how to remove permanent marker from vinyl doll

3 Effective Methods. The Answer and More, How to Write With a Fountain Pen? To start, mix warm water, toothpaste, and lemon juice in a bowl or similar container. Read each method carefully to find one that perfectly suits your doll. Not Read more, Airbrushing involves skills, techniques, and the best airbrush with the best features. We use Acetone to remove ALL the coloring on the face (removes eyebrows, lipstick, blush, etc.). If you'd like to opt for more gentle options, vinegar and baking soda make great stain removers and all-around household cleaners. This also works on other vinyl items. Triple check that the marker youre using is a dry-erase marker and not a Sharpie. There are two ways to clean ink stains with a nail polish remover. (w/Pictures), Marvy Uchida Fabric Marker Reviewed & Tested. Step 4: After 5-7 minutes, rub the area with a clean damp cloth. Rotate the Magic Eraser as you see ink coming off the wall onto the eraser. Then, use the rag to rub off the permanent marker stain on your doll. I used to by it at a hobby store. HOW TO REMOVE PERMANENT MARKER STAINS FROM A DOLL | Bratz Tokyo a Go Go Jade doll restoration Courtly Jester 47K subscribers Subscribe 9.9K views 1 year ago Special thanks to the two of. One of the best feasibilities of removing dirt is that you need to apply it usually. You can use Misters clean magic eraser to remove the permanent marker off an American Girl doll. If a permanent market gets marked on the dolls face, it may be hard to remove. Grab another cotton pad or corner of your microfiber cloth and soak it in hydrogen peroxide before gently rubbing the stain. Permanent markers, commonly referred to by the brand name Sharpies, can make for some of the most intimidating types of stains. The tip of the marker acts like a finely concentrated scrubber brush, lifting and removing the marks. Sprinkle the solution over the ink and use a clean cloth or paper towel to blot the spot. Im sure that you already have them at home. You can even leave your toy outside in direct sunlight as it bleaches away all the spots and stains. Just be sure it is NON-ACETONE. Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. Thats because permanent markers, like spray paint, contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that evaporate to dry the ink. (Average Length), How to Hold a Fountain Pen Correctly? If your garment is older or thinner cotton you can try diluting the rubbing in alcohol in water, Peters says. WD-40 is a commercial cleaning spray. But sometimes accidents happen, and you will find marker stains on your dolls face and clothes. These two are household names for cleaning that can also be a great combination to clean and remove marker stains from your cabbage patch doll. Cleaning dolls, like a Cabbage Patch Doll or an American Girl Doll, requires you to be a bit more attentive than cleaning other toys. Make sure there is no dust in the surrounding ink region. The tip of the dry eraser looks like a brush with the help of which you can lift and remove the marks. Concrete. How do you get a permanent marker off an American Girl doll? Instead, he suggests the following: Most cotton can handle alcohol and acetone products, which are also going to be some of the most effective options. For me, it is always a part of my parenting technique. When removing the Sharpie marker from vinyl or plastics, you can use the hydrogen peroxide conveniently. And I'm just addicted to my 3d pen creating doll shoes, bag, crown, wings and other doll accessoires. Alternatively, you can apply the hairspray onto the paper towel or cloth then use it to blot out the stain. Spray the wall with Windex or another glass cleaner. Continue doing this until your doll is cleaned. How to Keep Permanent Marker on Plastic: 5 Easy Methods! I tried the coppertone sport sunblock spray as many recommended to remove sharpie marker from my leather car seats. The brand is very well-known, so you should have no problems finding an eraser. How do you get permanent markers off toys? Draw over the permanent marker spot with the dry erase marker. Use nail polish remover in place of acetone, as long as the label indicates it is acetone-based. Alcohol does not only clean piercings and disinfects surfaces, but is also a powerful ink stain remover. If your kid loves drawing and scribbling on their dolls, you need to read this article on how you can fix them up. Then, start scrubbing and scouring. Whiteboards for example are extremely non-porous and you can actually just write over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and wipe it up! Make sure you use a clean one. Prepare your work area and gather all the supplies you need. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. non-porous surfaces got their ink on them. Draw over the permanent ink and then wipe away. This is a page about cleaning dolls. Pour some hydrogen peroxide into a bowl or similar container and dip a cotton pad or ball into it. In any case, repeat this step until you remove permanent markers from vinyl flooring or other items. Step 1: There are two ways to apply rubbing alcohol. Option #2 Using Toothpaste & Lemon A DIY paste with toothpaste and lemon can help you remove permanent marker from plastic toys and vinyl. Its also safe for painted walls.. Whats with Dry Erase and Wet Erase Markers? Acetone.comes is a metal can like paint thinner. Does rubbing alcohol remove permanent marker from plastic? You Read more, When working with various DIY projects, you have probably wondered, Can you use acrylic paint Read more, The unsightly reddish, yellowish, and even green coating forming on our metal furniture or tools Read more, Experienced artists understand that it is essential to be extra careful with any kind of Read more, Have you ever felt that there are so many things to do but cant remember Read more, With art-related hobbies, you would surely agree that purchasing the best board for watercolor painting Read more, If you are in the market for economical and environmental-friendly brush pens, set your sights Read more, You might have been looking for a cheaper alternative to Copic for a long time Read more, EXPO markers can be a great writing tool for office workers, teachers, and more. How to Get Permanent Marker Off a Doll Without Damaging It. You can remove the ink from your carpet, clothing, and even the finger marks on utensils. Soak the microfiber cloth in the rubbing alcohol. Step 1: Take a soft clean cloth or white towel. And we also need Read more, Brushed nickel paint gives off an elegant color and finish similar to stainless steel. Keep on blotting, and after some time, youll see the ink disappear. Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover (same process), RELATED: How to Get Nail Polish Out of Just About Everything. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 3: Wipe it away. If the ink does not disappear completely, you can consider trying the method below. To clean the face, use Soft scrub and a sponge. HiI went to sleep last nght with permanent marker on my arm and it seems to have rubbed off onto a linal cat doll of mine.How do i get it off? Let's test different Internet Lifehacks and see How To Remove Permanent Marker and Ball Pen Stains from a Vynil Doll Face!Here you can enter my giveaway and win my Snow White Doll Repaint: my Doll Channel you can find numerous Craft Ideas for Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High dolls. Step 3: Start with circular blotting to the region. Step 3: Hairsprays can leave residue on different surfaces . Advertisement Do not rub too much as I was being gentle and it still took the finish off of my seats. The marker should come up easily. Once the ink is gone, blot your doll dry with another rag. Pondering upon how to remove permanent marker solution from vinyl, I looked upon the convenient steps. Hold it in position for a couple of seconds. Keep in mind that gel toothpaste wont do the trick. The latter is recommended to avoid further smudging and smearing any Sharpie. Later on, wipe the wet area with a clean cloth. There are various ways and methods to remove the marker spot off dolls. I have tried several things and nothing seems to be removing them. This is because they have many painted details that you can potentially erase in the process if you are not careful. How can you get sharpie marks off plastic or vinyl seats. There are many methods you can try. To the females, nail polish remover is one of the most available stuff you can get from them. For example, after laundering your fabric toy in the washing machine, you can spot-clean any visible traces with rubbing alcohol. Take a clean cloth and start blotting the spot slowly. Now, use a wet cloth and put in the mixture, and then rub it over the marks. Scrub the areas with the Magic Eraser using a lot of pressure. Read more, Having an assortment of colored pencils for drawing is the dream. I recommend nail polish remover. Step 2: Take a clean white towel or paper towel. Nail polish remover took it right off - easy - no work required. While the same dry erase marker trick will work with non-porous metal, he maintains that the best option is to simply use plenty of rubbing alcohol. Follow the same instructions for using rubbing alcohol to remove Sharpie from clothing. The faster you can remove the ink, the less time the evaporation process has time to affect, and the greater chance that you can successfully remove the ink before it really does become permanent, he points out. Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is highly flammable. Again, moisten the cotton ball or swab with the remover and rub it over the affected area. The Read more, Two well-known writing instruments that have endured for ages are the fountain pen and the Read more, It is easy to get confused when youre looking for an eraser in your local Read more, Have you ever written on surfaces with a rough marker? Is the Other One Better than the Other? Just be patient. You should see some progress within a few minutes. Advertisement. With time, be harsh on the spot. If you're trying to become a better stain fighter, there are plenty of ways to use several items you likely have at home. I just finished cleaning my husband's boat seats.attack of daughter with a ball point pen. Simply wipe the marker with the rubbing alcohol on soft cloths. These methods will work every time you implement them. Let the vinegar sit on the stain for a few minutes to ensure that it penetrates. Let it sit on the marks for awhile and then wipe with a dry clean cloth. Use a clean cloth for wiping and cleaning the area. Let us know how the cleaning goes in the comments down below! The spray components are so practical that you wont have to do much in implementing them. Therefore, he suggests using toothpaste. Keep repeating this step until you get permanent marker off the vinyl floor. So while those work, you might want to consider a few less harsh options. Wipe Off the Marker with a Microfiber Towel. Keep in mind that solutions depend on the type of doll. Step 1: Take a clean cloth and apply mineral spirits to it. Using it every day, I couldnt control the proper precautions of it. Artltdmag is reader-supported. Nail polish remover is another great at-home product for removing permanent marker. Ways to Remove Permanent Marker From Doll Face Method 1: Anti-Acne Gel With 10% Benzoyl Peroxide/ Benzoylperoxidum Method 2: Deodorant Method 3: Remove-Zit Stain Remover Method 4: Grandma's Secret Spot Remover and Soft Scrub Other Tips and Advice Conclusion Ways to Remove Permanent Marker From Doll Face That said, I would like to know if you enjoyed this tutorial and managed to clean up that ink stain. 3 Answer this Question Question: Permanent Marker on Vinyl Couch? Step 1: Prepare the solution first. link to Does Armour Etch Work on Acrylic? Mridul Kabiraz 38.3K subscribers In this video you will see how to remove marker, sharpie or pen ink stains from your dolls face. Detailed Steps, How to Use a Colorless Blender Marker? Let me warn you that acetone-based products tend to evaporate quickly so you may need more quantities to clean up bigger stains. You can also use hair spray -- it contains alcohol as a solvent. It will be convenient for the associated areas to assist in your mission as well. Permanent marker has been one of the most used writing implements in my professional life. When she isnt working on a piece, youll find her chasing after her four children (two humans, a Vizsla and a German Shorthaired Pointer) or working on her 100-plus-year-old home outside Philadelphia. Depending on the shape and size of the stain, use circular rubbing motions or go in a single direction. Rubbing alcohol is another solution which is the most common one, and is effective in removing ink and marker stains. Step 5: Continue rubbing and blotting a couple of times until the marker ink gets out of the area. Use clean cold water for the task, and youre done removing the marker from your vinyl item. Be very careful not to get any on your clothes or carpethydrogen peroxide is quite powerful and can strip the color out of fabric in the right circumstances. Typically the face and body of the doll are made with different materials. Rub all over the stain evenly in a circular motion. Which Are you working and accidentally got Sharpie on your nails? hi any suggestions on how to remove permanent marker form vinyl dolls. Based on my research, however, new formulas may not be as effective in removing ink stains as they no longer contain alcohol. Understand the correct use of the ingredients in the perfect way. It acts as a cleaning agent and is quite effective. Good luck. The best option is a toothpaste with a little baking soda (check the ingredients) or just add some of your own, suggests Peters. Removing nail polish from a painted wall can be tricky because you don't want to remove the paint that is underneath it. This method can also work on removing old marker stains. Just make sure you handle your doll with care. Leather Permanent marker can be easily removed from leather surfaces using distilled white vinegar. I swabbed the mark with the peroxide and let the doll sit in the sun for a couple hours. Once the ink starts to dissolve, wipe it with the rag. Ballpoint vs Gel Ink: How Ink Type Matters? You must be extra careful when applying the methods above to get rid of stains. Almost all the girls love playing with dolls around the world. Facts, The Best Spray Paints for Rusty Metal for 2023, The Best Canvases for Watercolor for 2023, How to Make Your Own Dry Erase Board Out of Paper Guide for DIYers, The Best Boards for Watercolor Painting for 2023, How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothes: 10 Methods, Fountain Pen vs Calligraphy Pen A Detailed Comparison. Cricut Infusible Ink Pens vs Markers: Which is Better? May try oven cleaner. Get a dry-erase marker and write over the permanent marker. Make sure to cover the surrounding areas as well. What Is a Dry Erase Marker? While they remove the permanent marker, they may also remove the color and pigment from the plastic. Not Read more, Airbrushing involves skills, techniques, and the best airbrush with the best features. Make sure the cloth is clean and soft enough to take out maximum dirt. As with laundry, the sooner you attack a stain, the better. You can consider using mild laundry detergent and a gentle setting for peace of mind. Step 5: Repeat the step several times unless the stain goes away. (w/ Pictures & Video), The Best Metallic Colored Pencils for Artists of All Skills, Levels & Ages. So for whichever purpose that you come to art, you can start here with us. Saturate a cotton pad or cotton ball with some alcohol. Removing Sharpie Marker Stain on Vinyl Siding? If the spot that needs treating is small or narrow, we recommend using a toothbrush. Step 2: Get a paper towel or any clean fabric towel to blot the affected area. Rubbing alcohol: As always, rubbing alcohol makes a great option, says Peters. If the stain is still fresh and not set too deep you can actually scrub the ink away with a pencil eraser. Read more, Having an assortment of colored pencils for drawing is the dream. Remove as much ink as possible from the area. Removing permanent marker stain from plastic is easier than you think. The Read more, Have you ever seen a handwritten letter or invitation and wondered how a little piece Read more. Its also easy to rinse and remove once its done its job. If you are looking to add a touch of elegance and finesse Prismacolor vs Copic markers is a popular debate among artists. Pour a generous amount of alcohol or nail polish remover on the cloth. The methods name might sound ridiculous, but it is the most available method you can have at your home. Most importantly, if you are new to removing markers from vinyl or plastic, the methods will assist you in every possible way. Still, you dont want to use anything thats going to strip the paint, Peters explains. iv. Finally, wipe the doll clean with a wet rag. This really does work. It is available almost everywhere. Permanent markers come in handy when you need to write on vinyl labels and plastic containers. Do you have any suggestions? Dont spray the leather directly as not only will this give you way more than you need, but youll likely end up with WD-40 getting sprayed in more places than you want. Another professional way to do it is to use Remove-Zit stain remover, specifically designed to do the job. If your doll has other colors and paints on its face, you can use a cotton swab to clean it properly. If you are using the sunlight to heat a reborn doll, you will not need to wrap it up. Step 2: Spray the WD-40 over the permanent marker ink. Step 4: After completely removing the marker ink, wipe the area with a soapy water solution. Step 3: Continue the process unless you see the ink getting out from the area. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Hi..I read in a women's magazine that BUTTER will get ink and marker off of vinyl and says to apply it generously and let it sit for about 45 minutes. Since finished wood is much less porous than unfinished wood, it will be more durable when it comes to cleaning products and more resistant to permanent marker ink stains. Thus, it is obvious to work effectively in removing permanent markers from the floor or woods, or any surface. Step 2: Saturate the area with the nail polish remover. Color over the permanent marker and wipe it out with a rag. It is also proven effective in getting marker stains off silicone dolls like acid patch dolls or a reborn doll. Alcohols are an excellent solution to remove any mark or color from any surface. Similar to acetone, rubbing alcohol is a solvent that can help clean dolls. It does kind of look like permanent marker. I had sharpie marks on antique furniture and the polish remover brought it right off. During the process, feel free to make and apply more of the baking soda and water paste. Ways to remove permanent marker from porcelain. So, if you love Barbi dolls, Monster High dolls, Ever After High dolls, 3d pen and 3doodler and just crazy about Custom Doll, OOAK Doll and want to learn how to customize a doll and make doll clothes and shoes very easy - subscribe my channel!My dolls can be purchased here: @poppenatelierFacebook: materials to choose for doll repaint? Nail polish remover is a highly reactive remover. Step 1: Take a soft clean cloth or white towel. How to Remove Sharpie from Laminate Flooring Nail Polish Remover. Step 5: When you are finally done removing the marker ink, wipe the area with a damp cloth of cold water. I have tried everything under the sun to remove this artwork.I have tried Oops, goofoff, WD-40, magic eraser, 409, Soft Scrub, OxyClean, Lava Soap and rubbing alcohol. In this article, we will give you the ultimate solution to your dilemma on how to remove permanent marker from doll face. Apply more spray to the cloth or towel and start blotting the permanent marker area. If Yes, What Markers Can You Use? Learn more, Written byGeorge Melrod/ Fact checked byMolly Enholm. Using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. (new Image()).src = ''; cnxps.cmd.push(function () { cnxps({ playerId: "38cf8a01-c7b4-4a61-a61b-8c0be6528f20" }).render("6ea159e3e44940909b49c98e320201e2"); }); Alcohol and acetone-based products can easily damage leather so its best to avoid things like hairspray, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, and rubbing alcohol, Peters explains. This isn't a concern if your plastic is white or clear, but for other colors, be mindful before you start scrubbing. i. We all are professional and we know more than most of them. Personalizing gift items has become increasingly famous recently, and so has etching. Tip #1 Choose Your Cleaning Tools Carefully. Art has always been a part of my life; it influences my upbringing and later my career choice. Ask a QuestionHere are the questions asked by community members. Using a toothpick, get a small amount of Remove-Zit remover and apply it to the ink stains. Learn more, Written byGeorge Melrod/ Fact checked byMolly Enholm. Step 4: Spread the solution over the region slowly. Do your kids love to use crayons? Then, use the cloth to work rub the alcohol. Acetone or Non-acetone Nail Polish Remover, Here Are the Different Methods of Cleaning Marker Stain From Vinyl, Method #1: Removing the stain using rubbing alcohol, Method #2: Cleaning the stain using hairspray, Method #3: Eliminating the ink stain using nail polish remover, how to remove permanent markers from vinyl floor, how she erases a vinyl dolls face makeup. You can wrap up by giving your doll a wipe-down with a wet cloth. You can use either rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, since both contain acetone. Hydrogen peroxide is the safest of all natural cleaning solutions. Lets take a look at the steps of using the spray accordingly. Bleach didn't work. Remove the wrap, and clean Barbie dolls face. It will bring more possibilities for you to finish up the work faster. This is very strong so test a spot first. You can rub on all the other marks or spots you find and then wipe your doll using a damp cloth. You may have to repeat this step several times to remove all traces of the stain. Click here to learn how to remove other kinds of stains from leather using natural ingredients! Wash the spot with clean water and soap solution to finish the removal. There are plenty of ways how to remove permanent marker from doll face but acne cream with at least 10% Benzoyl Peroxide is by far the ultimate solution you can get. Then wipe off the stain with a damp cloth and circular motions. is a seasoned veteran of the cleaning industry with over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential cleaning. Diamond Feedback Medal for All Time! The other method is to soak the soft cloth in alcohol. You should be able to find it at local drugstores for an affordable price. I have permanent marker on my tan, vinyl couch. You can check out this video by Queen of Clean. Then try to wipe off the stain with a damp cloth in circular motions. Step 1: Lay marker stain face down onto the towel and put on rubber gloves. Aerosol hairspray is a non-oily hairspray. I especially love Easy Crafts and 5 minute crafts! Read on to learn more tips on how to remove permanent marker from plastic, whether it's a container, bin or box, a decorative item, or a piece of furniture. Chances are, if you have young children in the house, they probably do. Rubbing alcohol, hairspray, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer can also pose similar problems though the latter two are less concentrated and therefore less likely to cause problems. He is a member of The Spruce's Cleaning and Organizing Review Board, How to Remove Permanent Marker Stains from Plastic, What to Consider Before Cleaning Permanent Marker Off of Plastic, Color Over the Stain with a Dry-Erase Marker, Wipe Off the Marker with a Microfiber Towel, Remove Any Stuck Spots with Rubbing Alcohol, Tips for Removing Permanent Marker from Hard Plastics. Yet, lets get to know its proper way of implementation. How do you get a marker off a dolls face? Continue until the permanent marker ink is gone. You can wrap up by giving your doll a wipe-down with a wet cloth. Then, wipe with a damp cloth gently until it completely diminishes. Rubbing alcohol is one of the most powerful ink stain removers and cleaning agents. Removing Permanent Marker on a Wood Table. Motsenbocker's Lift Off #3 is a new biodegradable and water based product and is designed to remove most inks, including: indelible ink, permanent markers, fountain tip pens, surgical markers, roller ball pens and ball point pens. Although Read more, You likely have used a ballpoint pen and a gel pen over and over, in Read more, You may have accidentally picked a Sharpie and written things all over the whiteboard. Though the makeup is not drawn with marker ink, I assure you that this technique works just as well. Just like the vinyl, the permanent marker can be well wiped from plastic too. Rubbing Alcohol It is one of the best ways to remove any stain. What Age Are American Girl Dolls For? How To Remove Permanent Marker from Doll Face - Testing Lifehacks from Internet / Experiment Poppen Atelier / Doll Art Studio 645K subscribers Subscribe 119K views 5 years ago Let's test. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. The dust is only on the vinyl parts. Get a dry-erase marker and write over the permanent marker. I have lots of DIY Projects and crafts for kids and parents. Fill the tub with water. You can then wash the toy or any surface using a wet cloth. Alcohols are an excellent solution to remove any mark or color from any surface. You can also use a nail polish remover. Nothing is working. If the stain remains, try hydrogen peroxide, bleach diluted with water (mix according to the bottle's directions . However, I find that the simplest and most effective solutions are with the use of rubbing alcohol, hairspray, and acetone. You dont Read more, Erasers are specifically made to help us correct our mistakes when writing, drawing, or painting. Things like time, temperature, and exposure to weather can all impact how long permanent marker may or may not stay on plastic. The acid mixture with toothpaste is enough to remove the toughest stain from any place. I just had great success removing permanent marker stains from a vinyl baby doll's head using hydrogen peroxide. You dont Read more, Erasers are specifically made to help us correct our mistakes when writing, drawing, or painting. How Do You Get Permanent Marker Off Toys? Once youre done, pat it dry with a rag or paper towel. You can remove the ink from your carpet, clothing, and even the finger marks on utensils. Afterward, spot-clean the doll with a new rag. It also looks like it may have been absorbed a bit deeper into the plastic. Leah Groth covers everything from cleaning hacks and consumer products to travel and pets for Readers Digest. Copyright 2023 - Art Ltd Magazine. How to Get Rid of Eraser Marks? Take a toothbrush or cloth and start blotting the spot with the solution poured over the region with a clean paper towel. How Does a Fountain Pen Work? When you are looking to get ink out from a surface, you cannot but think of having mineral spirits for the purpose. How do I remove permanent marker from the plastic slip cover on a binder? hi any suggestions on how to remove permanent marker form vinyl dolls . If the stain is large, you can use benzoyl peroxide. Note that it is totally normal that you wont get marker off Barbie face right away on the first application. 8 Steps for Beginners, How Long is a Pen in Inches? Vee from Carencro, LA, You can try getting a little bottle of enamel thinner made by "Testors". The mark will get off once you wipe it. Following the steps accordingly will resolve your issues in no time. Web my family owns a flooring business. none of which have got it off. Have you tried WD-40 I use it to get marker off of many things but never tried it on vinyl seats but Iused it to get pen off a vinyl purse once..I think it should work.. try a spray at walmart called oops located in the paint aisle. 3: Wipe it away. Art has always been a part of my life; it influences my upbringing and later my career choice. If your stain does not get off using alcohol, try rubbing it will alcohol. I had tried EVERYTHING (acetone nail polish remover, bleach, paint thinner, citrus oil, Mr. Clean Eraser sponge. Place the doll over a big clean rag or a towel. Only proceed with this method if your doll is machine-washable. I tried this trick on my daughters Barbie doll faceafter trying everything else to no avail and it worked like a charm. Let the vinegar sit on the stain for a few minutes to ensure that it penetrates. Step 2: Try to clean as much stain as possible from the area at the initial stage. Most artists use straight acetone, which is the quickest and most efficient method for vinyl dolls. However, if you do not have these items or cannot find one, the deodorant method, Grandmas Secret and Soft Scrub tandem is the next thing you can try. For me, it is always a part of my parenting technique. I have tried nail polish remover, alcohol and hairspray. This ensures that no acetone or nail polish remover is left on your doll. Apply a small amount of the ink stain and allow it to soak for at least five minutes. Do this several times to lift as much of the ink as possible. I found only a few of them legit and valid from the many fundamental ways of removing permanent markers from vinyl.

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