprinkler Nozzle Irrigation System Garden Lawn Plant Irrigation Water Sprinkler, 2 Packs Sprinklers for Yard, 360 Degree Automatic Large Area Rotating Water Sprinkler for Lawn Garden, Rain Bird CPROTTOOL Pull-Up Tool and Adjustment Screwdriver, Geared Rotors, Universal Fit, Green, Rain Bird Rotor Tool 5000 Rotor Screwdriver/Pull-up Tool, Rain-bird Irrigation Lawn Sprinkler System OEM Pull Up Hold Up Bubble Level Adjustment Tool Screwdriver Spray Head Pop Up Set, Seymour Midwest Kenyon Sprinkler Head Trimmer, 3-1/2 in (85423), Hunter Rainbird Adjustment Tool Pack Hunter Key & Rainbird Rotor Tool, Orbit WaterMaster Underground 26030 Spray Head Pull-Up Tool. Turn the water on and purge the system. Quarterly inpsections, semi-annual, and annual fire sprinkler system testing and tagging must be performed and documented by a licensed technician in accordance with NFPA25 and your AHJ. Learn the ins and outs of lawn irrigation, including expert tips on how long to run the sprinkler. Safely place the SprinklerVac near or over the sprinkler head, looking through the clear plastic to monitor your placement and progress. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The quarterly, annual, and every five- and ten-year fire sprinkler system inspection, along with system maintenance, testing, and repairs must be performed by a licensed fire protection technician. 21 reviews. . Keep your sprinkler heads operating at peak efficiency to save money and have a beautiful landscape. small shovel spade easy-out pipe removal tool toothbrush cup gloves risers sprinkler heads plumbers' tape. Fire sprinkler system maintenance and testing is a vital step in the process that should never be skipped. Thanks to a turbo drive motor, this sprinkler runs smoothly and resists clogging and puddling. With a clean area around the sprinkler head, you can get a very fast and clear picture of how its operating. Avoid spending an immense amount of effort and money replacing dirty sprinklers, or risking a burst bulb using other methods. These Two Piece Recessed Retrofit Escutcheon for 1/2 in. Cleaning fire sprinkler heads with the SprinklerVac is a simple, 5-step process: Clean-up is simple, as well. Dirty "loaded" sprinklers are a code violation. The SprinklerVacs one-size-fits-all design makes it compatible with any standard vacuum. Orders Contact Us. If it will touch the sprinkler head, adjust the SprinklerVac attachment below the sprinkler head so it does not bump the sprinkler. Shutgun | Original | Shut Off Fire Sprinklers Fast! But always inspect your fire sprinklers for damage before use and schedule an inspection with an inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) professional if damage exists. Be very careful not to damage any buried pipes, and remove the last bit of soil using your hands. See All Cleaning Nozzles From powerful jet to gentle rinse. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The quarterly, annual, and every five- and ten-year fire sprinkler system inspection, along with system maintenance, testing, and repairs must be performed by a licensed fire protection technician. SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner & Tip Tool $ 56.00 US List Price Item Number: 27860 Patented 9114441, D718110 One year warranty Get both the innovative air blast Nozzle Cleaner and 4-in-1 Tip Tool multi-tool. Get our best gardening advice and outdoor ideas delivered straight to your inbox. In fact, without proper fire sprinkler maintenance, your fire sprinkler system may appear in working order and test okay once a year, but without lubrication, tightening of loose bolts, cleaning, and clearing lines, your fire sprinklers may experience a shortened life span and may not work during a fire. Specifications. The SRT is so handy, it even helps you align the sprinkler head to the proper watering position, with or without the water turned on.Now that the sprinkler head has been replaced, there is no evidence that there was ever a repair; the ground is undisturbed and the no dead circles of grass to contend with. Regular fire sprinkler inspections and cleaning or replacement, as needed are necessary to ensure quick sprinkler deployment. Grab your SprinklerVac attachment, get the job done, and move on! Accidentally breaking the heat-sensitive element will discharge a sprinkler. Install the new riser, using care not to strip the threads. - Industrial Quality.FREE Shipping within the Continental United States of America, "I normally don't take the time to do this, but this tool works really good. Social media providers have their own terms of use and privacy policies, and we encourage you to review those policies whenever you visit their websites or interact with their platforms. The HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer is now the easiest, fastest and smartest way to trim grass around your sprinkler heads. by Wayne Doherty | May 22, 2020 | Inspections, Testing & Monitoring. Reliable G5 Cover Plate | Cleanroom | White | 135F | CG4S0W | Formerly G4, G4A, and RFC SKU : RLG4CLWH $28.75 Add to Cart SprinklerVac | Fire Sprinkler Cleaning Tool SKU : SV001 $149.99 Add to Cart Tyco Cover Plate and Protective Cap Tool for Concealed Sprinklers | 56-000-1-300 SKU : TYCP $59.75 Add to Cart Lawn aeration encourages deep roots, resulting in a healthy lawn. With over 32,000 quality replacement parts, golf course accessories, irrigation, safety, tools and much more, we take pride in superior customer service with 98% of all orders shipped the same day the order is received. Get product recommendations from HGTV editors, plus cant-miss sales and deals. As NFPA states, however, this must be a touchless operation to avoid damaging the sprinkler. Thorough watering is crucial to your new lawns ability to develop strong roots. Schools When fire sprinklers are accidentally activated seconds matter. This effort takes time, money, and coordination. FREE Shipping within the Continental United States of America. Careful you dont get wet! Thanks for your invention. Seeing the risks to sprinklers posed by canned compressed air and understanding the arduous process of replacing heads, he developed the SprinklerVac to avoid the problems of other options. To read the complete Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions governing your use of QRFS.com, please click here. Be very careful not to damage any buried pipes, and remove the last bit of soil using your hands. Discover more about the small businesses partnering with Amazon and Amazons commitment to empowering them. Section* states: From the 2023 edition of NFPA 25 [emphasis added on point 5]. The SprinklerVac logo, when facing away from the user, is in the shape of a pendent fire sprinkler and was designed to guide your placement. Our website captures some information about you automatically utilizing background local storage and session storage technologies ("Cookies") in order to improve the user experience. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. SRT2000 - 2-1/2 to 2-3/4", Country Clubs and Golf Courses 2 thumbs up for the purchasing process!!! This step is as simple as walking up to the sprinkler head itself. It does help make my sprinkler head replacements cleaner. The Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT, is a great tool. You can deactivate Google Analytics using a browser add-on if you do not wish the analysis to take place. Learn what to do to prepare your lawn for winter. Watch the dust, dirt, and cobwebs disappear. Before installing a new riser, wrap the ends with plumber's tape. and 1/2 in. May 1, 2023 HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer. NPT Sprinklers in Chrome Join the party! Popping up the sprinkler head. Clean Sprinkler Heads 1 spring clamp or locking pliers 1 needle-nose pliers 1 bucket 1 old toothbrush Replace Sprinkler Heads 1 garden spade Replace Damaged Sprinkler Risers 1 PVC cutting tool Replace Leaking or Damaged Sprinkler Pipes 1 tape measure 1 shovel 1 PVC pipe cutter 1 indelible marker Diagnose Voltage or Transformer Issues 1 multimeter Getting the right tool for digging or cleaning out a trench needn't be expensive. Securely attach the SprinklerVac to your standard home or industrial vacuum hose. Since 1983, we have been providing unsurpassed fire inspection and protection solutions to some of the nations largest retailers and corporate partners, some for over 25 years. Add to Cart. $3599. We may use third-party companies to help us tailor content to users or to serve ads or messages on our behalf. Earn Points, Get exclusive offers and a free T-shirt! By your continued use of this site you accept such use. Clean the spout where the riser attaches using a toothbrush. SRT 1000 - for Lawn Sprinklers up to 2 1/4" in diameterWeight: less than 5lbs. These Tyco paint covers are essential when painting a room with fire sprinklers to avoid the problem of overspray, leading to the need to replace your fire sprinklers. Use this helpful guide to save water, money and time. We operate social media pages on third party networks and have social media icons on our website. While the information has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee its total accuracy, and it should not be considered legally binding advice. - Fits 1" Arbor, Sprinkler Head Trimmer - 10-1/4" Dia. Copyright 2023-present R&R Products, Inc. All rights reserved. It is recommended to usefire sprinkler inspection companies that can service all your locations so records are easily accessible from one entity. Google will use this information to analyze your use of the website, compile reports on activity for us, and perform further services associated with website use and Internet use. The adjustable clamp can close off 3/4 in. - Fits 20mm Arbor, Sprinkler Head Trimmer - 10-1/4" Dia. For best user experience, we recommend you use the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. . Learn how to prep your lawn for fall and winter to ensure green grass come spring. The Quickstop Firefighter Multi-Tool The Quickstop Firefighter Multi-Tool can plug almost any sprinkler with just one squeeze of the hand Works on pendent, upright, and sidewall sprinklers, Tyco Z-392 Paint Caps Be sure to follow the below sprinkler maintenance schedule to ensure your systems are working. #12 What is a Flow Switch or Water Flow Detector in a Fire Sprinkler System? 8. Although compressed air is readily available and convenient, it has some complications. Hotline: (888) 361-6662; Sign In . We use these items on our Site to permit us, for example, to count users who have visited those pages or opened an email and for other related website statistics (for example, recording the popularity of certain website content and verifying system and server integrity). - Fits 1" Arbor, Sprinkler Head Trimmer - 7-1/2" Dia. Scoop out any water in the hole using a small cup. And janitorial or cleaning professionals can add the SprinklerVac to their current cleaning offerings for a service that differentiates them from competitors and opens up an entirely new revenue stream. Use an "easy-out" pipe removal tool to remove the riser. Use the reflective back of the SprinklerVac logo to center the sprinkler. When convenient text the following: First name, Last name Address, City, State, Zip Code Phone # (Even if same from where texting) 1 Line description of service need. Quickstop Firefighter Multi-Tool | Shut Off Fire Sprinklers Quickly! Assess the accessibility of your sprinkler heads to ensure the SprinklerVac will clean them "touchlessly." Turn the vacuum on. Inspect the riser for damage. Over time, fire sprinklers collect dust, dirt, and cobwebs. Attach the SprinklerVac to your vacuum hose, ensuring it is securely fastened. Luckily, NFPA 25 offers two alternatives to replacement. 6. With a clean area around the sprinkler head, you can get a very fast and clear picture of how it's operating. Tyco Z-392 Paint Cap | Style 10/15/20/30/40/70 Escutcheons | 3-1/4 in. We use cookies to improve your experience. The operative term in that section is loading, which means covered in dirt, dust, grime, or other material. Keyfit Tools Power Sprinkler Head Trimmer 2 3/4 Inch Diameter Trim Your Rotors & Spray Heads in Seconds! Each local AHJ may also have additional fire sprinkler inspection and testing requirements. Replace any damaged components. Buy at QRFS.com! Over time, this residue could actually accelerate a build-up of dust and grime. Excavate around the malfunctioning sprinkler head or heads using small shovels. Use an "easy-out" pipe removal tool to remove the riser. CPVC pipe to help with high-ceiling installation. Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT, takes the hassle out of changing broken sprinkler heads. But even if youre a pro at removing dust, dirt, and grime, cleaning fire sprinkler heads is uniquely tricky. Make it Rain. Taking the right steps in fall prepares your grass for quick spring greening. - Fits 1" Arbor. When you visit or link to our social media pages, data is processed both by us and the applicable social media provider. I can't believe how simple it is. A versatile Sprinkler Adjustment Tool has everything needed to adjust, repair, or clean your sprinkler heads. Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazons store. Sprinkler tools on hand in one convenient package Stem clip for easy nozzle replacement Fixed nozzle socket to removes brass nozzles 3 different-sized threaded stem pullers . Steps: 1. 2. Familiarize yourself with thefire system inspection requirements below. Depth, Retrofit Two Piece Escutcheon | Recessed | Chrome | 1/2 in. Shop fire sprinkler cleaning tools like SprinklerVac. Create a more efficient home watering system with rotary nozzles from the industrys most iconic brands. Nationwide new build, existing facility, and third-party inspections, design, service, maintenance, and repair of all your fire protection, fire sprinkler, and water systems. Are you getting soaked using other tools? And NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems outlines the rules for fire sprinkler upkeep. Cleaning, like taxes and death, is unavoidable. Underhill Turbotrim Sprinkler Head Trimmer - Handle Only, Underhill Turbotrim 8in Diameter Cutting Blade, Underhill Turbotrim 7in Diameter Cutting Blade, Sprinkler Head Trimmer - 4-1/2" Dia. Orbit. The only elephant that should be in your facility is the trademarked elephant logo that represents SprinklerVac! This makes it easy to secure the appropriate end of the SRT over the sprinkler head and twist to remove the cap and body all at same time.Next, the handle that comes with the SRT can be used as an alignment tool and a plug for the riser pipe to ensure that no dirt or debris falls into the riser pipe. We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service of Google Inc. ("Google") which uses cookies to identify the frequency of use of certain areas of our website and to identify preferences. The Annex (A. states: In lieu of replacing sprinklers that are loaded with a coating of dust, cleaning sprinklers with compressed air or a vacuum is permitted, provided that the equipment does not touch the sprinkler.. If you find an issue duringfire sprinkler inspections or suspect that something may be wrong at any time, contact a reliable, experienced fire protection company, like AIE, as soon as possible for fire sprinkler testing. 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Fire sprinklers can control a fire and keep it small while protecting occupants from harm and saving your business. Avoid citations, fix today. Thats what BlowOut Air Duster and Smoke Detector Cleaner safely removes dust and dirt from electronic devices, keypads, circuit boards, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and more. Regularly removing dirt, dust, and grime from sprinkler heads not helps with infection control and improves indoor air quality. Click here to go on over to our store and get yours today! I used it on 5 sprinkler heads and it took under an hour. Find tips from the experts on everything from when to fertilize and how to choose the right spreader. This tool has a 1 in. Check out the Sprinkler Trimmer in action! These devices cover the holes surrounding fire sprinkler heads that were cut during installation, making sprinklers look Two Piece Recessed Retrofit Escutcheon for 1/2 in. ft. Orbit Sprinkler System Under Walkway Pipe Tunnel Kit 53333N , Black, Danco 10086 VersaSpray Portable Hand Held Shower Head Sprayer Fits Bathtubs Without Diverter, 1 Pack, White, Rain Bird AG-5 All Gallonage Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler, Adjustable 20 -360 Pattern, 24' -45' Spray Distance, Black, Orbit 55016 Brass Sprinkler Head, 3/4" Connection, Orbit 55018 Plastic Impact Head for Garden, 1/2-Inch, Rain Bird Adjustable Arc Rotor 4 in. Its plastic comfort grip allows a tight grasp that won't slip. Clean up the area around your course or lawn's sprinklers with our sprinkler head trimmers. Compare $ 19 47 (42) Model# 16-066R. Thats because with the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer, you wont have to shut down the sprinkler zone on your irrigation system.

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