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that it is through exposing it, whatever it is, that the wounds of the world Hips, hands, and lips are all stunning. Appearance: arched eyebrows, wide forehead, luminous eyes, proportionate (unless they have a jupiterian sun, like sagittarius or cancer, pisces to a lower extent), average height, big lips, yellowish skin and downwards noses. Celebrities with a Capricorn Rising: Megan Fox, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Joan Jett. Go to and press charts & calculations, then go to chart drawing. It's very hard to describe and difficult to navigate at times. Controlling and possessive. They are agents of change who get to witness the growth and healing of those they care about. When people like Scorpio risings, theyll make it obvious because theyll want to be around them a lot & so since Scorpio risings are also observers, theyll kinda like figure it out. Being so awake to the sordid and seedy things of life, gives you a gloomy Sag moons often have thick eyebrows & can have more cherubic faces. Celebrities with an Aquarius Rising: Zendaya, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, and Audrey Hepburn. Aquarius/Uranus: Makes it unconventional, asymmetrical or androgynous-esque, also can be made to "stand out". They spend a good amount of their time worrying about their security and the things that they have. Pluto: Individuals who are Pluto dominant are known as plutonians, these individuals are mysterious, closed off and intense in their dealings. but that is only when you are afraid to face the murky parts within. I love your blog btw!! Even though they may have more traditional views, their passions can be genuinely anything as long as its something they like. They have like flawless skin. Even if they dont think this themselves, this is how other people see it. They always take everything in before any actions. Blessed with perceptive powers, you see into the They can get angry very easily, and can have mild to severe anger issues. Dominant Planets Sun: People who are sun dominant are usually easy-going, fun, and cheerful. 12th house Liliths & Plutos often have intrusive thoughts. Their cheeks often get red or have a redder tone to them too. Their eyebrows are very prominent and are often complimented because of their nice shape. His expression is rather serious. Like they just know things, and give off major psychic vibes. They can also start fashion trends just because they tend to be more creative about their fashion sense. Being ruled by Pluto, Scorpio dominant people have a dark aura that is naturally alluring to others. They also give off a very energetic and active vibe which leads people to believe they like working out or just being active in general. But for the most part, they do like to show people the better side of them. Pallas in the 5th house are talented and good at coming up with original/creative ideas! Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being (trans. Of an ethereal appearance, the shape of his face is usually square and slightly round. With Pluto there, youve got the powers of the planet at your disposalyou might even be quite intuitve and psychic at times! To be honest, these people are very naturally pretty. In reality, theyre very friendly & knowledgeable. Aries Risings usually have a very fierce and fiery look. Personality: disciplined, career oriented, stubborn, pessimistic, mature, controlled, ambitious, materialistic, reflexive, silent, distrustful, selfish, bossy, frivolous, hard working, enduring, responsible, influential, skeptical, serious, realistic, loyal. MC), Ellen Page (pluto rx in scorpio). Air risings like playing sports like soccer especially Libra! Pluto dominant people are very secretive, clever, ahead of everybody, and transformative. Im much more afraid of Virgo & Taurus placements together then I am of just Capricorn placements, Taurus=stubbornness & Virgos perfectionism. They are very hard-workers and they try to be good at everything they do to prove people wrong. Jupiter Dominant. Can be corpulent or build muscle really quickly. But they do just have a very romantic nature to them with charm and theyre honestly good at art, like Ive never seen a Libra rising being bad at anything art related. Cancer Venuss are the type to come up with an excuse to not date/like someone because they dont want to tell the person straight up that they dont like them and this is because they know what it feels like to be heartbroken better then anybody. Their energy can genuinely just seem out of this world. Many Aquarius risings I know are more into weirder stuff or just stuff people wouldnt consider ordinary, or maybe things that are just advanced. pluto), Fergie (libra moon conj. mercury), Nicki Minaj (capricorn mars conj. However, it is possible to associate your Uranian nature with a few clear characteristics: Uranus rhymes . This influence comes in many forms but it almost always manifests in certain specific patterns. , , Those with strong pluto/Scorpio placements and aspects are undeniably fascinating. Their faces are more thinner, so their cheeks just go out and just make their cheeks noticeable. They can have a stubborn type of look, and when people try to convince them to do something they dont want to do, the person will quite literally think this person will not budge, how do I convince them? When its time to change, they try to resist just because they find comfort in how theyre used to doing things. Because those are considered the most ~intuitive~ and psychically aware placements in astrology. Theyre the type of who kind of copy or just adapt to others, whether its typing style, certain words, etc. Your ascendant is the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon when you were born. I think you have the uniqueness that stories could use, especially since you may feel like your life is a story. Neptune Dominant= Any dreams can come true, Spiritual guidance, Unexpected Abudance. Looks younger. This is your tragedy because you understand them, and they do not understand you. I dont think you guys actually understand just how much self-discipline earth moons have. my whole life is a love letter to u. when u come to me in dreams u know this. Shy, sapient, and studious, a Saturn dominant person like yourself yearns to shake off all your responsibilities and fall in love (though youd never admit this). If the planet is aspected with Venus, women tend to have many curves. They can put their spotlight onto others if they really wish to, and can often just like help people and lift people up when theyre feeling down. They can have more of a luxurious type of style, and their style can also be attractive or prominent to others. Slender and tall, wide/tall forehead, pointed chin; long nose and fingers, sly smile, glinting, striking eyes; prone to breakouts, dark, thin hair. They may also look through a friends/family members stuff because theyre just interested in seeing what they have. They dont like to be told what to do either. When you meet Virgo Risings, you can tell that theyre organized and are overall well put together. Scorpio/Pluto: Makes things more harsh, piercing, "scary/mysterious", usually represented by making things more square in shape. They can really just witness people in their true, actual personalitys and this is like a superpower. Keep in mind that not everything needs to be court! Listen to Money, Power, . Slender and angular, of average height, delicate bones; stern features, shiny eyes, an antiquated manner, clean-looking skin. They are delicate and soft in verbal contact. Is Pluto a prominent theme in my identity? Celebrities with a Scorpio Rising: Prince, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, and Taylor Swift. Ex: people with a 3rd house Saturn might excel in communication, thinking, etc & people actually underestimated their skills and thought they were bad at it. They can be above average height, strong jawlines, observant & open eyes, they can pull off all and even the oddest of styles, something about them just stands out so when they were younger, they may have been picked on or bullied because of this. They have plump lips and even if theyre on the smaller side, they still look satisfying. there is something mysterious and magical hidden within each of us, and believe you. Expansion and growth of either the mind, spirit, body, or emotions are important to you, as are travel, adventures, and explorations. They want everything in their life to make sense and line up with their perspective. Ex: My teacher with pisces placements said that the flavor of cupcakes shed like depends on her feelings or how she feels that day. Probably an ambitious chameleon. Female examples: Martha Hunt, Imogen Poots, Taylor Swift, Lily James, Nathalie Emanuel, Gisele Bundchen, Lauren Cohan, Adele, Jessie J. 1 of my 3 dominant planets (but the 1 I mostly identify w!) They have a very angelic look to them. Originally posted by aesthetic-magical-girl, hey i just get notice by u. power, and legacies fascinate you. Mysterious, cruel expression. They have a strong and big presence whenever youre around them, which is why theyre always getting noticed by people. Out of the box type of thinkers. sun), Madonna (virgo mercury rx conj. Tall or average height, pale skin, thick hair; heart shaped face, high cheekbones, prominent nose, piercing, intense eyes. They dont exactly ask for attention, but they do just get it anyways since theyre ruled by the Sun which is at the center of the solar system. They like spending money on their family and friends. Celebrities with a Sagittarius Rising: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Princess Diana, and Joe Biden. Just overall lovely people & sweethearts. ascendant). These personalities can be intimidating at first instance. They have a prophetic ability to foretell outcomes, especially in tragic or difficult situations. When theyre fixed on an idea, theres no changing their minds. If the planet is aspected with Venus, women tend to have many curves. Traditionally attractive unless venus is afflicted or in aquarius. Behind their lovely, relaxing smiles is a sharp analytical intellect. MC and mercury), Viola Davis (leo sun in the 10th). They are usually very good in positions where all the spotlight is on them. Celebrities with a Taurus Rising: Mariah Carey, Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus, and Robert Pattinson. Sometimes their humor can literally be seen in what they wear, and it just makes a statement to be honest. Leo risings are very glamorous & gorgeous. 12th House Pluto: you want to get to the bottom of certain issues. Round face, prone to being overweight, short height. This can be both a blessing and a course. They have really strong feelings, so when they do open up, theyll show this & people can see this. Gemini and Virgo placements are so scary in a fight. Pluto dominance produces a being of strong internal strength. They literally look just like a dream. thanks xx, Pluto in Aquarius: A Great Transformation - Cosmic Cannibal. This is the last zodiac of the mercury series!! Hammer (aries sun conj. Instead of appearing as a totally serious Capricorn, this chart holder would have a softer appearance and would more easily express emotions. His features tend to vary a lot. They must, however, avoid compromising to the extent that their standards are compromised. No in between. Aquarius risings make people feel like they need to be validated by them.. like people just suck up Aquarius risings so that they will like them. Virgo Risings just have a very kind of dull appearance. pluto and ascendant), Misha Collins (leo mercury conj. Theyre enigmas whether they admit it or not. - People who have a fire Mars can be unreliable, they dont do anything they dont want to. They also have baby faces but in an actually attractive way. I'm a scorpio rising with Pluto in the second. MC), Sasha Pieterse (aquarius uranus conj. They have many round features & broad foreheads. Individuals with sag/pisces or water placements tend to do things in the moment. Most of the Virgo Risings Ive seen get clear skin easily. I also hate to say this, but if they have a lot of Libra/7H placements then they will not be able to verbally fight all that well unless theres some Virgo/Gemini placements and even then, you never know. There is a strange Plutonian magnetism to the Pluto dominant appearance. They either like to dress comfortably, or like a Queen. They make very great leaders, and people honestly just want to know what theyre all about. They stand out for having defined and curved eyebrows. They are great at multi-tasking and just doing many things, and people really see this in their personality. Soyeah, its a lot. The cancer placement person would like to feel dominated unless they have Capricorn placements themselves or placements with similar energy like Scorpio. Strongly affected by other peoples moods. okay can u gimme opinion bout it? For some reason, they like tattoos so theyre also more prone to getting them just out of impulse. You notice their presence instantly. They are so angry but look fine; they seethe, (and this doesnt happen often either) I congratulate all my Capricorn moons who have this ability. MC), Pablo Escobar (sagittarius sun conj. They honestly just want to belong with other people, and because of this, they may act differently than their actual true self. They know how to communicate verbally and interact in any social contact. determined to mark the world as your territory. (Sometimes it can be the other way around). Since the moon is their chart ruler, they can have deeper emotions, are quick to sympathize, and are just very heartwarming. People with 2h moons are honestly very generous. They can transform themselves into anything they want, and would be very deep. Oh okay. personality is drenched in drama, which can make your temper volatile, but you These individuals were born into a society where they had to cope with narcissists, merciless enforcers, and those who sought to discipline recklessly from a very young age. are at your best when you use your composed intensity and agonizing experiences My Pluto doesn't aspect my asc but it does trines my mc and don't even get me started on the sun-mars-jupiter square it has. They dont want to restrict other people either just because they know how it feels. They can argue with 10 different people and still win. Their faces denote a dreamy and drowsy air. Overall, they just have a very magnetizing energy. Usually sweet appearance. However, you can really be surprised and attracted by theirunique or eye-catching physique when you catch a glance, and they make themselves seen. You are committed, loyal, and believe in MC), Vin Diesel (scorpio neptune rx conj. Sagittarius placements are very good at being & acting unbothered. We can see that Ms. Monroe's dominant planets are Mercury, then the Sun, then Saturn . Never mistake their beauty for a lack of intelligence, as they are masters at seeing things from various perspectives and viewpoints when problems arise. Pisces sun - Virgo moon - Aquarius Venus - Cancer mars, hey! eating disorders. That being said, heres my best estimate: Scorpio sun - Virgo moon - Libra Mercury - Sagittarius venus - Gemini mars. They can have bigger eyes, and when they open them wide its like theyre genuinely bulging. They can have more of a diamond shaped face with a pointed chin, and theyre always talking with their hands. mercury and moon), James Dean (aries uranus conj. Female examples: Elle Fanning, Zendaya, Alisha Boe, Katherine Langford, Bella Thorne, Dove Cameron, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Izabella Miko.Male examples: Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill, Bruno Mars, Chris Evans, Adam Levine, Jensen Ackles, Michael B. Jordan, Tyler Hoechlin, Brendon Urie.

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