sig p226 decocker not working

Phosphate finish. The pistol is assembled in reverse order. Sorry I don't have any guns they all fell into the bottom of the ocean when I was trying to help with the gulf oil spill. So obviously these guns are at a premium right now. The path to choosing the right Sig Sauer P226 Extreme chest holster is not so easy. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Im pretty comfortable with home gunsmithing but Im curious if it is something I should leave to a pro. "item": "" To reduce weight, the pistol had an aluminum frame with the barrel and slide made of steel. Also, do it with a mag inserted. 2022 Crafted in the U.S.A. with by Creative Visual Works, The Birth of the Colt 45 Government Model of 1911, The SIG-Sauer P226 Decocking Doubleaction Auto Pistol. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. In life, strive to take the high road..It offers a better field of fire. But, I ended up standardizing on the DA/SA actions on all my Sigs. }, The standard finish is matte black oxide for steel parts with a matching black anodizing applied to the aluminum frame.Some two-tone pistols with matte silver stainless slides and black frames have been made, while an all stainless steel model was recently added to the line.The P226 and most of its variants remain in production at the time of writing and are still popular withshooters who demand a reliable pistol of very high quality. Such features help to protect the holster from abrasion, scratches, wear as well as prevent it from taking any damage should it come in contact with rough surfaces. "name": "Holsters", Please enable Javascript and refresh the page for a safe, secure, and complete shopping experience at Midwest Gun Works. If I need to know anything Sig Sauer related, I start right here. "position": 1, Buy Sig Sauer P226 226R-9-SCPN-CA Scorpion 9mm 226 FDE: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 982839993 . Supposedly there is a T marking on the srt on which mine does not have either. I might make a stink with the vebdor and see if they can order a second SRT kit so I can compare the decocker from new kit. HK set a new standard for striker Over the past few months I've ordered a variety of gun parts, accessories and hard to find items. "If I'd known I'd live this long I'd have taken better care of myself.". Come join the discussion about Sig Sauer pistols and rifles, optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! The P226 is of such recent manufacture that it does not qualify as a collector item. Its almost like the sear is too tight or something. The bearing *looks* fine, but then again, something has to be wrong. Everything works fine with all the old parts installed, but its hard to change back as the SRT is so nice. ThnkFrst said: Another possible fix might be to file the end of the decocking lever tab (shelf) down to gain clearance to the hammer. Reply. Member. I consider this store my "all things SIG" place. Should you notice a problem with your Sig decocking lever or the way in which it is lowering the hammer, you will want to initiate repairs right away. Could I have installed this improperly somehow causing the decocking lever to not function correctly? If you shoot your P239 and then decide to reholster, youre going to want flawless operation by the decocking lever that takes you back to double-action status. So the pistol racks fine the round chambers the hammer is cocked back you pull the trigger and it engages hitting the back of the slide correct? I had to go back to the old style spring(no coil) and have had no problems since. I picked this up at a larger regional store here on Ohio and theyre no help since its a pre-owned model. Is this a safe/easy fix or best to return to the dealer? Both should be more budget friendly than a Sig Legion. Its seems the decocker no longer contacts the sear at any point with the new SRT parts installed. Guaranteed." SIGLITE Night 1-Dot. Design I have been shopping here for over five years with 100% satisfaction. IDPA states that the gun when starting must be in the "mechanical state of readiness" in this case, all DA/SA SIG Classic line pistols are hammer down. You'd be a fool to do it otherwise. Is this an easy fix or return? it might be bent. More so being in Massachusetts [US] where guns are required to be MA compliant. is completely free to use for buyers and sellers. Wish to add to list of lighter 9mm pistols that pass the IDPA rules. The checkering feels so much better than the serrations on my original P226 W. German parts and I can reach it without breaking my firing grip. You will receive an email every Friday morning featuring the latest chatter from the hottest topics, breaking news surrounding legislation, as well as exclusive deals only available to ARFCOM email subscribers. Check out the full selection of levers and related items within our extensive section of parts for Sig Sauer handguns. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. This was a genuine sig factory parts SRT kit from Sig in the package. SigTalk is a forum community dedicated to SIG Sauer enthusiasts. From the world leader in firearms genuine Sig Sauer parts are designed around the same relentless standards put into every pistol and rifle they make. }, Eaisy to lose a finger. "@type": "ListItem", Cerus Gear Distressed Sig Sauer Logo 12"x17" ProMat, Black, Sig Sauer P224, P229C, P226 Legion & P229 Legion Slide Catch Lever, Sig Sauer Woven Patch Athletic Mesh Trucker Hat, 1101 Mason Circle Drive Pevely, MO 63070 Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm CST, 2023 Midwest Gun Works, Inc. - All Rights Reserved. "position": 5, I picked these up simply because the serrations matched those on the previously reviewed P224 Slide Catch Lever. These are factory firearms levers made to Sig standards that safely lower the hammer from a cocked position and safeguard against accidental discharges. The P226 in DA/SA includes a reduced and contoured Elite beavertail, which allows for a higher grip, but a reduced profile, thus . The SIG P226/229 does not have a safety, it is DA/SA with a decocker only. Very bad practice with a magazine. This does indeed allow you to use the extended mag release with no interference while decocking. Are your primers getting any hits or indentations at all? Masterfully moving parts are critical contributors to your safety, just like shooting glasses and other protective gear. Description: Sig Sauer P224, P226 Legion & P229 Legion Decocking Lever. SigTalk is a forum community dedicated to SIG Sauer enthusiasts. Buyers can freely contact sellers and agree on the terms of sale of the listed items. Anyone looking to upgrade their older model 226, 228, 229 to Legion or 224 specs it is well worth it. Don't forget that a proper magazine pouch, a belt or a concealed carry bag are always good choices. The standard grips are a molded black plastic with a roughened surface with more fancy wood grips being offered as an option or for presentation models. Become a part of the design of your own custom made holster from scratch with the help of our master craftsman. Details. P320Mac. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. The slide can now be removed forward off the frame.With slide removed, take out the recoil spring assembly followed by the barrel. Is it possible that they have sent me the wrong decocker in the kit? and I went back to re-read the IDPA rules about "starting.". The former is similar to the P226 except that it has a polymer frame. As the demand for the P226 grew, SIG-Sauer introduced a number of new models. When ready to fire, flick safety off with thumb, pull trigger, goes bang, no . Mine sits flat w/ no play., SIG factory Decocking Lever for P220, P225 (Older, German Made - Not 225A) and P245 models. Either a broken firing pin or a malfunction with the firing pin block. I would strongly advise against just leaving out the decocking system. { { Ok so I pulled all the SRT kit parts back out and if you look at the SRT sear there is a notch of metal cut out of that the factory sear has. You should see the firing pin protrude from the front of the breach face. Does the firing pin move at all? There are plenty of videos out there. Kit up, dress up, or replace your original parts with nothing but genuine parts from Sig Sauer. Can you post a pic of the right side with the grip off ? Grease new shim and place outside of the frame on to the bearing that sticks out. Instead of a needle nose pliers to put the decock lever return spring back in place, consider using a loop of dental floss or a small test probe hook (if you have or can make one). Great service as usual from Top Gun Supply! The decocker is in the place where it should normally decock tge gun. Maintenance is a different issue. Leather Chest Holster (Light/Laser & Red Dot). "@type": "ListItem", Scorpion. I have tried to install both the old and new decocker with the SRT kit but to the same resolve. is a free online firearms advertising platform. You say if you push on the hammer w/ the decocker down it will function so to me it would appear as though the hammer reset spring is not properly aligned. Copyright 1996-2023 AR15.COM LLC. P226 for IDPA Decocker issue. { Thus a DA/SA pistol with a decocker must start DA, which is usually disadvantageous. With SAO pistols, rule requires hammer cocked and safety engaged (cocked and locked). Choose the right accessories below that will enhance your carry. The Armorer school at YouTube will instruct you with visual aids. I'd never bought a Sig before and being something of a novice, I never checked to see if the decocker worked. The various versions of Elite or Legion with "beavertail" grip frame probably would not cause this discomfort. "position": 2, I've got mine out and am looking at it. The thicker tab on the SRT decocker would definitely make up for the removed metal on the sear. All the ones I have handled and shot have been very well made and absolutely reliable as well as being simple and easy to operate.The pistols grip provides a comfortable hold for my hand, although it may be a bit of a handful for those with small hands and short fingers. Thanks to the way your new holster is made, your handgun will not fall out of the holster even if you decide to carry your rig upside down (although we advise you not to carry this way). Many thanks. There is a P226 SAO. All you really need is needle nose pliers to help with reinstalling the spring. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Good information above. The decocker goes down all the way but never decocks the hammer. . The smaller controls give it an awesome look and still easy to control the firearm. The problem ive run into is the decocket no longer works at all, it never releases or even engages the sear. The P226 performed very well in the trials, only to lose out to the Beretta 92 by a narrow margin.This, combined with an increased demand for high-capacity double-action 9mm pistols, boded wellfor the P226. The factory then changed its name to Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft - SIG (Swiss Industrial Company in English). Description: Sig Sauer P224, P226 Legion & P229 Legion Decocking Lever. I might even be able to remove some decocker tab material to allow the decocker to go highwr before it contacts the frame. The pistol was always a high-priced handgun and the prices of used pistols do not exceed that of the new models of today. Whether myth, true, false, or something else, strength-limited competitors do not wish the first shot to be heavy and would like shots to involve about the same feel. Chest - I would like to see how your trigger bar is sitting. . The P226 Extreme is constructed with a black, hard-coat anodized aluminum frame, and a Nitro coated stainless steel slide. I agree 100%. Our Sig Sauer P226 Extreme holsters are designed to minimise gun print so your carry is only known to you, their slim profile and premium stitching are a key feature. JavaScript is disabled. Front Sights. The safety snicking off action of my right thumb required that the web of the hand go above the "point" of the grip frame. All of our Sig Sauer decocking levers are factory parts made to exact specifications. Copyright 1996-2023 AR15.COM LLC. { it is right where the decocker would meet and disengage the sear. Holsters - It's easy! I'm OCD! The latter pistol is considerably reduced in size and, as its name implies, is a very compact version of the P226, but chambered for the 45 ACP cartridge.Generally, the overall design of the P226 has been so sound that there have been very few changes or modifications. Turns out that the new grips did not work well with the newer style trigger bar spring with the coil. However, as what turned out to be an interesting task, the goal was to discover/list 9mm hammer-fired pistols for use by strength-limited competitors in IDPA. I found the gun at a reputable shop and sent photos to my regular shooting instructor who said it looked good and to grab it. Without actually seeing the pistol, it would be hard to tell you exactly what is wrong. Rear Sights. You can see in this pic of it all assembled very clearly. The Sig Sauer company began in 1853 and was at first a wagon factory - until the revolutionary design of the Prlaz-Burnand rifle, which this factory manufactured, had won a Switzerland's Federal Ministry of Defense competition to produce 30 000 Prlaz-Burnand rifles. On mine the lever is flush against the frame through out the whole down stroke. Great work midwestgunworks. TNVC/NGI Giveaway: 15 winners with over $7000 worth of prizes!! Sounds like you'd benefit from a polymer framed striker fired pistol. That sounds like a possibility. So you're saying the decocker and decocker bushing aren't seated properly on my frame? { However, rule says if pistol has a . ] Following any maintenance, I routinely insert an. Here I am 3 days later and realized the decocker does not work at all. Manually lowering the hammer on a P-series defeats the firing pin block and the gun WILL go off if the hammer slips. I had this happen once that disabled a decocker because I did not pay attention to the new SRT sear I was installing and it was molded incorrectly. To disassemble then clean a German-proofed P228, I used either this or a similar video as a guide. dave bautista house address,

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