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Alegre, the second place candidate, represented a coalition of disparate parties that analysts had described as the best chance in recent history for the opposition to snatch power from the Colorado Party. Are you looking for an informative and inspiring news source that aligns with your faith and values? To view a size chart for this t-shirt, click here. The hour is very late. Vaughn also claimed that in his virulent Heritage address, Carlson had a visitation by the Holy Spirit, and that God used his mouth as a prophet. In the sudden firing of Carlson on Monday, Vaughn argued, the devil had worked to silence Carlson before he could spread the same message to his TV audience. Please correct the spelling of Flashpoint. Pea was finance minister in the Cartes government and, until recently, a member of the board of Banco Basa, a local bank owned by the former president. The opposition had sought to capitalize on widespread discontent over high levels of corruption and deficiencies in the health and education systems that worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. While celebrating the victory, Pea openly thanked his mentor, former President Horacio Cartes, who was standing next to him on stage: Dear Horacio, you believed in me when I had no political history, no political experience.. Yet the preliminary returns seemed to indicate voters in preferred to stay with the familiar, a break for a region in which the incumbents have not done well in recent elections. Blessings in all that you do. Shane Vaughn, a Pentecostal preacher from Mississippi with a large online following, took to Rumble to declare that Carlson is gone because of spiritual warfare. In comments first spotlighted by Right Wing Watch, Vaughn asked his listeners to focus on the spiritual tug-of-war between heaven and hell over the fate of America. If a situation in their lives didnt line up with what they read in the Bible, they changed what they did. Where prophecy and current events align. There is a remanent who has not bowed their knee to baal. Theres no volume on the Flashpoint and Victory News programs! Flashpoint & The Victory Channel - 2021 84 videos 5,940 views Last updated on Feb 4, 2023 Play all Shuffle 1 Mario Murillo on Pastors Who Ignore the Shedding of Innocent Blood Encounter. November 14, 2022Welcome to VICTORY News coverage in a spirit of faith! Did The Church Miss It? Stay tuned for top stories, important announcements and breaking news! Be a part of the FlashPoint Army! Unisex standard-fit sizing. VICTORY News 12p ET / 11a CT VICTORY News 5p ET / 4p CT Programs. Pea celebrated a showing that would make him Paraguay's president on Aug. 15 while waiting for an official declaration of final results. 135K views, 1.4K likes, 1.2K loves, 2.5K comments, 1.3K shares, Facebook Watch Videos from The Victory Channel: We are LIVE with Pastor Gene Bailey, Hank Kunneman, Mario Murillo, and Lance Wallnau, Now your kids can be a part of the FlashPoint Army! His ministry is an apostolic, prophetic and teaching ministry used to empower Christians throughout America and the world. Cartes stood next to Pea as he gave his celebratory speech Sunday night. This Week's Emails. Cartes, who was president of the South American country from 2013 to 2018, has been accused by Washington of involvement in significant corruption, bribing government officials and legislators, and of having ties to terrorism. . We want to hear it. Have you ever been curious about Awakenings and Revivals? While mainstream media outlets are portraying Israel in a negative light, we at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, VICTORY News and FlashPoint are committed to sharing current events concerning Israel in the light of the truthboth facts and the truth of the Word of God. Looking at news from both natural and spiritual perspectives, FlashPoint brings a prophetic perspective to what is happening in our world. Tune in on Thursday, April 27, 2023, for the latest insights and updates on current events, politics, and culture from a Christian perspective. This limited-edition pullover is known for being one of the most desired women's hoodies available! Kenneth Copeland Ministries. More Info Want to Get New FlashPoint and The Victory News DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX? The Victory Channel FlashPoint is a new interesting program of Kenneth Copeland`s Christian TV. ASUNCIN The long-governing Colorado Party remained the dominant force of Paraguayan politics as the vote count from Sunday's election gave an overwhelming lead to its presidential candidate, Santiago Pea, with nearly all votes counted. Cartes, a local magnate who is also the president of the Colorado Party, is a powerful figure in Paraguayan politics and members of the opposition had characterized Pea as a frontman for Cartes to hold power., Similarly, popular prophet Julie Green appeared on the podcast of the ReAwaken America Tour alongside frontman Clay Clark to affirm that she, too, had received advance word of this weeks cable-TV shakeup. New England Is a Target-Rich Environment, Fox News decision to sack Tucker Carlson, seven-part plan for Christians to capture America, advance word of this weeks cable-TV shakeup, Newsmax Accuses Murdochs of Designing a New-World-Order Globalist Kill List Against Tucker Carlson, DeSantis' Disney Board Will Countersue the Mouse, Exiled Trans Lawmaker Zooey Zephyr Sues Montana's GOP Leadership, Tucker Carlson Bashes Fox Nation in Leaked Video. WHY, Oh WHY does your link pop up with "FLESH-point" ????????? Stay informed and encouraged with faith, facts and freedom! We ask th 197,406 people like this Represent the values that we stand for in this cool black camo T-shirt! our viewers last week, week, our from the Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls. Long live Paraguay! Made from durable ceramic and sporting contrasting colors, this mug even has a QR code linking to FlashPoint's website on the back! Outgoing President Mario Abdo Bentez called Pea president-elect in a congratulatory message on social media before a winner was officially declared. Blessings in all that you do. I dont like it when the devil wins, and I dont agree with the prophets prophesying Yeah, I said this would happen. Gene Bailey. Glory to God, Lots of moments! With host Gene Bailey and special guests! This slim-fit, military green shirt is made of 100% cotton. Then they decided to trust God and base their lives on His Word. Whether America will be spared ultimarely, I think not Once the wise virgins are gone there will be little restraint on the evil that has invaded America..And just like Jeremiah told Israel when they were exiled in Babylon to occupy and seek the good of the city I believe thats what we the remanent should do right now until the Lord comes for us. At the same time, Cartes has that Sword of Damocles: whether he will be extradited.. Click here to receive our VICTORY Magazine completely free each month! I have Direct, but most of my friends can't rejoice with me!!! The venue only accepts credit, debit, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Revival & Reformation - FlashPoint . Congratulations to the Paraguayan people, who showed the world the democratic power of citizens through their votes, the embassy said. Watch FleshPoint! Amen! And judgement begins will the household of God. Some analysts said the relative strength of Paraguays economy was a boon for Pea. One size. The Victory Channel is a television network founded by televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who had been an ardent Trump supporter throughout his term in office. With the Azusa Street Revival, revival fires then and now reverberated around the world. Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian Folk Rock Troubadour, Dead at 84 Is a nonprofit, free-to-air television network made possible by. They started out just like any of usstruggling with continual lack, debt, sickness and discouragement. Subscribe! On Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, personally called Kenneth Copeland and Pastors George and Terri Pearsons to express his thanks and appreciation for the significant work Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church have done to help Ukrainian Jews make Aliyah amid the Russia/Ukraine war. The end of an era on Fox News is seen as a victory for the devil, Tucker Carlson speaking during the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Feszt in Esztergom, Hungary, on Aug. 7, 2021, Satan Fired Tucker Carlson, Right-Wing Christians Say, Biden Takes Aim at MAGA Extremists in 2024 Announcement Vid, Theyre Hunting Nazis. You will love this buttery-soft garment-dyed hoodie. The hour is very late. An unexpected result, very unexpected. What's Going On with Inflation? - 5.4.21 We are LIVE for Flashpoint; hosted by, Pastor Gene Bailey and his guests, Pastor Hank Kunneman,. The Victory Channel launched its "FlashPoint" program ahead of the 2020 elections, to rally Christian conservatives to vote for Republican candidates and Trump in particular. on The Victory Channel - Live Stream. All rights reserved, Santiago Pea, presidential candidate of the Colorado ruling party, right, embraces former President Horacio Cartes after the voting closed during general elections in Asuncion, Paraguay, Sunday, April 30, 2023. We tithe 10% of every dollar received and it's sown back into other missions and ministries around the world. Want to support the mission of VICTORY Channel? Every time. He wont be able to govern without Cartes, said historian and analyst Milda Rivarola from the Paraguayan Academy of History. He also congratulated the Paraguayan people for their large participation in this election day.. Need help? Pea, a U.S.-trained economist who has also worked at the International Monetary Fund, will be tasked with locating resources for a deficit-ridden state with one of the lowest tax rates in the region while trying to dent a poverty rate of 24%. Hosted by the charismatic Gene Bailey, FlashPoint News is known for its engaging format, timely discussions, and interviews with renowned guests. They can't begin to imagine what they are missing. Virat Kohli was involved in a heated exchange with Gautam Gambhir and Naveen-ul-Haq after the Royal Challengers Bangalore's victory over Lucknow Super Giants today (May 1) in IPL 2023 culminated in ugly scenes on the field.. You, as well as other Partners and Friends of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, have helped 50 of our Jewish brothers and sisters make aliyah, or relocate to their homeland of Israel. Jewish sages assert that God was not known by the title of King until He created his highestReadMore, On Sunday, July 18, over 1,000 Jews traveled to the site of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, to mark Tisha BAv, a day to mourn and remember the destruction of the First and Second Temples. Brazilian President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva also didn't wait for the winner to be officially declared to congratulate Pea. Embroidered with the FlashPoint logo on the front and "1 John 5:4" on the back. In partnership with KerenReadMore, Through our partnership with Keren Hayesod, we are impacting the history of a nation! Victory News Live On The Victory Channel - May 3 2023 11 AM Wednesday Morning. This 52% cotton/48% polyester unisex-cut shirt comes in a unique orchid color for girls! Flashpoint is such an incredible blessing not just for me but for this entire world who have the privilege to hearing and seeing God s way in America and in our lives. ReadMore, Since 1994, KCM has had an office in Ukraine, and weve seen the Lord move mightily there as we endeavor to preach the gospel all over the world. Please note that this item is only available for countries served by the U.S. regional office. He is a messenger of hope for America, encouraging believers to contend for awakening. The cash box was left empty, said Diego Abete Brun, a political science professor who heads the Latin American and Hemispheric Studies program at George Washington University. That decision made all the difference. The nation of Israel commemorates Tisha BAv with a fast and the reading of the book ofReadMore, Thank You, Partners! Every time. Be a part of the FlashPoint Army! This unique FlashPoint T-shirt was designed with patriots in mind! Follow 64.1K. The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. 3.16.23 | The Victory Channel is LIVE with FLASHPOINT! This limited-edition camo hoodie features a balanced, mid-weight 80/20 cotton/polyester blend. I have feedback about the program today. 15K views, 479 likes, 372 loves, 1.4K comments, 520 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from The Victory Channel: The Victory Channel is LIVE with FLASHPOINT! Hosts Greg Stephens and Tim Fox with special guest Rob Weaver of Jericho, Host Greg Stephens with special guest John Graves, Host Gene Bailey with special guests Mike Lindell, Jovan Pulitzer and Lance. Editors picks Please enable the javascript to submit this form. In his humanity hes done alot of good and continues to do so. FlashPoint God Wants You Well: Healing School with Gloria Copeland (Part 1) God Wants You Well: Healing School with Gloria Copeland (Part 2) . With special guests John Graves, Rep. Lauren Beobert, David and Tim Barton, Host Gene Baily and special guests Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau and, Is a nonprofit, free-to-air television network made possible by, D.C. Update and special guest KrisAnn Hall, What Happened in D.C. with special guest Sarah Palin, With special guests Congressman Louie Gohmert and Liz Joy. I think even the Colorado Party members are shocked by such a wide margin, political consultant Sebastin Acha said. The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time He called out his Christian colleagues for putting self-promotion above the spiritual struggle. Stand united and "Indivisible" in faith! Paraguay is the only remaining country in South America to have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and those ties became an issue in the campaign. I wish the Victory channel were on more cable providers. Please correct the spelling of Flashpoint. Stand united and "Indivisible" in faith! It also won 15 out of 17 disputed governorships. It takes an armyget it, a FlashPoint Armyto make an event like this a success. Tucker Carlson Bashes Fox Nation in Leaked Video Set your IT folk on this & get it corrected, The call to wake up and stand up seems to be resonating with you. Thanks for the VICTORY Channel! HE will continue using that remanent just like He always has.they are the five wise virgins or the 50 percent who are watching and anticipating HIS coming with joy. 1997 - 2023 Eagle Mountain International Church Inc. Aka Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Victory Update - VICTORY Original Programming Victory Update About The Program As the world copes with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, VICTORY Update provides the most recent news based on the latest White House briefings and current events around the world. The Victory Channel 658K subscribers Subscribe 2.4K Share 50K views 6 months ago 9/13/22 Find all our ways to watch The Victory. The devil wants to silence these voices., According to Wallnau, Satan is moving to silence Carlson, whose existing contract with Fox News, he suggested, might be enforced in such a way as to pay to keep him off the air and away from competitor news outlets. Flashpoint; Money Minute; Tasty Tuesday; . Additionally, he will have to prove to farmers how he will implement his plan to maintain Paraguays alliance with Taiwan while also opening up the Chinese market. Kenneth Copeland Ministries. ReadMore, By Lily Sironi Monday, Sept. 6, was the beginning of the Jewish new year called Rosh Hashana, which is translated Head of the Year. The Jewish calendar marks the anniversary of the creation of man in Genesis. The Victory Channel is LIVE with Flashpoint! Good luck in your mandate, the Brazilian wrote on social media. Fine jersey knit, unisex sizing. He might not be coming back for three years, Wallnau alleged, because the devil has him on a contract for $20 million. Why Are So Many Democrats Backing an Accused Christian Nationalist? Your source for Local information & breaking news across southeast Michigan plus 4Warn Weather providing you with accurate forecasts so you can plan your day. FlashPoint Army, our first ever FlashPoint live event on 1st was a resounding success and I truly believe it was a turning point as we look ahead to the future. On the Christian-nationalist broadcast FlashPoint, Pastor Hank Kunneman cited a pair of past prophetic words he said came from God following Carlsons exit. FlashPoint 64.1K Followers. The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time With almost 99% of voting places reporting, Pea had 43% of the vote, compared to 27% for the closest challenger, Efran Alegre, the candidate of the Pact for a New Paraguay, a broad-based opposition coalition that had hoped to end Colorado's reign. Victory News Live On The Victory Channel - May 3 2023 11 AM Wednesday Morning. I watch Flashpoint regularly. All rights reserved. Here's what you can look forward to in the March 30th episode of FlashPoint News with Gene Bailey: Don't miss this opportunity to stay informed, inspired, and connected with your faith. First of all I love President Trump. Do not microwave. FlashPoint is a VICTORY Channel original show providing commentary on current issues from a conservative and prophetic viewpointdelivered in a spirit of faiththat airs LIVE on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. FlashPoint began when VICTORY Channel founder Kenneth Copeland was led by the Lord to provide programming on VICTORY to It's (February-08-2022) on The Victory Channel - Live Stream. ", We will have a president who won't be able to freely associate with the party president and who, at the first misstep, could be subject to impeachment.. All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved. Call +1-877-281-6297 and wed be honored to pray with you. Call now! Need hope? All Rights Reserved. This comfortable black cap is made from 100% brushed cotton twill and has a pre-curved visor and an adjustable hook-and-loop backstrap. FlashPoint host - Gene Bailey and his guests discuss about various issues, current events, miracles and prophecies in America. Expect More with your weekend edition of Local 4 News at 11, streaming right now on Local 4+ . The Flag March is an annual event usually held on Jerusalem Day to celebrate Israeli control ofReadMore, On May 25, Eagle Mountain International Church joined the Fort Worth Jewish community to show their support for Israel at a rally in downtown Fort Worth. With host Gene Bailey and special guests! Want to Get New FlashPoint and The Victory News DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX? We are coming together in Atlanta to discuss and inform, to pray, take our stand and bring watchmen together for the future of our nation! Features the FlashPoint logo on the front, with the American flag and 1 John 5:4 on the left sleeve. Before the vote, analysts had said the race looked to be tight and predicted Alegre could have a chance of unseating South Americas longest-governing party, which has essentially ruled Paraguay uninterrupted since 1947. Long live the Colorado Party!". With programs from over 40 trusted ministers, daily live programming like VICTORY News and Morning Prayer, VICTORY is dedicated to boldly broadcasting the truth of Gods Word to the world. we need to b informed as to whats going on so we know how to pray and u do it w the faith of Amighty God. Click here to Watch Live >>, Greg Stephens, Gene Bailey, David Barton, Tim Barton, Jonathan Richie. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. Related And judgement begins with the household of God. - 5.4.21 | The Victory Channel is LIVE with Flashpoint! Copyright 2023 The Associated Press. It gives him enormous legitimacy due to the size of the difference and that makes Peas victory indisputable.. All rights reserved, Santiago Pena, presidential candidate of the Colorado ruling party, center, talks after the voting closed during general elections in Asuncion, Paraguay, Sunday, April 30, 2023. Join us right here on VICTORY weekdays at Noon ET/11 a.m. CT and 5 p.m. ET/4 p.m. CT. Watch Live >> 2014 - 2023 Sermons Online. Andrew Wommack: The Gospel Truth Believer's Walk of Faith with Bill Winston Billy Graham Classics Breakthrough with Bill Krause . Sebastin Acha, a political consultant, predicted Pea will be leading an uncomfortable government. Roy Wood Jr. "We will work together for even better and stronger relations between our countries, and for a South America with more unity, development and prosperity.. Click here to take a moment and familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines. Known as Aliyah, or the relocation of Jews to their homeland, one of the biggest things we can do for God is to help Him with this project. Tucker Carlson Bashes Fox Nation in Leaked Video With host Gene Bailey and special guests! You are inspirational to my life. Paraguay doesnt have a runoff, so whoever of the 13 candidates received the most votes would be the next president. The Victory Channel is LIVE with FLASHPOINT! From the Welsh Revival where 100,000 found Christ and their entire nation was completely changed to the American Awakenings where God restored lives and even changed the path America was on, we are hungry to know more!

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