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Shortly before his death, they fired him from that position, moved him back to the states, and he died. Im sure there were teens in the congregation that would, be out of here if we could so maybe we should of subtracted them. [53][54] While the WCG believed that it was their "Christian duty" to keep Mystery of the Ages out of print,[55] the PCG claimed that God had commissioned them to get the book out to the "largest audience possible". Same thing with the 2017 Trumpet article entitled Europe, China, Japan and the New World Order. Besides the title, no mention of the words NWO. See article: . R. [171][172] The PCG has been involved in several phases of Dr. Mazar's excavations in Jerusalem since 2006. Flurry is banking everything on the Amos 7 prophecy and constantly declares, WE ARE LIVING THROUGH THIS FINAL WARNING RIGHT NOW! He incites fear by causing readers to believe that Revelation 12:9 (Satan and his angels being cast down to earth) has already happened. The Key of David is a weekly religious television program hosted by Gerald Flurry, in which he discusses world events and issues from his interpretation of bible prophecies. In addition, William B. Hinson in his book Broadway to Armageddon (PDF) said, the blood of Jesus Christ that was sufficient to justify me for all my past sins, my present sins, my future sins and presenting me wholly without blemish before the Father in the future in the resurrection. [search for words when file opens] More in-depth explanations are available through Bob George Ministries to refute this lie that Christ only died for our past sins, as they have teachings available on the complete forgiveness of all our sins and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. [92] Gerald Flurry is noted as displaying "typical cult-leader arrogance" and creates a "seclusionary atmosphere" for his followers. sermon critiqued by L. S. Trumpet Program Stirring up More Fear Than Hope: I watched the June 1 Trumpet on Anarchy. SF has been reporting on the daily news lately and focusing on all the looting and riots going on. Canada. [167] According to Flurry, SEP "is a vision of how God will correct the problems of the entire world", it helps their "young people turn to God" and to prepare them for "the return of Christ".[168]. Final Exit Letter to Craig Williams of PCG, Open Letter to Gerald Flurry and the PCG Ministers, Scary How Much PCG Resembles Nazi Germany in the 1930s, While Asymptomatic Spread of Coronavirus Can Happen, the WHO Now Says Its Very Rare., Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is very rare, WHO says, Excerpts From Gerald Flurrys Sermons Or Flurrys Vegetable Patch, Bible Study Quarterly For Home Study and The Bible Class The Kingdom, Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong, February 28, 2017 letter about the Scone of Stone and taking it with them to the place of safety, The place of safety is now supposed to be in Adullam, GF will be some sort of King in the place of safety, Edmond Elite Youth Being Taught How to Riverdance (Irish Dancing, I Almost Got Sucked into the Swirl of PCG, Read article here about how it looks like vast majority of positive results should have been negative, The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime, Unmasking the Truth: Studies Show Dehumanizing Masks Weaken You and Dont Protect You, when 70 ministers left the WCG and exposed the hypocrisy and double standards at HQs. After the chart, the article lists many speculations by him in the P.T. We didnt use the word saved.), It was also odd to hear him say, We are very glad that we have eternal life but that isnt doing anything for us today. (HWA taught we didnt have eternal life at this time.) Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump begins in U.S. Senate. [Update: President Trump was acquitted by the Senate on February 5, 2020.]. They were told they have 17 months of payments remaining and if we continue to pay at our current rate we will pay off the plane one year ahead of schedule. Members were told, Please dont let down. Once the plane is paid well hopefully be able to help fund the Dig. How many false prophecies (predictions) has GF given? We do have Gods love and Gods unity and we have to demonstrate that to the world and we do. [Read about GFs no contact ruling to see how PCG shows love], And very soon as all this falls apart we begin to rise up and become more noticed than ever before. [104] In another 2020 article, Express criticized Gerald Flurry for preaching that according to Bible prophecy, Donald Trump will overturn the election and remain in office. B. [87] He now believes that "in January 2017 that all changed, that throne is no longer in Britain". By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. by Thomas Ice for an excellent explanation of II Thessalonians 2:7. By 1987, the WCG ceased printing the book, citing "biblical discrepancies". PCG Grooms Certain Ones to Become Yes Men: I was reading the last letter posted by H. E. and have felt the same frustration. ! [name withheld]. Most people who hate the Jews dont even know why they do. The HWA Glory Days Is Merely A Disguise of the Deceit: Since were going into a new year, Ive been seeing recaps of the past years events. Towards the beginning of GFs Ezekiel booklet he says, The United States is terribly different from how it was before he [HWA] died in 1986. This reminded me of the 2011 letter by one former PCG member who burnt all of PCG stuff in a big bon-fire and it took him 90 minutes: Burnt All of Gerald Flurrys Literature.. [155] Created and produced by Herbert W. Armstrong College and Armstrong Dance, with original new music from Golden Globe nominated composer Brian Byrne. Reply: Yes men seek approval and do get hooked on the power and assumed prestige. He would use news sources that said suitcase size bombs were smuggled out of Russia and they could be anywhere just waiting to be used. See February 27, 2018 letter: King Flurry?] They will compare us to cults like Jim Jones, which committed mass suicide. [100] In her deposition, she asserted that the PCG didn't assess their views against Scripture. He was the right hand man of GF and was the cause of many problems in PCG. Search for the words world government in our article, , (compares HWA teachings to New Age/Occultic teachings), Brian Davis Gets Big Laugh Out of ESN Site. H. Read: Edmond Elite Youth Being Taught How to Riverdance (Irish Dancing (Oct 1, 2013 letter). [170] Originally, Flurry planned to call this institution, Armstrong-Mazar Institute of Biblical Archaeology in honour of Herbert W. Armstrong and archaeologists Professor Benjamin Mazar and grand daughter Dr. Eilat Mazar. Im curious if any other former members also experienced this. If the date of HWA's death is so significant, why is it "around" the date, and not right on that date? Also, in the sermon mentioned above (Key of David Message) GF had said, Mr. [148] First published in February 1990, the magazine's circulation peaked at 458,700 in 2007[149] and dropped to 262,346 by 2018[150] (of which 168,835 was sent out to waiting rooms to attract new readers[151]). The temple veil (signifying man was separated from God by sin) was torn the moment Jesus died. T. [6][9][10] Based on the doctrine of seven church eras, Flurry believes the seven churches in the book of Revelation are descriptive of seven successive eras of God's church[11][12][13][14] from the original apostolic church until the final church that Christ returns to marry. While there have been former members speaking up about the abuses in PCG, none have written a book that I know of. (See October 22, 2021 letter: Membership Total Worldwide) Many have gravitated to other offshoots, especially to Restored Church of God. The following quote is found in the first paragraph under Introduction: you will come to a better understanding of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD the coming NEW WORLD ORDER which shall rule the world for the next thousand odd years instead of the Order Hitler vainly sought to build you will come to a better understanding of GODS PLAN of salvation. Youre helping a lot of people. [82] Since none of this happened during his first term, Flurry was confident that Joe Biden winning the 2020 U.S. election was against Bible prophecy[83] and that Trump would remain president. [126][127][62] The PCG has been criticized for misleading their members about the details of the court case to fit their prophetic narrative[109] and caved into making a deal to secure their victory. Another reader mentioned this before, but their photos are extremely disturbing, especially this issue showing tearing down statues. T. Gerald Flurry Throwing All Caution to the Wind / Date Setting. E. Reply: It doesnt seem to be happening anymore, especially since 1974 when 70 ministers left the WCG and exposed the hypocrisy and double standards at HQs. A few congregations have arranged satellite sites for their members who cannot travel to their closest Feast site. C. Comment: More about WCGs glory days are found in the Jack Kessler Letter and the Robert Gerringer Letter. Recognized by World Religions and Spirituality Project, Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry and Watchman Fellowship[91] as a non-Christian cult which perverts the Bible to its own end. Former PCG member. Anyway, I e-mailed my resignation and asked them to cross me off of all their lists as well as magazines, etc. We are god. Ohio has around 100 members, give or take, and with students at college, I know I have heard numbers around 300 in Edmond, OK. Take care, stay healthy and thanks for all that you do. He started reading from John 11:7 and told some things that GF had saidhow the disciples had feared for Christs life when he said let us go to Judea and they wondered why Christ would want to go there; its too dangerous. Told how GF said Christ didnt decide where to go or not to go based on how dangerous it was. Its downright depressing. Comment: Bad fruit is the works of the flesh listed in Galatians 5:19-21. A good book you have listed is, When Prophecy Fails by Leon Festinger. B. There is so much difference between what they say and how they act with people, without respect. Remember the good times? says SF, and Oh, and let me remind you that you better remember because your eternal life depends on it! Its the usual pile of crap. Not All Members Are Drinking the Kool-Aid: I know PCG members who are still talking to their excommunicated family members and friends. Flurry is using the recap format but at the same time, trying to lure ex-members into his fold with nostalgic memories of the HWA Glory Days. does the bible say husbands submit to your wives, mobile homes for sale kilkeel, aviation enforcement officer usms,

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