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cant remember which but his had a terrible accident that messed up his head and he has had bad luck his whole life in general. Hi Ami, I recently have had an interesting experience involving a man with a prominent Nessus. Romanticized abduction. and recently guys Ive been involved with have things conjunct all that.. current guy has his South Node conjunct it all, which is square my own Nodes. I love you and hope you write to me to say hello or to ask questions. i can tell by looking at how they act out. It will be unreasonable to relate Nessus solely with these qualities. your son doesn't have nessus conjunct the south node as the orb is much to wide. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. What about a person that has chiron conjunct nessus (orb 2 degrees) and nessus also conjunct eros (orb 2 degrees, orb between chiron and eros 4 degrees)? The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. Im certainly not an abuser as an adult. I think its great that you you include the asteriods! Nessus (7066)- you know I am going to start with Nessus. Nessus represents the deepest shadow material that we inherit as a "pre-existing" condition of our human birth. Should i leave this guy ? The behavior of Nessus differs depending upon the natal aspects which hits it. Nessus Conjunct Mars I checked the transits of Nessus for the date Dec 5, 2015 , I killed someone in self defense (home invasion) and my Sun was conjunct Nessus in the 5th house. However, dont freak cuz it is one rather small aspect in an entire chart. Person also suffered severe abuse as a child. Haha I can see that. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I suppose the abusing in my case is about not working (house 6). The house may show where in life this took place too. You always talk about asteriods in your posts and this made me very curious. Yes, this is all totally mental, isnt it? At the same time I have had to confront past life themes with karmics about potentially being an abuser or being abused (specifically pedophillia). I am not saying that they lied. 10. Whats going to happen Ami Ann ? How about ask me about 2. What a catch. I go back and forth, about whether the current South Node conjunct guy is/will be abusive or not..or whether its workable. The Basic House Rulers23 Simple Steps for Beginners. I know someone with their Nessus conjunct Mars within 4 degrees in his 11th house (Leo). My father and his mother were 1st cousins. Nessus is abuse. That is just a guess. Dejanira believed Nessuss lies and took the blood just in case. His desire to have Dejanira was so terrible that he was not able to control his senses. The Full Moon shining across the Leo-Aquarius axis helped bring things to light. i just mean kind i think. Rather, you have a certain sexual appearance, you attract sexual attention. Nessus Conjunct the IC Afterwards my hubby certainly acted protective whenever any contact could potentially come up between me and this guy. Ami Ann , ive recently met a guy with whom ive embarked on an affair with. so me writing something is better than not if you know what i mean] :O. I knew a mars conj nessus. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Its behaviors vary depending on the natal aspects that hit it. He was sent away by the king, who believed Herakles would kill Lole and their future children if he accepted the union. And like Scorpio, Nessus portrays similar traits in form of sexual abuse, karma, deceit, betrayal, and pre-existing intergenerational wounds during birth. So, you cannot know for sure and can see the trends only. What have you noticed with people who have South Node conjunct Nessus? Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. It is even possible for an individual to calculate the Nessus by using any of the three options. Abuse depends on how the person responds to it. North_Perspective_25 8 mo. In natal I have nessus oppose moon, square venus. I always attracted scorpios! He has it conjunct his mercury in virgo 6th house, after trying to talk to him.. he justifies how he thinks about it. In his workplace his temper and words have caused so much drama and so many people have departed his company, but it was never his fault lol. With the moon conjunct eros and the venus/mars conjunction there is a strong emotional physical attraction ,again , a expansive love and positive feelings always between you. Isnt that more pluto? All the centaurs address matters of healing and wholeness. I would not worry about this! I saw aspects from there chart and mine. Another term, Nessus Astrology, comes into the picture when an individual talks about Nessus. There Nessus is libra in the 8th house which technically Nessus belongs in the home of the 8th house. Expert liar, gaslighted multiple partners on heavy rotation, led secret lives, Not physically abusive during sex. If we could get arrested on thoughts,V, we would all be in jail. All the people born the same year as you will also have the conj(not to venus of course). Thanks in advance. Our nessus conjuncts each others. Your inner values are in tune with prevailing . To me, Nessus is abuse. mine are at 0 degrees conjuct, but i dont strike as an evil person. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". Very dishearting. For some reference, he was also Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon. My nessus conjunct my s.o's sun. For him im tripping about the past but emotionally it doesnt feel right.. You have successfully subscribed to the Newsletter, Nessus, named after the Thessalian Centaur Nessos, the Son of the villainous, As the story goes, Nessus was a ferryman who fled his homeland after the Lapith war, making his way to the Aitolian River, where he set himself up to help people cross it. homeless in youth.. Used history of a abuse as a hook to lure women/girls. Welcome, Knowflakes, to Lindaland! This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. So, food for thought! Chiron (discovered 1977) is the crystal with many facets. This asteroid is named after Nessus, a centaur from Greek Mythology. Hes trying to convince me otherwise, but nothing about this feels right. We have nessus conjunct venus in our composite chart . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have Nessus conjunct Chiron at 1 degree. Nessus creates an aspect that is situated between 12 to 16 degrees. Dejanira, knowing that she caused her husbands death, could not live with the guilt, so she committed suicide. I believe that he believes what he says is true, at any rate. the dissatisfaction of not being able to live up to the knowledge of doing better and improving the world is frustrating and eats away at me. Nessus further represents the transfer of these horric traumas into the familial unconscious. I just would like to have a bit of insight to what this all means as the information I have been reading has been quite scary. The orbits are not stable. They stand in eternal opposition to each other, showing us the points . Weirdly enough they were usually not other kids but teachers who for some reason picked on me. I can make them feel safe or loved where that wounding is. I finally tried to look up some asteriods also in my own natal chart. It conveys the interplay of cause and effect. How do i POSITIVELY channelise nessus onto him ?? I would need to do a chart for you to really help you, May, because it would take a great deal of time to really answer your question well and I would really need to see the chart, too xx, Sorry for the delay, it was unintentional. Ive been looking at my synastry with my crush and I noticed I my Nessus conjuct to his IC and Mercury 1 degree. For my mother, this is definetly true. And he is a Scorpio. Thus Nessus could help one end a vicious cycle. Deianira, suspecting Herakles of infidelity, became insecure, jealous, and fearful of Herakles abandoning her, so she soaked a robe in Nessos blood and gave it to him to put on. In Greek mythology, Psyche was a woman of great willpower and determination, and her life story is []. I have Nessus conjunct. Especially the body type. 7) When I broke up with him and moved on to my now-husband, he asked me not to have sex with my now-hub. Im doubting my own sanity here.. I wonder if that could be or if it would be the other way around. His chart without the asteriods indicates he has problems anyway, but I cant help thinking he experienced something in his life that has had a huge impact on him and I am often right about things like this. In Nessus Astrology, Nessus is a type of strange bird present among the leading centaur asteroids. What could this mean? Traditionally, that's the moon but Child can also be used, imo. but is it actually my nessus RETROgrade that is fuelling this sense of duty to do such. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. If Nessus falls in the 12th house, 7 degrees from the Ascendant, is that still conjunct? In Ancient Greek, its name meant baby bird. It is highly elliptical and rotates between the planets Saturn and Pluto without getting too close to them. I am looking for something in a guys natal chart that could tell me more about him. I did a chart that showed Nessus conjunct Mars, orb of two minutes, in Gemini in the 8th house. His pain seems to supersede that of anyone else, in his eyes. Im really curious!!! He keeps saying im his life, he never felt so complete and doesnt want to loose me. It indicates the obsession to have everything at any cost. Posts: 17775 From: Bella's Hair Salon Registered: Jul 2011: posted May 11, 2016 11:56 AM If a person BRINGS a planet or asteroid to the North Node person, the planet or asteroid becomes a theme of the relationship.Hence, please look carefully at that which conjuncts the North Node in synastry. Your email address will not be published. You can make use of this online facility to calculate Nessus and grab the data related to Nessus Astrology. His Dejanira is conducting my Venus and Uranus (my Venus makes a lot of aspects to his personal planets). Everyone has evil inside them. 9. You are using an out of date browser. These two planets were in the 5th house too. I did my ancestry DNA last year. This minor planet has a dark reddish color and is elongated with a diameter of 60 km or 37 miles. This thing slowly hinders the potential to become self-actualized. He has done it before so why wouldnt he do it again? Hes very successful in his field with his female partner- his Nessus squares her Mercury, Venus and Mars. However, you may visit "Cookie Settings" to provide a controlled consent. does that match CoverT abuse..?? Nessus Conjunct the Descendant This native may deny his own abusive nature ( and we all have the potential for abuse) and find an abusive partner. While Nessus lay dying, he convinced Dejanira to take some of his blood, claiming it was magical and would bring Herakles back to her if he were ever unfaithful, keeping Herakles faithful for all eternity. Hes been very emotional that day. These people could use gossip to have their way or use their words to hurt someone. Virgo, less than 1 degree. When i talk about it, he gets upset, so its fruitless.. FWIW, the individual is bi-leaning, highly experimental, needs sex, often initiates it, and has functioned as an unaccredited sex therapist (Venus is also conjunct the other two, orb of 2). This abuse doesnt hold a single type, and the list is quite large. because of the realisation i cant change them. You mother is a super abuser YIKES. This native will, likely, be an abuser. How would you interpert urnaus conjunct nessus in synastry? It is also possible to calculate it using asteroids. Ceres was the first asteroid discovered, and though initially classified only as an asteroid, it was promoted to [], GODDESS ASTEROIDS The goddess asteroids are a group of asteroids that are associated with the Greek and Roman goddesses. Mercury is a neutral planet and i find these natives are interested in studying abuse related topics such as reading books on serial killers, FBI Profilers etc. The orb of this asteriod is a little too wide to be conjunct his moon in capricorn, but it is opposite his mars in cancer. He had a lot of hard aspects with Chiron, was an orphan and abused in childhood. Thank you so much for sharing! Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey as we delve into the enigmatic and impassioned world of Mars Square Lilith synastry. I sense he experienced something bad and has been hurt a lot. They get engaged with persons who treat them in the manner their abuser did. JavaScript is disabled. 6 degrees is much too wide for an asteroid so dont worry! I dont think Im worse than anyone Im dealing with every day. So this might be something to definitely clear and work on, Little note; Im not totally sure about the squares in fixed signs-thing I know its for planets, but I also assume its the case for asteroids I dont want to confuse anyone who is reading this, if its not correct! nessus is tightly conjunct the moon. You sound very analytical ! I dont believe it is negative trait in our chart as we have a tighter orb to pluto and have an overhwelming amount of harminous aspects throughout our entire synastry chart. I say likely so a few less people throw tomatoes at me. I wish you would have seen the signs sooner but we all ignore things and pay the price. This contributes to creative talents. Thank you! Our relationship was awful, neglectful and abusive (admittedly on both sides, make no mistake Im no saint in this situation), and while Ive worked my ass off since we parted ways to repair the worst aspects of myself, he doesnt seem to understand where he went wrong on any meaningful level. Neptune is conjunct the full moon as well. The chart will show the PROPENSITY for letting it out. For this purpose, it is essential to understand the working of abuse. My boyfriend has his sun close conjunct his North Node in trine with my chiron, his actions has hurts me a lot. If it focuses on Saturn, it can depict abuse of power or an overwhelming desire to overlook others through power games. It is denoted by a pattern of rings. Thanks so much! If such an individual gets positively controlled by Chiron and Saturn, this Nessus can help to bring great changes in society. If youre interested in knowing more about how YOUR sign fits into the cosmos, you can get a FREE cosmic energy profile by following this link. Hello, Thank you! So who is mad here? However, let me couch it in this way. But I do sometimes like think negative thoughts about people like a bully thought in my mind, like this person is so annoying, etc. Your English is amazing, May! Let my solar return this year have 2450 on the 7th house axis in aries. I discovered my ex Nessus is conjunct my DNA asteroid in synastry, opposite my natal Sun. The 3rd house of Nessus/Gemini is a kind of verbal Nessus that makes use of his communication skills to manipulate different things. I am having a hard time figuring out your question. I have a strong attraction to libra in general. I recently come to this essay on nessus and feel it has got good points, Nessus maybe being abusing or being abused because of not being accepted for who we are and then reacting abusively to that hurt inner child. Saturn in capricorn is getting close to my South Node, any insights about that? He will likely try to abuse you but you will fight back, Sam. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Mars in cancer and nessus Gemini 3rd. Couldnt walk down the street without him bumping into one of his old friends. Also from Russia. I found him very attractive and would really have fallen for him is circumstances allowed. The planets are all in the sign of virgo. Nessus moves so slow. My read of the astrology is that my husband kinda used his Saturn and Pluto to ward off this guys potential abusive attempts on me. And my mother has her Nessus Conjunct her Mars at an orb of 2. It shows that Nessus in your Natal Chart signies endless desire. By providing all this information, you can get to know about the Nessus Astrology. It is a very raw primal attraction on both sides. Neptune transits to the Moon directly affect the feelings, the public image, and personal popularity. Other people and things affected by Neptune are the mother, important women in the native's life, domestic life, and the home. Nessus is an asteroid of pure abuse. This native will, likely, be an abuser. . Everyone has Nessus in their chart; however, if it is not dominant in the natal chart, it may remain inactive unless it is transitionally activated or activated in synastry by aspects in another persons chart. Hi! In this, that strong part of the 3rd house, i.e., communication is used as a form of abuse and sex. Or, With Nessus conjunct the Ascendant, the person experiences abuse throughout their life. My parents didnt protect me, and I endured a LOT of sexual assault in my teen years and wound up in a very abusive relationship from 20-26. I tend to hurt and offend Leos unitentionally. I traced his laptop, his phone, his accounts and found out that way what he was trying to hide. There were people in my life who hated me instantly without knowing anything about me and bullied me. I saw how he used sex as a weapon and as a soother for his own psychological issues, and even though he told me his younger brother was molested by their baby-sitter when we was younger I think that he, too, was probably touched or abused in some way sexually. I have nessus 16 leo. I've been an astrologer for more than 25 years and is committed to always improve myself, to be able to help people around me. And although I wouldnt stereotype everyone because as you have also stated we all have a choice to act out on negative things within us or not, that being stated I have done some research out of curiosity regarding some extremely narcissistic and abusive persons and WOW, I have 3 examples right here; Casey Anthony (the young mother in Florida acquitted for murdering her own small child a few years back has Nessus conjunct her ascendant, next there is Bill Cosby who has Nessus in a T-square involving his Mars in Scorpio(no surprise there) and his Saturn, and lastly I just looked up that girl, I forget her name but she was on Dr. Phil and goes by the stage name of bhad Barbie or something, lol, the Cash me outside teenager, and her Moon is conjunct Nessus! That said, aspects are given absolute importance when analyzing Nessus in an astrological chart, as is generally the case with interpreting the effects of asteroids. Nessus is not considered a ruler of any zodiac sign, nor is it given any predefined dignities. My nessus and his north node are also conjuncts, This and the above aspect makes the possibility for abuse high. However, there are complete chances that they can go for any other option. If one knows him, even casually, one may sense that the trait of abuse is very close to the surface. The Nessus of astrology reveals abuse . Maybe, your family has a history of abuse. I have Nessus conj Mercury (1 degree orb) in my 7th house. would urnaus revolutionize nessus? hes the type of guy that would literally get into fights with people all the time tho, especially if they dressed a certain way. I see that people on the web are asking this question, so here is an article for you. Nessus issue ever in asteroid astrology? Ive been trying to find out, I have Nessus conjunct my Vertex and Lilith, 8H Cancer. The child asteriod in his chart is part of a big square/opposition in triangle shape. Im a bit worried about this, because I learned that squares in fixed signs represent karmic patterns repeated in multiple past-lives (and I guess especially with Saturn, the lord of karma, in 12th ) because noone knows or believes what myself and my children know of him. Great post, my friend. Thank for your great info. I feel like Ive known him my whole life even thought I havent met him in person yet. With North Node conjunct the Moon, the imagination is enhanced, and the mind is stable and strong, with accurate psychic sensitivities and reliable impressions. With the Moon-Descendant alignment in synastry, that may well be true. I knew of a pimp. Please list each aspect alone because it is too hard on this format to do a complex question. This native may be an abuser. Wonderful post, C. Thank you!How close was the conjunction? The guy I am in relationship with, his South Node is exactly conjunct my Nessus/Lilith/Vertex (these are all conjunct in my chart, in 8H Cancer), A different guy I dated last year, his North Node was conjunct my Nessus/Lilith/Vertex conjunction..which is interesting..different guy, opposite node conjunct. My arabic part of partners, saggitarius 1552 conjunct his natal neptune 1539 in 8th house I feel fooled by him. Forgive the stargazing therapy session below, please. Nessus is a unique term that may be unheard of for many of the ears. Nessus can be seen as an unevolved and uncontrolled Pluto. What could this mean? thats not the right word. My marriage isnt abusive, although we DID divorce one another and are remarrying (thanks Gemini 7thH). He seems to understand that hes hurt me, but not the gravity of exactly how hes hurt me, if that makes sense. He may be identified by having Nessus traits. the triggers are exhausting but i still also see myself as a survivor.. though prefer to be strong enough again to teeter back and forward of survivor/warrior. Wtf a cousin? I can see this with absolute clarity. It is also known as relationship astrology. It means that they start thinking negatively for themselves and get into the mentality to take part in violent actions. * Some claim its your karma.. What about Nessus square saturn? Discovered in April 1993, this Centaur is situated beyond Saturn in the outer Solar System. INDEX: Mythology| Significance in Astrology| Important Transits and Aspects. Each does so in a different style. To me, veritas it shows in someones actions because people can say a lot, lie or whatever and i always say actions speak louder then words.. Does this mean he had a difficult childhood? Nessus signifies both the personal experience of violent trauma rape, abuse, suicide, violent acts, mass extermination and the collective response to these traumas. But it is more relevant and persistent when it is in the intersection with the Sun as the Ascendant or the Descendant.

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