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It would have been interesting for you to show what the discourse is surrounding these issues in Korea in general, which is a country that tends to be very harsh when dealing with body types that deviate from what is decided to be acceptable. Please understand that what I'm trying to explain here is what most knetz (primarily women) think. as long as they're behaving, let them stay (and this applies to everyone, regardless of age). They were also shocked at her age. insulting their body type won't help anyone. because in the end of the day people are taking their hate for his "ideals" or perceived ideals out on his physical appearance, something that lots of other people share. people need to stop doing that. As part of my birthday week in Amsterdam me and my girlfriend decided to eat here one night. how about you move on with Super junior? Super Junior member Shindong has drawn major online flak after his supposed commentary on Taemin's music video ' Advice ' went viral. If yall want to hate them just do it, dont have involve. How does Super Junior still havecareers. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews. Display all external content don't let this video make you wanna never listen to them, they have good music, and if it makes you happy, go for it. because of the way super junior is framed in people's minds, people see things that aren't there when it comes to them. Cho Kyu Hyun is a South Korean singer and actor. This is what irks me every time Shindong opens his mouth. Twitter influence or not, thats still the bottom line of ops conclusion from this mess, which yeah ill still call out even if op is young. allkpop is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. of course people hate super junior, we all do. 2007 - 2023 6Theory Media, LLC. Actually up until a year into the industry I didnt even know what a Super Junior was, I assumed they were just an old boy group that had slowly faded from public eye. did not see a single shawol complaining about that statement, Most shawols were focusing on the fact that Taemin showed up at Sshindong's house to check on his editing lol, People are making things up at this point. i can meet things as they are presented and bring identity politics in later if mentioned. The idol also claimed that there's nothing wrong with the Bogyum's controversial signature phrase, "boiru" [bogyum + hairu (slang of 'hi')[ which is believed by many that it actually means "c*nt + hairu. We arrived with girls of 10 and 13, and asked for one rijstafel which the menu says is for a minimum of 2 persons (i.e. LMAO you again and your ex-suju fan agenda. That's so normal, we're human, Suju is human too. i am not going to drop any names but there actually are other kpop idols who said love and or marriage can only happen between men and women. Totally different topic: Musical - adaptations of dramas! Also Donghae said 'move, fuck' at the airport because fans were in his space. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Ive seen people use that argument againts fans as well. We were not disappointed at all. most kpop fans are young women. The girl was there with her mom, so hopefully she was safe. What is the consensus on this Super Junior title? Super Junior p.masterlist Most of their scandals can be found when searching "super junior scandals or controversies" misogynist - a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women fatphobic - the fear and/ or hatred of fat bodies blackface - wearing makeup to imitate the appearance of a black person You are the one who protected me when i was in trouble. Likes. The food was delicious and the service prompt and friendly. it's not lie that super junior are past their peak. If Eun-woo talked about bullying? Your browser has JavaScript disabled. It was hammered into us by the adults that anyone caught doing this would be banned from the premises and sent home immediately. 20221 jaar. The poor guy always cops it. LMAO, LEETEUK I HEECHUL I YESUNG I SHINDONG I SUNGMIN I EUNHYUK I DONGHAE I SIWON I RYEOWOOK I KYUHYUN. young women don't like lecherous old women. Fans also call it SuJu or SJ. Amsterdam is overpriced for food to begin with, but milking more out of what is a decent and overpriced rice dinner to begin with is just too much. From all the actual problematic things they once said they picked a non-issue to get mad ? I got into K-pop during the time where Super Junior was inactive. i use it for it's simplicity, but it doesn't have any nuance. People act like theyre unforgivable. What annoys me the most is those hating on Shindong for fatshaming, yet doing the same to him. allkpop is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. a list of problematic groups/soloists or problematic things they have done. of one people of society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society, transphobic - having or showing dislike of or prejudice against transgender or transsexual people, homophobic - having or showing dislike of a prejudice against gay people, four days later jhope had braids again for a another micdrop performance, september 26 2019 jhope for his chiken noodle soup remake had gel twits and he also commissioned the album art which used rastafarian colors and what looked to be like locs. What is the consensus on this Super Junior title? [Round 1] Visual Battle Boy Groups: Super Junior, [theqoo] KPOP'S SUPER GROUP SUPERM NOMINATED FOR THE GRAMMYS. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. he had braids again the following day, and the following day after that, oct 11 2017 jhope had braids again for another mic drop performance, four days later jhope had braids again for a another mic drop performance, november 18 2017 when asked in an interview if there was anything they could tell their younger selves, what would it be, namjoon said please change your name and please change your hair, january 23 2018 in run episode 37, yoongi made fun of Native American names, also calling Native Americans Indians, may 25 2018 during a press conference namjoon announced theyd be changing the nword lyric in their song to different words so it wouldnt sound like the nword, april 2019 namjoon addressed but non-dune saying in a movie addressing the saying people used when kpop idols do problematic things and he is brought up to say much worse has been done before, september 26 2019 jhope for his chicken noodle soup remake had gel twits and he also commissioned the album art which used rastafarian colors and what looked to be like locs. Super Junior is the only group acknowledged by World Health Organization, Why Shinee is successful charting on Melon but Super Junior had so much difficulty, Super Junior EVER.LASTING.FRIEND tag list. i use it for it's simplicity, but it doesn't have any nuance. I truly didnt know that this was such a big problem within Kpop groups. Participated in a performance with Boom, who was wearing blackface; Henry. [Heres a few girl groups I listened to in 2011 instead of Mr. ", translation:Im really close with Eun-woo, he is good looking but he is a manly man. Netflix Unveils Line Up of Their Upcoming 2023 K-Content! I dont know. So really this entire post is just one big reflection on why them fading out of the public eye is really just a blessing. Since he showed up, the male idol immediately attracted the attention of viewers after people noticed that he was under the influence of alcohol. i respect them as idols for their careers and success but don't respect them as persons for how many shit they did. The more optics are observed, the stronger your points will eventually be! Seulgi said she met Kyuhyun once as a trainee and introduced herself to him, then she met him again a year later and he still remembered her name and she was so touched. and this is mostly because people don't think that super junior has enough popularity and worth to be continuously sustained as a group. Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent. 60-61, 116, 278, 464, 489-490) | [Special MC] (Ep. anyway, Siwon apologized sincerely for RTing that stuff and said he was going to educate himself and reflect on his beliefs. He loves sports too. MY victory, one SYNK DIVE. Suwon is some homophobic trash and leetuk is some crazy weird when it comes to young female idols (yet the industry still lets him work with them?!?). What went WRONG with Super Junior members? While talking about him being criticized for "not donating" just because he made it all in private, Heechul started cursing and calling them vulgar names. He likes this identity so I don't understand why you are trying to hate on someone who said what he saw. Y'all funny. Like if you're going to criticise Super Junior, at least focus your attention towards the most problematic members like Leeteuk (mostly owing to his abused past and that Krystal incident). this framing of super junior is personal to a lot of people in this fandom. There's some things some Super Junior members have done that can be considered problematic but this ain't one. 2. super junior aren't popular -- this ties in a bit to the next point. Such wheeling and dealing is not respectable to begin with - and contradicts the menu. i would say it comes down to #4, but a lot of groups have #4s and they don't receive the same amount of "it's okay to hate them"-treatment that super junior does. Yes, saying problematic things about fictional characters still count because they, like you said, do not exist in a vacuum. Highly recommended. Heechul then admitted that Kangin truly f*cked up and that he deserved all the criticism he is getting. At the time I was girl group trash (basically Colloquial for you stan girl groups) So when Mister Simple dominated charts I purposely ignored it because girl groups dont get enough attention! Although this online community for women doesn't have a good reputation, especially among K-pop fans, internet users think that it doesn't justify Heechul to swear and generalize the members. i was going to make a long post regarding kpop fans negative attitude towards age, but essentially: i have no idea why people react so adversely to older people in the kpop sphere on contact, especially because the people who actually create kpop content, 90% of the time are ages 30 and up. (LogOut/ SJ Returns: PLAY The Unreleased Video Clips! An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of May 2020. In fact since op is so young they should learn more about worldly matters if they dont want to end up being a close-minded bigot down the line. For more information, please see our and this goes for any fandom really -- people should stop trying to force out older people from fandoms simply because they are older, especially when 99% of the time, the source material is being produced by people who are considered old, and fandom traditions and archives were pioneered by "old people". An androgynous guy who looks as pretty as the girls dancing with him. people like to throw out that term because it, 2. in this case, they know it's acceptable, 3. it provides some deniability. THIS Former K-pop Idol is Now University Professor! 5) | [King of Kings' Challenge] (Ep. labelling everything as "problematic" doesn't really account for that. He praised Taemin's androgynous looks, and that's what Taemin is known for. i made this powerpoint in 6 hours give or take bc i hate sending long ass tumblr posts with false info so i did my own research some stuff may be a little incorrect but its ok i got most of it because i am boy bossing ityes the music sucks i knowedit + my note:yes, i do still listen to suju, i believe that they have changed as people for the better of it. 10 K-pop Idols Dominating 2023 With Their Multi-million Dollar Empires: JY Park, G-Dragon, More. Archived post. We all loved the food and think the flavor profile is similar to Thai food. If you have a bunch of big oops moments like they have had, well resentment can follow. yet this hate is steeped more in theperceptions of them, rather than who they are. The restaurant is relatively big and seems to be short staffed with only 3 servers present. march 28 2015 in the bts begin show yoongi said jhope was the darkest guy hed seen and namjoon proceeded to say that jhope was as dark as tv, may 13 2015 during bon voyage jimin called jungkook a kkamdoongie bc jungkook had tanned, 2015 summer package: jimin said that if he got to tanned he might be so dark that they wouldnt be able to see him in their upcoming music video, druing the same summer package namjoon compared jungkook to michol a korean blackface character because he had tanned, may 18 2015 jungkook caled namjoon baked egg! referencing namjoons skin tone, jhope laughed then asked namjoon why he was so tan, june 2015 during an australian interview namjoon made a colorist comment about his fellow band members taehyung and jhope, interviewer- what was your first impression when you first met each other, namjoon - when i first saw V and jhope i couldnt see them because they were to blackso yeah when- when the nights get dark i couldnt find them, july 13 2015 in an interview yoongi and jin said taehyung was so dark they thought he was wearing stocking because the color of his legs, august 25 2015 namjoon once again did his special talent which was black english on a variety show. Junior Campaign Manager. march 15 2015 during an interview namjoon expressed his regret for using the term Westside Till I Die in the song If I Ruled The World. again, for the record, i don't hate super junior. What the reactions were? Super Junior is the only group acknowledged by World Health Organization. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Wellwhat can I say, a big mistake it was. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. 13-14), (Ep. Many Korean actors will be enlisting in the military this year. though, i agree on the big bang point: there was a post i saw regarding them that also triggered this thread. The boys and girls were antagonizing each other with pranks and sneaking into each other's dorms. i don't like them either, i view them as every other group i don't stan: not bad, but not my thing. due to the purity/morality culture that's been permeating fandoms since circa 2010, there are "right" and "wrong things to align yourself with, and if you align yourself with the "wrong" people will have no qualms in reminding you of that. . however, even as someone who doesn't like super junior, i know this is false. This piqued my image and upon googling him I was appalled. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) Drew Barrymore. Saying that he does not like fat girls because he likes girls that "take care of their bodies". K-Media Reveals Why BLACKPINK Has Slower Comebacks Compared To Other Groups, 'Most Chill Fandom' Shawols Burst in Anger After SM Did THIS to SHINee. Maybe he poorly phrased it, or perhaps the translation wasn't the best, as it tends to happen and lead. !, P1harmony|SHINee|ITZY|ONF|Monsta X|Purple Kiss|KARD|ONEWE|Pentagon|Billlie|NCT Dream|Ghost9|GOT7, op probably thinks being called androgynous is an insult bc they think its gross if you say that a man looks feminine since men are supposed to look masculine and nothing else lol. but a lot of people will say they hate suju, while supporting their bias who did similar things. so today i saw a post that had me really wondering: why are super junior THE acceptable target among kpop fans. But along the way, he defended the latter's violent personality by stating that Kangin is the type who just couldn't stay away from fights, just for example, when he saw a guy harassing a woman. My goal for 2017 is to be mature in many ways including my way of thinking. Be quiet and do your job and things go well. ive seen people calling out suju members for shit their own bias groups said/did, who theyre so quick to forgive but for suju, after literally a decade + members apologies, people still drag them. labelling everything as "problematic" doesn't really account for that. that pissed me off so much, gg stans use the words pedophile and harassment so loosely it's disgusting. Copyright 2023 Super junior is 15 years old. Maybe our expectations of Indonesian food were too high but I for one would not return or recommend. lol. So now we blaming idols for producers and casting choices. Dont have an account yet? i don't even hate them i just try to ignore them as much as possible, but it's true that i don't really like them since they have been so problematic. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Why are you blaming super junior for a model that was hired by sm? They get shocked when they hear it from suju coz they are used to all other idols stick to safe topics to avoid netizen ire. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. i wish people would give him a second chance instead of shutting him down. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. i can meet things as they are presented and bring identity politics in later if mentioned. Yoona said when she was trainee (13 yo teenager)leetuk call her pretty and wish married with her in futur Help wonyoung's mcing AAA 2022 is safe Makes sense that Siwon was in my nightmare earlier today, I did hear of that, people complain a lot, I though it was just some fuck up x director and sm love for white people, If she pulls this with new jeans its on sight. 3. and yes! ELF aren't active -- it's easy to hate on something if you know you won't get much shit for doing it. A list of my current favourites and must watch Korean variety shows! He was significantly larger. There's so many ppl who'd like to know the context, so I'll try my best to explain why knetz are angry with KHC. He retweeted several homophobic tweets but then later apologized for it. he commissioned his favorite artist to make the album art, may 2020yoongi released his mixtape which one of the tracks he sampled cult leader jim jones who was responsible for killing hundreds of black people. Simple: Anyway my time ignoring Super Junior was short lived when they released Mamacita (problematic yes I know) in 2014 and I realized I had accidentally liked two members of the group through other bodies of works theyve done. On February 10, Kim Heechul appeared as a guest on comedian BJ Choi's internet live broadcast through AfreecaTV. Also this is strange cause wouldnt the age be the first thing to check when you do these kind of scenes, Yall funny. Never seen anyone in kpop as openly anti-lgbt as Siwon. Love & P1ece . yes, fatshaming, or image-shaming anyone that you don't like is something i can't stand. . Variety show Alcohol Street Fighter took down and re-uploaded an edited version of their video from YouTube after their MC, Super Junior's Heechul, fell under fire for a joke he had made on air.The issue started with an episode guest-starring boy group WINNER. the hate directed towards super junior is not like the hate directed towards twice, exo, or bts: the hate those artists receive is as a foil to their popularity. Netflix Korea unveils full line-up of their upcoming original series this 2023! this is in no way shape of form to spread hate towards bts but to show the show kpop community that racism, cultural appropriation, cultural insensitivity, and colorism is a serious thing to this day. Saying that he does not like fat girls because he likes girls that take care of their bodies. Definitely go! super junior's problematic past (a powerpoint) (slightly outdated!!) 2007 - 2023 6Theory Media, LLC. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. ), jan. 2021 took pictures with a nazi statue, sinb said sowons name in her phone was kitler which is a combination between sowons name and hitler, on a variety show the members were seen mocking african hairstyles by twisting their hair and making noises. Theres some things some Super Junior members have done that can be considered problematic but this aint one. Great post! Age as an argument is makes no sense to me. Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. The fact that some fans have an issue with Taemin looking feminine tells more about them than the person who pointed it out in a non-insulting way Dont have an account yet? Thats a far-fetched situation but im just speaking of the worst scenario here. OneHallyu 2022. 1. super junior are old men -- i don't think super junior are old. the members have actually messed up and its great that people call them out for it, because thats how theyll learn but suju hasnt done anything that others havent. Edit them in the Widget section of the. Its very disappointing that people in that have that much publicity are able to be that discriminative, but thats part of freedom of speech. Moreover, we ended up with what looked not too different from the couple seated next to us. They had dishes with a range of spiciness for all palates. Super Junior Heechul is once again criticized by K-netizens following his remarks. ", Thirdly, Heechul also spoke against Korea's hostility to Japan and describe it as "b*llshit.". Or is has his views changed? actually curious, which problematic thing did they repeatedly do over and over? that's the only reason to continuously bring up "bad behavior" even if it occurred seven years ago.

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